Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

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Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on November 20th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*: bit.ly/2s1ixko
Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.
Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you'll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps - and modes - and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective.
*Conditions and restrictions apply. See www.battlefield.com/disclaimers for details
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Music composed by Lorne Balfe (based on original Battlefield theme by Joel Eriksson).

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9-Iyn, 2018

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Battlefield 2 oy oldin
Watch the official gamescom trailer: uzvid.com/video/video--FEgeuGsmzQ.html
Blinxinator 15 kun oldin
Color Maxs
Color Maxs 20 kun oldin
Como sugerencia productiva, podrian hacer que las explosiones sean mas realistas al producir un pitido, que sea opcional(Esta claro que algunos se quejaran por ello), es mil veces mas inmersivo y mas Tope, osea, poniendo en el menú, "Opciones de inmersión" que incluya: Sonidos o efectos visuales(Tengo en cuenta lo de el coste)… :)
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh 22 soat oldin
Oh I'll just stick to battlefield 1 if thats alright...
XeonBite_ 3 kun oldin
those 37k dislikes are cod fans
Aidan Cummings
Aidan Cummings 3 kun oldin
When does it come out?
Eelis Koponen
Eelis Koponen 3 kun oldin
Battlefield 5 gang whos up! YEE HAA MY DUDES! like if you pre-ordered instantly !
Movie Vet
Movie Vet 4 kun oldin
Battlefield had the FPS market in their hands and they blew it. Years and years of fighting COD, then finally getting an edge...and then they blew it. With all their f-ups with BFV, they have quite possibly ruined their franchise for good; not just BFV, their whole franchise. Including women (in the way they have) in their game has completely destroyed the immersion of fighting in WW2. That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen a company do. Then they insult their customers. DICE, EA, Battlefield V, you're done.
Daniel matějka cz
Daniel matějka cz 4 kun oldin
Nejlepší hra 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😱😱
shinpaku 123
shinpaku 123 5 kun oldin
You guys are complete garbage I hate activision but I’d take a game from them before giving you a penny uzvid.com/video/video-JvKOBdwzXRY.html
Kernel Potato
Kernel Potato 5 kun oldin
Pay 2.99 to unlock video
Phantom 5 kun oldin
No matter what anyone says, this game will be amazing
MGZzD MaTT 6 kun oldin
Firstly your daughter is 13 she shouldnt be playing any war game. secondly why is her say more important then ours?. 3rd why couldn`t you explain the fact that it was mostly men fighting on the front lines and that bfV is supposed to be historically accurate. or why couldnt you use your brain and put the female characters in a place they belong (which is historically accurate)
Phantom 2 kun oldin
MGZzD MaTT no, it had no input into putting them in. You need SEVERAL people to say something about it.
MGZzD MaTT 2 kun oldin
also just to add the dev that made that comment then went on to say hes name will go down in the books for adding females into a war game. so clearly i am right.
MGZzD MaTT 2 kun oldin
how is it not? theres clearly a statement made by a dev of the game saying his daughter asked him why there are no female characters in bf5, and he had no explanation and said your right... BAM now there are women in bf5. obviously it wasnt the only reason that they went along with adding them but it played a part in it. again i have no issue with women in bf5. i just think if your going to market a game as historically accurate, then you need the make the things in the game historically accurate, including characters and weapons such as the baseball bat.
Phantom 3 kun oldin
MGZzD MaTT no, not at all.
MGZzD MaTT 3 kun oldin
well obviously not but its partly the reason why they went forward with adding female characters which i have no problem with...
Crimson Carp
Crimson Carp 6 kun oldin
Likes: 166K Dislikes: 36K Every single comment: horrendous
Wendell Moreno
Wendell Moreno 9 kun oldin
Looks like EA filtered the dislikes. It was equal Weeks ago. P A T H E T I C EA GREEDY CUNTS
shadowph4ntom fortniteplay3r
When the campaign trailer is better than multiplayer
CrazyCray 10 kun oldin
This...this should be the reveal trailer
Teemo 10 kun oldin
I love Bf. Bf is life. Next time bring the modern shooter back. I will play bf5 for this year.
DC MEDIA NEWSWIRE 11 kun oldin
Accept it or don't buy it- I will buy Red Dead 2 and Black Ops 4. Im not accepting an awful game, so I'm buying two awesome games.
