Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

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Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on October 19th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*: bit.ly/2s1ixko
Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.
Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you'll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps - and modes - and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective.
*Conditions and restrictions apply. See www.battlefield.com/disclaimers for details
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Music composed by Lorne Balfe (based on original Battlefield theme by Joel Eriksson).

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9-Iyn, 2018

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Battlefield 8 kun oldin
Gamer1Wolf 16 soat oldin
Yes like how great Battlefront II was with lootboxes? lol
Dallas The Star Wars Fan
Johnny Sins xD Don't buy the game then
Dallas The Star Wars Fan
King Chaos Covington Cry us a river
Dallas The Star Wars Fan
Campbell Phillips Yes we can
Dallas The Star Wars Fan
stay frosty We had a WWII Battlefield since 2009 dude calm down
Adix 11 daqiqa oldin
Al Mcnutt
Al Mcnutt 37 daqiqa oldin
This looks good can't wait to play Can't wait till they redo battlefield Vietnam that was my favorite
Crige Pozitive
Crige Pozitive 47 daqiqa oldin
Feminism destroying Battlefield 5
Crige Pozitive
Crige Pozitive 48 daqiqa oldin
Under the Eaves
Under the Eaves 55 daqiqa oldin
This is a reason why SJW is so suck.
Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen Soat oldin
Can someone please tell me if there is a slight chance of editing model, sound, and texture files to replace female soldiers with generic male soldiers? The only reason I moved from Call of Duty to Battlefield is because Battlefield always offer a more realistic take on the world wars. That Dice got the stomach to claim this is World War II is a kick below the belt to our veterans. I fell in love with Battlefield 1 and honestly expected Dice to bring back the glory of Battlefield 1942. If I want a fantasy game accompanied by high pitched women fighting wars I play Star Wars: Battlefront. If there will be no way to filter out non-historical elements, or modding the women out I'll be getting Post Scriptum instead.
pathway locks yusoka
B04 or BFV ?
Fudge Ward
Fudge Ward Soat oldin
adding women to the game I have no problem with that, but making it over by making her a disabled women that randomly re-spawns in the middle of the war and making jokes in the middle of it, your not supporting the gameplay, your just trying to prove women have power, if youll do that at least do it right. Secondly, seeing the community that supports you, but can’t take criticism from as well as making poor arguments isn’t helping your argument at all. Add women I don’t mind, but make it good, instead of adding women that re-spawn and don’t show the seriousness of being at a war. PS: you lost a fan with your weak talking skills. Either buy the game or don’t, trust me I won’t now.
Carlos Alberto Uriarte Requejo
Get a free code for the closed beta in this link tinyurl.com/y724pmnw
TreeCult Leader
TreeCult Leader Soat oldin
0:34 why not camouflage your tank?
Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey Soat oldin
DICE: i have one thing to say to you: appology accepted OMFG what a comeback!! I knew it
BoleroKing Soat oldin
Thank you for pissing on the graves of millions of dead soldiers my grandfather included by naming your game a ww2 game but then not doing justice to those who died fighting for your sorry safety.
Martin Steffensen
If they want women in the game, they should also show what happened to them if the got caught by the enemy
hi hi
hi hi 2 soat oldin
Better but still bad
Anton Hallergren
Anton Hallergren 2 soat oldin
Like the devs must have an iq of 45 since they could not even read a basically history book for retards and understand that women did not fight in ww2 nor did disabled people ffs
BASEBALL bat 2 soat oldin
I am not wasting any more money on EA/Dice hack fest games. Punkbuster is cheap and doesn't work. They only soak up resources on boot up and ruin system performance.
