Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

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Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on November 20th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*: bit.ly/2s1ixko
Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.
Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you'll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps - and modes - and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective.
*Conditions and restrictions apply. See www.battlefield.com/disclaimers for details
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Music composed by Lorne Balfe (based on original Battlefield theme by Joel Eriksson).

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9-Iyn, 2018

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Battlefield 5 oy oldin
Watch the official gamescom trailer: uzvid.com/video/video--FEgeuGsmzQ.html
David Martinez
David Martinez 12 kun oldin
EA why why you always ruin games
cam kazoul
cam kazoul 2 oy oldin
Get cancer dice
pparker 2 kun oldin
Who among you didn’t bought the game?
Hampurilias 5 kun oldin
I love the game, but this trailer? Where is the action? It's a trailer of a multiplayer game not an emotional movie. Bad representation of what the gameplay is like.
Patriotic Peddler
Patriotic Peddler 6 kun oldin
Mukri Kohar
Mukri Kohar 6 kun oldin
Black: Second Mission PS3😭😭😞
Robert Tomczyk
Robert Tomczyk 7 kun oldin
Political correctness at it best. Hope you have enough Swedish feminists to buy it !!!!
The hash slinging Slasher
This is what got me to buy this game
Enzo Melo
Enzo Melo 12 kun oldin
I bought the game... IS REALLY GOOD!!!!
Maximilian Justinian
I preordered this for 100$, now its on sale for 30, wont ever preorder again in my life lesson learned.
ZAKK 14 kun oldin
Андроид Андройдов
Отсутствие русского дубляжа в игре это санкции против русских?
DARK 17 kun oldin
Anyone else still here after 8 months of hate?
BLACKOUT 4 17 kun oldin
No Americans no buy
Even Bjælgerud
Even Bjælgerud 19 kun oldin
anybody knowe the name of the song in the battelfield V youtube trailer?
Aryan Gill
Aryan Gill 21 kun oldin
When will the "in game details dlc" be available
Allen Hasbun
Allen Hasbun 23 kun oldin
What’s with throwing the girl in the water
John Alvie
John Alvie 24 kun oldin
Lets get our credit cards ready!
pattymac abides
pattymac abides 25 kun oldin
EA.... Your pretentious attitude and imperialistic approach to design and marketing has brought about my decision: you will never get another penny from me.
Jen Whipple
Jen Whipple 27 kun oldin
Marcus Soares
Marcus Soares 29 kun oldin
Just another souless game. A lazy but arrogant and pretensious job.
light time
light time Oy oldin
You what I am a idiot for defending this game for a long time will that ends now.
Feminism pretty much prevents me from buying this crap.
Tyfon Duce
Tyfon Duce Oy oldin
Evan Nadeau
Evan Nadeau Oy oldin
it sucks that BF1 had arguably the most awesome trailer of all time, but this one just is kinda boring. i think the use of Seven Nation Army is the turning point for it.
RazgrizOne Oy oldin
Battleflop V
Carlos Pool
Carlos Pool Oy oldin
Don't buy the game simple as that
King Edgar
King Edgar Oy oldin
Anyone buying a WW2 game that has a woman on the cover needs to rethink his life.
Sidney Msi
Sidney Msi Oy oldin
Where are the bushes and items that we can add on the tanks? You showed us in the first trailer and its not in the game wtf...
Abdul samed eroğlu
Yine sıkıcı bir hikaye ve single player mode tablosu görüyorum. Diğer bf oyunlarında olduğu gibi. Ea games bir dahaki bf oyununda single moda hiç yatırım yapmadan multiplayer mode un serverlerlerini geliştirmeye yatırım yapsın en iyisi. Şimdi yerlere vurulan call of duty nin en azından güzel 5, 6 tane oynamaya değer single player mod u güzel oyunu var. Bf ise single mod olarak hep aynı monotonlukta, bir yerden sonra sıkıcı.
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck Oy oldin
Ashamed you ruined this game
lubko Oy oldin
gl with trust
Sunja Deutschland
World WAR 2 was a REAL war with much suffering. WHY makes someone a game of WW2??? 🤔😮😠👎
RazgrizOne Oy oldin
There's been plenty of games about WW2 before this my summer-child. Battlefield V is trying to revise history because the devs wants to push their political agenda.
