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Beat Saber - Sunflower - Post Malone, Swae Lee (custom song) | FC

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I hope you all are having a great time during the holidays, spending time with your loved ones and eating good food!

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26-Dek, 2018

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Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist
this immediately added fifteen years to my total lifespan
Haiiirith Island
Haiiirith Island 3 kun oldin
Life expectancy UP
Kevin Olguin
Kevin Olguin 3 kun oldin
Satisfying af... plus this adds my favorite song and my favorite vr game to.... 🔥🔥🔥
Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist Same here
Noisyshark 11
Noisyshark 11 7 kun oldin
Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist z😣🧒🏼😕
Jaime T
Jaime T 7 kun oldin
Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist same
Shiny Poptarts
Shiny Poptarts 58 daqiqa oldin
Reflexes are over 9,000
Shadow UnderscoreTwenty
Just think how good he would be at swords fighting
Anthony Seiuli
Anthony Seiuli 3 soat oldin
Darth Vader has left the chat
Queen of Kings
Queen of Kings 4 soat oldin
*are you really good at fruit ninja*
Despah S
Despah S 4 soat oldin
Electro Skull
Electro Skull 5 soat oldin
To be honest this is much better than the original song
HalCyon music
HalCyon music 8 soat oldin
Wow that's just wow so f Good even better than the original one
Wicked Gaming
Wicked Gaming 8 soat oldin
The original lyric was she’s gonna ride me like a cruise they changed it to she’s gonna rideeee like a cruise but I love your vid
Necrozma Lord
Necrozma Lord 8 soat oldin
I love this song
Sam the Hedgehog
Sam the Hedgehog 9 soat oldin
a what a pro
OneCrimsonBoi 9 soat oldin
i like and hate his song, everytime my friends and I hear this song, they tell me i look like miles morales.
Youtube Compiliations
Youtube Compiliations 10 soat oldin
broo literally the best beat saber video
TheFunnyPancake 11 soat oldin
Anyone else notice how he made the colors Mile’s suit! That’s sick
Xrigtgreen X
Xrigtgreen X 11 soat oldin
Good video bro
Jayden Ritchie
Jayden Ritchie 11 soat oldin
MELIANTE X 11 soat oldin
Eu aqui no Brasil adorei ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RAIN RKS 13 soat oldin
Too hard ;-;
Rangsey Vuthy
Rangsey Vuthy 13 soat oldin
Awsome vid
Sana Bffs
Sana Bffs 13 soat oldin
Sunglower from the spider-verse
[Oofyy] Helloyoyoers
[Oofyy] Helloyoyoers 16 soat oldin
do b**ch lasagna just incase that gets sent to comments with tags
Computer Google
Computer Google 17 soat oldin
I am impressed, this guy plays differently from other players, it’s so smooth and clean, fits the song 🤯
bb gamer
bb gamer 18 soat oldin
XD SO COOL continue this great video plz X3
Tristan Pienaar
Tristan Pienaar 19 soat oldin
Watch it at 1.5x speed You're welcome 😂
MegaMC 23 soat oldin
Super Arafa
Super Arafa 23 soat oldin
2018 was SpiderMans Year.
Joshias Garcia
Joshias Garcia 23 soat oldin
Baked Waffles
Baked Waffles Kun oldin
Anyone else not watched the movie but still loves this song😭
Adam Yee
Adam Yee Kun oldin
This is what a pro looks like
Cody Dion
Cody Dion Kun oldin
Do you pactice?You are like a robot
Mikey Milynn
Mikey Milynn Kun oldin
Justified Plays
Justified Plays Kun oldin
this is my favourite song thanks for doing this!
Justified Plays
Justified Plays Kun oldin
btw that song made my day
Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal Kun oldin
My first thought after clicking on this video was to play this song on Spotify and sync it up, and it worked perfectly. I'm so proud of myself.
Ben Bonyun
Ben Bonyun Kun oldin
Speechless 🙀🤯🤯🙀🙀🤯
Ravi Bhat
Ravi Bhat Kun oldin
I don't have game, is this easier than it looks or is this person really good
Clever Thirdy
Clever Thirdy Kun oldin
Bitch Lasagna!!!
joaquinquiroga 777
si hasta la letra es dificil NO ME IMAGINO ESTO xD
Electric Wolf
Electric Wolf Kun oldin
I like this song sunflower
Electric Wolf
Electric Wolf Kun oldin
I wonna play this game
