Beef Tacos with Wasabi Mayonnaise - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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A unique blend of Mexican and Japanese flavours that makes for a quick and tasty feast. The perfect dish for entertaining guests.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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6-Mar, 2014



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Southpaw 20 soat oldin
“First off, get the pan really nice and hot.” Yes, Gordon, I wouldn’t cook beef on a cold pan. Thank you.
Exonist Kun oldin
Look at all these beans getting triggered because he made a taco different.
Jorge Villegas
Jorge Villegas Kun oldin
lol your a fucking dumbass for calling your self a bean when no Mexican calls him self that and you look more stupid saying all these when your one of them it’s more pathetic that it’s a 5 year old video and you’re post was 2 hours ago
Exonist Kun oldin
I'm a bean too. If you can't make fun of yourself, you can't make fun of anything.
Cløudywølf Aj
Cløudywølf Aj Kun oldin
How to cook like Gordon Ramsey. 1- Season it with salt and pepper 2- Pour in half of the world's olive oil 3- Say beautiful to it every step you put into it.
the mayo was fuckin dry
Mauricio Freisleben
He never eats his own food...
GamerWorks 2 kun oldin
Mattheww Ruthard
Mattheww Ruthard 2 kun oldin
Gordie could honestly find a way to create a 45 minute tutorial on making toast
Asuya93 3 kun oldin
Any triggered mechicanos dont agree with god don ramsays tacos?
lekobemcgrad y
lekobemcgrad y 3 kun oldin
"slightly pink"
Maxwell Smart
Maxwell Smart 4 kun oldin
At 4:00, gently close your eyes and imagine Gordon talking about his genitalia.
Mod of r/NuclearRevenge
That's a very unique tacko.
Urbojohny 3
Urbojohny 3 4 kun oldin
Were the cilantro the onions man nah but it looks good
Omar Juvera
Omar Juvera 5 kun oldin
You will NEVER see "shell" tacos in Mexico. That's an American creation. And to shame the taco, even more, combine it with Japanese flavors...disgusting!!! That's not a Taco, that's the monster from Sheff Frankenstein. Since you are into Frankenstein food, why not try sushi blended with Italian flavor, Russian style? DISGUSTING!
luke 4 kun oldin
dont knock it till you try it
Adam N
Adam N 5 kun oldin
Nobody: Gordon: put taco shells directly onto the burner.
N00gle 22 soat oldin
+Federal Bureau of Investigations Please arrest this man
Federal Bureau of Investigations
This ain’t it chief. Not funny
i7887 3 kun oldin
You are an idiot
moni rv
moni rv 4 kun oldin
Thats a Hispanic thing actually!
Kailer Canlas
Kailer Canlas 5 kun oldin
Alec Mueller
Alec Mueller 6 kun oldin
Gordon should make a PB&J. "Now put the jelly on, sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on there. A light coating of oil on the bread as you toast it. When you're done making the sweet peanut butter let it sit for three seconds before putting on the freshly toasted bread. Put some seasoning and extra salt and pepper for good measure. After that just a drizzle of oil on the top and you're done"
Muaz Kabir
Muaz Kabir 6 kun oldin
I don't know why people disliked this video of cooking by Ramsey. . . My only guess is that, some people is offended by the heat coming from the video or they are just filthy vegan
The Pick Of Destiny
Your mum🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
ShamanGee 7 kun oldin
0:14 He has the marinade already made lol
Khem 3 kun oldin
ShamanGee he went back in time
lil oakk
lil oakk 7 kun oldin
I put salt nd pepper in everything now 😊
delca buenaventura
delca buenaventura 8 kun oldin
Really love when you cook beef dishes...😍
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
Hell nah my mom would get mad if I burn the tortilla like that 😂
Simidae 10 kun oldin
I'm so glad he didn't ruin it with cilantro/coriander. Lately watching cooking shows I'm like yeah...yeah...nice...ohhh that looks good. Then they finish it off with a big handful of devil weed. Nope! Throw it in the trash, burn the kitchen down & start over.
Nsd 27
Nsd 27 11 kun oldin
That’s not a tacos
Don Coleyone
Don Coleyone 12 kun oldin
That is awesome
UglyDuckling 12 kun oldin
He Cook nice but he have not to clean after :D
Deborah not important
This man. Just made a whole freaking meal in 5 minutes!!!!!!! I cant even figure out how to turn my oven on in that time.. What the crap....
