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before I close my eyes

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before I close my eyes · XXXTENTACION
℗ 2018 Bad Vibes Forever
Released on: 2018-03-16
Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Associated Performer, Guitar, Piano, Strings: John Cunningham
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Robert Soukiasyan
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch
Unknown, Other: Kevin Peterson
Composer Lyricist: Jahseh Onfroy
Composer Lyricist: John Cunningham
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16-Mar, 2018

XXXTENTACIONエックスエックスエックステンタシオン?before I close my eyesビフォア・アイ・クローズ・マイ・アイズビフォアアイクローズマイアイズ



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peter grifer
peter grifer Soat oldin
Ur song inspired the world X ur a hero #RIP Xxx
ILikeBananasXD Soat oldin
We all are *SAD!* You did some *Changes* You are the *Guardian angel* You are shining in the *Moonlight* You stopped the *Riot* We all are now *Looking For A Star* You were *17* when you were suffering Now you are a big *?* we want to find you We want to know, *What are you so afraid of* There is now a *difference* in here *Before I close my eyes* I want to say goodbye, you said? I know, *I dont wannta do this anymore* without you You said *I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything will be fine* but the devil betrayed you. LLJ❤️
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 2 soat oldin
I sometimes forget the lyrics but I still lip sync it lol RIP he effected my life and I don’t wanna think he’s dead
Wizz Sams
Wizz Sams 2 soat oldin
Like si vienes por el video xd
kKorsonel 2
kKorsonel 2 4 soat oldin
Mid-December anybody?
finesse. britney
finesse. britney 5 soat oldin
I still can’t believe he died, I’m still crying over him and my own problems. I never felt such a sad feeling and I’ve never felt such love for someone. X truly was my life saver, I was very depressed to the point I just didn’t feel anything. I was living with X, until he left. 6-18-18 the worst day of my life. Rest Easy X🤕
Fallen Pantherz
Fallen Pantherz 6 soat oldin
I miss you.. King
Crack Yo
Crack Yo 9 soat oldin
I can’t stop crying
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson 14 soat oldin
Im crying I cant stand it.......We need him back.... I pray to God and Jesus for Jahseh to come back...but its no use....R-I-P Jahseh
Johnny Lui Productions
FrostedPotato LOL
FrostedPotato LOL 16 soat oldin
Anyone listening to X right at the end of 2018
Chris Sodano
Chris Sodano 16 soat oldin
Captain Roman
Captain Roman 16 soat oldin
Why’s there so much evil in the world? REST IN PEACE XXXTENTACION.
Malachai Brown
Malachai Brown 16 soat oldin
can you guys please stop making comments about 1 like=r.i.p x. just please stop using him for likes most of us miss him just don't use him r.i.p x
Lilawah 17 soat oldin
8 months... How come I ever heard of this!!!
Anthony A
Anthony A 17 soat oldin
Time consumes our image This kid was so talented... Why did those people have to kill him like that? I tear up so bad thinking about it. When I saw the video of him laying in the BMW, I just wanted to reach through the TV, hug him tight and try to wake him back up. Death sucks. Life sucks.
Shadow_Gaming0105 18 soat oldin
Isabella Austria
Isabella Austria 19 soat oldin
Such a beautiful song😁🔆
Kitty Da Weirdo
Kitty Da Weirdo 19 soat oldin
this came out on my birthday.. now i feel that xxx will always be remembered on my birthday for me..
Mulan La honey
Mulan La honey 20 soat oldin
Am I the only one obsessed with this song :(
Mulan La honey
Mulan La honey 20 soat oldin
Hope x is safe and at peace
David Garcia
David Garcia 22 soat oldin
My friend killed himself earlier this morning... This is for him, rest easy Pete I luv u boi...