Jason Shampine
Jason Shampine Kun oldin
I liked how you used Miles Morales colors
Edu G8
Edu G8 Kun oldin
R.I.P Stan Lee, father of all comics.
Atabek Zakirov
Atabek Zakirov Kun oldin
My favorite song
jayo84 Kun oldin
How do you get extra songs?
Rap God - Eminem pls haha
RinYammu 28
RinYammu 28 Kun oldin
Oh hell yeah
L0L Gamer
L0L Gamer Kun oldin
Hello Tempex! Are you Indonesian? Cause your channel name is tempex, it's really looks like a food in Indonesian, that food called Tempe or in English its called Fermented Soybean. I just wanna know where you come from, my king of beat saber :v
Tempex 19 soat oldin
I come from Norway :P
Ghost Entilted
Ghost Entilted Kun oldin
I love your vids bro can you heart this bro?
Hemanth Krishnakumar
I want see your muscles....
InklingBoi Kun oldin
Outsight the Boogie or Home next.
Francis Chong
Francis Chong Kun oldin
Take my money
Andrew Frost
Andrew Frost Kun oldin
Super cool!!!!!!
Mari Saginashvili
wow wow wow, it is the best video i ever saw. i love it. 😊😊
GraphicMist 4090
This is awesome!
Fuvuki 1
Fuvuki 1 Kun oldin
This persons a god
Nina gamer Error.2.2006.
Me encanto ist súper cool Sunflower 😍💕❤
Jager Ortiz
Jager Ortiz Kun oldin
Dark Vader challenges u to a beat saber game Tempex; hold my beer
Jager Ortiz
Jager Ortiz Kun oldin
L16HTF00T 2 kun oldin
Look at the flick of the wrist haha
Youtube Kills My Brain Cells
the one and only BROCCOLI BURITTO
1:10 she wanna rrrride like a cruise
TheGamerRender 2 kun oldin
1:09 voice crack? LOL sounds funny
rylan playz
rylan playz 2 kun oldin
Nice vid bro
John Wick
John Wick 2 kun oldin
Your a good at this bro❤️
Alosmolimin Robert
Alosmolimin Robert 2 kun oldin
Dis dude could kill everyone in a sword fight
evelia ledezma
evelia ledezma 2 kun oldin
XxxAidanGamingxxX 2 kun oldin
If this was played in band this would be percussion
Zach Ceasar
Zach Ceasar 2 kun oldin
The movements they do are so fluid and smooth. Really adds to the rhythm of what they are playing. Awesome.
Dtcs Racing Network
*Freaking Fire* 🔥
Toxic Sting
Toxic Sting 2 kun oldin
If you play it at 1.5speed it sounds lit
Little Princess’s
Это же VR да?
Adit Sharma - Folkstone PS (1413)
better than all
bobspineable 2 kun oldin
Do happier by marshmello
Noah Salomon
Noah Salomon 2 kun oldin
Its cool but you matched the flow more then the beat
gir489 2 kun oldin
This is just guitar hero for VR kids.
Nova Crater
Nova Crater 2 kun oldin
you are god
Hatts 2 kun oldin
1:09 i see what u did
Hatts 2 kun oldin
Where do u get your mods from?
Alexandre Dellis
Alexandre Dellis 2 kun oldin
Beat Saber level 9000 Honestly... wow
GOKU VEGITA 2 kun oldin
Nice 👍🏻
irwan shapandi
irwan shapandi 2 kun oldin
your are amazing
Desmond Yong
Desmond Yong 2 kun oldin
Hd Plane Spotting
Hd Plane Spotting 2 kun oldin
1:15 0.75x speed. Thank me later
Christian Trent
Christian Trent 2 kun oldin
It sucks at that
Demiree Thammavongxay
I like how he sways the light sabers on the ooohs
Last Words Of The Doctor
Tempex Vs the entire sith order who wins
brynt JS
brynt JS 2 kun oldin
im felling sassy
Savagefries YT
Savagefries YT 2 kun oldin
it looks like your playing drums
Panda 2 kun oldin
The song makes me feel happy and this video makes me feel satisfied X3
Red Chief
Red Chief 2 kun oldin
I always listen to this song
McThePopCornPig 3 kun oldin
Micah Life
Micah Life 3 kun oldin
Bro this is sick
Quinoy Lao mayor
Quinoy Lao mayor 3 kun oldin
This made me feel like I didn't know anything until I watch this video
STILL CHILL 3 kun oldin
DrewXYFrost 3 kun oldin
Is this what the force looks like?
DrewXYFrost 3 kun oldin
You're good
Nicholas Kimbrough
Nicholas Kimbrough 3 kun oldin
"Now you're just showing off"
Keion Turner
Keion Turner 3 kun oldin
Everybody close there eyes And keep your ears all open Try to focus on the song (not the beats)and then focus on the beats...fell how satisfying that is...
lashon mason
lashon mason 3 kun oldin
His videos you can't refuse or you be stuck in the dust unless I'm stuck by ya
Keion Turner
Keion Turner 3 kun oldin
I got no words and thanks for picking my favorite song :)
2 kun oldin