Pyro is xc D E E P
Pyro is xc D E E P 7 kun oldin
Ih this is actually cut version there is a full episode of this that lasts like 40 minutes
Jay-t Robo
Jay-t Robo 14 kun oldin
D1ZZY YT 14 kun oldin
I WANT to EAT this so MUCH!!!
M zsaq
M zsaq 14 kun oldin
Morel the Mic Killer
Usually his stuff looks great. This doesn’t look appetizing
Ricardo Snz
Ricardo Snz 16 kun oldin
Te hace falta barrio mi ramsay, esa versión de tacos muy inglesa, pero nada que ver con la mexicana. Lo peor de todo como calentaste las tortillas, eso es de flojos aquí en México. Aún así gran chef.
Mr Singh
Mr Singh 18 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey's main ingredients; Salt Pepper
Trevon Rutherford
Trevon Rutherford 13 kun oldin
Mr Singh don’t forget the olive oil😂
Mnemozin 16 kun oldin
oof foo
oof foo 18 kun oldin
He probably seasons his water
Larry Bird
Larry Bird 18 kun oldin
Wtf Gordon no fuckin cheese my nigga damn
Chrollo Lucilfer
Chrollo Lucilfer 19 kun oldin
Chef Gordie chronicles: Salt & Pepper Wars
Jorge Mendoza
Jorge Mendoza 19 kun oldin
Neta porqué los gringos insisten en doblar las tortillas así?
Galatine 19 kun oldin
WTF are you doing to the tortillas, that´s a fucking tostada you dumb fuck.
Ed Go
Ed Go 19 kun oldin
And that is not how you make the perfect taco😂
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores 19 kun oldin
Everything was going ok, until you added the mayo...that's a big no no
Carlos Jose Vasquez
Carlos Jose Vasquez 20 kun oldin
You tortilla look dry and blend
Ferocius Banana
Ferocius Banana 20 kun oldin
Fake ass white people tacos 😂
Hulafors 14 kun oldin
Better than being the off brand version of the actually respectable Spanish lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yihnz 20 kun oldin
Who else doesn’t love a Good Tahhco
Variety Addict
Variety Addict 21 kun oldin
I'm really curious how it honestly taste. Not just the tacos but Mr. Gordon's cookings in general.
Ken Rascon
Ken Rascon 21 kun oldin
That stupid gringoe just ruined the taco concept
Sean Lattie
Sean Lattie 22 kun oldin
What kind of do live oil?
Rx Prozach
Rx Prozach 22 kun oldin
Does anyone actually make the dishes, or do they just make the same hackneyed jokes over and over on all of Gordon's vids?
Joey Schill
Joey Schill 22 kun oldin
Great vid it looooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! super gooood
El Tincho
El Tincho 22 kun oldin
buen truco, Lince
volcomsanchez 23 kun oldin
those actually look ok
Jyotsna Pandit
Jyotsna Pandit 24 kun oldin
Yeh toh papad hai
Miguel Angel González
As a real mexican, we grab the tortillas with our hands from the heat.
george munoz
george munoz 24 kun oldin
I guess this is technically a taco. But more of high end cities version, I would choose my abuelas over Gordon’s sorry
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 27 kun oldin
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 27 kun oldin
gg q
gg q Oy oldin
Na dawg just get your tortillas and carne picada with onion nicely chopped up and cilantro with lemon and salsa done! And if you want rábanos and pepinos
Hulafors 14 kun oldin
zthemiguel _
zthemiguel _ Oy oldin
Fab Flo
Fab Flo Oy oldin
Ramsey is realer than anyone bitching.... if you’ve never heated up tortillas on the metcha like that then stfu you’re not Mexican
FozyVisuals Oy oldin
How he makes it all look so easy, pisses me off 😂
christopher cruz
I thought he was actually going to take a bite
john alvarez smith
Probably nastiest shit Gordon Ramsey made.
Alberto Fontana
Those are not tacos asshole.
jarednil69 Oy oldin
Still cooks the meat a little too rare for my liking.
Albert Bojorquez
That aunt no fucking taco were the onion cilantro salsa his on some I'm stoned let's see what I got in the fridge shit right here
This is not mexican food lol
Emo Juice
Emo Juice Oy oldin
Some watch porn, but I watch Gordon Ramsay’s videos
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 22 soat oldin
You reminded me to fap thanks
Mo Fagga
Mo Fagga 18 kun oldin
Do yoz jack off on em
Paulo Rodriguez
Paulo Rodriguez 28 kun oldin
Randy marsh is that you ?