William Smith
William Smith 22 soat oldin
OrbiT RemiXx
OrbiT RemiXx 22 soat oldin
its as if he knew he was going to die.....
green face
green face 23 soat oldin
it’s better in (x75) :)
Sean Wagner
Sean Wagner Kun oldin
Nostey Kun oldin
see you soon rest in piece 🙏🏾❤️🌌
The Mosts
The Mosts Kun oldin
*i crying listening your music ;( R.I.P XXXTENTACION
Marshmello Cardi B
10000000000 outa 10
Darth GamingYT
Darth GamingYT Kun oldin
He says before I lay me down to sleep therefore this is discussing going to heaven after suicide 😢 rest easy X
tsbone taxo
tsbone taxo Kun oldin
Gives me an unexplained feeling everytime I listen to it
b41tfourrs3TS Kun oldin
My grandma thought me that prayer and now she’s passed, so this means a lot for me and I listen to it every night before school 🤧😔😞
Tucker Jonietz
Tucker Jonietz Kun oldin
Love You Vro
Mason's Fresh Memes
*XXXTENTACION's Voice Sounds Like A Angel* 😭😖
Virag Aranyos
Virag Aranyos Kun oldin
I want to sleep and never wake up can you please make that possible I want to be with you and watch over our loved ones
Curtis Davis
Curtis Davis Kun oldin
Sippin tea in a better hood...miss you X.....✖✝
Alicia Anzigare
Alicia Anzigare Kun oldin
It’s sad how he gets more famous when he dies like how does that work you care about someone more when they’re gone like that’s messed up😭😭😭😭😭
Pro Bardia
Pro Bardia Kun oldin
Noah Velasquez
Noah Velasquez Kun oldin
R.I.P x praying for you still
It's Shadow Playz
#LLJ 💔
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. Kun oldin
I'm so depressed
Gabriel Velazquez
Fuck bro nigga gone rip x
Destiny_ For life
Anyone December btw i cried the first time I heard this song #LLJ
WhiP _Venomous
WhiP _Venomous Kun oldin
Lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my soul to keep😢😢😭😭🔥😔
Christian Lowman
RIP X i cried watching this
Troy Butts
Troy Butts Kun oldin
I have a feeling killed himself on purpose bc like alot of his songs r like dieing Before i close my eyes, hope, Everyone DIES in their nightmares like X i hope it wasnt on purpose RIP
Caleb Horn
Caleb Horn Kun oldin
Alan Reyes
Alan Reyes Kun oldin
Bro my heart is like touch by a angel just by listening to this 😖🥺😭rest easy bro see you in the after life
s a d n e s s
s a d n e s s Kun oldin
Legends never die.
Jorge Ornelas Pedraza
R.I.P Im crying after hearing this song
Bruno_PT Kun oldin
I´m just crying now 12.13.18 #llj
Jewls Bacon
Jewls Bacon Kun oldin
wish he was here..
Howard Celestine Celestine
This is such a chill song🔥
Marc L.
Marc L. Kun oldin
Whyy yoouuu💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I miss u
Javier H.A
Javier H.A 2 kun oldin
Close your eyes and rest in peace X.
2.7k people don't have a heart.
Marcus Blirup
Marcus Blirup 2 kun oldin
December 13?
Trippieredd Fans
Trippieredd Fans 2 kun oldin
morttinaattori 2 kun oldin
Legends no dead ever
MC Dylan 45
MC Dylan 45 2 kun oldin
I feel so upset when I hear any of his song. I can't believe it he is dead I wish I went back to time and helped him out
Taylor Cunningham
Taylor Cunningham 2 kun oldin
Who else is listening to this
TVX Videos
TVX Videos 2 kun oldin
I listen to this every time I go to sleep. I wake up hearing this playing makes me cry every night, I'm not going to sleep again without listening to this song.
