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Bears vs. Packers Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2018

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CRFHONDARIDER100 2 soat oldin
Wow Aaron got some good roids
Edgar Allan Poe The Panda
Who else thinks Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has the best name in the NFL?
Edgar Allan Poe The Panda
Classic Rivalry
TriforceGuy 64
TriforceGuy 64 14 soat oldin
Name last
Name last 18 soat oldin
best game of week 1
leonardo luciano
06:12 olha o respeito pelo mito Aaron Rodgers
Ethan Wood
Ethan Wood Kun oldin
he doesn't even need 30 seconds
jaybird Kun oldin
Triubuski is underated
AF Entertainment
Just remember Aaron Rogers is the comeback God
Josh Clark
Josh Clark Kun oldin
Damn u Kyle Fuller because of u we have to listen fudge Packer fans talk about how good they r
AoRxStealth Kun oldin
Aaron Rodgers is just too good.
deprogrammer Kun oldin
I will never forget this game..The day the Bears dominated and scared the Packers in the 1st half only to allow Aaron to come back..Why they didn't attack him and knock him out of the game for good still puzzles me.Maybe NBC didn't want a blow out..But there is no way that should happen again..The Bears proved that they are a team on the rise and with experience they will learn how to finish teams off and play to win instead of playing not to lose.I have all the respect for Aaron and I did want them to destroy the Packers with him at QB..but that crap by the Bears secondary was pathetic..With Roquan Smith I don't expect that to happen..well, not as weakly as that performance at least..Mack and Smith will dominate the games to come..
O GR13
O GR13 Kun oldin
Can't wait for week 9. #12 vs #12.
Common Sense
Common Sense Kun oldin
Rodgers is better than Brady
yjjeeper1 Kun oldin
Screw all you traitors watching this garbage, losers!!!!!!!
Rishin Sharma
Rishin Sharma 2 kun oldin
Wow Mack is a monster
رائد 'ستيفن
bafachuh fannuchs
Godzilla John
Godzilla John 2 kun oldin
Hey guys, here is something *BETTER* than football: Jesus Christ died on a cross to save people from their sin, according to the bible. Then Jesus rose from the dead, 3 days later, thus defeating death. Anyone who believes this will not perish but will have eternal life.
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 2 kun oldin
No greater defense and offense then Jesus Christ
iwant megold
iwant megold 2 kun oldin
Not a packers fan but damn. Never give Rodgers a chance with 2 minutes left in the game. Bears made a crucial mistake.
maria Cervantes
maria Cervantes 2 kun oldin
Bears d and o line are actually looking impressive. A rod will be a rod though.
Fysher Jamieson
Fysher Jamieson 2 kun oldin
How do the Bears blow this much of a lead? Packers are the best!!!!
Izzy Leonardo
Izzy Leonardo 2 kun oldin
Recognition 2 bears n packers super bowl fans.
Douglas Sirk
Douglas Sirk 2 kun oldin
Great game for Rodgers, but stop saying he's better than Brady. It shows your ignorance of football.
Cody Parr
Cody Parr 2 kun oldin
I miss jordy Nelson
SavvySavage 2 kun oldin
B- choke E- hoke A- oke R- ke S- e Not a bears fan, but you bears fans should be excited. You actually might have a complete team and if your offense lacks, your defense will pick up.
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen 2 kun oldin
2013, Week 17 feels
Drew  S.
Drew S. 2 kun oldin
That 20-0 lead wasn't a fluke. Bears allowing that comeback was. The better but inexperienced team lost this game
The Goat Crabapple
The Goat Crabapple 2 kun oldin
The bears barely lost to the packers.😂😂😂😂 comment and like if you get the joke.
