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10-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 802
Daisy Katz
Daisy Katz Soat oldin
My Biology professor has said all branded water is the same; the companies receive their water from the same places 🤷🏼‍♀️
Richardo 11 soat oldin
Before: "Oh, hi" Now: "HELLO THERE"
Spintechfilms Kun oldin
Ive had so many... "where are you going?" moments....
Ludwig Volk
Ludwig Volk Kun oldin
I like fat chinese
Nin10 Jake
Nin10 Jake Kun oldin
Now I’m thirsty for some water
IglooDweller Kun oldin
link me
FreakySei 2 kun oldin
this is a masterpiece
Victor Perez (Student)
im yuh daddy
im yuh daddy 3 kun oldin
You sound like an add
DcodeReload 3 kun oldin
He likes his glasses whory
0Kasada 6 kun oldin
Well... he's not wrong about tap water being better than bottled, anyway. Bottled water tastes soooo bad.
Gregory Bogosian
Gregory Bogosian 7 kun oldin
At a ph of 8 it will taste like sea water or shampoo. simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/PH
snailpop snailpop
snailpop snailpop 7 kun oldin
Welcome to another episode of why is this on my recommended
Chong Yang Du
Chong Yang Du 7 kun oldin
Excuse me but as a Chinese I just know that boiled water is DA BEST how dare you say otherwise :3
Sorry I only drink Bleach, the brand that I usually prefer is Clorox but if I wanna go a bit expensive it would have to be Clorox Gold Premium
The Other White Castle
I learned a lot about water. Thanks prozd!
Tenku 9 kun oldin
what is before and what is after
Josh Pooskita
Josh Pooskita 9 kun oldin
Me after r/mycology
IbraComps10 9 kun oldin
this made me thirsty
Lachstar 2004
Lachstar 2004 9 kun oldin
This man knows his water
Natanael Romero
Natanael Romero 9 kun oldin
What's up with this clown and his channel? I'm not hating but damn, the stupidest content is now "funny" or entertaining.
LePhantomChick N
LePhantomChick N 10 kun oldin
*"Begginer's water"* *"Verties or Hories"*
Shrimp Guts
Shrimp Guts 10 kun oldin
I agree.
PuffTheMagicHobo 10 kun oldin
So true
Vianey Vasquez
Vianey Vasquez 11 kun oldin
SMH...not there yet
Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor 11 kun oldin
Ha what kind of loser drinks water? I drink glue for maximum throat adhesion
Melanie Patenaude
Melanie Patenaude 11 kun oldin
E Z 11 kun oldin
Thank you ProZD very cool!
Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard
This man knows his stuff
Halo003qd 11 kun oldin
I too like to sing "A cruel angels thesis" for my throat exercises before drinking water.
I don't care, I'm playing widow
"beginner's water" have i not drank enough water for 18 years straight without skipping a day for a glass of water to be called a veteran at it...
Hasnah Abdull
Hasnah Abdull 12 kun oldin
You are an annoying ugly fucker, dont give up your day,
Reg John
Reg John 12 kun oldin
哇 这个胖子
Rose Okwelume
Rose Okwelume 12 kun oldin
Lol. Exactly my landlord behavior
Shaggy 98.7% Power
Shaggy 98.7% Power 12 kun oldin
This man has no taste when it comes to water.
longg kong
longg kong 13 kun oldin
Time to look up if r/water exists
Sukuren 13 kun oldin
Trying to get into monster hunter or world of warcraft
Foreign Cake
Foreign Cake 13 kun oldin
Me Culture Studies. *Have progressed on the study of water.*
Michael Emmerson
Michael Emmerson 13 kun oldin
I don't get it
Gucci Malcs
Gucci Malcs 14 kun oldin
Fun fact: Aquafina is just the dirty water that’s left over from the pop. They clean it up best they can and sell it in a bottle.
Bartosz Piórkowski
Bartosz Piórkowski 14 kun oldin
Tried these excertises. My voice shattered glass and i have shards of it in my face, send help.
Doug Dozier Jr.
Doug Dozier Jr. 14 kun oldin
I can’t find the reddit on throat massage techniques
Bidoofis 14 kun oldin
This is actually me with water.
Gemma 15 kun oldin
0:39 sounds like evangelion lmaooo
Gamersmashlog Productions
Forget that new Nostalgia Critic episode, I just HAVE to watch this micro-documentary on water drinking!
Dark Souls is my city
Water is my favourite anime
Twinklesparks 15 kun oldin
aquafina is some ass, lookup its ph.
running wild
running wild 15 kun oldin
Atomic Dynamite
Atomic Dynamite 15 kun oldin
fuqen gewgl
fuqen gewgl 15 kun oldin
i can totally believe that there are people out there like this when it comes to drinking water, and i hate them
Game Insane
Game Insane 15 kun oldin
Only a mortal stings water. I prefer dihydrogen monoxide
PigInATuxedo 15 kun oldin
Tempo 15 kun oldin
Dasani IS shit though
srjskam 16 kun oldin
I myself prefer Japanese mizu-water. "Isn't that just 'water' in Japanese" you might ask. _sigh..._ No. When you reach a sufficient level of refinement it will be obvious to you that the term is utterly untranslatable.
Cesar Blorfenburger
Cesar Blorfenburger 16 kun oldin
Room temp tap water? Are you crazy? Are you out of your MOIND? Oh through a filter, thats a little better. I may be a poor man but I don't do tap. I have those 5 gallon bottles and I get filtered water by the carload. About 55 gallons
rupi 16 kun oldin
This reminds me of the Beauty subreddit about skincare toners 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
indefinity 16 kun oldin
A mineral elitist I see, us distilled lovers like our water as pure as it can be.
