Beauty Battle ft. Kim Kardashian & MakeupByMario

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! For the first time ever, we're doing a Beauty Battle, but I'm not in the middle. I challenged Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist, to a battle on Kim Kardashian's face. Can I compete against the artist that has done her face every day for the past 10 years? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
MARIO DEDIVANOVIC » instagram.com/makeupbymario
KIM KARDASHIAN » instagram.com/KimKardashian
Come to the Master Class in February with Kim, Mario, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I! » themasterclass.com

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




14-Dek, 2018



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Karen Pepper
Karen Pepper 53 daqiqa oldin
Sister James is definitely awesome
Егор Кричалов
Почему Юра Музыченко делает макияж Ким Кардашьян
Riley and Mercedes show
Both beautiful look but I have to say MARIO
Clemens Frei
Clemens Frei 14 soat oldin
I love mario so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Staygi'ane Bryant - Tolbert
Your intro is everything sus
Riley M
Riley M 15 soat oldin
D 3
D 3 16 soat oldin
The difference is that Mario did the makeup to enhance Kim's features and bring out the best shapes and tones in her face. James, although his makeup was very pretty, only did a makeup look. That's it. He didn't take in what the way he was doing the eyeshadow would make her eyes look or how the bronzer could work for HER specific face. He just did a makeup look. He put the bronzer where everyone thinks they're supposed to put it when in reality everyone has different faces and the place the bronzer needs to go varies. Some may need to put it higher on the cheekbones, others under, etc etc. Not just with bronzer with everything. Blush, highlight, eyeshadow, you get what I mean.
Allie Towell
Allie Towell 17 soat oldin
I think both sides are good; however, if I were to choose one for the red carpet, I’d choose Mario’s. Only because it matches her better. But you did a fantastic job. Very talented
marisa fidone
marisa fidone 17 soat oldin
James 100% no offense love Mario
bernadette malinda
bernadette malinda 17 soat oldin
Both did an amazing job.
Gisselly 19 soat oldin
Angie Casebourn
Angie Casebourn 19 soat oldin
Mario won
Samantha Salyer
Samantha Salyer Kun oldin
Honestly Mario's side is so amazing he knows her face and what would look great I swear
raydine vargas
raydine vargas Kun oldin
Afrodita Keidy / Keidy's VLOG
I like both
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez Kun oldin
James I love ya, but I think Mario won
A Mat
A Mat Kun oldin
Hai mario....
Demi Croft
Demi Croft Kun oldin
Had to be mario
Kelsey Meyer
Kelsey Meyer Kun oldin
I’ve had such a negative view on the Kardashian’s because of scandals but after watching this and Kim being in a chill, hanging out environment it’s different seeing her as a person than Kim Kardashian the celebrity.
Erinwalker564 Kun oldin
M and A’s World
James fs
Jooheons left Dimple
Low key why do they all look like siblings.
Kitten_gurl Kun oldin
Jamessss slow down on the jaw contour 😂 love you tho ❤️😂
Dalyla Bonilla
Dalyla Bonilla Kun oldin
U should do a makeup battle with jaiden animations and theodds1out it would be very interesting especially because they’re animators and not mua. Like so James can see
Vitor Moraes
Vitor Moraes Kun oldin
A próxima Kardashian a ser chamada tem que ser a Blogueirinha
Alejandra Varela
You should try to get Ariana Grande and her makeup artist on here to do makeup wars
Beth Newcomb
Beth Newcomb Kun oldin
I’m sorry James it’s Mario side but in all fairness he has done her makeup for ten years and knows her face ❤️❤️
Cami G
Cami G 2 kun oldin
Both look beautiful, for me James great for going out / clubbing... Mario’s day makeup very classy..
Gabriel Serra
Gabriel Serra 2 kun oldin
Mario 100%
elrond james jaeger
Mario made Kim look like Kim James made Kim look like James lol
Glorymar Negron
Glorymar Negron 2 kun oldin
Love Mario’s side throughout the video I thought James side was better but the last 3 min Mario killed it. I’m living for his look. Plus Kim is stunning you can tell he really knows what looks good on Kim. He knows her face to good. But good job both of you.
Ronan Mailey
Ronan Mailey 2 kun oldin
Fancy Fox
Fancy Fox 3 kun oldin
Mario's eye is nicer IMO...but everything else on James' side is way too fab!!! So James I feel you win, but yeah her eye w/Mario looks nice. The shimmer you put on her can't get better!!!