GhostlyNinjaDude 2 soat oldin
How did this get so many more likes than dislikes? 😂
SaNa DurranI Tv
SaNa DurranI Tv 2 soat oldin
i love war games its not looking to bur
karkkixx 3 soat oldin
Stevo Shrub
Stevo Shrub 4 soat oldin
Most of these kids are just trying to make the most funniest comments to finally get the feel of 100 likes
Martin Steffensen
Martin Steffensen 4 soat oldin
Why do women care if they are a man or a woman in-game? Women didnt fight in the frontlines in ww2, but if they did I wouldnt care about being one in-game as a male
YoLifeHasHaters 4 soat oldin
Thanks EA Now I Can Use My Money To Buy Post Scriptum Which Is Atleast Historically Accurate
World Wolf
World Wolf 5 soat oldin
Battle royal? Is this every man for themselves? In WW11?
TehNuTTTer 5 soat oldin
Can I use a swastica as a customizable option???? :)
World Wolf
World Wolf 5 soat oldin
TehNuTTTer Yes you Can!
TehNuTTTer 5 soat oldin
BattleField you’ve done it, you finally made me hate one of your games and the part of history I love most, Women shouldn’t be in this game, too much customization, it literally looks like a BF1 re-skin, similar guns sounds as it looks like you took some of the same weapons and just changed the paint and shape and didn’t even try to hide the fact, I was looking forward to this game for a while and since it was WWII I was pumped, now it’s disappointing, teaching people Incorrect history and just a carbon copy.Also who the hell uses Fortnite (fake cartoon game) and their daughter to try to show that history doesn’t matter and that if another game has women any game can. Since when did a grown man let his daughter run a multi billion dollar company and a whole franchise.History is facts, equality and feelings are opinions. Grow a set EA and make it right. You screwed up Battlefront II bad, try not to do the same thing with this game.
unicornofjustice 5 soat oldin
Cant wait to pick this up on sale!
Gergő Bence Tóth
Gergő Bence Tóth 6 soat oldin
Beautiful 😗
POP Culture
POP Culture 6 soat oldin
Sweet BF1 dlc.. You guys going to add new maps to BF4??? Because BF1 got boring after a month and this already looks boring...
Diyar Baban
Diyar Baban 6 soat oldin
*IS THERE A RAPE BUTTON IN GAME??* ps: are the women shaved or do they have a bush? I prefer the latter, thanks.
Blake Messick
Blake Messick 7 soat oldin
Pewdiepie made this
Ziocrest 7 soat oldin
You see this? This could have been the reveal trailer, it actually has me hyped.
Strawbegg 7 soat oldin
Women on the frontlines. Im gonna stay optimistic though. I love battlefield. Although that "Don't buy it" retort is a little scary eh? Its complete disregard for what your loyal fans want, do you not remember how excited everyone was for Battlefield 1, or how long Battlfield 3 lasted?
Strawbegg 7 soat oldin
Waht es gun un hear?
rbsanche 8 soat oldin
The way you responded to our comments, shows you completely missed the point of our criticism. I wont buy like many others because you just proved our suspicions. Political correctness, progressive liberal, extreme left is all this decision represents you guys as.
Frost and Burn
Frost and Burn 9 soat oldin
Shxt the trailer only focused on one map
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P Dizzi
P Dizzi 10 soat oldin
Looking good Dice, can't wait. Long time supporter with over 6k combined hours played throughout. Gimme that tag
Cameron Gordon
Cameron Gordon 10 soat oldin
Seriously though, if anyone's "uneducated", it's people who generalize by saying that "only ignorants and racist/sexist people don't like the look of this game". The information under the reveal trailer literally said "the most intense, immersive battlefield yet" Immersion means "providing, involving, or characterized by deep absorption or immersion in something" ("Immersive." Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 17 June 2018.) Now I won't pretend to say that anything explicitly said this was to immerse people in a wwII experience, but clearly that is the setting. As long as it is made clear IN GAME that this is not historically accurate this is fine. Believe it or not, revisionary history detracts from the gravity of the events and will prevent people from learning from the mistakes of humanity's past. Just like how up until recent decades, wwI history was taught in allied countries that the war was Germany's/ the Central Power's fault, when in reality both sides of the conflict were to blame. Look I understand that there are people who make poor arguments, like just because there's women on the frontline it's bad or unrealistic. It's true that many aspects of Battlefield 1 were historically inaccurate, but it still felt immersive in the wwI experience, it did not add ridiculous accessories or advertised as some silly chaotic adventure game that doesn't even have the environmental "feel" of other battlefield games. I'm glad you all at DICE are trying something new, but you should really read the arguments of your fans. A lot of them are actually well constructed and constructive in their criticism (better than this one obviously). A great example is the popular channel Level Cap and his analytical video here:| uzvid.com/video/video-y8NHXs30LQI.html I'm sorry, but to simply dismiss all arguments as "whining"or "bitching" is actual idiocy, don't actually know if that's what you all at the studio are doing, but that certainly is what I see the news sites covering this saying.