Emo Juice
Emo Juice 29 kun oldin
+Payday Boy exactly Im glad you understand
Payday Boy
Payday Boy 29 kun oldin
So u get turned on and Jack off to Gordon making food 👍🏾
CherubiJubell Oy oldin
...mayo on a taco... ...but why?
CherubiJubell Oy oldin
Okay, I just don't like mayo. There, I said it. And meant it.😤
CherubiJubell Oy oldin
I know he mixed it, but still...
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando Oy oldin
APROBADO POR MÉXICO. - Gobierno de la República -
Unknown User
Unknown User Oy oldin
Why always lay away from you? Such a stupid thing to say. Makes no difference
Campaigniac Oy oldin
U dont want to burn yourself do u?
ClutchRondo Oy oldin
ItS rAw
Salxa Dudes
Salxa Dudes Oy oldin
You should come to my mommas house and she’ll cook you sum good mexican food
Daniel Reina
Daniel Reina Oy oldin
3am why the fuck am i here?
David Ramos
David Ramos Oy oldin
Jesus Mohammed Christ what is this
Por quetzalcoatl pero que mierda es esa, gordon carajo esos no son tacos son mierda quien te dijo que los tacos son así 16 estrellas michelin y ni un pinche taco sabes hacer
Izzy Rae
Izzy Rae Oy oldin
You should try making tacos al pastor or cochinita pibil. I’m so hooked with all these hotel hell videos lol crazy I just found out about them by accident on Facebook and now I can’t stop watching them
Izzy Rae
Izzy Rae Oy oldin
Oh no those tortillas look burnt. Fucking hell! 😂 love all your videos Cheff Ramsay
tongatiger Oy oldin
I cooked these last night with chicken and they were amazing!!
Faint Media
Faint Media Oy oldin
Here because of JKNEWS.
Alexander Contreras
Idk where he learned to make tacos but that’s not how Mexicans make them 😑
Ruby Cage
Ruby Cage Oy oldin
Look at the damn title and tell me if you see only "tako" there
José Explosion
Todos los latinos aquí quejándose y ni saben cocinar. EXPOSED
Tom tonka
Tom tonka Oy oldin
lol this looks like shit. Also he cut the fat off his steak-GR is a female confirmed.
Savvy J
Savvy J Oy oldin
“It gives it a bit of a, ____, ____.” Lol
wimp bust
wimp bust Oy oldin
The mexicans in mexico are cooler than the ones in us
Krazy Azteks Tv
Thats not a fukn taco
Cultural appropriation!!!
luke Neylon
luke Neylon Oy oldin
You don’t want it to be pink cos if it is it’s fucking raw
mayonaise on a taco. no homeslice .
zleggitt1989 Oy oldin
Looks and sounds fucking disgusting
yunggoth Oy oldin
cabbage and mayonnaise...how appetizing .....
El Antonio
El Antonio Oy oldin
this not is a taco >:'v
billy bob
billy bob Oy oldin
Gordon is awesome.. Just don't mess with tacos. All there is to it is homemade tortillas, meats that's cook over 🔥 and some bomb salsa and a coke
David Breton
David Breton Oy oldin
This looks more like a Strip loin steak than a Sirloin
Sleepydino 247
"And that's how u make a perfect taco " Critic 1= THATS FXCKING RAW Critic 2=WERES THE LAMB SAUCE Critic 3= Who the hell puts a burrito in a salad with lamb sauce ???😂😂😂😂
Sleepydino 247
*Gordon's cereal First marinate the cereal with almond milk and avacado oil Then sprinkle some salt and pepper in the milk lay your invention in a bowl ENJOY* OH NOO WERES THE LAMB SAUCE
QUIVER Oy oldin
has he ever heard of a well done?
Oberin Oy oldin
Mayo !?!?!?! Wasabi !?!?!
Salai Niccolo
Salai Niccolo Oy oldin
We eat tacos with cilantro, Cebolla, cebolla asada,limon and a very spicy chile..not no fucken wasabi sauce bullshit! Plus those tortillas are so fucken hard that they just got back home from doing 10 years flat up in Folsom..wtf is this bullshit? That's NO FUCKEN TACO
Harley Miles
Harley Miles Oy oldin
Cabbage asmr
Mistikey tries his best
What I’ve learned from watching these videos is whenever you’re cooking add Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper.
xhmer Oy oldin
Solo Pythonz
Solo Pythonz Oy oldin
does this nigga ever just bullshit around and not take 32 steps to make something ? also cook your damn meat bitch that shits raw
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