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Bears vs. Ravens | NFL 2018 Hall of Fame Game Highlights

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john kuykendall
john kuykendall 5 kun oldin
I will not be watching any games FO NFL
outoftime 5 kun oldin
this preseason?
HOF Gaming
HOF Gaming 5 kun oldin
5:53 when the varsity comes to the jv game to hype you up
Dripn Sauce
Dripn Sauce 6 kun oldin
Thank game thought ray lewis was going to preach the dame game
arif khan
arif khan 6 kun oldin
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Matt Sternberg
Matt Sternberg 6 kun oldin
Not a Ravens or Bears fan, but I'll watch the Ravens a bit this year to keep an eye on Hurst's progress. I'm a SC Gamecocks fan and had the pleasure of watching him play. He's a great weapon for Flacco or whoever the QB will be in the future couple of seasons, for playmaking ability and picking up blocks. Dude's a beast.
Derek Savage
Derek Savage 6 kun oldin
If it were concerning player safety, it would be illegal for offensive players to do it as well. The helmet rule is not about making the game safer, because if that were their goal, they would have protected defensive players too. In disguise, it’s just another way the NFL board is trying to make the game higher scoring so they can get more views and make more money. The NFL is lying to us again. They’re a bunch or corporate villains intent on dehumanizing their own players to gain money. Goodell needs to go.
thesoldier guy
thesoldier guy 6 kun oldin
Pretty good game
Original One
Original One 6 kun oldin
John Franklin III should be the bears return man
Noah Dennis
Noah Dennis 6 kun oldin
Lamar looks real good!
Quis 1on1
Quis 1on1 7 kun oldin
Lamar Jackson got stop scrambling dang
JHD 17
JHD 17 7 kun oldin
Rex l
Rex l 7 kun oldin
Maaz Ajmeri
Maaz Ajmeri 7 kun oldin
Victor Sandoval
Victor Sandoval 7 kun oldin
I needed this.
Colton Brown
Colton Brown 7 kun oldin
That was a interception the ball was clearly on the ground
joe g
joe g 7 kun oldin
Jacksonville Jaguars will win this years Super Bowl.
Michael Vlogs
Michael Vlogs 7 kun oldin
Clayton Coyle
Clayton Coyle 7 kun oldin
That QB missed a wide open fullback.
A True Love Official
Bears almost won the game, but missed the pass at 8:09. There were a lot of errors on their side and they missed the chance to win the match. Good defense for the Ravens though!
Cheese Head
Cheese Head 6 kun oldin
They should’ve taken a field goal
Zach Campbell
Zach Campbell 6 kun oldin
A True Love Official that's what you get when you have 3rd and 4th stringers.
Ocarina Monkey
Ocarina Monkey 7 kun oldin
What a terrible hof game
Gazella Manami
Gazella Manami 7 kun oldin
this is still trending
aggeel45 pao
aggeel45 pao 7 kun oldin
Wake the hell up www.infowars.com/the-internet-dark-ages-descends-upon-us-facebook-google-spotify-twitter-all-conspire-to-outlaw-conservative-speech-with-no-due-process/
ArcangeloSports NOS
Not gonna lie that is true no joke
Huaraches boy
Huaraches boy 7 kun oldin
When I was at a football game today it was hot someone passed out the ambulance came I was shocked
Alexander Castillo
Alexander Castillo 8 kun oldin
Finally football is back.
help me
help me 8 kun oldin
Who won
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
ya boi Baltimore. Did you not watch the video?
Dexter Ice
Dexter Ice 8 kun oldin
Lamar Jackson is Michael Vick 2.0 🐐
ChoppaCal 8 kun oldin
The look on Joe Flacco's face at 2:41
Danil Wijaya
Danil Wijaya 8 kun oldin
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Alex Junior
Alex Junior 8 kun oldin
im from brazil , and im a big fan of football , i know a lot of things , but can someone explain to me what is the meaning of the "hall of fame game"? and why is it a hall of fame game?
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Alex Junior No problem.
Alex Junior
Alex Junior 7 kun oldin
oh i see , thanks man
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Alex Junior It is called a hall of fame game because it is held the weekend of the annual hall of fame inductions.
