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Belmont Stakes 2018 I FULL RACE I Justify's Pursuit of the Triple Crown I NBC Sports

NBC Sports
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Watch as Justify attempts to become only the 13th horse in history to win the Triple Crown.
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 197
James Perkins
James Perkins 10 soat oldin
Mike Smith jockey
Anne Angora
Anne Angora 14 soat oldin
Happy for Justify but Secretariat is the best racehorse ever!!!!
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 3 kun oldin
And now he just IMMORTAL!!!!!!...Gives me goosebumps
Addison Andre
Addison Andre 4 kun oldin
SWEET CHEESE!!!!! Is the 21st century going to be full of Triple Crowns? Just being honest, we have the great American Pharoah, then Justify comes along and wins a Triple Crown. To have a Triple Crown after 3 years of having a Triple Crown, thats what happens when you've got Bob Baffert on your team, you get a triple crown! Am I right?
Gel B
Gel B 11 kun oldin
The ultimate most beautiful looking horse ever....
Abe Wintersong
Abe Wintersong 14 kun oldin
the thing I've never figured out is do the horses want to win? Sure they like to go fast, maybe instinct makes them take the lead if they can, but does it matter to them if they cross the finish line first, that's the question.
Henry Wieneke
Henry Wieneke 14 kun oldin
If allowed to run, Justify would have finished in 2:25 flat!
Henry Wieneke
Henry Wieneke 14 kun oldin
Repole can take his also rans , shut up and forget about it!!!
KCShox 18 kun oldin
The Gronk ran the most impressive race given how far back he was and finishing 2nd
Kingslayer 19 kun oldin
Top 10 Favorites Horses 1. Rock Hard Ten 2. Free House 3. Soul Of The Matter 4. Lit de Justice 5. Zenyatta 6. *Justify* 7. Cigar 8. Ghostzapper 9. Lava Man 10. Silver Charm
C Lucas
C Lucas 19 kun oldin
For the competition he had, Justify did an Admiral job! I think the jockey is crying just brings tears to my eyes what a race by this fine stallion!
JOSEPH GEORGE 19 kun oldin
Great job by Bob Baffert in not only getting this hard into to the Derby but winning Triple Crown I used to believe the Bald Eagle was all time best trainer now I believe Baffert is the best
JOSEPH GEORGE 19 kun oldin
Great job in Not only getting the horse into the derby but winning the Triple Crown Bob Baffert is all time great trainer.
Kingslayer 19 kun oldin
Happy retirement, Justify. First TC winner to ever retire undefeated.
Charles Ray
Charles Ray 18 kun oldin
Six races. Derp. AP would toy with this horse.
agenthelios1 19 kun oldin
Its rather tragic, that no matter what horse wins the Belmont they will always be in the shadow of Secretariat's stunning finish in the stretch. It was magic. Secretariat STILL holds the track record for all 3 races. Now that's IMMORTAL! Justify is great, no doubt, but not legendary.
Robert Glunt
Robert Glunt 21 kun oldin
Ran one hell of a race.and pulled away.
Cobi Brown
Cobi Brown 22 kun oldin
So.... we aren't going to mention how the horse that was in last place sped all the way up to second? This is really the first time I have seen a horse race, but to me that was cool!
Charles Ray
Charles Ray 18 kun oldin
Not uncommon. Some horses lag the whole race, and don't start to take a run at the lead until the last three furlongs.
alexis Heurt
alexis Heurt 24 kun oldin
fuck anyone who supports this horse abuse
Charles Ray
Charles Ray 23 kun oldin
I heard your mom supports horse abuse.
Ryan Peachey
Ryan Peachey 25 kun oldin
If Gronkowski would'nt have had such a bad start....
John Iscrazy
John Iscrazy 28 kun oldin
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Cornelius Currie
He shifted into 3rd, with a 100 meters to go. Nall, Nall, you ain't getting this.
Joe Schizoid
Joe Schizoid Oy oldin
The day an NFL tight end ran in the Belmont Stakes and nearly beat a triple crown winner.
BNSF1995 Oy oldin
I never thought I'd see another Triple Crown winner in my life. I always assumed that American Pharoah would be the only I see.
ray6342 Oy oldin
The absolute best sporting event that I have ever gone to.
Julián de Castro
Love seeing this. Horse riding is basically obsolete in such an industrialised society and to see people preserve this tradition is hesrtwarming. I only say this because I am an old soul and I am obsessed with things from previous time periods.
Jonathan Williams
Great call, but his call of My Knows Everything is slightly better 😂😂😂
Taylor Oy oldin
Poor animals. Horses like to run on their land free. Not with idiots on their backs whipping them!
Taylor 27 kun oldin
Garrett - “Hippie” 😂 You sure do sound like one. Your an idiot if you agree with this!