Aisaka Otaku
Aisaka Otaku 3 kun oldin
ты очень красивый :)
lindsay beckstrom
lindsay beckstrom 3 kun oldin
I love how competitive Mario is . But yes this is very hard to pick . I lik Mario’s technique and his side is more subtle which suits me more . But James u did amazing that would be hard to challenge the king bro . Great job guys .
Para Lee
Para Lee 3 kun oldin
Live for mario’s side! eye makeup brought up the eye and made it literally like an almond. very 90’s.
K Mallon
K Mallon 3 kun oldin
Sorry James, I like Mario's side more for Kim and for myself.
Alisa Saldana
Alisa Saldana 3 kun oldin
Definitely James hello Mario is dull sister James is more bright Nd snatched sister James just talks too much 😂😂
Lorene Prado
Lorene Prado 3 kun oldin
I'm sorry, but Mario all the way.
Eric Macatangay
Eric Macatangay 3 kun oldin
MARIO hands down
Jorgia Porto
Jorgia Porto 3 kun oldin
i like marios eye makeup better, sorry James; your side was snatched too
Grecia Velazquez
Grecia Velazquez 3 kun oldin
Mario makeup is so refreshing 😍😍
Kathryn Emerson Moore
James all the way!!!
Amazingly Jay
Amazingly Jay 3 kun oldin
Mario❗️❗️❗️💯💯💯 he did amazing
Tatumn Boals
Tatumn Boals 3 kun oldin
4:06 Kim:Absolutley not Mario: that’s how we do it at work tho James: sounds like a personal problem😂☠️☠️
Yah Visionz
Yah Visionz 4 kun oldin
Mario won
saudireporters 1
saudireporters 1 4 kun oldin
James wonnnnnn
Isaac Colon
Isaac Colon 4 kun oldin
Mario made kim eye look so good and bigger and brighter thats what make kim look so iconic. James made a good job too but mario and kim are a match
Adrianna Sconce
Adrianna Sconce 4 kun oldin
I love James look better 😁😁😁
Maggie Bowen
Maggie Bowen 4 kun oldin
Everyone is tripping on James’s makeup but does anyone not realize that Mario did James’s makeup .... he filmed two videos In the same day .... I swear y’all be tripping !!! Chill with the negativity though !!!!!!
XEditingGirl 4 kun oldin
1:00 9:57 11:21
Karlee Rackley
Karlee Rackley 4 kun oldin
James is better!!
Alex Cabson
Alex Cabson 4 kun oldin
Mostly of people think Mario´s is better, but I like more James´s.
TheSwayFamily 4 kun oldin
Mario gave Kim a natural look but James gave her a pop
TheSwayFamily 4 kun oldin
Can we see the Mario glam yasss sister
Alana Damron
Alana Damron 4 kun oldin
James won 😀 sorry Mario 😢
Ruby Mares
Ruby Mares 5 kun oldin
I love Kim Kardashian ❤️❤️❤️❤️💫 she’s so beautiful and amazing like if u agree
lee sutherland
lee sutherland 5 kun oldin
i think james won
Mary Belen
Mary Belen 5 kun oldin
The champion is Mario👍
Rafaella Baez
Rafaella Baez 5 kun oldin
James was better
Poppy L
Poppy L 5 kun oldin
I will always like Mario’s work. So that’s a given. But I gotta say James made her look really glam. Very sharp in the pictures
net tie
net tie 5 kun oldin
Definitely Mario
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 5 kun oldin
James you won this challenge in more ways then one sister! u rock
Mz.Capslock Lee
Mz.Capslock Lee 5 kun oldin
Daytime (my left) Night Time (my right) both sides are gorgeous. You all are gorgeous. James I want your personality! Mario I want your shade! Kim K-West I want your patience 😍
Alysha J
Alysha J 5 kun oldin
I strongly believe that. No one should rely on makeup because everyone is beautiful without it.
Angela Silva
Angela Silva 6 kun oldin
Angela Silva
Angela Silva 6 kun oldin
Mario and James were lowkey fighting throughout the whole video
Han nah
Han nah 5 kun oldin
Lydia Marty
Lydia Marty 6 kun oldin
love James side...so snatch :-)
Sarah E.
