Behind the "Chemistry" of Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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NBA stars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley first met at the 1984 Olympic trials, and, as Charles tells it, they 'just had a chemistry.' For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit bit.ly/1ODj0x7
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Behind the "Chemistry" of Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN




7-Iyn, 2017



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Fikrlar 348
AirKangLocker 19 kun oldin
3:30 oprah goin for the smoke as always
G23Farrakhan52 28 kun oldin
This relationship ended up like it supposed to. MJ kicked his Uncle Charlie so-called friend to the curb.
Andrew Wian
Andrew Wian 3 oy oldin
Lee Eui Cheol
Lee Eui Cheol 5 oy oldin
Barkley wears Jordan jump man.
fluffynoses 5 oy oldin
Barkley was going to say Roy Williams lmfaooooo
After watching the Chuck on tv for years , I see why MJ hang with him
Conor McGregor Official
*Shaq or Jordan?*
LE FTOUR'NOI 6 oy oldin
Micah Hubbard
Micah Hubbard 8 oy oldin
Did I say something wrong 1:17 Goat moment 💀😂😂
lloganmusic 8 oy oldin
"I'll 'slap' anyone who says LeBron is equal to Michael Jordan" Charles Barkley
Lek Patricio
Lek Patricio 8 oy oldin
Barkley wearing J's
Ron Pasa
Ron Pasa 9 oy oldin
Charles honest af
Leonardo Noguera
Leonardo Noguera 9 oy oldin
why everybody roast charles about winning?? he was a winner but he doesn't have the best team, remember basketball is a team sport. It's true what Charles say's, MJ had Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, Harper.. and also maybe the best coach ever Phil. So please respect CHARLES he was a monster back in the time.
julius dogta
julius dogta 9 oy oldin
are they still close?
PreskoLove 9 oy oldin
Is it me? Or when Charles said “handsome” it reminded me of Muhammad Ali
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez 9 oy oldin
"If i would've had scottie pippen and dennis rodman i wouldve won some too" DAMN CHUCK LOL.
K Ooookay
K Ooookay 9 oy oldin
Barkley is the best
neal6473 9 oy oldin
Oprah is looking fine as hell dam.
pyro flame kid
pyro flame kid 9 oy oldin
Michael I love you but you look so intimidating
SneakerEND TV
SneakerEND TV 9 oy oldin
Anytime you get 4 5 billion dollars you become handsome 😂😂😂- Charles Barkley
Jay Kruse
Jay Kruse 9 oy oldin
barkley is just the best!!! his quick response and timing is perfect
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 10 oy oldin
If Barkley had a pippen he'd have a couple rings on his resume
Charles M Rinehart
Charles M Rinehart 10 oy oldin
As a 20 year motorcycle rider, they are dangerous as hell. Motorcycles come up on the traffic and cross streets so fast, that’s why cars pull out in front of them so much.
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred 10 oy oldin
LolI Guess Charles is the only personne who can had fun on m,j in the world
Derrick Thomas
Derrick Thomas 10 oy oldin
Liked this interview, but it's one thing bugged about it..Does anyone know the name of the song that played when Barkley did his catwalk on this episode?
Chris Florida
Chris Florida 10 oy oldin
When you have 500M you become handsome lol
Bro & Sis Jordan
Bro & Sis Jordan 11 oy oldin
MagicMichaelLam 11 oy oldin
Who is Roy??
Wayne Beauford
Wayne Beauford 11 oy oldin
black folk chemistry lol
Fo Reel
Fo Reel 11 oy oldin
the motorcycle fatality rate per mile driven is 35 times higher than for car passengers, sorry Mike
VJ webb
VJ webb 11 oy oldin
I remember watching this when I was nine back in 2005.
richj011 11 oy oldin
I gotta say Oprah looked pretty damn good!
Fredi Ven
Fredi Ven Yil oldin
this is why i love them 2 both. on the court thet hated each other, they always taunted each other, trash talking. but when the game's over, they are good friend, they really friend. thats what i call professional.
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare Yil oldin
Well I’ve gotta friend name Roy 😂😂😂😂😂 Dead
Greg Starzky
Greg Starzky Yil oldin
He did play with pippen on the rockets
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box 11 oy oldin
Greg Starzky That wasn't prime Pippen though
Aidan Yil oldin
It’s like inside the nba before there was inside the nba
Catherine S. Todd
On butt-kissin: "I got a friend named Roy..." BIG LAUGHTER! Who is "Roy?"
Catherine S. Todd
Barkley talking about MJ NOT being handsome: "Anytime you get three, four, five hundred million dollars, you BECOME HANDSOME!"
Catherine S. Todd
Barkley: "He don't need no helmet for his head. He's the most stubborn person you ever gone meet in your life." Jordan: "I disagree with you." HAHAHAHAHA!
Слобода Или Смрт
MJ is such a fool for not speaking to Sir Charles, I'd love to have a friend with that kind of sence for humor beside me every day...
rayford harrison
Sick of labron james period.....
Jay Pee
Jay Pee Yil oldin
dario dawaten
dario dawaten Yil oldin
MJ is still being salty because Charles is being honest when he said that he MJ sorrounded himself with people that don't really have the best intentions for him and his organization the Charlotte Bobcats
Kanan Al
Kanan Al Yil oldin
Charles can't lie :-) the most honest person on TV
Hefipale Burp
Hefipale Burp Yil oldin
The two GOATs
Sam Sguanch
Sam Sguanch Yil oldin
the only interview I've ever watched of opra, and probably the only one I ever will. Can't pass up this dynamic duo though.
