Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

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Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on October 19th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*: bit.ly/2s1ixko
Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.
Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you'll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps - and modes - and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective.
*Conditions and restrictions apply. See www.battlefield.com/disclaimers for details
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Music composed by Lorne Balfe (based on original Battlefield theme by Joel Eriksson).

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9-Iyn, 2018

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Battlefield 2 oy oldin
el webito
el webito 6 kun oldin
Battlefield where's the M1 garand?
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 11 kun oldin
Gaming Toxic Nice Name
Gaming Toxic
Gaming Toxic 11 kun oldin
Is it pay to win again???
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 12 kun oldin
Dime 666 XD
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 12 kun oldin
Battlefield Dont tell me what to do
SheepShagger995 41 daqiqa oldin
gonna buy it on day release looks brilliant i must say 👍
Ivan Mellado
Ivan Mellado 3 soat oldin
Robert Villegas
Robert Villegas 4 soat oldin
Personally, and I'm just spit balling here, ya'll should read up on the Russian woman who literally bought a T-34 just so the Red Army would allow her to fight in the war...she was a badass. There were also many women who acted as spies in the war. Granted, not very many served in front line combat units, but still. Like I said. Spitballing.
Eric Ritchie
Eric Ritchie 7 soat oldin
I heard Wonder Woman is in the game. A developers daughter wants to play as her.
abel mendez
abel mendez 11 soat oldin
This looks fun
know1199 11 soat oldin
Looks awesome
Many demes
Many demes 12 soat oldin
When the graphics look worse than BF 1
Caleb B. Awesome
Caleb B. Awesome 15 soat oldin
The amount of triggered people in these comments is comical. It’s a video game. You’re all being a bunch of whiny entitled assholes. 😂 “ItS nOt ReAlIsTiC!” Well neither is respawning, or popping up on the battlefield out your friends asshole either.
kirilbro 1
kirilbro 1 17 soat oldin
Best game very good
007NateNasty Kun oldin
I'm really glad to see a lot of the reaction to this SJW approach they are taking this game. Also the whole "then don't buy it thing". I'm very interested to see how this one plays out.
The Oddity
The Oddity Kun oldin
Mack Millicco
Mack Millicco Kun oldin
Hey man, as long as I get to attach a bipod to my knife, I'm happy.
UNJONNG Kun oldin
Bf your main goals aims and reviews are game being realistic why did you changed it so badly, Thank you for making this game which looks so boring and unreal , I am your veteran player since the first game from pc, You don’t listen to you costumers and players, Look at comments section, so many dislikes, don’t you think something is wrong ??? Hellooo
savage sandwich
savage sandwich Kun oldin
dollar c.g
dollar c.g Kun oldin
4th Chairman
4th Chairman Kun oldin
We don't need that sexism, be it as a sarcastic joke or sincere opinion. Those of us angered by this, do some under just duress, and the majority of us are not misogynists. We are just tired of the liberal sjw movement, even those of us like myself who despise the right and are in many ways more related to socialism. True socialism, not liberal faux PC socialism.
Mighty Pain Gaming
1:09 Spawn Kill :(
Mighty Pain Gaming
When is the Beta For the PS4?
AlfariusCorax Kun oldin
do you know da wae my brota?
So beautifull
The Recommended
The Recommended Kun oldin
It got age restricted...
Furkan Kaplan
Furkan Kaplan Kun oldin
Jack Killer
Jack Killer Kun oldin
I see womens and i made cum
Jack Killer
Jack Killer Kun oldin
+Flexi Paradise lol
Flexi Paradise
Flexi Paradise Kun oldin
Retardinjo Kun oldin
Lol "play it best on xbox" it plays 10x better on pc
Jimmy Juice
Jimmy Juice 2 kun oldin
this is a good game
Jimmy Juice
Jimmy Juice 2 kun oldin
"i love Norway" in danish thats "jeg elsker Norge" :D
Get out.
Get out. 2 kun oldin
when I saw something hooked up to a vehicle and seeing it carted off, my first thought was: _"cool. a new game mode: transport the field kitchen"_
Bazorky 2 kun oldin
It’s gonna be a great game
GAMER JADEN 2 kun oldin
Finally a better trailer
w3rk plays
w3rk plays 2 kun oldin
The game will be good. Stop complaining. The game isn't out yet. Stop assuming it will be bad
Mexiball Nation
Mexiball Nation 2 kun oldin
Cancerfield because we vertues.