Sarah E. 6 kun oldin
Tbh I like James side better only because of the highlight and the way he drags out the eyeshadow. Everything else I like Mario's look
Raja Jee
Raja Jee 6 kun oldin
72% of the comments talks about Mario's better 18% of the comments talk about Mario amazing eyelashes 10% of the comments talk about James is neck not matching his face 5% of the comments talk about Mario's makeup is clean 3% of the comments talk about Mario's side looks like Kim herself 1%(me)says what everyone is writing
Hannah Benzion
Hannah Benzion 6 kun oldin
Omg James please so a video for you whole face that you did for Kim here. Sis it’s bomb
Mert Esdeath
Mert Esdeath 6 kun oldin
Mario did 100x better
Rima DERRADJI 6 kun oldin
Why would u be a girl if u'r born a boy omg!
Jj2j J3me
Jj2j J3me 6 kun oldin
mario side was a hell lot better
Kiany Martinez
Kiany Martinez 6 kun oldin
Okay, Kim talks a loooot
Weird Chicken
Weird Chicken 6 kun oldin
Kim is so chill...
MY Toyz
MY Toyz 6 kun oldin
celeste givens
celeste givens 6 kun oldin
Jackie R
Jackie R 7 kun oldin
Actually I think james did perfect its so fanned out and beautiful, Mario did great more matte more smokey but James wins this one for me, the only thing I would change are the lashes, Mario really got them GOING like A++++ Also I felt like James' bronze was a little harsher than usual but maybe thats just the lighting? Other than that absolutely beautiful work from the both of you.
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 7 kun oldin
Sister James 100% , sorry mario your side is still great I’m just a more James look kinda person
Elliott Chen
Elliott Chen 7 kun oldin
I love James's
Sandra White
Sandra White 7 kun oldin
Jocelyn Pedraza
Jocelyn Pedraza 7 kun oldin
Mario and Kim are matching and sister James is standing out 😂GO SISTER JAMES ❤️
Cheezy Potatoes
Cheezy Potatoes 7 kun oldin
I think James had better foundation but Mario had better eye make up
marcus Glass
marcus Glass 7 kun oldin
I didn’t know Johnny Depp was a makeup artist especially to Kim Kardashian
shishtar slippery snake
Rainbow Overload r/woooosh
Rainbow Overload
Rainbow Overload 5 kun oldin
It's Mario not Jonny dep 😐
marcus Glass
marcus Glass 5 kun oldin
brooklyn I know right I saw him and I was like oh my god Jack Sparrow went from a pirate to a makeup artist
Kate Livewire
Kate Livewire 5 kun oldin
brooklyn 5 kun oldin
Dorene Wehausen
Dorene Wehausen 7 kun oldin
Lmao 😂 “must be nice” lmao
Claudia Oe
Claudia Oe 7 kun oldin
Love love love James side 💝
Łørđ Baddack Alias Yami Nø Doragon !
Lâche il va maquiller Kim
Nevaeh Kerr
Nevaeh Kerr 8 kun oldin
You should do a video doing your makeup with no mirror
Meadow Clark
Meadow Clark 8 kun oldin
Tracy Frazier
Tracy Frazier 8 kun oldin
Love both looks, Mario's natural or James's natural Glam James has this one for me
gacha is loif
gacha is loif 8 kun oldin
mostly kinda annoyed because one of my pet peeves are when people talk and whistle it annoys me
Dead Acc
Dead Acc 8 kun oldin
Looking through the comments I’m seeing “Oh Mario’s side is better!”,”Mario’s is smoother”. Bear in mind that he’s been doing makeup for 19 years (Almost the same as James life span) and that James has only been doing it for 2-3 years with a huge difference! I think judging both that they were both beautiful, taking their talents and flaws into mind. -Sister Wolf x
MiM! Jackson
MiM! Jackson 8 kun oldin
James all the way bo0
Sierra Léone Robinson
Mario's wing wasn't good at all IDC IDC IDC but the rest of his side was bomb
n.s 8 kun oldin
For sure Mario's side.. but James side is snatched as well!
Orateng Booysen
Orateng Booysen 8 kun oldin
James side is better
Sam Vlogs
Sam Vlogs 8 kun oldin
ZAYLO 8 kun oldin
alyssa mcdaniel
alyssa mcdaniel 8 kun oldin
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