Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Hailee Steinfeld to take turns singing as many songs as they can think of to go with a random beat played by The Roots without hesitating.
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Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld




20-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 298
i am a simple person,I saw hailee then I clicked so fast
Crais Reid
Crais Reid 3 soat oldin
she's so cute 😍😍😍
Liam Payne
Liam Payne 4 soat oldin
Congrats jimmy you won😂
AZ Rivadeneira
AZ Rivadeneira 4 soat oldin
Round 1- Jimmy Round 2- Hailee Round 3- Everybody wins! 😂😂😂
AZ Rivadeneira
AZ Rivadeneira 4 soat oldin
Musical intelligence.
Kenri Canapit
Kenri Canapit 13 soat oldin
Hailee's was on point! Love her!
noam chomsky
noam chomsky 14 soat oldin
The first beat sounded very similar to Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
Clara Ahiadeke
Clara Ahiadeke 14 soat oldin
@JimmyFallon you should play this game more with celebrity singers
Naner Castor
Naner Castor 14 soat oldin
I love hailey.. specially in bumblebee...
Varga Camelia
Varga Camelia 17 soat oldin
The name of the first song she sing?
Peter Larsson
Peter Larsson 17 soat oldin
Her voice ❤️
Löffel L
Löffel L 18 soat oldin
It's the best music game! MORE ❤❤🔥🔥🔥
marco cardenas
marco cardenas 19 soat oldin
Hailee is really amazing.😊
Monsun 19 soat oldin
Damm leeeeeeegs
Shazum Sheraz
Shazum Sheraz 21 soat oldin
He voice sounds similar to Rihanna
Jason Knopsnyder
Jason Knopsnyder 21 soat oldin
My favorite game you have ever done with musical guests
Vivian De'Raj
Vivian De'Raj 23 soat oldin
Haileys voice!😻😻
Candice Wong
Candice Wong Kun oldin
Can somebody list me those song names hahahaha
mahtab tonmoy
mahtab tonmoy Kun oldin
Beat battle seems like a fun game..!
indiiedreamer Kun oldin
This was so goood!
K-Choi Kun oldin
I can see a Dua and Hailee collaboration
Rose Thompson
Rose Thompson Kun oldin
Jimmy, never ending jokes to play!! 😂😅
Lahaina Valencia
hailee looks stunning and her voice is so amazing
JmeSamano1 Kun oldin
Clever. Love this game!
Rhocell Abarra
Rhocell Abarra Kun oldin
Maseleine Grey
Maseleine Grey Kun oldin
Really wanted Haliee to sing one of her songs
Vidwan Aryan
Vidwan Aryan Kun oldin
Jimmy:you’re to young James:I got hits from when before you were born
Ryan Patrick Bautista
My Hailee Babe!❤️🇵🇭
Brooke Sampson
Brooke Sampson Kun oldin
Muhammad Bilal Asif
Am i the only one who thinks that it's pre-planned?? They already knew which song to sing before they listen the beat.
julekha akthar
julekha akthar Kun oldin
When your obsessed with her singing you can’t stop watching it
Alex Canfield
Alex Canfield Kun oldin
Is this the first beat battle or are there more?
Dark Humor
Dark Humor Kun oldin
I would like to hear her sing more !
Wendy Schreuder
Wendy Schreuder 2 kun oldin
Isn't hailee the best😍
marshay maria
marshay maria 2 kun oldin
I got goosebumps, her voice 😍😍😍😍😍
100 subscriber with no videos challenge..
Yes jimmy you are correct Halie stanfield is the best.😚
sk8rdad 2 kun oldin
dang she's all grown up!
Lady Theorizer
Lady Theorizer 2 kun oldin
I love this concept :o Is there other videos like that on youtube?
Sam's Outlet
Sam's Outlet 2 kun oldin
I luv 3:30 !!
Sabre Hollowell
Sabre Hollowell 2 kun oldin
that was awesome!
Ellie Crabbe
Ellie Crabbe 2 kun oldin
Who would've loved to hear Hailee sing Havana? MEeeeee lolol
eli 2 kun oldin
loving it.
sonali weerasinghe
sonali weerasinghe 2 kun oldin
Can we just appreciate her amazing voice for a second?
Sophia O'Neal
Sophia O'Neal 2 kun oldin
I need Hailee's dress!
Game !
Game ! 2 kun oldin
Ed has no girlfriend because Sheeran away
Bilal Jefkaj
Bilal Jefkaj 2 kun oldin
The part around 3:13 with the transition feels kinda motivational but I dont know why
Bilal Jefkaj
Bilal Jefkaj 2 kun oldin
10th time watching this its too good!
Ck Meithei
Ck Meithei 3 kun oldin
Hailee ur voice is amazing 😍
Tel Yotsapat
Tel Yotsapat 3 kun oldin
Anyone tell me the name of the songs Hailee sings?