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith Oy oldin
Too bad hippie
Maria Buxton
Maria Buxton Oy oldin
are we not gonna talk about how gronkowski came from last to 2nd in like 5 seconds
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
Ravenfitch82 Oy oldin
What an amazing view when the outrider linked up with Justify at the end of the race, to be in that moment would be something very special.
Nalu Fanfics
Nalu Fanfics Oy oldin
Lmao I saw the last 2 at school 😂
ray6342 Oy oldin
Just the best!
Anthony Navarro
Flipping amazing horse! Gronk, vino and hofburg ran good races to but that's a dam long ass race. To still be within several lengths of winner is a big feat for a mile and a half. I love thoroughbreds. Got to see Cigar and Sgt pepper at Kentucky horse park many years ago . Parade of champions is cool. Also went to winstar farm and Shadwell in 2010. That was great. I want to check out Claiborne farm soon. I think American Pharoah is there
Anthony Navarro
We were watching this in our room at Folly Beach jumping around, dancing like fools. Salud Justify! I thought Gronkowski was going to spring ahead like Birdstone did to Smarty Jones in 2004. Gronk did well for an overseas racing horse. Justify wasn't tired naysayers. That'll do Justify, that'll do.
Aaron Eaton
Aaron Eaton Oy oldin
You know a lot of people say that his stablemate the guy that was riding a horse in the pink blocked all the other horses for justify in this race what do y'all think
disco07 Oy oldin
gronkowski dang Justify whooping
Vince Vega
Vince Vega Oy oldin
That clothing on the jockey looks Chinese...
Kaileigh Cate
Kaileigh Cate Oy oldin
go justify
ray6342 Oy oldin
I just cannot stop watching this.
ray6342 Oy oldin
Also ,the outrider with " congratulations Mike " ,was cool too .
Johnnie Shane Chadwell
Spell check got me Triple Crown bought and paid for
Johnnie Shane Chadwell
Triple Crown bolt paid for we ought to be proud to be American I truly hope that the guy doesn't pull investigation on the Derby the Preakness and the Belmont what they will uncover will be daunting old saying follow the money
Mr Budweiser
Mr Budweiser Oy oldin
Cheater. Easy to win when you have 2 horses blocking for you
Amateur Alchemist
It's legal, but that doesn't make it any less of a scam... Restoring hope ... -audible...-my boy jack... China horse club, winstar, baffert.... it's all horse trading
Michael Maseyko
Incredible animal! To put in perspective,if he ran against Secretariat he would have lost by 22 lengths.Wow!
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
Yeah, that's not how horse racing works. Ever. Plus, Secretariat was running on a lot less sand. People at Belmont Park juiced the track for the gullible TV audience.
Jeff Platt
Jeff Platt Oy oldin
Justify has Secretariat, seatle slew and count fleet in his pedigree
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
Man o' War.
ray6342 Oy oldin
Never forget the people that were there in our little circle.
ray6342 Oy oldin
Just great, with just great announcing .
ray6342 Oy oldin
I cannot stop viewing this .
Salsano Oy oldin
What a call
Frank Gilliland
The jockey couldnt smile right after finish line....
Frank Gilliland
That horse is a turd...sorry....why all the blocking....now they dont even want to run him
Frank Gilliland
10% pulls almost daily. Bitcoin!...in two years you will wish you had ONE. My son's networth is worth more then this horses breeding rights. He is 11 and said day.....why do these horses run so slow?
Frank Gilliland
Breeding rights sale=$85M? $75M? tick tock.....$0 Haskell? Churchhill? run again? tick tock..May find a sucker in china....nice silks grasshopper
Billy Brownstar
Go have a glass of warm milk and a group hug, Frank. Bitcoin. LOL.
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
Santa Anita, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont="turd". LOL
Lily Schleich horse lover
But nobody still has not beat Secrateriat's record of 31 lengths winning the Belmont Stakes.
Billy Brownstar
So then what?
Frank Nguyen
Frank Nguyen Oy oldin
ryleegrace12 Oy oldin
Is that the arabian justify
turtles11756 Oy oldin
Justify bought the farm with cash. just a baby and relentless he knows exactly what he is doing hope he never gets beat he would be crushed
J&G Network
J&G Network Oy oldin
I am 53 and have now seen 5 win the Triple Crown... Secretariat's was the most awe inspiring.. but I get emotional every time.. when American Pharoah won tears were streaming down my face as I feared I would never see another in my lifetime. The game had changed so much since 1978.. Unless you are a dedicated turf fan... most have NO IDEA what an incredible feat this is..
CubeMster Oy oldin
Somehow this seems immoral
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman Oy oldin
Peoplish Oy oldin
Why is his shade all wrong. He looks like Trump.
lee ibarra
lee ibarra Oy oldin
tex. hog hunting
Faraz R
Faraz R Oy oldin
Grownkoski doesn’t change leads until the final 100 yards!
