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10-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 291
makfaan 6 soat oldin
Barbara Curiel
Barbara Curiel 8 soat oldin
Man, that water looks clean
skylandersackgirl 9001
Ok, I've watched all 95 skits... What do I do now?
Piyush Kathuria
Piyush Kathuria 12 soat oldin
His voice doesn't match his face
self disgusted
self disgusted 14 soat oldin
i only drink H2hoes. water for thots
Cheers2Moon 16 soat oldin
This has way too many views so I feel like I am missing something greator
ChillerT 087
ChillerT 087 17 soat oldin
This one had me in stitches xD
readerrabbit6690 22 soat oldin
Damn bro you've got a boss ass voice
True Randomizer
True Randomizer Kun oldin
I’m not sure why but I’m pissed off now but still want to watch more of his videos
PhatClowns Kun oldin
r/coffee in a nutshell
an idiot
an idiot Kun oldin
*camera intensifies*
Edward Hernandez
I am going to memorize this monologue.
Ryan Ehresman
Ryan Ehresman Kun oldin
I found the water part relatable
Katalyst Kun oldin
Dang flapjack u ant Disco Wonder Brothers usage bing waads I kink stain ah..t spack angle ish ieess kitkatkayss Nat understandup iss hard 😭😭😭
Katalyst Kun oldin
Translation dang pancake lovers you Wonder Brothers show off usage of big words I can't stand it speak English us kids cannot understand its because ice/¡+'$/!-|- '5 hard or big vocabulary 😋😋😲😬
Katalyst Kun oldin
Let's argue does water have a flavor?
Katalyst Kun oldin
Yes it does!!!😠😠😡
__ __
__ __ Kun oldin
Bear Grills drinks his own piss...review that please!
Big Denny
Big Denny Kun oldin
This is brilliant! You've changed my entire perspective on the world!
cleverstranger Kun oldin
His pee must be amazing!
IKEIKE 9832 Kun oldin
Too much information... my brain cells are dying )::::
SarcastTM Kun oldin
you know, i like tap water. it leaves your throat with kind of a salty flavor and you can feel all of the fucking amoebas but it's all worth it at the end because you feel like "ooOOOH" or maybe it's just me. you know what? i think i should see a doctor about the salty feeling thing because it happens to everything i drink. is there anything you recommend to stop this? i think there might be a simple solution out there you know.
Kraz3e987 Kun oldin
This is so accurate!
Icey4x Kun oldin
"to make sure you get 𝐦𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐦𝐮𝐦 travel velocity down the throat"
The Dude
The Dude Kun oldin
Eh I prefer liquid nitrogen, it just has the cooling sensation to it and really helps during the hot days
matt Walter
matt Walter Kun oldin
I do this for drug info
Nicholas Huston-Lyons
Look you can't talk about /r/coffee like that.
Justin Z.
Justin Z. 2 kun oldin
Water is the most delisous thing alive!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
chizLemons 2 kun oldin
This is me with coffee.
Usman Asif
Usman Asif 2 kun oldin
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Paxton 2 kun oldin
lol... true
Diego CJ
Diego CJ 2 kun oldin
A fat asian? I guess that is pretty common in north america.
Fish For Thought
Fish For Thought 2 kun oldin
Lmao just another fanboy. Anyone with basic critical thinking skills will know the versatility of the Dasani line. Don't let this guy's biased review sway you.
JawlessSpy 2 kun oldin
Wow! My name is dasani, he said my name guys!
Miles Swindle
Miles Swindle 2 kun oldin
That reminds me of that one thread for coffee drinkers where a guy asked for a cheap starter's setup for drinking coffee, and an actual answer with what he was looking for was downvoted to hell and back, while answers saying TRUE coffee connoisseurs don't accept a setup under $1,000 were the highest-rated posts.
Periton420 2 kun oldin
This is a no go
Insane Town
Insane Town 2 kun oldin
this is a roblox player that is too sensitive
Brosio 2 kun oldin
Is this what Andrew Huang was talking about
Fevir 2 kun oldin
This is my favorite video on the internet.
Andrew Fogarty
Andrew Fogarty 2 kun oldin
Ronin 454
Ronin 454 3 kun oldin
Anime crimes division
Aakash Badree
Aakash Badree 3 kun oldin
When the ad is longer than the video
Duckarooni 3 kun oldin
*buys Great Value brand milk* Reddit Thread: "Great Value milk sucks massive nuts, I only buy Whole Foods Organic Nectar of the Gods , anything else is mediocre and too watery for me, it costs 2000 percent more but you can really taste the difference in quality and it's worth every penny." Me: "oh look it's a $1.30 that's cool"
Lyndell O
Lyndell O 3 kun oldin
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lost things
lost things 3 kun oldin
Aquafina is the grossest
AKL 3 kun oldin
but I love dasani
JakePlaysGaming 3 kun oldin
Honestly, I would usually drink the water at a pH of 7, but going up to an 8 is a no go in my territory, I would go down to a 6.3 at most if i have to change the pH that way it becomes somewhat more acidic and becomes almost a sparkling water if you like carbonation
qrayz 3 kun oldin
Please tell me this is a joke? Also, how can i find a way to bring Trump into this? Never mind. Hillary lost..
