Becoming A Graffiti Artist with Clet Abraham

Jimmy Butler
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On my latest trip to Florence, Italy. I went by Clet Abaham's studio/shop and met the famous graffiti Artist. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/ab17aV
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13-Yan, 2019

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Hriday Nayak
Hriday Nayak 11 daqiqa oldin
When would he have filmed all this?
Carlos Pizano
Carlos Pizano 27 daqiqa oldin
Yo Jimmy G Buckets, I wish you good luck vs indiana, followed u since bulls n watched u grow! U got noting but heart n I'm so glad u found a home in philly that is all about heart! respect brother! BTW 1v1 me n I'll show u how much heart I got at 5'7 lol ball up!
Daniel Avila
Daniel Avila Soat oldin
When you coming back to Minnesota
Aaron Xerri
Aaron Xerri 3 soat oldin
3:54 “Jimmy you’re the G.O.A.T.” I agree with him 🔥🔥🔥
Igledala S
Igledala S 14 soat oldin
U a real one Jimmy
Neviem Už
Neviem Už 15 soat oldin
great videos man
Jon F
Jon F 15 soat oldin
That was so entertaining
ch8se487 15 soat oldin
My dream is to get to the NBA and you inspire me to make that dream a reality someday Jimmy.
Yonatan Elkanati
Yonatan Elkanati 20 soat oldin
Jimmy keep up the work!! Both on and off the court 😉
Rebekki Jeanate
Rebekki Jeanate 21 soat oldin
When do you film these videos were they all done last summer?
Des McMahon
Des McMahon 23 soat oldin
I like Jimmy and his videos but half of these comments are just kissing his ass
Best of all Time
These videos are the best, jimmy has such a funny personality
Elijah weiss
Elijah weiss Kun oldin
Jimmy butler you are a jerk who is always mean to Karl anthony towns and Wiggins you act like a 3 year child and I hope you grow up someday
Trina Patterson
Trina Patterson Kun oldin
So cool. I love seeing Florence, it’s beautiful !! I love how easy going and just friendly you are jimmy!! You just fit it and make it comfortable and “home” any where. You just stay YOU. Comfortable in your own skin. It’s a nice lesson for those who aren’t so outgoing. 👍🏽🤗💪🏾
Shiina3 Kun oldin
Here since 1k, keep up the work Jimmy!!!
Usman Akhtar
Usman Akhtar Kun oldin
Love the originality in your content. Keep it up :)
DeAndre Guizar
DeAndre Guizar Kun oldin
Jimmy you are the best youtuber and nba star big fan
Trey Larsen
Trey Larsen Kun oldin
Jimmy the man the myth the legend 👌. Awesome video!
lucius Kun oldin
Love you
John Han
John Han Kun oldin
Been a Sixers fan for a long time, since back when we broke the record for least wins in a season. I've loved you as a player for a long time and was super excited when we got you in the trade. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a game soon, I have an old Adidas Embiid jersey, and you can bet that I'll be asking my parents for a Jimmy Butler jersey for my birthday. Love the channel Jimmy keep blessing us with the content!! TRUST THE PROCESS
Nouch Kun oldin
A like from France 👍
hyuseynify Kun oldin
The contents on your vlogs are the best jimmy! And props to your filmer, dude’s doing a great job. Your videos looks so cinematic! Keep up the good work. And oh pls stay on philly you suit there very well. God bless!
Tigzirou Kun oldin
Jimmy Butler turning into Will Smith
Daniel Belle
Daniel Belle 2 kun oldin
Really don’t understand how y’all can hate this man smh
Tigzirou 11 soat oldin
They don't hate him because of who he is off the court, they hate him because of who he is ON the court.