다꼬야끼 10 soat oldin
Let's just boycott all EA games They are worst
Keats C
Keats C 10 soat oldin
SR Tools
SR Tools 11 soat oldin
Chicken Guy
Chicken Guy 11 soat oldin
Hopefully I can munch on some delicious steamed hams while watching the aurora borealis in this game.
Slash gamer
Slash gamer 13 soat oldin
I love battlefield
Michael Mirsadeghi
Michael Mirsadeghi 14 soat oldin
All of the men who died and sacrificed themselves in one of the darkest periods in history, they did it so that the woman didn't have to.... The woman suffered when they were told their husbands weren't coming home. Or when the mother had to tell the children that their daddy was gone forever. Players (mostly men) gravitate towards WWII period games because it means something, it holds a very real emotion especially to a man because it was a real time in history when many millions of men/fathers died on the frontlines on both sides. But you have now destroyed this perception and logic in your video game because of a very modern political statement that many people do not agree with. You have destroyed the emotional attachment that people always had with your "world war" video games...Its such a shame, it's sad to see and overall its very detrimental to your company and also the emotional tragedy of real life history...
Bjom 14 soat oldin
It is Battlefield 1
Arch-Angel741 14 soat oldin
GUYS IT'S A GAME. GAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UNREALISTIC. I also don't want women because they werent in ww2 but still it's a game.. it really doesn't matter since if you are playing the game you are not going to look at others because you just try to kill them.. as an example look at bf1.. people were complaining for having blacks in the game.. the game launched and nobody said a thing because it really doesn't matter. You are not even going to notice.
Eren Eskitascioglu
Eren Eskitascioglu 14 soat oldin
Don’t buy soyfield #boycottbattlefieldv
WaaDoku 【和ァ独】
This shitstorm happens when you think women are the only ones facing any kind of injustice in our society today and answer with a revisionist-like interpretation of WWII. At least that's all I'm hearing and seeing so far, maybe there's like a very interesting story behind that robot-woman in the front lines. Still, I think I rather go back playing Call of Duty 2 though...
All the big gaming companies like EA and Activision are ruining these absolutely amazing games like battlefield and cod. But this trailer looks good RiP the reveal trailer though.
Fabricio Cardoso Ulguim
خالد البارقي
can you remake bad company 2 for us we don't wanna stay in the old war you have been released 2 game old war so this time for us we chose what we want not what you think stupid fuc....EA AND DICE where is medal of honor where is bad company 😡
Jk Productions
Jk Productions 15 soat oldin
BFV GMV Spectre uzvid.com/video/video-GFVvmR2LnLU.html Hope you enjoy!!!!!
IPlay 24/7
IPlay 24/7 15 soat oldin
Mohamed Atef
Mohamed Atef 15 soat oldin
I live in a country in which the value of one US dollar equals 20 of it's currency , buying video games here is considered foolish unless you are from a very rich family because with 60$ you can buy food that might be enough for two weeks for the family . Despite all this , the only game I ever bought was battlefield 4 and I was planing to buy BFV because I wanted a WW2 BF game so much but after seeing the two trailers and the SJW fortnitish game I changed my mind . I know that this game will probably sell well eventually because a lot of the community doesn't like it they are still going to buy it , however to me I think I will wait to see if they keep this SJW fortnite pattern in the nest BF game because if they will then thus franchise might be dead to me . #notmybattlefield
Julius Jones III
Julius Jones III 16 soat oldin
Guys remember its a videogame not a history book
ws wizard
ws wizard 16 soat oldin
This game doo doo😂 #notmybattlefield #codbo4isbetter
ScorpionAlliance 15 soat oldin
No u
El Baron Rojo
El Baron Rojo 16 soat oldin
Woow it is awesome!! Best job!