Aly Kharabish
Aly Kharabish 2 kun oldin
Jose Lico Matozo
Jose Lico Matozo 3 kun oldin
Joselico gracias 🇺🇸🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑💪🏻
Supxhier 3 kun oldin
If #23 corner for the Bears had caught that interception....game over. Rodgers only made one better than average throw. The rest just routine. Let’s see how he does vs a real pass rush. Go Vikings💪
Caught Tag
Caught Tag 3 kun oldin
Yay, we are chicago falcons or Atlanta Bears
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 3 kun oldin
I find it amazing how one team can take such a huge lead then can’t find a way to score again.
chitizzle 3 kun oldin
Doesn't matter if hes a WR tht cant catch... in THE MOMENT he has to, just like when Brady dropped Td pass in Super Bowl those plays must be made by pros.
Chi Sox
Chi Sox 3 kun oldin
The Bears are better than the Packers its just Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT
joshua mitchell
joshua mitchell 3 kun oldin
Nick Bernath
Nick Bernath 3 kun oldin
No one cares
Caleb Jahn
Caleb Jahn 3 kun oldin
Im a packers fan, and I am going to completely admit that we are useless without Aaron Rodgers. 20 point comeback because Aaron Rodgers came in on the 2nd half. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
nethater 3 kun oldin
The bears hibernated during the second half. BRING BACK THE 85 BEARS.
Nathan Lujan
Nathan Lujan 3 kun oldin
the best comeback packers have made in 3 years! I love Aaron!!!
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 3 kun oldin
Trubksky deserves some credit
Jack Wehrung
Jack Wehrung 3 kun oldin
The NFL is beginning to resemble WWF
Jack Wehrung
Jack Wehrung 3 kun oldin
The fix is in
Kshitij Dobriyal
Kshitij Dobriyal 3 kun oldin
Rodgers is the goat
*insert clever nickname* isn't a clever nickname
Three touchdowns in ONE QUARTER
Codie Mc Neil
Codie Mc Neil 3 kun oldin
Maaaaan. Rogers is by FAR one of THE TOUGHEST , & BEST QBs to hit the field....PERIOD. The game is NEVER OVER wit this Dude. But , GO COWBOYS !!
Nick Bernath
Nick Bernath 3 kun oldin
Talk to me when he has more rings than Eli manning
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon 3 kun oldin
Ty Montgomery took out two guys 70 yards downfield, what a player
Eli Shields
Eli Shields 3 kun oldin
Ive heard about Mack but now i see what all the fuss about
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 3 kun oldin
Nabz Nag
Nabz Nag 3 kun oldin
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy 3 kun oldin
Da bears!
Andrew Rand
Andrew Rand 3 kun oldin
That play at 4th quarter was an incomplete pass
Andrew Rand
Andrew Rand 3 kun oldin
As a patriots fan this was an epic game
Fa11n1 3 kun oldin
Aaron is a baaad man
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VIP Sports 3 kun oldin
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Black Panther
Black Panther 3 kun oldin
Zachary Lockwood
Zachary Lockwood 3 kun oldin
Won’t be the first time the king burns you Mack..actually since you signed with Chicago might as well get used to it 😂 #Rodgers #cheesehead #G.O.A.T
Nick Bernath
Nick Bernath 3 kun oldin
Talk to me when he's more than a regular season champion
The Mad One
The Mad One 3 kun oldin
The oldest and best rivalry in the nfl
_ Cincy
_ Cincy 3 kun oldin
You Green Bay fans are so damn lucky I wish we had a 2nd half QB down here in Cincy. I’ll be looking forward to GB v MN
Russell Telker
Russell Telker 3 kun oldin
Nothing really against either team, but if they try this against the Vikings they're gonna get lit up. Some TERRIBLE tackling by both D's. Offense was a joke for most of the game. Cobb's 75yd play was blown coverage and no one paying attention letting him trot down the field. I hope everyone plays better this weekend...
Eric Izydorczak
Eric Izydorczak 3 kun oldin
Do it in the post season.