Oli edits
Oli edits 2 kun oldin
i love x but who agrees that skins and ? was some of his worst albums in a music perspective
Kl me pls
Kl me pls 2 kun oldin
enemy ac 130 above
enemy ac 130 above 2 kun oldin
before i lay me down to sleep that explains sad music video
Raymundo# Altamirano
Forever xxxtentacion # por siempre xxxtentacion 😳😭
Haley Priddy
Haley Priddy 2 kun oldin
Well who else just froze and imagined him at your school saying i need (your name) and preformed a song for you:))i wish
GHOST DOG 2 kun oldin
[Estribillo] Antes de acostarme a dormir Rezo al Señor para que guarde mi alma Espero que no mea sea demasiado tarde, woah Antes de acostarme a dormir Rezo al Señor para que guarde mi alma Espero que no mea sea demasiado tarde, woah [Verso] La diferencia cambia en la distancia El tiempo consume la imagen, oh La diferencia cambia en la distancia El tiempo consume nuestra imagen, woah [Estribillo] Antes de acostarme a dormir Rezo al Señor para que guarde mi alma Espero que no mea sea demasiado tarde, woah Antes de acostarme a dormir Rezo al Señor para que guarde mi alma Espero que no mea sea demasiado tarde, woah
Marie Poch
Marie Poch 2 kun oldin
having one of those week again but u never fail to relax me RIP MY KING
interact 444
interact 444 2 kun oldin
Why did it have to happen
interact 444
interact 444 2 kun oldin
Tentoria Jigga
Tentoria Jigga 2 kun oldin
This so fucking beautiful X
AJ Prado
AJ Prado 2 kun oldin
#This world is changing:(why?
JJSHORTSWAG 2 kun oldin
who here after skins
Natalie Raudales
Natalie Raudales 2 kun oldin
I pray to the lord that you’ll came back to me (us) and that he keeps you safe #llj
Nardeen N
Nardeen N 3 kun oldin
Listening to this song gave me chills and made me cry 😭 rip x
Ronni Myllynen
Ronni Myllynen 3 kun oldin
Before I close my eyes.. I listen this song..
monopoly boyman
monopoly boyman 3 kun oldin
X isn't dead into he is forgotten 😢
danilove lovers
danilove lovers 3 kun oldin
JAH 💙🙏
danilove lovers
danilove lovers 3 kun oldin
Δ Kalai Δ
Δ Kalai Δ 3 kun oldin
Life is complicated. All I gotta say. 😪
Joss D
Joss D 3 kun oldin
I knew he was too good to be true
Jack Porret
Jack Porret 3 kun oldin
Hopefully he just faked his death
Planet Zenunaj
Planet Zenunaj 3 kun oldin
X is not dead, he is sleeping forever.
Isabel Meme
Isabel Meme 3 kun oldin
Before I close my eyes I smile and say did I have a g day but did I ?
Kamayia Cotton
Kamayia Cotton 3 kun oldin
i hate the fact that 2.7k people disliked this video i freaking love xxx when i got bullied he helped me cope his songs are pefect melodies from heaven i miss him without him i wouldnt be alive right now i miss him sm
Dre Mari Jones
Dre Mari Jones 3 kun oldin
Yo in this generation of the world we need to stop killing and start loveing that's all x did and was positive instead of hating some one give them a high five STOP HATING
CRISTIAN 3 kun oldin
just imagine he never even existed in the first place...
david hewlin
david hewlin 3 kun oldin
time cumsumption the best parts in life are the ones you can remember
connie soto
connie soto 3 kun oldin
ur always in my heart.
noelia s
noelia s 3 kun oldin
Megatron 21
Megatron 21 3 kun oldin
Long love x you'll live in our hearts forever keep rocking the heavens man
Trap Star Tom
Trap Star Tom 3 kun oldin
DANK Kermit
DANK Kermit 3 kun oldin
Im not crying my eyes are just sweaty😢😢.
leerei 3 kun oldin
actually crying😖
lucas sold out
lucas sold out 3 kun oldin
You passed your goal to help 5 million kid's and I am one of them r.i.p X
Zach. 3 kun oldin
This is probably his most sad and beautiful music... Rest in peace Jahseh, hope your soul lives in peace.💔
Fred Graves
Fred Graves 3 kun oldin
X I hope you know that you reached your goal of helping 5 million youth actually you excelled with your inspirational music and the pain you share with us. Rip x you will never be forgotten
iiiredturtles 3 kun oldin
Everytime i listen to this song... i always end up crying my self to sleep DX #RIPX #LLJ #LEGEND #SEEYOUSOON
Marayah Soto
Marayah Soto 3 kun oldin
this song hits me hard:(
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