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson 8 kun oldin
Ravens that buy jcp frsh shld win on the stock market
i am balck
i am balck 8 kun oldin
0:53 lol rip
Jason Briski
Jason Briski 8 kun oldin
The Bears lose. I call that Sunday
Sky 8 kun oldin
Damn it's already preseason time and I don't even remember what I've done for the last 6 months
jthaha23 8 kun oldin
I've missed football so much
Matthew Gaming
Matthew Gaming 8 kun oldin
I laughed when I saw the ball was deflected off the helmet
SquidParty 8 kun oldin
Good game ravens. :)
Brominez 8 kun oldin
1:43 the ball hits the ground an assists in the interception
Brandon Vega
Brandon Vega 8 kun oldin
Is it September yet?
Jaron Powers
Jaron Powers 8 kun oldin
Atleast RG3 gets playin time even though it's not the regular season
Sunglass Shinpan
Sunglass Shinpan 8 kun oldin
An institution with racist, anti-American black supremacists; anybody who supports the dying nfl is, by extension, a racist and a communist!!
Fortnite Clipz Ultra
I just started playing NFL with friends in school. I live in Australia and I’m an Asian nerd. NFL is fun af and my favourite part is the obstruction cos in Rugby you can’t do that.
silentjbro837 8 kun oldin
Lol a pick on both opening drives. Apologies to Bears and Ravens fans on another wasted season.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 8 kun oldin
My boy Urlacher in the Hall of Fame
Pranav Iyer
Pranav Iyer 8 kun oldin
@2:46 schevendy scheven
Alani Sta.Teresa
Alani Sta.Teresa 8 kun oldin
Wait what number is jimmy smith again
Brody Hensley
Brody Hensley 8 kun oldin
Ravens suck ballssssss
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Brody Hensley You guys lost to the freaking Jaguars in the divisional round at home XDD
Jacob Watson
Jacob Watson 9 kun oldin
Martha Rivera
Martha Rivera 9 kun oldin
Is anyone else excited for the 49ers 2018?
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Martha Rivera They could go 15-1. With the loss of course being to my Vikings week 1.
Bill Keith
Bill Keith 9 kun oldin
Who else thinks Lamar Jackson is going to win the job
Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor 9 kun oldin
Football !!!
John citizen
John citizen 9 kun oldin
Alambe727 9 kun oldin
in this video nfl showed a lot of the bears on offense, so you got to wait until preseason and regular season to really see Jackson or RG3. but I hope they both don't get put in a situation where they could get hurt. they need play makers not both of them trying to do everything.
Bransen Reynolds
Bransen Reynolds 9 kun oldin
0:46...... bears season 2018
Christian Playz
Christian Playz 9 kun oldin
The bears are my favorite team
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Christian Playz I’m sorry.
Scott H
Scott H 9 kun oldin
All NFL games are staged And I know the winner is before the game is even played
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Scott H What.
NFLFan 1081
NFLFan 1081 9 kun oldin
Hello fellow commenters! Who are your NFL team(s)?
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
NFLFan 1081 Vikings of course 🤚
No Censorship
No Censorship 9 kun oldin
Go Kneelers !!!
Collin Wooten
Collin Wooten 9 kun oldin
wait..... are we SURE these aren't the Bears starters
Tinjus Z.
Tinjus Z. 9 kun oldin
Alex Jhon
Alex Jhon 9 kun oldin
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Noah Rodriguez
Noah Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
Why's it called the hall of fame game,its just ravens and bears
Whatever YT
Whatever YT 9 kun oldin
Wow that 2pt conversion call by the OC is like Dusty Baker making a player steal 2nd base with 2 outs. Just a dumb decision.
Roderick Yabes
Roderick Yabes 9 kun oldin
Whatever YT bro you serious it’s pointless to go overtime in a preseason game.
ChicagoDefense 9 kun oldin
Another casual fan. No one wants a preseason game to go to overtime. It's pointless. Every coach in preseason is gonna go for 2 there. It happens every year!
Deklan T Smith
Deklan T Smith 9 kun oldin
fake football
S TT 9 kun oldin
fake face
ronnie banik
ronnie banik 9 kun oldin
Ravens are trash
S TT 9 kun oldin
trash ur mom last night
icecrmpntjb 9 kun oldin
Hype for Lamar!!!
coolb122 9 kun oldin
Wait is da nfl back?
mynamedexter 18
mynamedexter 18 9 kun oldin
I’m better than Tom Brady. Comment on my latest video to argue with me.