Miss Chelz27
Miss Chelz27 3 kun oldin
I love the “night fever” part. Please do a cover.❤️
Queenesse Aying
Queenesse Aying 3 kun oldin
Girl cruuuuush ❤😍
blindthief 3 kun oldin
Don't care if I'm old af. I will be her pet shop boy and she will learn that I was never being boring.
Johan Vlthazova
Johan Vlthazova 3 kun oldin
Bilal Jefkaj
Bilal Jefkaj 3 kun oldin
Shame on me I didnt know her until noe but now Im in love she is so cute
Anuar Fonseca
Anuar Fonseca 3 kun oldin
Round 2 was the shit!!!
Lorenzo Ong Balinghasay
i feel like hailee is one of the celebrities that dont get hate
Poetry Slay
Poetry Slay 3 kun oldin
Hailee killed it tho
Poetry Slay
Poetry Slay 3 kun oldin
Jimmy sounded like he was making up those songs😂😂
Goonja Basu
Goonja Basu 3 kun oldin
hailee's little reaction when jimmy started singing her song
Tan 3 kun oldin
Awesome ! I love this show xD
Ohko Lee
Ohko Lee 3 kun oldin
My God she's gorgeous....
Nafis Chowdhury
Nafis Chowdhury 3 kun oldin
jimmy is good at making these games but he should leave the talent to the celebrities, no offence but he can’t sing if his life depended on it 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tamanna Sen
Tamanna Sen 3 kun oldin
The second round was damn
Ramit Gulati
Ramit Gulati 3 kun oldin
yo fallon let her sing
bim paja
bim paja 3 kun oldin
I just watched bumblebee here in the Philippines and that movie brought me to hailee's videos. 😍😍
Icikiwirrr 21
Icikiwirrr 21 3 kun oldin
1:32 song?
Icikiwirrr 21
Icikiwirrr 21 2 kun oldin
+E.S&M GANG thanks
E.S&M GANG 2 kun oldin
Fresh prince of Belair theme song
TheXAstray 4 kun oldin
i like her hair in bumbleblee
I wish it would go on....
tahamina purny
tahamina purny 4 kun oldin
Samarth Sharma
Samarth Sharma 4 kun oldin
4:16 ain't your mama fitted well there.
ALPHA BEAST 4 kun oldin
I thought of Havana right before it came on
Camille Alinsod
Camille Alinsod 4 kun oldin
Love this video!!! EMILY JUNK!!! Lovin' her even more!!!!😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
mrs5 4 kun oldin
She is stunning.
Isha Canda
Isha Canda 4 kun oldin
Hailee my baby 😍😍
Manahil Memon
Manahil Memon 4 kun oldin
ok round two was the best LMAO 😭❤️❤️❤️
haffy rahman
haffy rahman 4 kun oldin
best part 2:41 thank me later!!
zealot951 4 kun oldin
Hailee Steinfeld is looking hot!
Isabel Zanella
Isabel Zanella 4 kun oldin
Her voice😍😍
twice soul
twice soul 4 kun oldin
no scrubs was the best
Chris Villegas
Chris Villegas 4 kun oldin
0:48 seconds thank me later
afri de
afri de 4 kun oldin
I want Hailee to do a cover for each song she sang.
afri de
afri de 4 kun oldin
I just keep coming back to watch this!!😍❤️
Dennis Michael
Dennis Michael 4 kun oldin
Fresh Prince of Bel air opening song😂
Jaimee Rose
Jaimee Rose 4 kun oldin
She sounds so amazing istg
Jaimee Rose
Jaimee Rose 4 kun oldin
Hailee looks so fine ughh
Peter Munch Andersen
ur thigs are huge
mon bebe
mon bebe 4 kun oldin
She is so cute🥰
i candy
i candy 4 kun oldin
Hailee so beautiful and talented💕
Ariq Fazlur
Ariq Fazlur 5 kun oldin
bumblebee sidekick
Lynn Burger
Lynn Burger 5 kun oldin
Glad this isn’t scripted like others
Bebe Great
Bebe Great 5 kun oldin
choji manganime
choji manganime 5 kun oldin
U know he won as soon as he said west Philadelphia 😂😂
Dafne Mendes
Dafne Mendes 5 kun oldin
Plz make with Selena Gomez
Lar GZB 5 kun oldin
i thought this was James Corden's new series, but it isn't, well.. meh. 😐
Dancee Berino
Dancee Berino 5 kun oldin
just a reminder she came from Pitch Perfect so thinking of a song to a beat wouldn't be a problem for her. She's really good.
Samuel Alay
Samuel Alay 5 kun oldin
honestly how that fuck is Jimmy famous.Hes not even funny He’s trying to much is just sad.Iam only here cause just saw Bumblebee and wanted to see more of her.But jimmy shut the fuck up.
David M
David M 5 kun oldin
Damn, she makin' me melt
decatastrophe 5 kun oldin
Let's face it, how can Emily Junk not slay this? This is like another riff off for her, duh.
Al.x Eyzz
Al.x Eyzz 5 kun oldin
Hailee is a really amazing Singer 😊
Bob Star
Bob Star 5 kun oldin
I would clap her so hard