Beef Tacos with Wasabi Mayonnaise - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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A unique blend of Mexican and Japanese flavours that makes for a quick and tasty feast. The perfect dish for entertaining guests.
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6-Mar, 2014

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Noah 20 soat oldin
I'm sad he cut the fat off.
Rajmani Dahal
Rajmani Dahal Kun oldin
You're Celebrity chef but are you making tacos like that? Fuck your hands your self
Meganesia Shan
Meganesia Shan 2 kun oldin
G should really take a bite of his food at the end of the vids
Johnny Ferreira
Johnny Ferreira 3 kun oldin
Where’s the cheese, Mayo only? Jeeeeez
blacksheep 3 kun oldin
Oh my god baby yessss oooohhhhhhhh
sattu z
sattu z 5 kun oldin
nomar manuel
nomar manuel 5 kun oldin
Never seen a taco with mayonnaise...who puts mayo on a taco....sucha white boy lol
Suraj Jayveenth
Suraj Jayveenth 6 kun oldin
Rip tacos
NIg ga
NIg ga 6 kun oldin
Gagg Behdv
Gagg Behdv 7 kun oldin
Made these tonight for dinner and let’s just say everyone everyone loved them!!!😂
Guy De Fuentes
Guy De Fuentes 9 kun oldin
Me gustaría saber que diría Gordon Ramsay si yo prepara su Filete Wellington y le pusiera picante, frijol y aguacate. Pues lo mismo siento al ver su postre del video. No entiendo el porqué los Ingleses y gringos tienen que ponerle tanto dulce (azúcar, miel, etc) a la comida salada.
Planet Earth
Planet Earth 10 kun oldin
Dem tortillas burnt asf
Crypto Numb Nuts
Crypto Numb Nuts 10 kun oldin
umm no
Thought Police
Thought Police 10 kun oldin
Looks shit lol.
HailToTheKing 11 kun oldin
I love tortillas placed on the burner. So nice and crispy
Chris Cataldi
Chris Cataldi 11 kun oldin
I don’t know wtf that is but that’s not a taco
This is the most fucking stupid piece of shit ever created to be defined as "Taco". You make Taco Bell look 100% mexican.
onib1127 12 kun oldin
Perfect Taco? ... maybe in sir Ramsay's world.
sukhdeb18 12 kun oldin
steak is raw u fucking donkey
Able Mellia
Able Mellia 13 kun oldin
Bruh this is a perversion of the taco!!! HOmeboy said "lemme just slather some mayo on my 'taco'"....WATTAFUK!! lol
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson 13 kun oldin
*abuela has left the chat*
Clipzzz 13 kun oldin
2019 anyone ?
Ford Wagner
Ford Wagner 15 kun oldin
Those tacos are a disgrace to real Mexican tacos... cmon.
HT16 Anims
HT16 Anims 15 kun oldin
Gordon can’t make anything that’s not suppose to be traditional without someone getting triggered because of a change
augusto loaiza
augusto loaiza 16 kun oldin
You have not washed the letuce, GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN PIECE OF SHIT
IPlay Games
IPlay Games 16 kun oldin
Not even 20Seconds in and I hear those magical words *Salt and pepper*
natalia castro
natalia castro 16 kun oldin
Benjamin Wang
Benjamin Wang 16 kun oldin
how does one get the pan "really nice a hot"?
Wolffen51 17 kun oldin
and I like my steaks well done...not medium rare...
Wolffen51 17 kun oldin
it must be nice to have alot of money to be able to buy all these top notch ingredients such as sirloin steaks etc...
I want Jack Black to be my uncle
1:12 AM and I’m watching Gordon Ramsey cook a beef taco
GMD Azure
GMD Azure 18 kun oldin
God damnit it’s 3:53 am rn and my mouth is watering, why do I do this to myself
Henry Wang
Henry Wang 18 kun oldin
How Gordon writes a comment
Henry Wang
Henry Wang 18 kun oldin
This guy is incredible.
Diego Cortés
Diego Cortés 19 kun oldin
That is one of the worst ways to toast a tortilla. You don’t have idea how to make mexican food.
NIDEL1268 19 kun oldin
Una fusión increíble 😍😋
Rodman Shah
Rodman Shah 20 kun oldin
Shell looks a little burnt for me but still looks good otherwise
Ky McPhee
Ky McPhee 20 kun oldin
I pronounce taco "tah co" so it sounds weird when he says "tacko"
Eric Povish
Eric Povish 20 kun oldin
I thought he was gonna pull a Nelly
addyc2010 21 kun oldin
Come on, he would be the first one to criticize someone for mixing such flavours 🙄
Jesús Villegas
Jesús Villegas 21 kun oldin
Those aren't real tacos
v woods
v woods 21 kun oldin
He slice the fat off what the hell is wrong with him
Krytac 22 kun oldin
i ate that much wasabi and FUCK
Aaliyah H
Aaliyah H 22 kun oldin
the way he says taco and tortilla lwk irritated me😭
...EPICDEMIA.... 23 kun oldin
Eras mi chef favorito pero después de ver el video, me decepcionas.
Edgarv68 23 kun oldin
Sorry Mr. Ramsey, but for tacos, you have to go to a dirty street cart and make sure he has no permits. Those are the BEST kind of tacos.
Alacrity HD
Alacrity HD 24 kun oldin
for all the mexicans complaining, nobody said it was a mexican taco. get a grip
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster 24 kun oldin
That steak looks like a new York strip
Uk Uk
Uk Uk 24 kun oldin
Its 2.12 at night and im so f**king hungry right now... 😀Cant wait to do that tommorow 😉
Kyle Fluffington
Kyle Fluffington 25 kun oldin
*this time* nice and pink in the middle *litterally any kitchen nightmares episode* iTS fUckINg RaW
Mike Tisdale
Mike Tisdale 25 kun oldin
Can’t have taco without cheese sorry chef
2 oy oldin