Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Hailee Steinfeld to take turns singing as many songs as they can think of to go with a random beat played by The Roots without hesitating.
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Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld




20-Dek, 2018



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Fikrlar 4 229
Martha holmes
Martha holmes Soat oldin
She’s in pitch perfect, she’s knows what she’s doing
fallenangels forevermore
She’s gorgeous and her voice is amazing 😍
Malaya Canchela
Malaya Canchela 17 soat oldin
6th time watching this..........Don't regret and can't relate
Malaya Canchela
Malaya Canchela 17 soat oldin
Is she's Victoria's Secret?!
Thai FB
Thai FB 17 soat oldin
Havana oh na na
Sweet Creature
Sweet Creature 21 soat oldin
She sings so chilled like hoowwww
thomas seavey
thomas seavey Kun oldin
Who wants Hailee make cover of the night fever
Sam Rina
Sam Rina Kun oldin
She's so good, my girl crush 😍💕
Andrew Choi
Andrew Choi Kun oldin
wow, hailee was amazing in bumble bee and amazing singer... shes so sexy!
colour_ mewhite
colour_ mewhite 2 kun oldin
Anyone else thought the buzzer meant they were off beat?
The Cat Queen
The Cat Queen 2 kun oldin
The second one is basically all songs... I wanna try
The Cat Queen
The Cat Queen 2 kun oldin
Hailee: I don't know this song Jimmy: What have I- you're too young- What have I done to deserve this
The Cat Queen
The Cat Queen 2 kun oldin
This is literally what they did in Pitch Perfect so...
Luci Brown
Luci Brown 2 kun oldin
It’s a riff off
Mando Beho
Mando Beho 2 kun oldin
more like this jimmy, this is more amazing entertainment than the other. more sponsor will call their attention !
Mando Beho
Mando Beho 2 kun oldin
hailee & jimmy is natural good entertainer with respect to pro drummer with the hell so good ...
sushant mehta
sushant mehta 2 kun oldin
Can someone please give list of all songs sung 🙏
Mrslove4 P
Mrslove4 P 2 kun oldin
Amazing!!! Love her dress 💜
sree kala
sree kala 2 kun oldin
She looks like a Barbie doll
Charlotte Mowbray
Charlotte Mowbray 3 kun oldin
Jesus she is so pretty and has such an amazing powerful voice😍
Muthia Nabila
Muthia Nabila 3 kun oldin
jimmy you sounds awful 😂
SupremeiDroidH4Ckz 3 kun oldin
Wow just wow hailee
Eyana Arakal
Eyana Arakal 3 kun oldin
Why do I love the second round of this challenge??
TheBallerdude603 3 kun oldin
my god shes sexy as fuck
Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield 3 kun oldin
3:14 HEY that was mine!!!
Maseleine Grey
Maseleine Grey 3 kun oldin
The second for me I thought of Brown this way by Bruno Mars
xunaira 4 kun oldin
Nieve Donnelly
Nieve Donnelly 4 kun oldin
Anyone know where I can find a backing track like this ?
Alex Andy Zeme
Alex Andy Zeme 4 kun oldin
Real life Barbie = hailee
Anushka Suyal
Anushka Suyal 4 kun oldin
When I hear DELICATE!!!!!!!🤣😂🤣😂❤️❤️😊😊
Pedro Aguilar
Pedro Aguilar 4 kun oldin
Alguien que me diga el nombre de las canciones a partir del minuto 2:23
Rykonic 4 kun oldin
It bugs me that they didn't say Africa by toto on the first one
Srawan Rai
Srawan Rai 4 kun oldin
Damn I feel you
Devon B
Devon B 5 kun oldin
She seems like such a sweet heart! I love how Jimmy just gets a long with everyone he brings on. Makes for such wonderful entertainment
Abby C
Abby C 5 kun oldin
Who else wants to do this with their friends??? 😂
Scooty Puff Sr
Scooty Puff Sr 5 kun oldin
I first seen her in Enders Game
Maseleine Grey
Maseleine Grey 3 kun oldin
Scooty Puff Sr Yeah I looked it up she was like 16 or 17 in the movie but she only looks like 14
Ash G
Ash G 5 kun oldin
Did anybody else notice THAT she was wearing louboutins at 4:51
Jong Jacob
Jong Jacob 6 kun oldin
Stop comments everyone she is mine
Megan R
Megan R 6 kun oldin
wow I really thought maia mitchell was her instead of Hailee... I got so confused
Maggie Killen
Maggie Killen 7 kun oldin
1:06 - 1:12 idk why but that made me laugh 😂
Who else thinks jimmy fallon is a good singer
juana g
juana g 7 kun oldin
I make covers.
Hailee Steinfeld is my favorite pop singer so this is nothing new to me so
Vishnu Vijai
Vishnu Vijai 8 kun oldin
Hailee is bae. 😍🙈
Aryana Asmus
Aryana Asmus 8 kun oldin
I bet she was thinking that this is real similar to a riff off
The M's
The M's 8 kun oldin
She should make a cover of the songs she sung
Maulana Decaprio
Maulana Decaprio 8 kun oldin
04.12 song Please?
Maulana Decaprio
Maulana Decaprio 6 kun oldin
+vendolyn cher thanks 👍
vendolyn cher
vendolyn cher 6 kun oldin
Maulana Decaprio night fever
Crip Gang
Crip Gang 8 kun oldin
No Scrubs TLC Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!
