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Son Of Jesus
Son Of Jesus 22 soat oldin
Normally I would agree with Ben but this is so wrong. God is close to the poor. He gives people the power to obtain wealth. He is a provider. Poverty do not come from God nor is he the guider of it. But he never condemns the poor or make the poor poorer. He never looks down on the poor. He loves the poor and he blesses the poor mightily. He is also a helper and he delivers people from poverty and the mentality of it. Everyone makes mistakes. I love Ben and he will always be one of my role models. He is still a great christian man. Nobody is perfect. There are many of things that Ben say and does that is very wonderful and Godly and loving for people. Ben will always be great in my eyes. An amazing man of integrity and honesty. So forgive him people and if not, then I am sorry for what he did. Can you forgive me? :)
LUCY LOVE 13 kun oldin
Liberal Lunatics Most Hollywood Liberals have no idea how poor people live... We have crippled the poor people in this country by giving them no hope for every leaving a life on welfare. Generations of families never leave Government assistance. No money for food or housing but can spend over 70,00 dollars for a 3 years old Halloween costume. Welfare mentality
Khade Colbert
Khade Colbert 18 kun oldin
Nothing happens in these places because the gov won’t let people fix it. Carson speaks complete truth haha. How do you fix poverty.. finish school wait to have kids. Boom that simple.
Marton Steve
Marton Steve 20 kun oldin
ME3 22 kun oldin
What percentage of the people living in POVERTY are so called asylum and refugee claimants? What percentage are ILLEGALS and their children? Get rid of them and the number of poverty will drop dramatically. And finally how many are SINGLE MOTHERS who were not married *at the time they chose to have a baby?* IF they can CHOOSE to have a baby on their own, let them CHOOSE to support it too. But we can't hold mothers RESPONSIBLE for their choices. Those living in subsidized housing live like Queens compared to poor Americans who don't live in subsidized housing. Many of their children follow their mothers and end up living it subsidized housing because life is relatively EASY when your housing costs are LIMITED based on how little you CLAIM you make. (not what you make illegally OR don't claim at all) If life was so TOUGH in subsidized housing, they wouldn't keep having bastards OR encouraging their children to have bastards of their own. Why shouldn't they pay MORE?
TheMaskedEmolga 587
TheMaskedEmolga 587 25 kun oldin
i understand it’s easy to defend the idea that people need to have access to affordable housing, but what other solutions are there to do?
compendious succient
Sunny was going for an academy nod with that bs
Rise Gym
Rise Gym Oy oldin
The View is the scum of the earth
Adam Breez
Adam Breez Oy oldin
Maybe Ben Carson just knows what it is like. Maybe Ben Carson realized that handouts never helped anyone. Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he'll eat everyday.
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson Oy oldin
If there wasn't minimum wage then there wouldn't be lower class but according to I think both parties 10 - 13 dollars is good enough
Mom to Empress in the 3D
Yes! That is just the families able to get assistance. My family is going to be homeless on December 1st and we cannot get assistance as a single mom with two special needs teens. I just graduated from college, and cannot find work or housing. This is why we need each other more than ever.
Charles Martel
Hey racist woopi....I thought you were leaving America 🤣😂😅🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Josh Ellison
Josh Ellison Oy oldin
Whoopie Goldberg looks like pure death. He needs to get facial surgery ASAP. He's looking worse than Joy Behar.
Toty Vale
Toty Vale Oy oldin
Why do people believe this! Common sense is gone in America!
Justin Gray False Doctrine Killer Revelation 1:3
That would make them move out the housing(Government) system program! Smart plan Ben! Because if you think less, you will get less! We we we we we we! So, if your father wanted to get out the projects why encourage people to stay in the projects? SMH! I stay in the projects and I'm here to tell you if the rent went up alot of the bad ones(The ones who don't want anything) would move out and it would become a community instead of a project X!
Corianne Holt
Corianne Holt Oy oldin
This is just typical of the view to twist a story. They need to read the article in its entirety, not just what they want to read
Tikalasi Paul
Tikalasi Paul Oy oldin
I love how this shallow mind people on the view gets angry..lol
Cosmic Chaos
Cosmic Chaos Oy oldin
Oh i forgot this was a left wing comment section.
Peggy Ghirardello
Whoopie they r lot projects torn down and replaced with gorgeous places do your honework
Peggy Ghirardello
Whoopie u r so rich give them money u and your rich friends pay thier rent they as l so work pastime so they get ten thousand back taxes they r also they tore my mom who's live off welfare system over fifty years they tore her projects down put up beautiful place I am white I loved in projects u have some good p r ople most sell drug sd work under table sit around all day play games tv they have more then Pele who have pay full rent
Michael Tarren Scott
This show is a disgrace
Mel Oy oldin
Liberals never provide facts! Ben Carson was referring to people who’s rent is $50 a month.