Phantom 5 kun oldin
Trouser Schnauzer
Trouser Schnauzer 11 kun oldin
you gave us the game that maybe 20% of the community wanted. it could have been another bad company. korea or vietnam era game but you gave us this dumpster fire. it might have passed if you started a new ww2 ip like calling it battlefield: wahmen powah and it would have gone over better. congratulations on screwing one of the most iconic ips in the fps genre. they're not loot boxes, they're air drops.GTFO
V.I.P.I 11 kun oldin
I'm sure there is a way to get this game for free... I don't think they will accept white mans money for some reason...
Mcdonald Mpundu
Mcdonald Mpundu 12 kun oldin
Can we please get more dislikes, yes, thanks
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 12 kun oldin
Terrible game
Phantom 5 kun oldin
Jason Voorhees it’s not even out yet
shemin ameerkhan
shemin ameerkhan 12 kun oldin
WOMEN WAR 2 through the lens of dice🙌
DahGamePs4 14 kun oldin
DrezenDK 14 kun oldin
"Games play best on xbox one" uhm no pc bra
Ruben Martin
Ruben Martin 15 kun oldin
I don't see nothing about playing in hardcore mode! Can you please ad no headshot revive, granade cook, no patrol respawn and weapons om our faction only. At least as an option. And please don't make paying servers again!
KRS Movie
KRS Movie 15 kun oldin
So, what is the price for 1 bullet?
Kirsten Murphy
Kirsten Murphy 15 kun oldin
Keep the hits coming EA. Nice work. I love this game and can't wait to play. I love the Rotterdam trailer by the way. I was like one of first to watch it and like it . I loved it and couldn't stop watching some much, I almost called an addiction hotline, I kid you not. Pre-ordered the deluxe edition and if you Battlefield haters out there have a shred of human decency, either shut up, or do the same. Love you, EA. 👊👐👏👏
Phantom 5 kun oldin
At least I’m not the only sane one who agrees. Amen
Fetter Koch
Fetter Koch 16 kun oldin
How many genders can we choose to play?
P8ker Qc
P8ker Qc 18 kun oldin
For real bf1 is way better than this s,I don’t even want to buy the game:(
LozioLudo 19 kun oldin
bunch of poor idiots not buying the game because of female soldiers.. there were female soldiers in bf1 too but you bought it anyway, this to prove how childish you all are
shemin ameerkhan
shemin ameerkhan 7 kun oldin
Ethan [][] I am not against women or dice in anyway but this agenda they are trying to force on us is the only problem.if they remove and put that in fitting context I will surely buy this game.anyways people have different issues with a game some have no problem with an already written historical game or movie with fictional additions but some care.that is it.simple.no offence to anyone👍
shemin ameerkhan
shemin ameerkhan 7 kun oldin
Ethan [][] what they removed inaccurate representation of women from the game???no dev talks mentioning anything abt that.i see everybody boasting about dice listening to this and that and improving to what the fans asking but they closed the ears to fans asking to remove inhistorical representation of women.and this faction of fans is not small including me.contrary dice said women will stay as it is in the game.any updated change from dice regarding that???
Ethan [][]
Ethan [][] 7 kun oldin
shemin ameerkhan dude you only watched the reveal, you haven’t been keeping up with all the new updaes
shemin ameerkhan
shemin ameerkhan 16 kun oldin
LozioLudo they put in Russian dlc and was close to accuracy in sniper roles but now first thing they showed was women in forefront with prosthetic arm
The ghost of Sparta
The ghost of Sparta 19 kun oldin
I feel like I'm the only one that's pumped. But who cares cuz I'll surely enjoy this masterpiece
The ghost of Sparta
+Ethan [][] I sure am keeping up. Westie and such are really reviving the hype
Ethan [][]
Ethan [][] 7 kun oldin
The ghost of Sparta your not the only one at all, the hypes only growing bigger and bigger, the people hating are cod fans, just keep up with all the new updates from the battlefield you tubers my bro 🔥👊
Brooke Bohall
Brooke Bohall 19 kun oldin
You did much better
Jared Botello
Jared Botello 20 kun oldin
The only word you need to know in German: MEDIZIN! Or MEDIC!
Dylan Mangezvo
Dylan Mangezvo 20 kun oldin
Remember when EA said that nobody wants to play single campaign games but rather online multiplayer games this is what they did with Battlefront V. they made the single campaign not worth playing but the multiplayer look amazing i wonder why?