Helaman Maskaleh
Helaman Maskaleh 8 kun oldin
Is this how they got the riff roff idea for pitch perfect movies
Kianah Graham
Kianah Graham 8 kun oldin
She in pich perfect she knows what she's doing 😃😃
Julia Fernandes
Julia Fernandes 8 kun oldin
I love her
cherylfan3126 8 kun oldin
I really think she could sing anything and it would be amazing
Rishini Weerawardane
Hailee babe!!!!💕
Samantha Q
Samantha Q 9 kun oldin
Hailee you are a great singer and totally killed it in this battle. You're awesome!!!
MsSarahNoemie 9 kun oldin
i LOVE how she keeps her voice low! I'm in love with the way she sings
CrippledMaaateee 10 kun oldin
if i cant marry hailee can i at least marry those legs. WOW
Razan Bassem
Razan Bassem 10 kun oldin
3:23what the name of this song???
Xhien Chu
Xhien Chu 10 kun oldin
All Star - Smash Mouth
Jacky Ong
Jacky Ong 10 kun oldin
More Beat Battles!!
Adam Kuisian
Adam Kuisian 10 kun oldin
I thought she was a singer? she cant sing for lick. like awful
ItsJusT0x1c 10 kun oldin
3:10 i want that as a cover !!! xDD
Lejla Mademoiselle
Lejla Mademoiselle 10 kun oldin
First song that came on my mind Ed Sheeran
Useless Scumbag
Useless Scumbag 11 kun oldin
1:40 “...shooting some people inside of the school”
Sophia S.M.
Sophia S.M. 11 kun oldin
i dont know why but the second beat reminds me of the story of my life
Shannalee Zulueta
Shannalee Zulueta 11 kun oldin
Kenzie_ Baker0831
Kenzie_ Baker0831 11 kun oldin
I LOVE Hailee Steinfeld!!!❤️❤️❤️
Imogen Ault
Imogen Ault 11 kun oldin
Why is she singing so low
Marym Alebrhym
Marym Alebrhym 12 kun oldin
Music_Flower 03
Music_Flower 03 12 kun oldin
what a fun job that would be :))
Nl rtm
Nl rtm 12 kun oldin
Somebody a good link for such beats? We abt to drink tonight and play this game!!
TheOriginalKlaos 12 kun oldin
Hailee is just Angelic 😫💜
Demiah Perry
Demiah Perry 12 kun oldin
She can sing. BUT. He can't.
TVD Forever!
TVD Forever! 12 kun oldin
Hailee is so gorgeous, I Love Her! ! !
Mikki :/
Mikki :/ 12 kun oldin
Ugh she’s such a babeee💖💕
Smoothgrass 12 kun oldin
She briefly dated Gary Oldman in 2018.
Emily Zh06
Emily Zh06 11 kun oldin
Smoothgrass Sjsksjsksk what no she didn't 😂
Kianah Graham
Kianah Graham 13 kun oldin
Hailee is a good singer
Hannah Velez
Hannah Velez 13 kun oldin
Gotta do the with Ariana Grande duuude.
StraightUpGrow 13 kun oldin
Sabah Shahid
Sabah Shahid 13 kun oldin
These is red bottoms these is bloody shoes
Glitter Dancers
Glitter Dancers 13 kun oldin
Almost like the riff off ahaha
Queen Clea
Queen Clea 13 kun oldin
I lovee herr heelssss 😻😻😻
Jeanne Dupuy
Jeanne Dupuy 13 kun oldin
Damn she killed it
Music is my Love
Music is my Love 13 kun oldin
I want her to cover somebody who loves me
Sarah S
Sarah S 14 kun oldin
We need alessia cara here
Bong Blanco
Bong Blanco 14 kun oldin
It's like a riff off
Rogue 14 kun oldin
Wow I think I have a crush
LunaWolf98 14 kun oldin
What she is wearing thooooo damn
Philip 14 kun oldin
Shes so hot
izha xx
izha xx 14 kun oldin
2:51 d does anyone knows the name
Kelly Marie
Kelly Marie 14 kun oldin
I don’t know this song You’re too young for this😂
Edward Dusenbury
Edward Dusenbury 14 kun oldin
Lilly Martin
Lilly Martin 14 kun oldin
I literally thought of no scrubs as soon as the beat started and thats the first song she sang omg 😂
Lencho imaam
Lencho imaam 14 kun oldin
Nice legs
Ariel Grace K
Ariel Grace K 15 kun oldin
Hailee steinfeil 😘😘😘
rakhi bora
rakhi bora 15 kun oldin
I watch this so often like i've seen this manyy times but again im here. 😍
Aleyca K
Aleyca K 15 kun oldin
Hailees little dance moves are everything 😂💗
sumedh wankhede
sumedh wankhede 15 kun oldin
She's the next best thing guys.... Believe the Word!!!!!😘😘😘😍😍🤗🤗🤗
HoangDo1891 15 kun oldin
I'm simple. I see Hailee, I press like.
Rigister 15 kun oldin
Hailee dancing is prolly the most hottest thing ive ever seen !
Gacha Luna
Gacha Luna 15 kun oldin
When the music first started, the first song that came to my head was "Shape Of You"
Msalazar2011 9 kun oldin
Gacha Luna for me it was Numb by Linkin Park
panagiotis karahalios
How tf did they just pull all those songs off their heads like that????
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