Nightmare 666
Nightmare 666 16 soat oldin
I'm not mad about women in video games, I'm mad that a game that claimed to be immersive and authentic is doing the exact opposite all to push a sjw agenda somewhere that us gamers go to relax and have a good time while immersing ourselves in the time period, it's not our fault your 13 year old daughter is too sheltered to understand how the real world used to work, key words *used to*
Albert Tesla
Albert Tesla 16 soat oldin
Much better
AlandGamesHD 16 soat oldin
pero si las mujeres no participaron en la segunda guerra mundial
Rohan Chhima
Rohan Chhima 16 soat oldin
My daughter asked “Why can’t EA just just make a historically correct game instead of making their own twist on it?” And me, as a parent, didn’t know how to respond to this, then I said “You know what? Yeah, what’s the point of making a historical game if you’re going to put your own spin on it?”
Asscrackistan-Mapping 17 soat oldin
im sick of fighting krauts. I want to fight Italians or Japanese
Jonny White
Jonny White 17 soat oldin
wheres representation for midgets and disabled pp? i know its not realistic but i can see a person in a wheelchair with flame throwers on the sides, would be amazing. just seems like you're not being very inclusive by leaving these types of ppl out.
Jhar 18 soat oldin
Fornite V
Dallas The Star Wars Fan
I respect the Men that died during WWII but you people saying it is disrespectful to those who died?. Come on have you people forgot that this is a Game? No wonder Communities are becoming toxic sheesh! Enough already.
ZOMBIE GAMER 18 soat oldin
Este trailer me iso 😭 llorar ya 5bvese me encantó
Naeem Sarwar
Naeem Sarwar 18 soat oldin
You know forget about the sexism and/or transphobia, tanks never got into that kind of close quarters combat with infantry and survive , not on the western front at least, a light tank like the one depicted could not go through buildings like that, the pacing feels like battlefront, when it should have been like its previous games on WW2, allies usin mp40s and mg34, even the multi-player has character development, we were sort of waiting for something like bf4, sooo yeah fuk bf5
Beognis 94
Beognis 94 18 soat oldin
Can't wait for attack helicopters that are born in the wrong body as a tank.
Gamer1Wolf 18 soat oldin
Hey DICE/EA stop deleting people's comments.
MrQcomber 19 soat oldin
1:07 that's gonna be me every time I try and pilot one of those aircrafts
Logan Richardson
Logan Richardson 19 soat oldin
Im not buying a game from a company that insults its customers
lane miles t
lane miles t 19 soat oldin
lane miles t
lane miles t 19 soat oldin
that's not ww2
Hug savage
Hug savage 19 soat oldin
Kill all female character's
Kolepls 20 soat oldin
They're making a game. Its supposed to be fun gameplay. There are tons of other WW2 games you can go play with real locations and battles. Stop crying about it not being historically correct when they are trying to compete with games with fun GAMEPLAY like CoD
Jisue Ortiz
Jisue Ortiz 20 soat oldin
Where are the light sabers?. I want to give people prosthetic arms.
AxeLongShot 20 soat oldin
Karetaso doki
Karetaso doki 20 soat oldin
Female Protagonist Odd choice for events in WW2 Events that didn't happen in WW2- Seriously? Spewing Nonsense on your customers Face- You Have been Warned
Operation Ivy
Operation Ivy 20 soat oldin
RIP call of duty
* riskyagent
* riskyagent 21 soat oldin
Don't buy this game guys !!!! They could care less what we think !!!!!!!