Quanz 2 kun oldin
Wow still can't believe that I met you 😐
Yipee Yo
Yipee Yo 2 kun oldin
This is street art, not graffiti
felipe miranda
felipe miranda 2 kun oldin
congratulations jimmy,you’re a very very nice person
Melon Man
Melon Man 2 kun oldin
Can we just give some love to the editor, cause damn this mofo lookin like a movie, mad cred 👏
The Weirdo Traveler Gary최준엽
One of my fav NBA player Jimmy Lucky to see you on Here as a person Jimmy, thank you so much All the best with your Career
Andrew Kirwan
Andrew Kirwan 2 kun oldin
This is the type of stuff the media doesnt show. Love you Jimmy
Andrew Kirwan
Andrew Kirwan 2 kun oldin
Philly loves you Jimmy, dont leave
СНАИЛ 2 kun oldin
These are really well produced
Kuk King
Kuk King 2 kun oldin
I legit love Jimmy on and off the court GOAT
B-Ball Lair
B-Ball Lair 2 kun oldin
If jimmy responds I will buy a jimmy butler jersey
Daniel Cooney
Daniel Cooney 2 kun oldin
Keep up the good the work jimmy your a great guy
Joseph David Propato
u r the best player
Praneeth Suryadevara
I really love that you make such original content regularly, especially with so many other things on your hands
Jeffrey Salamat
Jeffrey Salamat 2 kun oldin
Harambe 4ever
Harambe 4ever 2 kun oldin
It's Leet
It's Leet 2 kun oldin
🐐 ❗❗
jason barba
jason barba 2 kun oldin
🐐 goat
Jeja Veskovic
Jeja Veskovic 2 kun oldin
legend! this is great
SaltyFrie 2 kun oldin
Jimmy da goat
Tommaso Biscarini
Tommaso Biscarini 2 kun oldin
Please Jimmy, come back to Italy but next time come here in BOLOGNA! It would be a Dream! 🇮🇹
black mamba
black mamba 2 kun oldin
Top 10 vloger on the tube
Zac Van Den Heuvel
Zac Van Den Heuvel 2 kun oldin
DAVID Martinez Franco
Jimmy I love your personality. Keep this videos up please. Come to Santander, Spain, one day please. Did you get that "stART" sign?
Frederik Kristensen
For the Q&A - If it wasn't for basketball, where would you see yourself today?
Currency Marshall
Currency Marshall 2 kun oldin
Your my favorite basketball player
Suejin Lee
Suejin Lee 3 kun oldin
This video is sooooo cool:D Love you Jimmy❤️
Josher The Washer
Josher The Washer 3 kun oldin
This artist is tall
Bob stupid
Bob stupid 3 kun oldin
2:07 lol
Cris Amaro
Cris Amaro 3 kun oldin
Jimmy a thug xd
Kronik 3 kun oldin
Pause at 6:11 📛⛔️📛
Kronik 3 kun oldin
I can tell jimmy is gonna make a help foundation for others when he retires
Pablo Moraga
Pablo Moraga 3 kun oldin
Videos are great Darryl, keep up the good work.
Julian Arbuthnot
Julian Arbuthnot 3 kun oldin
Jimmy you inspire me to do anything and your story really helps and tells me that anything is possible if you work hard and I’m going to work hard everyday to be a legend in the NBA
Dylan Land
Dylan Land 3 kun oldin
Jimmy GOAT Buckets
Wesley Correa
Wesley Correa 3 kun oldin
You’re my number player man 🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽 bulls is my number one time and you were there and you became my number one player
Wesley Correa
Wesley Correa 3 kun oldin
Now you’re not there and you’re still my number 1 my G so shouts out to you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Hymw 3 kun oldin
LilSwissVevo 3 kun oldin
These vlogs are giving me life
LilSwissVevo 3 kun oldin
God damn I love you jimmy
Jacob Stauffer
Jacob Stauffer 3 kun oldin
Good on ya jimmy dont take the hate you are a great man
BB_ KFC 3 kun oldin
Blows my mind that Jimmy is the first NBA star to have a youtube channel where he *consistently* uploads (sorry kd) and has THIS GOOD of an editing job.