Дмитрий Cуханинский
Любая игра от ЕА - ГОВНО , недоработанное с кучей "чемоданов-аддонов" и читеров ...Что бы у вас в горле эти деньги встали ,хитрожопы жадные!
Farhan Chowdhury
For all those who thinks that women did not took part in ww2, they have. Around 350000 women soldiers took part in the war. Even in the front lines
Ed Keating
Ed Keating Oy oldin
Which is why it is annoying that those women arent represented but made up women are.
worthy knight 124
Add m1 gerand
Bilal gaming
Bilal gaming Oy oldin
After watching this trailer I become more honest with my bf1
themexdaniel Oy oldin
Remember when you told us dont buy it? Well, look what happen.
J.J. Walton
J.J. Walton Oy oldin
Is there a safe space version for those concerned for their emotional safety while playing? Asking for people EA is marketing to.
ttrevino167 Oy oldin
I hope you guys are watching your stocks. We have the power no EA nor DICE. Without the consumer you guys are nothing, doesn't matter how woke you get. You have a targeted audience and when you chose to make something for your self and not the customer then you dont sale.
MusherPlays Oy oldin
“Games play best on Xbox one” ummm no.
Richard Krauss
moth lamp
moth lamp Oy oldin
The feminists got to bf5, run!!
They fixed it
MrJohnb09 Oy oldin
awful game! just awful! was expecting somethig great big fan of battlefield and played 2 hours of this i will never purchase just awful
yeet 030
HeftyLefty24 Oy oldin
This is the only first person shooter where you get gun downed by the trees! Smh, WHERE’S THE FREAKIN MARSHMALLOWS!!!
Jen Whipple
Jen Whipple Oy oldin
Every scene is very badass like
Giggy Cash
Giggy Cash Oy oldin
It’s a video game that is based off of WW2. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s still fun. Don’t want to play a female character? Good thing they added a customizable option where you can change that! I really don’t understand why everyone is hopping on this hate train over something so minuscule.
Cristian Ordonez
They should've kept that tune going at l:09, because that plane crash wasn't enough FM
coleDash _861
coleDash _861 Oy oldin
Why does this game actually SUCK , can you PLEASE make it like battlefield 1 😭😭😭
daniel voss
daniel voss Oy oldin
We can all thank patrick söderlund for this crap
RazgrizOne Oy oldin
*when modern swedish people tries to make a WAR game*
lol white
lol white Oy oldin
Micro transactions
Brandon K
Brandon K Oy oldin
Trash company with trash customer service. So happy people are seeing the lack of polish and care that EA puts into their products now. You reap what you sow.
Andrea Capuano
uhm why the dislike to 60k go to 30k ?
ProperSkill Oy oldin
WACK GAME. By the time I figured out all the settings I felt like I made the damn game. Its just a game not a simulator why so cryptic and technical with the settings AND THE DONT HAVE THE MOST SIMPLE ONES. Cant change difficulty in single player, cant delete to restart the whole thing. I feel plugged into Battlefield 5s butt online forever now. I wish I didn't but this game.
Thiago Jose
Thiago Jose Oy oldin
Jogo muito pika pena que não tenho dinheiro pra comprar ainda kkkksks 🤣
Maximilian Schoch
First thing I’m going to do is throw ammo at an enemy tank and t-bag
Tnadz Rex
Tnadz Rex Oy oldin
EA, thanks for creating Battlefied so that we now have World War 3 from Farm 51. By now you have nearly ruined gaming with microtransactions, "social justice" and blind greed. Love watching your stock price do the limbo. How low can it go? :)
Overlord AMV's
Overlord AMV's 2 oy oldin
MortenSteno 2 oy oldin
Will it be available for Mac, please? :)
Сергей К-н
EA fascists
Сергей К-н
Todd Howard when? and where?
Todd Howard
Todd Howard Oy oldin
Сергей К-н
Todd Howard Hi how are you? hard? sympathize))) ahahaha no!
Uduk Gaming
Uduk Gaming 2 oy oldin
Can u make it for mobile.
Fedor Java Gamer
Fedor Java Gamer 2 oy oldin
Fedor Java Gamer
Fedor Java Gamer 2 oy oldin
CrashBurnman95 2 oy oldin
this is so sad, I'm still waiting DICE/EA to say: "Chill out guys, it was a prank"...