TooTall 171
TooTall 171 21 soat oldin
Just remember kids no matter what EA tells you WW2 was won by WHITE MEN. O and EA's take on WW2 is historicially incorrect , still it is probably going to be very fun game anyway. Just not if you're looking for immersion.
D3M0N07 22 soat oldin
Awesome :) pre-ordered it already
Gamer1Wolf 22 soat oldin
A 13yr daughter shouldn't be even playing BF.
Falcon 41
Falcon 41 22 soat oldin
No matter what anybody says, this is not a true what WW2 game. if you are looking for true World War II game do not buy this
陈纲 22 soat oldin
Tunkki H
Tunkki H 23 soat oldin
Would it be little childish to ask a good hacker to hack into DICE's gamefile servers and backups and destroy them?
FinnJävel 23 soat oldin
Great! I dont have to buy anything from you inbred twats ever again. First you ruin star wars and now your biggest title. If you want to suicide this hard go ahead no one will miss you #notmybattlefield
Matei Aprozianu
Matei Aprozianu 23 soat oldin
Will be U-Boats?😃
Magda95 Kun oldin
Can't wait till the beta arrives !
MaxxumPro Kun oldin
alle disliker sollen sich selbst ficken danke :D
Albaida Omar
Albaida Omar Kun oldin
Il a l'air très lourd
John Millard
John Millard Kun oldin
kinda shocked with the likes.... cause the comment section is like 70 percent dislikes.
Technology Has Ruined Us As a Species
Too bad it's not based on anything real. Shitty liberal dream fantasy game.
ColetheKing2002 21 soat oldin
Technology Has Ruined Us As a Species If you watched the Battlefield 5 Reveal Livestream, EA said that “this is our take on WW2” meaning that this game must be set in an alternate timeline of WW2 where woman can fight in the war. I’m more of an ally for women. I don’t think men and woman should share the same restroom. Just because I’m defending woman from sexist people like you, doesn’t mean I think they should have equal rights. I’m doing it because I like to be respectful.
Technology Has Ruined Us As a Species
Ok so you're a delusional feminist, women have had equality for ages now time to wake up. Modern day feminism is cancer in it's purest form and it's only goal is to ruin everything. Oh and the fans of these games have always asked for actual historical representation so why go ruin it with fantasy that never happened?
ColetheKing2002 23 soat oldin
Technology Has Ruined Us As a Species The fans never said they wanted a historical documentary about WW2. Instead of handpicking a random soldier as the main character like every other WW2 game and movie, EA decided to add memorable characters that you can easily think of. In COD WW2, the main character was a soldier wearing a helmet just like the other soldiers on the field. If it weren’t for woman in the game, people would think that EA is trying to copy other WW2 games. Why does it have to be historically accurate anyways? Since when were other Battlefield games non-fiction except for Battlefield 1? In today’s society, women are depicted as sex objects in strip clubs dancing on poles and having sex with people. Woman are and always will be strong and courageous. Nobody can ever change that.
Technology Has Ruined Us As a Species
Why in the world would they go against the fans when developing a game? And after that shows middle finger by saying "if you don't like, don't buy it" The whole thing is funded by the SJW elite Soros, and it is so obvious.
K7 SB Kun oldin
Do you want to sell the game or not? Release the deluxe edition in U.K. Stores for pre order please!
Corey Williams
Corey Williams Kun oldin
Hmmmmmmm, the comments compared to the likes. One of these things is not like the other one. Seems like EA has been using like bots!
Holzi 62
Holzi 62 Kun oldin
There were no women on the front on the German side. But there were enough women among the Allies. There were even whole aircraft squadrons with women. All those who say that women did not fought in the World War are simply misinformed. The Russians also had women in the army. I think it's a lot worse that the soldiers look like punks or somewhere from the ghetto. I'm from Germany and I just think it's terrible to spoil the Hugo Boss uniform like that.
Holty2k6 Kun oldin
Battle field need to do a remastered version of there BATTLEFIELD 2142 if they did that I would so buy it right away who here would do the same ??