Conor Talty
Conor Talty 3 kun oldin
BB_ KFC soooo true I love this man😂
76ers AI
76ers AI 3 kun oldin
Jimmy the best
76ers AI
76ers AI 2 kun oldin
Edit: Holy shit Jimmy The Goat Butler like my comment
Conor Talty
Conor Talty 3 kun oldin
I wish I can live your life- best nba player and is always on vacation and having fun off the court🐐🔥
Zi n
Zi n 3 kun oldin
Six dislikes are Wolves fans
Zi n
Zi n 3 kun oldin
Six likes are Wolves fans
Ok.matthew 3 kun oldin
Jimmy is 🔥
Anna Persson
Anna Persson 3 kun oldin
You're the best fr
Harambe 4ever
Harambe 4ever 3 kun oldin
Jimmy you are the GOAT and you are my favorite player
adrian38991 3 kun oldin
Jimmy I wanna meet you bro you work hard and your UZvid channel is the best haven’t seen anything like this
TasteOfTerror 3 kun oldin
Darryl’s been killing it with these videos. Keep it up man
Sukhpal Singh
Sukhpal Singh 3 kun oldin
If Jimmy puts a heart on this comment, he will be a 99 overall in 2k20
McCraft Pickaxe
McCraft Pickaxe 3 kun oldin
The G.O.A.T
xd Brenenfon
xd Brenenfon 3 kun oldin
honestly one of the best youtuber out there
killmonger 3 kun oldin
Funny video jimmy, very funny!
Kobe Jordan
Kobe Jordan 3 kun oldin
I’ve watched every video of his 😂🐐
Zeritu Hordofa
Zeritu Hordofa 3 kun oldin
nice video and the best 30th pick ever in history and the goat
Marker’s clutch
Marker’s clutch 3 kun oldin
Jimmy g buckets great job on today’s game bro!
arnaud lemmens
arnaud lemmens 3 kun oldin
This is some good content Jimmy
Sebastian Metellus
Sebastian Metellus 3 kun oldin
Awesome perspective video on Italian Street Art!
madbomber 83
madbomber 83 3 kun oldin
Did he get the sign?
paulie walnuts
paulie walnuts 3 kun oldin
your game and work ethic is the reason i keep working hard and try to be bold and resilient after my acl injury. thanks for that. keep it up jb!
Harris Choudhary
Harris Choudhary 3 kun oldin
How do you enter the NBA Draft?
D.D HIGHLIGHTS 3 kun oldin
all the critics act like jimmy a bad person , smh
D.D HIGHLIGHTS 3 kun oldin
One of the real guys in the nba 🤭
Check Thug
Check Thug 3 kun oldin
Jimmy g buckets
Wyatt Crane
Wyatt Crane 3 kun oldin
So cool! Can't wait to watch you play Tuesday against the Wolves going to light it up can't wait!!!
Magic Basketball 0
Magic Basketball 0 3 kun oldin
Hi Jimmy Butler.Great Video😀🏀🏀
Icewallow Come
Icewallow Come 3 kun oldin
U playin 2k soon?
Matej Jelaš
Matej Jelaš 3 kun oldin
Jimmy's yt channel is way better than KAT's
Miracle Believer
Miracle Believer 3 kun oldin
Nice to see basketball player doing vlogs!!!😀
Pablo Floyd
Pablo Floyd 3 kun oldin
Is it legal to put stickers in the signs? I'd like to do it as well heheh
Basel Khartabil
Basel Khartabil 3 kun oldin
Now do it in America 😂😂
Phillyboi215 215
Phillyboi215 215 3 kun oldin
Jimmy probably one of the chillest dudes out there he’s a beast
Mister Abc
Mister Abc 3 kun oldin
Thats not Graffiti!!!
Aly Seater
Aly Seater 3 kun oldin
Your videos are the best!
Joale J
Joale J 3 kun oldin
I love this 😂😂🧡
s̷y̷e̷d̷ 3 kun oldin
Dope to see a professional hopper not just post about basketball but other things around the world
Who is Banksy?
3 oy oldin