FCG Q.T 9 kun oldin
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0:45 them madden tips
Christopher Ward
Christopher Ward 9 kun oldin
Chicago was suspossed to win. But it preseason
Puggerino Pug
Puggerino Pug 9 kun oldin
They kneeled.
Jan Wizzarak
Jan Wizzarak 9 kun oldin
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pants hell yeah
pants hell yeah 9 kun oldin
Jan Wizzarak um ok
collin butler
collin butler 9 kun oldin
Why would they go for 2!?!? Like I’m sorry bears fans but no playoffs for you....again
collin butler
collin butler 8 kun oldin
They could of won in overtime
Roderick Yabes
Roderick Yabes 9 kun oldin
Doug Simpson
Doug Simpson 10 kun oldin
Highlights???? Where???? More like all mistakes
Cletus Abbot III
Cletus Abbot III 10 kun oldin
I know paid spots on trending are ubiquitous; but c’mon man! This not-a-game is unfair to the teams involved, either make 15 other games like this so every team gets equal wear-and-tear, or begone with this charade. Nobody cares, the results don’t matter, and preseason third stringers are more entertaining in the preseason than this. If the NFL was a cow, her utters would be blistered, bloody, bruised, and raw considering the ridiculous amount of milking of small drops into a gigantic bucket the NFL engages in. Players aren’t people; they are a resource that can be depleted, so the business extracts all they can and leaves the hollow, brain damaged shell of a person that once generated them incredible amounts of revenue....
Riley Brennan
Riley Brennan 10 kun oldin
This new rule is ruining football , no longer watching
ebarton1475 10 kun oldin
BOYCOTT THE NFL!!! Trump 2020!!! MAGA
Natearl13 7 kun oldin
Justaguy Don’t mention politics or that orange dotard on a video like this please.
Baris Cosar
Baris Cosar 10 kun oldin
That 2 point was so ass
Jay 91
Jay 91 10 kun oldin
RG3 should start LJ the backup Flacco need to go
Diego Saul
Diego Saul 10 kun oldin
Lamar Jackson had a lot of promise in him. However you can see that he made some rookie mistakes, and if he learns to know when to throw the football away he’ll be doing great things for the Ravens. Seems they found a new quarterback to keep
T-HoDaGreat 10 kun oldin
Why is it called the hall of fame game?
Space Music Beatz
Space Music Beatz 10 kun oldin
New York on Shadow | Trap Music | Original by Mosti Wa 🔥 uzvid.com/video/video-Cu0UpdBbyd8.html ;)
szs voc
szs voc 10 kun oldin
loud and boring
Michael Burks
Michael Burks 10 kun oldin
YAWN, YAWN! Who wants to watch overpaid, ignorant, ungrateful anti-American convicts? Quit paying for their salaries! 😳😳😵
Figaro Fugazi
Figaro Fugazi 10 kun oldin
Canton, where you at??
5k Guerre
5k Guerre 10 kun oldin
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Dante Barnum
Dante Barnum 10 kun oldin
good game. like what i’m seeing from both teams, but QB come on man.. ya tailback was wide open and had enough spacing to get the 2pt convertion
FOUR thumbz
FOUR thumbz 10 kun oldin
Watching the Hall of Fame go me thinking about the Super Bowl team, and last season. We almost made the playoffs, and we really improved the roster. This may be our year. Why not? There are some similarities to the two teams. Obviously some blaring differences, "NO RAY or Ed Reed". Anyways, Check the link out below, and tell me what y'all think. nflspinzone.com/2018/08/04/baltimore-ravens-comparing-current-roster-super-bowl-47-champions/
Danila Ostrovskii
Danila Ostrovskii 10 kun oldin
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DublinDapper 10 kun oldin
What stadium this game being played in?
Corbin Shaddock
Corbin Shaddock 10 kun oldin
Who’s a Chicago Bears fan here!!!
Austin Slater
Austin Slater 10 kun oldin
Football is rigged, I’ll stick to professional wrestling at least they’re honest about it.
Aubrey J. Robinson
Aubrey J. Robinson 10 kun oldin
1:40 thats a catch? LMAO
Donny Estee
Donny Estee 10 kun oldin
Da burrs will win the superb owl
Stepperot 10 kun oldin
Dudes living in their moms basement are uploading videos in 4k and NFL over here giving us 720p still. Its 2018 come on
Bob Curry
Bob Curry 10 kun oldin
Lamar is Future