Tampa Alva Avalos
Tampa Alva Avalos 3 kun oldin
Where's the soviets campaign like CoD World at War
Dwayne 21Gaming
Dwayne 21Gaming 3 kun oldin
I think there is a little bit of modern stuff
Jake R
Jake R 3 kun oldin
So are you guys going to let us actually see swastikas now? www.pcgamer.com/germany-lifts-ban-on-swastikas-in-videogames/
Furious Productions
Jake R yeah, they did remove the ban to it and I wouldn't think it would be that big of a change, like a simple symbol swap everything. If they do it then the game would feel more special.
PaintedDuckling ‘
My girl wants women in the game so I’m going to change everything that is so ridiculous probably will add a laser blaster dlc at this rate I am so disappointed😔🤬☹️🙁😣😖
DrK B1LLY 3 kun oldin
People are taking away that this is a game. Ik I’m gonna get a lot of hate but it doesn’t take away of the matter of fact that a game is a game.
carlosduty 974
carlosduty 974 3 kun oldin
The beauty of war
Siegfried Wenzel
Siegfried Wenzel 3 kun oldin
My little trans gender black race mixed jewish daughter asked me this morning why there are no safe spaces in bf 5. Please fix this EA.
michael spurlock
michael spurlock 3 kun oldin
I ain't playing this game. It's a game that is trying to push there political ideas on us and doesn't listen to there consumers... nope ain't playing this game at all.
IBRAGIM[BS] 4 kun oldin
Только на xbox??
HGKnetworkgaming 4 kun oldin
This means more players and more grenade spaming can't wait
Anatoly Dyatlov
Anatoly Dyatlov 4 kun oldin
I hate new games, but hate the SJW agenda even more. They literally ruin EVERYTHING. I miss the old days of gaming with no shitty micro-transactions and liberal agendas. I'm sticking with small dev companies from now on.
TheStrikeofGod 4 kun oldin
So many people upset at a video game. It honestly makes me sad to even like Battlefield as a whole.
Unicorn Playz
Unicorn Playz 4 kun oldin
What happened to modern day war face battlefield games 😢
InternetPerson 4 kun oldin
Germany has currently lifted the swastika ban
The Person
The Person 4 kun oldin
Looks much better then the reveal trailer.
Jaeger Production
Jaeger Production 4 kun oldin
I blame fort nite. Fort nite f&&&ed up every game.
Adrian Elachkar
Adrian Elachkar 4 kun oldin
Still trash Is this even ww2
mac ellison
mac ellison 4 kun oldin
im excited when the beta launches
Zanimag 4 kun oldin
Know what? I'll better to play RTC Wolfensten. RTCW looks like real archive footage compare to this.
ishraq irfan adam
ishraq irfan adam 4 kun oldin
But battlefield 1942 ww2 but year ago the UZvid, but no one year battlefield 1942 world war 2
Shakeeb Barakat
Shakeeb Barakat 4 kun oldin
Looks like Halflife Opposing force. Remember, G-MAN IS WATCHING.
ROadROckster Productions
Gameplay looks so cool
Napolyon Bonapart
Napolyon Bonapart 5 kun oldin
Fallout 5 ?!?!?!?!
Harlan Ralph
Harlan Ralph 5 kun oldin
Who can't wait?
Matador c4ms
Matador c4ms 5 kun oldin
o kurwa
BF BADBOY 5 kun oldin
PS : BF BADBOY HERO DE LA BAD GUERRE uzvid.com/video/video-Wou25WAdidM.html
antonio mirenzio
antonio mirenzio 6 kun oldin
Eeeehhh niente pelle d’oca ❤️
iDeagles 6 kun oldin
I hope they add a cooking dlc
iDeagles 6 kun oldin
Is this that game where the bad guys are cis white males? Is that why it costs $20 more to get the edition with a man on it so it covers the wage gap? /s
SKINWALKER 6 kun oldin
Bob Riley
Bob Riley 6 kun oldin
Looks amazing
David Kolb
David Kolb 6 kun oldin
For any retards who are wondering why this got many more likes than dislikes, it’s obiously because this trailer is a MILLION times better. Come on now, I thought you guys were smart lol
David Kolb
David Kolb 2 kun oldin
That wasn’t my point though. My point was that this trailer got more likes than dislikes and some people are still wondering why. I assumed that the logical answer was that this trailer was much better than the previous one. I didn’t say anything about people not having the right to be angry or anything like that. of course there will be people who are still angry and/or disappointed at this game. Of course an improvement on something that was seen as terrible by many wont sway everyone’s opinion.
Furious Productions
David Kolb people can still be angry. And they have the right to be angry even of this trailer is better
Omena Tumppi
Omena Tumppi 6 kun oldin
I would have wanted to play as transgender-german with a pink lmg in Battlefield 1. I'm glad that I Can do it in Battlefield V :)
Amann 6 kun oldin
Look at how all the people who supposedly hated the first trailer some how pressed the like button man you guys make me laugh ffs #BattlefieldV is going to be a great game.