Mortality 3 kun oldin
I keep getting these Panera ads
cwcrowl13 3 kun oldin
Damn what a comback
Christina Agudink
Christina Agudink 3 kun oldin
A perfect example of a classic Aaron Rodgers game
Universal Scientist
The Green Bay Packers will be this years Superbowl Champions. 💯👊
docwood141 4 kun oldin
Announcers: And the Bears take a 20-0 lead! Rodgers:hold my bear mike
Joseph Archer
Joseph Archer 4 kun oldin
People act like they suppose to win every single game it's still the beginning of the season good game it's time to move on to the next one let's go BEAR'S
thebull Devoe
thebull Devoe 4 kun oldin
Packers defense gotta tighten up
Lunati Lunati
Lunati Lunati 4 kun oldin
Rodgers is back.
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 4 kun oldin
As a viking fan i can only enjoy the greatness of rodgers in highlight videos
Wrex1 Kettles
Wrex1 Kettles 4 kun oldin
the bears defense still sucks even with mack lol
PERRY 4 kun oldin
Skip: Brady still way better
ManUP JC 4 kun oldin
So WHY didn't Chicago go for it on 4th & 1 at the GB 14 yard line. Should'a punched the ball in and at least get the fresh set of downs.
Collins Ofori Mensah
what a useless performance by Bears defends......
Nathaniel Martin
Nathaniel Martin 4 kun oldin
lets go patriots
Migg 93
Migg 93 4 kun oldin
I remember before the draft when Kizer said he had Cams body with Tom Brady’s thinking lmao
Tate Hering
Tate Hering 4 kun oldin
I hate seeing Jimmy Graham in a packers jersey
D Celes3
D Celes3 4 kun oldin
The bears should have won this game, poor play calling.
Mr Slate
Mr Slate 4 kun oldin
I guess no one runs the ball or takes the snap from under center anymore.
Karen Vergara
Karen Vergara 4 kun oldin
What a win😁👍
Thanos Rodgers
Cameron Garner
Cameron Garner 4 kun oldin
Aaron was booted off them pain meds watch is after game interview 😂
Hasmus 4 kun oldin
Why do you waste your time watching this socccer video, when you could be subscribing to Hasmus ;) Edit: Don't mind this, it's for a video
Phenomenal World
Phenomenal World 4 kun oldin
I m watching this game for the first time! :-)
brandon hastings
brandon hastings 4 kun oldin
in the 26 years of my life i have never seen an arm talent like aaron rodgers he is unreal his accuaracy his power the way he spirals it he is the best qb ever before its said and done he will win at least 1 more superbowl.
Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus 4 kun oldin
Mmm... there are those post 80s Bears everyone knows and loves to kick up and down the field every season... XD
Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus 4 kun oldin
Refs really wanted the Bears to win with that BS pass interference lol
yourefat andlazy
yourefat andlazy 4 kun oldin
and the bears lose it by one point
garywasseljr 4 kun oldin
Wow, this was a great event and tribute to The War of 1812!!
King Heem
King Heem 4 kun oldin
Da NFL rigged how tf yo
aye Buddy
aye Buddy 3 kun oldin
King Heem then how tf do you rig in game injuries
Cuttingtorch 4 kun oldin
Just remember Rodgers with 2 good legs is 44 qb rating against this D.
tr33 4 kun oldin
When was the last time bears beat the packers? Oh yea 2009 ..
Tom Close
Tom Close 4 kun oldin
spotted them 20 and still beat em with one legged QB
AJ Valcin
AJ Valcin 4 kun oldin
I'm here from the Jets/Lions highlights. um.
Jimothy 4 kun oldin
chokeago bears
glenn pittman
glenn pittman 4 kun oldin
the packers backup quarterback looked really bad. he gave the bears an easy touchdown that almost caused the packers the game.
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 4 kun oldin
im not a bears or packers fan but did anyone else see khalil mack run 80 yards down the field to attempt to tackle cobb, bless that mans heart ,he should get paid like 30 million for his efforts.
Sachin Nayak
Sachin Nayak 4 kun oldin
The pick 6 by Mack though..😰😰😱😱
Inspired By
Inspired By 4 kun oldin
Now this is what I call good football. A Rodgers owned that game 💪🏿
Mike Rangel 10 YT
Mike Rangel 10 YT 4 kun oldin
Go pack go!!!!!