SubnaturalODY Glezo
SubnaturalODY Glezo 21 kun oldin
Well my election is black OPS 4 bye battlefield. Political correct
Vin Benzin
Vin Benzin 22 kun oldin
dont forget to dislike
David Oldham
David Oldham 22 kun oldin
Doge Gomez
Doge Gomez 22 kun oldin
If you showed us this trailer first we woulda liked the game a lot more
TheFilmMixer101 23 kun oldin
Wilhem Almodovar
Wilhem Almodovar 25 kun oldin
I wish the game emulated the things it showcases here. But it doesn’t. Well.. not that it doesn’t, the execution was poor.
cercatore 99
cercatore 99 26 kun oldin
STOP NERFING SNIPERS! (they have to play their role and affect the game)
The Real Jameskii
The Real Jameskii 27 kun oldin
Riggor Mortis
Riggor Mortis 27 kun oldin
My grandfather was a hero, he died for my country in the war laying next to his brothers, legless, guts hanging out and likely cried for his mother, he was in his 20s :,( Now we have E.A insulting the real heroes who died with their filthy anti-male propaganda. WHAT'S SO WRONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE EA? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY GRANDFATHER, ARE PEOPLE LIKE HIM NOT APPRECIATED?!?!?
Nick Lamgamer
Nick Lamgamer 27 kun oldin
remember this is multiplayer, multiplayer is supposed to be a what if.
White Man
White Man 29 kun oldin
Why are you racist?
Zecros TV
Zecros TV Oy oldin
I would be very happy if you leave me a subscription. I'm just starting new as let ´ s player
Алексей Ип
"EA" has already frankly confessed to hatred of white men, it's easier not to buy their games.
Mech Inizer
Mech Inizer Oy oldin
What's wrong with white men, EA? Do you have a problem with white men, the majority of the people who pay for the unfinished games you develop and force out? EA seems to be saying "down with whitey". What have white men ever done to any of you at EA? For pete's sake, most of you are white men. Full of soy, but you are still white and consist of an X and Y chromosome, even if you chopped off your dingy and bought a pair of boobs, deep down inside, within your genetic make up, you're still a white male. The money the EA used to get from this white man will never happen again. You guys actively made your choice to be racist pricks, now I will actively quit dealing with a racist company. We can all make choices, you see.
Benjamin Kham
Benjamin Kham Oy oldin
This trailer is just damage control. Lies to anyone living under a rock
Demonic Napkin
☑ Don't buy BF5 or Anthem or ANY games published by EA ☑ Never pre-order ☑ Don't buy loot boxes or support a game that uses loot boxes ☑ Support GOOD game Studios/Developers/Publishers ☑ Copy/Paste this comment any time EA is mentioned. ☑ Have a great day! :)
Ethan Young
Ethan Young Oy oldin
Jj and kyl me UZvid exploring videos
Mirza Khalid
Mirza Khalid Oy oldin
did anyone noticed? the playable character is female :D
Thick44 Oy oldin
Y r people so mad? I like this. Its just a game.
Keith Bash
Keith Bash Oy oldin
We need Battlefield: Bad Comapny 3!!!!.. not this Garbage!!!
Soldado Héctor Esparza
Están súper 😱😍Los Battlefield son lo mejor✨✨y luego en la 2da Guerra mundial 😍😍Super súper 💚
Damage control much EA?...
Spartak Uvanakis
I like to give my money for games that i like, like world of warcraft, i have bought all the expansions, the star wars old republick also , starcraft 2.I live in a country that does not sanction pirating torrents, and i still WONT pirate that pice of trash game for free.
Josh Holmes
Josh Holmes Oy oldin
Was going to buy this game, then I learned EA hate white people. And I'm white, so...
Drwho boy 235
Drwho boy 235 Oy oldin
I’m done with EA and dice they have messed things up for the gaming industry as a whole they have stolen from our wallets They don’t care about customers they think gambling for kids is okay they aren’t even listening to The law Disney need to learn to man up with whole of Star Wars license
Galaxy Gamez
Galaxy Gamez Oy oldin
This could have been a great game, in sad they ruined it FCK you ea, greedy bastards ruined so many games and franchises and they can add the battlefield series to their list of ruined games that they will cancel and pretend it never exsisted
H B Oy oldin
If I preorder, will I get LGBTQQIP2SAA black soldier pack? Just kidding, I will never buy it.
_Max_ Oy oldin
Полная хуйня так ещё и стоит дохуя
David Lanzilotta
Black asian gypsy girls for german army!! Hoooah!
Mr. Gonzo
Mr. Gonzo Oy oldin
genderfield 5
Kevin Kocher
Kevin Kocher Oy oldin
how does it feel to go broke
Base Guy
Base Guy Oy oldin
For the love of God plz don't have disabled women in multiplayer too
Kae Northcutt
Kae Northcutt Oy oldin
The word white man is removed from chat in the game... EA is sexiest now among other things.”cough greedy”
internaut Dr. moxley
Isn't ea under investigation in Belgium
Greg T
Greg T Oy oldin
RIP EA Games..
duwax Oy oldin
loot boxes.... its in the game
Sacu TT
Sacu TT Oy oldin
Official feminist propaganda...Sweeden is a shithole!