Heisnear.com Oy oldin
. ☑️ ANTICHRIST on World Stage ---- IN PLAIN VIEW / [June 14, 2018/News] : uzvid.com/video/video-h6xi48lcgjo.html .
Abigail Morgan
as soon as the model horse of justify comes out I'm getting it
xdNobody Oy oldin
That horse going to sling it back at the den.
ewd76 Oy oldin
About 2:03 I was sure he was getting ready to lose the lead and probably not get it back again. Glad I was wrong.
Mr. Bob Gray
Mr. Bob Gray Oy oldin
That call gave me chills.
joel AKA Dodd
joel AKA Dodd Oy oldin
I love this horse I am a justify fans from now on he's the greatest of all time
Gaudencio Pascua
Immortal name
Sean Mendres
Sean Mendres Oy oldin
Justify is trumps horse
Josiah Quincy
Josiah Quincy Oy oldin
For dumbed -down.Americans anyway.
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller Oy oldin
Holy Psalm91 KathrynMiller and others Holy Psalm91 Cowboys for Christ out of Fort Worth TX
XtremeFireFuryDragon Land
Josiah Quincy
Josiah Quincy Oy oldin
Their heads are full of the runaway dumbed down , with nothing left to say
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
You were licking a window while you were typing that, yes?
Carr Rexx
Carr Rexx Oy oldin
Gronkowski! WOW!!!!
Glenda Peterson
He's immortal!
Keena Oy oldin
A liberal's worst nightmare. Excellence, dominance, glory. "Give the last place horsie a trophy too".
rose thomas
rose thomas Oy oldin
absolutely beautiful.
CrazyWolfJ Oy oldin
So when does he get turned into an anime horse girl?
TheBagBalm Oy oldin
The horse is on steroids
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
He weighs 1380 pounds. Steroids would be overkill.
joe chrow
joe chrow Oy oldin
Was never being gained on during the entire race..Looked like Justify would have won if they had to run around the track again..Same with his Derby
katarina leigh
katarina leigh 2 oy oldin
justify ran beautifully but DAMN, the way gronkowski went from dead last to second was just amazing
T Stormer
T Stormer 2 oy oldin
I'm more impressed with the dude in 2nd place than the triple crown winner
Robert Casanova
Robert Casanova 2 oy oldin
they said gronkowki was the news on that race. people dont realize he was fresh from that race didnt even compete in the first 2 legs of the stakes.
Julian Beckky
Julian Beckky 2 oy oldin
45 years ago on this day the great Big Red-Secretariat won the 9th Triple Crown. I was 14 and I cried as I watched; I wept again today.
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
Man o' War is the only "Big Red".
Anibal NievesDiaz
Esa carera Fue echa nadie lo Fue abuscal corrió solo jajaja. Desde la salida asta la yecada jajaja vien planificado en mi opinion perzonal
Free Mind
Free Mind 2 oy oldin
Credit goes to the horse.
Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt 2 oy oldin
The Triple Crown is total bullshit. for suckers and less people are interested in it ea yr.
Mark David
Mark David 2 oy oldin
Restoring hope definitely was planted to help him....wow, so obvious
Helen Burnley
Helen Burnley 2 oy oldin
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Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 2 oy oldin
el 6 seqedo en las puertas si no sela yeva
Richie 5272
Richie 5272 2 oy oldin
My dad almost landed the triple crown on justifie
Go cubs Go
Go cubs Go 2 oy oldin
I thinks he is the best looking horse I've seen! That red coat and monsterous size! Good Lord!
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
California Chrome's cousin. They look like brothers.
what iswho
what iswho 2 oy oldin
Too bad he'll be turned to glue once he cant run anymore
Charles Ray
Charles Ray Oy oldin
$75 million dollars worth of glue.
Salvatore Petrelli
Easy to win with an offensive lineman. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy, but restoring hope had no business being in the front, he was 37/1
Nora Soulje
Nora Soulje 2 oy oldin
Poor horses :(
Evin Hansen
Evin Hansen 2 oy oldin
That comeback from gronkowski tho
Alexa Portis
Alexa Portis 2 oy oldin
He was put against not so good racehorses. I don't see him as one of the greatest. He was put in a poor field. Put better horses and he would've lost. Great horse tho
Valerie Loomis
Valerie Loomis 2 oy oldin
It's overwhelming to watch. They are so strong & beautiful. Love this...
Michael Tibus
Michael Tibus 2 oy oldin
Best call ever!
fernyg23 2 oy oldin
Why did all other horses and jockeys seem to be in black and white coming down the stretch? But Justify was in full color? I wonder if production did this on propose?
Fake hip hop
Fake hip hop 2 oy oldin
Rich white people
JumperWC 2 oy oldin
People on the left are stable geniuses who understand everything
Horse Reunion
5 yil oldin