Teeleer 16 kun oldin
I just don't like ozonated water
FukkitBukkit 16 kun oldin
Refrigerated is the only way to drink water, as it glides down your throat more smoothly and has a more crisp and refreshing feel. Room temperature is disgustingly bland, iced water is annoying and clinky and sometimes you accidentally swallow a cube when it gets too small. Plain hot water is only for the bold or the insane, however it is palatable with additives. I personally prefer more alkalinity, as with most things I consume - I find it balances out the inherently low pH of my stomach contents and doesn't leave a sour taste in my mouth as acidic water does. Neutral water is flat and tends to sit in my stomach like a rock for some reason. I prefer a small amount of select minerals in my water, including magnesium for personal taste, although iron is also acceptable, and while sulphur may be offputting to some due to the smell I can tolerate it in a pinch. Copper and zinc are also okay in small amounts, but too much and it tastes a bit like LSD. 100% pure water is absolutely *never* good as it will forcibly rip fillings out of your teeth. Purified water in general is definitely superior to raw ground water a majority of the time, though. My purification form of choice, I would have to say, would be reverse osmosis. It has a very subtle texture reminiscent of ozone which I enjoy, possibly due to unfiltered ions. Vapor distillation is also acceptable if the proper minerals are added afterward, which is why when I do occasionally purchase bottled water, smartwater is my brand of choice. City tap water is disgusting in any form and I haven't touched the stuff in almost a decade. I'm not too picky about the composition of my drinking utensil, but I find that if my water doesn't have enough of the right minerals for taste I can sometimes use a can (which one I use depends on the composition of the can in question) to add a bit of flavor. Plastic drinking utensils are a toss up - I've found some to be flavorless, while others seem to leach an odd flavor into the water, presumably due to petroleum content and possibly other chemicals as well. Glass is ideal if your water is already optimally flavored, and the weight adds a new dimension to the experience. Shape is mostly irrelevant, although for ease of drinking and optimal flow control I find a large straw or a small necked bottle are best. There are of course other factors to consider such as ambient temperature, texture of the exterior surface of the drinking utensil, how recently you have eaten before drinking, amount/rate of water consumption, thirst level, bladder capacity and contents, previous drug consumption, mood, setting, time of day, and so on, but I'll not go into those now. Incidentally, I am 100% serious. These are all factors which affect the taste of water and the satisfaction of the experience, and while it is entirely acceptable to just pour yourself a solo cup of lukewarm tap water if you are thirsty enough, there is a discernable difference if you pay attention and it can be quite a life-changing experience. Try it for yourself sometime, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.
Kalman09 16 kun oldin
Does that hand on your neck belong to a lady?
Jean Acosta
Jean Acosta 17 kun oldin
Just what happened to me at the r/terracehouse subreddit. It's like an amalgamation of fanatism that shoo's you away even though it looks so inviting and friendly at first.
Вадим Смирнов
that's jordan schlansky's expertise level
Skulknght 17 kun oldin
This feels like a personal attack
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 17 kun oldin
Who the hell drinks water?
Nicholas Elhauge
Nicholas Elhauge 17 kun oldin
aquafina is garbage! change my mind.
Nur Fee
Nur Fee 17 kun oldin
Some good Aqua Purificataa
Ri Ki
Ri Ki 17 kun oldin
More like after I google about a medical topic
Justin Au Yeung
Justin Au Yeung 18 kun oldin
da ass knee water
maxie fuqua
maxie fuqua 18 kun oldin
Man ain't this the damn truth. It's mind boggling how people can be elitists about ANYTHING.
21minute 18 kun oldin
So wine drinkers in a nutshell.
LJ 18 kun oldin
I don't drink water... Am I Broly?
Sakigami Jojo
Sakigami Jojo 18 kun oldin
Lrekkk 18 kun oldin
Gold 😂
Cameron Field
Cameron Field 18 kun oldin
I'm glad someone else out there has the same love of water as me
Near Void
Near Void 18 kun oldin
R/iamverysmart ?
Quad_Buck 18 kun oldin
This guy drinks
BioBullet 19 kun oldin
The last line "...not again." Is easily the best part.
ajddavid452 20 kun oldin
*Homer Simpson shouting "nerd" plays*
maxithewoowoo 21 kun oldin
Anyone else notice he starts singing the evangelion OP at 0:39
Lance T.
Lance T. Kun oldin
You're a die hard fan, are you ? ^^
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 21 kun oldin
so no acidic water.
Naruedyoh 28 kun oldin
That's me with pangolins
LoftOfTheUniverse 28 kun oldin
This is my life with anything i'm interested in.
D N Oy oldin
Okay. Why you gotta personally attack me tho.
Vicente Temes
Vicente Temes Oy oldin
Excuse you, but room temperature water is CLEARLY inferior to fridge-kept water, and vertis are the correct way to consume it since you can feel how cool and fresh the water is through your entire hand with comfort!
Jacob McNeer
Jacob McNeer Oy oldin
danoli pizzaz
danoli pizzaz Oy oldin
i feel so attacked rn
Player 1
Player 1 Oy oldin
So, when's the after part
NyaDesu Oy oldin
Aye anime crimes division
the gaming pizaa
What am I even watching?
Daniel F
Daniel F Oy oldin
Michael Haneline
Why the fuck did 1300 dislike this?
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Oy oldin
I feel attacked.
Not again
1Coby Oy oldin
drinking waters a hobby now?
appaloosa 4
appaloosa 4 Oy oldin
I hate Aquafina
willow johnson
Obviously you’re a fake waterboy, true drinkers only drink reverse osmosis. Go back to Tumblr you normie!
Renaiya Oy oldin
My question is why you would sip water when you can S U C C
Wojciech Jankowski
Sextina Aquafina?
cogtroper Oy oldin
I'm calling your sponsor.
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