Mats Jakobsen
Mats Jakobsen Oy oldin
Please make the tankgewhr 1912 a loadout weapon instead of a kit weapon in bf1
Stevie Gonzales
This game reminds me on BF1 in so many ways.... I will not buy. Please EA, give us something new. And not only female soldiers being the most different thing in the game.
SmithsRus Oy oldin
Your demo doesn't even work EA
whitecrowg1 Oy oldin
Whitecrows are censored probably like white man as we are both a minority in the world. So can't play. Sure the hordes of black crows in world can play.
El El
El El Oy oldin
Timmy O' Tool
Timmy O' Tool Oy oldin
White man
AK Oy oldin
EA shows us the best way to safe 60$, thank you!
Now this is better delete the other one.
Егор Неважно!
Музыка афигенная
Herman Jørum Gudem
adam Oy oldin
* Cod ww2 releases* *people complain about historical inaccuracy * People: "If you want realism go play battlefield" * battlefield 5 announced* Oh..
SPi Rooftops
SPi Rooftops Oy oldin
Here's a story for you. There was a group of 10 boys who played with their badass muscular toy action heroes. They had so much fun enjoying their action toys, making up stories of how their men got into the hands of the badguys and other cool stuff like that. In the next room there were girls playing with barbie doll toys. Minding their business. The boys learn that a new model for their action hero toy will arrive and they get so excited. The day finally comes. The new action toy arrives and the cover box has a female soldier posing for it. She looked like barbie only with soldier clothes and dirt on her. They boys get confused and dissapointed asking to their parents "Why is a girl posing for my new boy toy?" This is what happens with Battlefield. KEEP FEMINISM AWAY FROM GAMES MADE FOR MEN!
Guy Man
Guy Man Oy oldin
I spoke to my daughter she wants to know where EA got there facts from to make it authentic? Was it wikipedia, beacuse even a uneducated person like me remembered in college that wikipedia isnt a credible source
Eddy T
Eddy T Oy oldin
i just know one thing...this year for the very first year i will not buy battlefield! BF5 sucks and a lot of people are disappointed about it.
TheACKid Oy oldin
you guys spent more on this trailer than developing the actual game
gil moran
gil moran Oy oldin
Why didn't they just release this as the main trailer?!? If they had this game would have received such a good response by the community!
chris kingston
The actual game isn’t as clear cut as it’s represented in this trailer. For example, the red lights in plane aren’t as colourful and there is no green light.
Itz Ghosty
Itz Ghosty Oy oldin
EA might as well throw jhony jhony into the war
Саша Кочка
Музыка норм, а игра таксебе, надоела за несколько часов, бф 1 наиграл 600+ часов, хз почему то не понравилась 5 часть
I played the beta online for battlefield 5 on PS4 and it was great, I had to adjust to the settings because I was used to BF4. There’s problems in-game as usual for betas, You die fast and couple shots your already to the ground. the reaction time to get shot is increasingly high even when I’m shooting someone else it’s like the gameplay is very quick for reaction times even for close-combat. The graphics are good but improvements need to be focused on that also. The setup in multiplayer is very good but I had to also adjust to that. The scope aiming bugs me the most because when I go to aim, it slowly moves and the settings didn’t help. everything else looks good. Edit- also 80/100% I’ve used a sniper rifle on a player, I got to fire two shots in order to make the headshot which isn’t right compared to any battlefield game I’ve played but I understand when it comes to someone that has armored clothing.
Jakob Segerhagen Lövdén
Mister neon
Mister neon Oy oldin
Sam Thespicymemeboi
Tbh I get why people are hating on the game, it’s kinda dumb what they did, but I still think ima love the game when it comes out, I mean, look at the graphics!
gamer 4
gamer 4 Oy oldin
Jen Jayakody
Jen Jayakody Oy oldin
I was not impressed by the bf5 beta played 15mins and was bored, bad graphics, gameplay didn't feel intense, pretty bland, battlefield 1 was better in every way in graphics, combat, intensity, i felt like i was at war. I don't know what happened did they get lazy? Did some devs leave?
cool penguinы
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer Oy oldin
None of these trailers look or feel like WW2.
stop ask
stop ask Oy oldin
SJW do you like the new battlefield game? no we don't play games.. 🙄 oh thanks
Königin Oy oldin
Dont buy the game man.. Just buy some soaps and bathe your whole family to get rid of that rural redneck stench.