Untraceable 6 kun oldin
“I want my 8 year old daughter to be able to play as a girl in this game” 18+ game btw
JackBWFC 03
JackBWFC 03 6 kun oldin
The thing is nobody will use the female characters in game so stop complaining. Don’t get me wrong I think they shouldn’t be in the game.
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire 6 kun oldin
Its not good enough.
Drowsy_ Mouse
Drowsy_ Mouse 6 kun oldin
what if they made a level in campaign where you played as a nurse trying to save a bunch of wounded and you had to save lives? that would be a good place for a woman to be portrayed, realistic and heroic at the same time
Василий Кучер
Bumblebee3009 7 kun oldin
I cannot wait to stop evil Taiwanese dictator Simone Al-Saud von Ungern-Sternberg from nuking West Berlin!
Dispatch Pilot
Dispatch Pilot 7 kun oldin
How to never be able to chat again EA want my wallet *Question Mark*
Awana Mambe
Awana Mambe 7 kun oldin
Had this game not been based on WW2, but in a modern setting no one would have cared..this wouldn't have been an issue.....but the problem is that it wasn't
XxKAISERxX 7 kun oldin
Looks fun af
Arathor_ xr
Arathor_ xr 7 kun oldin
I seriously hate for women?
THERICARDO935 7 kun oldin
THERICARDO935 6 kun oldin
Josu16 #ripbf
Josu16 6 kun oldin
THERICARDO935 jaja nop #RipCod
deadpooled 1018
deadpooled 1018 7 kun oldin
Can’t wait to be able to shoot people while their getting out of their cockpits. New exit animations for vehicles are awesome!
Michael Lester
Michael Lester 7 kun oldin
Much better
Brandon Freedman
Brandon Freedman 7 kun oldin
A lot of comments I’m seeing is people who don’t think this game is good. But more of a sense what is in the game)if you know what I mean).
nicesed 7 kun oldin
If during the ISIS invasion on middle east if Kurdish women can take up arms to protect their people when the terrorists killing them in thousands then why not during the WW2 where Nazis killing millions of people. I am pretty sure the storylines would have something like that even if we don't read wikipedia and just hear it from other youtube channels that women didn't participated in as soldiers World War 2 like they are actual historians.
Nathan Animation
Nathan Animation 7 kun oldin
this game is only for girls
Sir.TiTAN 7 kun oldin
0:14 that music is so beautiful🔥 and this tatan tan tatann.
Aga gaming
Aga gaming 7 kun oldin
Nice job battlefield
m7 Akzs
m7 Akzs 7 kun oldin
thanks dice saved my money ~!
Tom Hall
Tom Hall 8 kun oldin
Another terrible trailer, all this tells us is that planes are OP
Johannes Ostenfeld-Rosenthal
Cool 4K upgrade you made for X Box one X some days ago. BF 1 like it should be. Very good looking, smooth running. Actually better than PS 4 pro which i had before. Not much but still noticeable. Weapons graphics, framerate and other. Thank you^^
smoke hazard
smoke hazard 8 kun oldin
Did they repost the video to get less dislikes? I swear the dislikes were way higher.
Eric Kariuki
Eric Kariuki 8 kun oldin
EveryGaMes Sujet
EveryGaMes Sujet 8 kun oldin
The look of map is not bad
Starkiza 8 kun oldin
Dice you better fix this woman act in the game you ain't getting much love right now
Starkiza 8 kun oldin
Is there only one map cuz that's the only map I see when I watch gameplay vids?
Shockz 2 kun oldin
Starkiza it was the only map available in the beta and I’m assuming the only map that they’ve mostly finished
Eric Kariuki
Eric Kariuki 8 kun oldin
I used to like battlefield but now they just fucked up. I swear they are even deleting some comments and adding fake likes
The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen 8 kun oldin
Remember guys, don't pre-order.
Esel YT
Esel YT 8 kun oldin
Think this game looks awesome. My grandfather was a jagerpilot for the spetznaz lol
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov 8 kun oldin
Doesn't even look close to ww2...
dieselbiggins 8 kun oldin
Rapefield V- a bad company of STD’S 😂😂
Furious Productions
dieselbiggins I bet people will complain that woman are getting "raped" in bfv by white men. "Dip dip potato chip"
Ort 0810
Ort 0810 8 kun oldin
This game has an identity crisis
Kaminoken Phyx
Kaminoken Phyx 8 kun oldin
Get woke, go broke. you're not gettin my money for this game.
Ort 0810
Ort 0810 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the music in this sound like the music from the Cod ww2 reveal trailer?