ShyanneCamryn 3 kun oldin
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Hakkı Murat Aslan
Hakkı Murat Aslan 3 kun oldin
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live football
live football 3 kun oldin
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DragonKanna 3 kun oldin
Is that a Kanna figure in the background
Scathing Lemon
Scathing Lemon 3 kun oldin
“May I have glass of mineral infused liquid H2O at about 297 degrees Kelvin? Medium pH, thank you”
KittenBot 24
KittenBot 24 3 kun oldin
Dasani is t r a s h w a t e r
Dmdnje 3 kun oldin
This skit is so applicable for other items that I could make one if given time.
Wvzy 420
Wvzy 420 3 kun oldin
Did you know water was created my John waters in 0001 he recalls having a taste.a nice refreshing taste we now call “nothing”
this is on the trending page
Xrelent 3 kun oldin
Is glass a good material for beginners and why do I keep getting chunks of half melted ice in my cup ?
Aaryea Naik
Aaryea Naik 3 kun oldin
Yo we have the same water glasses
TheMandalorian 3 kun oldin
Water sucks. Gatorade's better.
RangaRiis 3 kun oldin
Don't do drugs kids.
saurabh joshi
saurabh joshi 3 kun oldin
Jesus Christ
Brady Matteson
Brady Matteson 3 kun oldin
me with nine inch nails
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 kun oldin
FYI, water enthusiasts don’t get into Heaven...
L C 3 kun oldin
I drink it right out of the faucet like a cat.
Dank. Inc
Dank. Inc 4 kun oldin
woah woah woah have i been living under a rock i couldve sworn 10 seconds ago this guy had like 1k subs
retgab 4 kun oldin
Thumbs-up if you don’t know what’s subreddit but still loved the video
ricktrick04 TV
ricktrick04 TV 4 kun oldin
Aquafina is garbage
Nevermore 4 kun oldin
You remind me of vape people.
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 4 kun oldin
Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ
MinifigureXtreme 4 kun oldin
Dsani is the worst water
Beejor 4 kun oldin
If you drink water in a more vertical glass you get more of the surface portion, which is said to be richer like the film on a pudding.
Sancho Lōw Era
Sancho Lōw Era 4 kun oldin
You Must Be Like Water.
Greer 4 kun oldin
Pht, Aquafina? goddamn casuals.
Vivian Tran
Vivian Tran 4 kun oldin
So damn true
jimmythespy 4 kun oldin
Parallel 4 kun oldin
You drink water? Hah. Noob. I have been drinking water _my entire life_.
Psychotic Memetastic
are you a weeaboo
MountainRain 4 kun oldin
Holy crap how many takes did this take
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 4 kun oldin
fiji is pretty legit, or distilled
CRYSTAL CASINO 4 kun oldin
I'd love to learn more about water tbh it sounds so minteresting now
Edwyn Li
Edwyn Li 4 kun oldin
Hunter Herriges
Hunter Herriges 4 kun oldin
This is too relatable
Ryan Austin Dean
Ryan Austin Dean 4 kun oldin
“Vertis or horis” 😂😂😂😂😂
TheThinkingMinority 13
This is the most YouTubiest thing I've seen on UZvid in a while
Jose H
Jose H 5 kun oldin
I actually recommend vertical glasses of water over horizontal glasses because it is easier to hold for longer periods of time without getting hand cramps, especially if you are a beginning water drinker. They also sometimes hold more water than hories. I also like to boil water beforehand even if it goes through a filter to ensure maximum safety. Great video though! I completely agree with you on the ph levels and on the exercises. P.S. NEVER use plastic straws. They take away the fun of drinking and can lead to more pollution of water.
Elizabeth Strand
Elizabeth Strand 5 kun oldin
the fact that he actually had to think of a good paragraph to talk about WATER fucking WATER shows how dedicated he is about a simple 20 second vine.
Q - Tek
Q - Tek 5 kun oldin
lol only newbs actually DRINK water rather than absorbing it through their pores
BestAbsolutePerfect Nicole
*slaps glass from hand* "Didn't I say no drinking in this house?!" "BUT WE NEED WATER TO LIVE"
munchnEl 5 kun oldin
Only uncultured plebs drink out of hories
Kasseya Maya
Kasseya Maya 5 kun oldin
Erick Erick705
Erick Erick705 5 kun oldin
Ben Shapiro..... Douche
john martin
john martin 5 kun oldin
i dont get it.
CCVids 5 kun oldin
Why is this so satisfying
Lauren Mcdaniel
Lauren Mcdaniel 5 kun oldin
I like how this video has a "watch in vr" option and no subtitles
James Marvin
James Marvin 5 kun oldin
I’m a horie myself as well
Shane Hibbard
Shane Hibbard 5 kun oldin
Why is your face so swollen around your eyes??? You should go see a doctor.
Hebiyoujo 5 kun oldin
Fiji is the only bottled water.
Sentient Bagel
Sentient Bagel 5 kun oldin
Dasani is actually the best bottled water though
Viridian Sky
Viridian Sky 5 kun oldin
Teacher: So what did you guys do this weekend? Me:
Tyler Reilly
Tyler Reilly 5 kun oldin
I laughed so hard at this I swallowed the gobstopper I was sucking on. Whole.
Yeeric 5 kun oldin
Jojis throat is ripped up
Hair In A Can
5 oy oldin