Klara Doležalova
Klara Doležalova
Klara Doležalova
Klara Doležalova
Izi hra
Dipyaman Chattaraj
Believe it or not this trailer has the best song of all the trailers to come for bfv(maybe).
Leonardo T99
Leonardo T99 2 oy oldin
Games played worst on shitbox one
Bat Man
Bat Man 2 oy oldin
ahahahahhahaha EA is going down im happy for them
Diego Fernando Huaman Maccha
What? 37k from dislikes? Really?
Ebenézer Ramos
Ebenézer Ramos 2 oy oldin
Please implement the mouse and keyboard option feature on #Xbox ..
Brinden Lutz
Brinden Lutz 2 oy oldin
Can we at least all agree that despite the women, battlefield looks like it did a better job with WWII than cod did last time?
Slick 2 oy oldin
Everything showed in this trailer is from Single Player. EA lying to us once again.
Rico -
Rico - 2 oy oldin
Weren’t there black men in ww2?
Вася Кузнецов
Пидары дырявые. что очки раздолбанные, что рты в членах из которых льется кал! ИЗВИНИТЕСЬ ЗА СССР!
clansome 2 oy oldin
+Battlefield Can you look at Hardware Unboxed review here uzvid.com/video/video-FUhCf6t3RBA.html and sort out the access for reviewers, as some are getting locked out after 5 hardware changes. They are reviewing older graphics cards to see which are suitable for Battlefield V. Hope you can help.
Raymond Koch
Raymond Koch 2 oy oldin
They do realize there was more to WWII then just Europe right??? Like what about the Chinese revolution and the Ruso Japo War, and the Pacific theater, the British and the Japanese in India and in Taiwan, the battle of Stalingrad, Kursh, and Operation Barbarossa. Hopfuly they atleast would add expansions to the game or if they'd be nice just add them straight up.
taipan185 2 oy oldin
no more BF for me and for that matter no more EA ..... ever
Maksymilian Kałuża
This is a cool game but Poland should be here but maby next time
Maksymilian Kałuża
I am sorry but where is Poland!! We helped many countrys then wy aren't we here in this game???
Diogo Vieira22
Diogo Vieira22 2 oy oldin
uzvid.com/u-DiogoVieira22 | subscrver o meu canal
Gabriel DelPiero
Gabriel DelPiero 2 oy oldin
Dog Day
Dog Day 2 oy oldin
Apologies for USSR
For game
For game 2 oy oldin
Извенитесь перед СССР
Dinamo Zagreb
Dinamo Zagreb 2 oy oldin
This game seem more promising then Battlefield 5 worldwar3.com/en/index/
Soldat 2 oy oldin
Thom Bos
Thom Bos 2 oy oldin
Patrickak47 2 oy oldin
angryjunkyard Professor
Guys. It's called fiction. It's a video game Jesus
SkyNinja759 Oy oldin
Guys. It's called authenticity and respect for history. It's a video game Jesus
Synful PK
Synful PK 2 oy oldin
Im quitting Fortnite to play this. Keep up the good work DICE
JesseCOD fan1
JesseCOD fan1 2 oy oldin
Not buying unless the trenches are wheelchair accessible
CrossRoads 2 oy oldin
TV BANAN 2 oy oldin
Siemanko tak dziś sobie biegałem po YT i wszędzie zapowiedzi BF5 latają. Tak sobie pomyślałem ze może FREE OVERLAYA zrobię. Jak pomyślałem tak zrobiłem overlay sugerowany się grą już na moim kanale do pobrania za darmo FREE czy jak chcecie zapraszam!
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell 2 oy oldin
1:31 are you sure about that?
iDECLINEGoogle UserAgreement
How is the presales EA ? Thought so....Time to lie in the bed you made...It seems ROCKSTAR is going to put you to shame...because they understand....past history CANNOT be undone by a game maker..and expect people to buy it. Just my take on this game. I have owned every every BF from the beginning....why would you NOT want people to continue to play your games? isnt sales important? So now I realise that giving us the "Battlefield" experience is not your agenda....Something else seems to be driving this companies direction...hmmm
Mih Ion
Mih Ion 2 oy oldin
change the servers....@ea you wy i must pay sometihing and you servers is down?
Vivek Pandey
Vivek Pandey 2 oy oldin
I am simply man. I play game for entertainment. Looks like this game is going to serve that purpose. I pre-ordered it. If I can learn something about history that's a plus but not really a reason why I play games for :)