Poetry of Music
Poetry of Music Yil oldin
MJ is egotistical, Chuck keeps it real. Both competitive. That's why they were able to rock with each other. I'm sure they had fights but that's how they delt with it. Hope they still tight. Love them two
cactaceous Yil oldin
Man, Jordan comes off as very insecure and defensive.
G Todd
G Todd Yil oldin
1:50 Mike starting to grab Charles manboobs,.... the love they have for each other~
Jacqueline Lumpkin no name changes ever not a fraud
Back in the Day fan of their team Michael Jordan. and Charles Barkley was across the street from my Job years ago Love The Game Jacqueline
Naisin Geng
Naisin Geng Yil oldin
Jordan calling him out on not winning rings lool
Russell Wasinger
He's talking about Roy Williams !!! ...lol KU and UNC ... legendary coach !
JEEP AZ Yil oldin
was he talking about Roy Mayweather? lol
JEEP AZ Yil oldin
hahahahah this is great lol
Toa Mataafa
Toa Mataafa Yil oldin
If you don't have a love hate relationship like this, something's wrong with you..love it.
Barkley looks like the last member of slipknot
Lord 2wice
Lord 2wice Yil oldin
I'm glad to see they killed their beef real true friends right here
collegejus Yil oldin
I can watch them all day. Where is the movie Hollywood? Missed opportunity for a buddy comedy.
paul gogos
paul gogos Yil oldin
Barkley reminds me of ali..classic
Rafael Parungao
Rafael Parungao Yil oldin
Michael is not a Good Friend haha always bringing up the Rings in any Conversation lol
LinZy AZ
LinZy AZ Yil oldin
Charles... you are awesome!!!!!!! Always will be!!!!
Chauncey Edwards
Damn😳😭 Micheal hands big as hell
Jon.o Yil oldin
poor roy
Jon.o Yil oldin
MJ --> bully
dj billbill#badDJ
Authentic Makeup
Head First
Head First Yil oldin
There friends of the pinnacle league.meaning they are in a different air space from those who don't receive the accolades that they receive as being not stars. but superstars.every last player is a star in accordance to economic and a higher social impact level.They have that in common to the effect that the can relate to each other.
Underrated 77
Underrated 77 Yil oldin
I love Charles Barkley he speaks his mind
Jahzell Selmon
Jahzell Selmon Yil oldin
0 Rings Barkley 6 Rings Jordan
Razor Sharp
Razor Sharp Yil oldin
Lol, Charles is right about Scottie and Rodman. Jordan didn't win 💩 until Pippen came along
Allen Saunders Jr.
The only 2 things barkley has over Jordan is a Emmy award. & the fact, he's 3days younger than Jordan. barkley b-day is February 20th. & Jordan's is February 17th.😂
Ben  Daulton
Ben Daulton Yil oldin
Exactly how big does the bike have to be?
William M
William M Yil oldin
It's obvious Barkley was more of a friend to Michael then vice versa
Jhen Dela Rosa
Jhen Dela Rosa Yil oldin
The wisdom of air jordan
Tavares Flournoy
F mike
agsmoove84 Yil oldin
Tavares Flournoy Why did I just read this in Skip Bayless’ voice!! Lmao 😂
Chris Gabler
Chris Gabler Yil oldin
Awesome, back when the NBA had personalities!
YetijamSMT HD
YetijamSMT HD Yil oldin
Omggggggg 3000th like
OS1540 Yil oldin
so who is Roy?
Poor Little Sheep
I think I like Barkley as a person more than Jordan.
Glenn Mark Salgado
Charles is that true friend, man. It's very evident in this video.
Ericjohn45 Maverix
greatness everywhere
Bob Bartos
Bob Bartos Yil oldin
good for my diarrhea
Cluez31 Yil oldin
I wish these 2 could bury the hatchet now
Dj prez
Dj prez Yil oldin
Barkley played with scottie tho
King Lycon
King Lycon Yil oldin
MarLonLon Yil oldin
Barkley funny af
She Left Me For Jesus
Yea But Charles is wearing jordans sweat suit
ecdctechmma Yil oldin
anybody else notice like a magic little shine on michael jordans eyes not sure how to describe it
datanyc004 Yil oldin
So cool those are when they hang out together. Funny interview.
Christian Robinson
I think being friends with Jordan would be tough, getting roasted every few seconds, every casual golf game would be a fierce competition XD
Misael Cartagena
"i got a friend named Roy..." bruh wtf chuck 😂😂
M Express
M Express Yil oldin
Authentic Makeup Roy Jones jr
Authentic Makeup
Who's Roy ?
kuur 313
kuur 313 Yil oldin
Misael Cartagena I didn't get the point by that
Sir Baynes
Sir Baynes Yil oldin
They'd make a good show together
mynameisirrelevant !
Stop with the Oprah comments..She's mine!!.....Signed Steadman......
mynameisirrelevant !
Real men ARE NOT thin skinned and they are honest ...Like these two gentleman..
Tabithia Moore
Tabithia Moore Yil oldin
Bill Russell won more rings
Cj Marsicano
Cj Marsicano Yil oldin
chuck looks like a peep
ShaWordPlay Jennings
omfg!! lml
Robert M
Robert M Yil oldin
Jordan won 6 rings with a wide range of players over the years, Pippen was the only constant.
Chuck is dressed like when you have a meeting with Oprah at 3, but a basketball game to coach at 4
Ivan C
Ivan C Yil oldin
Its a shame that Mike doesnt do anything on tv for the fans anymore. He does do alot behind the scenes and donates millions but the die hard sports fan wants to see Michael as a commentator or analyst.
Dave Chappelle
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