G Milla
G Milla Oy oldin
Scrolling through the comments I see a lot of black people hating on Carson cause he made something of himself and is against the generational welfare that the blacks have enjoyed for too long.
G Milla
G Milla Oy oldin
I didn’t watch the video. But I’m guessing that the onus of it is the “Carson tripled rent on low income “. Facts are, it’s only the very bottom bracket that would be affected, thus taking the $50 rent and making it $150. Nobody can say that’s not reasonable, the rate was set in the 70s and never was raised since. And Carson pledged that this would not affect the elderly and disabled. Every liberal be like “oh he forgets where he came from “. No, he remembers exactly where he came from and that’s why he’s so perfect for the job. He knows what is reasonable in these situations and what is just a “plantation “ mindset. The thinking of slavery days, that someone else takes care of us, only they no longer work in exchange for housing food and healthcare.
Kennedy Sanchez
I mean they could just idk better themselves instead of complaining
Montravias King
Montravias King 2 oy oldin
Shame! Shame! Shame! On Dr. Carson..SMH. I used to look up to him. He’s totally forgotten where he comes from. Powerful and passionate segment and Whoopi and Sonny are exactly right.
Patricia Crosson
Patricia Crosson 2 oy oldin
Why don’t the veiw pay for all this people that are homeless
Mary Baranski
Mary Baranski 2 oy oldin
I think Maxine Waters and Whoopi should run on the Dem tkt for 2020.
Jason Stine
Jason Stine 2 oy oldin
I know exactly what your talking about, I am on Section 8, disabled and get $750.00 a month from our lovely government and they raised my rent from $773.00, I paid $140.00 and now my rent is $1040.00 I pay $413.00 which is more than half my check. This is what they did to my Mom.
Sean Holland
Sean Holland 2 oy oldin
I love how they wont let him on the show to defend his stance. Typical The View. Last time he was on he talked circles around them. Raven couldn't even take part in the conversation because how intelligent he was. This show is nothing but sexist.
winston ledford
winston ledford 2 oy oldin
the low income gets the welfare to pay the rest whoopee and view do your homework my mother gets 700 months her rent is 6hundred 50 dollars month she pays 2oo month the welfare pays the rest mostly the black that has 7 kids all lowest rent in a place to rent is 6 hundred to 900 month on ss money all people that rents homes fixes them up and let welfare pay the rest the welfare wont help unless the man rents home remodeled home the walfare wont help if they make 2200 month on diss or ss as married or single welfare won't help and a person can live on 220 hundred a month or one person on ss making 1200 month can make it if a person makes 1200 dollars is over poverty level the welfare wont help see the home owners has to remodel homes now
winston ledford
winston ledford 2 oy oldin
its how much a person paid in no work you get 700 month on ss ok woopee
Put this into context for yourself : imagine if your rent/mortgage tripled in a couple months. Outrageous.
Barry Dunn
Barry Dunn 2 oy oldin
Wow TRIPLE RENT? Get your facts people. Minimum rent payment was $50 proposed raise to $150. I have a friend who grew up in south chicago that pays $2000 for his one bedroom apartment because he was determined to be successful. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA. No capable human being should be expected to pay $50 a month for rent. Where's the incentive to increase household income in that??? Basic necessities are available at affordable prices here in the U.S. Triple sounds bad but YOU HAVE TO CONDSIDER ITS ON A BASE OF $50. This is being spun WAY OUT OF PROPORTION.
Melinda Thompson
Melinda Thompson 2 oy oldin
being low income does not give others the right to be disrespectful, and break in other peoples unit. its breaded drugs Ang alcohol, burglaries, and scoffing by those who do them, because the rules are not impliemented
Amy E
Amy E 3 oy oldin
anyone... Whoopi for #2o2o..
Amy E
Amy E 3 oy oldin
Ben I liked you because your a Christian soul n white collar profession. Well, I would say Ben pray more I shake my head.
Amy E
Amy E 3 oy oldin
Go whoopee
Amy E
Amy E 3 oy oldin
iugcwq ujojfss. vccssgkk,cçvfaweyjìhøgXçbsawjl. this is crazy Ben I'm a vet +not animal.... but amarine merchant.... { I can't do this twice thhsurqpkd iuhvks uhbxjoa qedjna plus ouhbs piubsdjw unbbdjq dzqwzbsgirlk. sheesh
Tish Marie
Tish Marie 3 oy oldin
Preach Whoopie! If you know then you Know how life is in housing developments! 👌
Truth Jones
Truth Jones 3 oy oldin
Carson already knows what public housing is like, as he grew up in public housing
Truth Jones
Truth Jones 3 oy oldin
Everybody's rent eventually goes up, mortgages too, it called an increasedcost of living, no one escapes
O.G.Bass and rhyme
If they cant pay then screw em!!! People in projects have big dope big money and are not hurting for anything. 150dollars rent is less than 1 night in a decent hotel.
Blessed Servant
Blessed Servant 3 oy oldin
Get him Whoopi!
millie mill
millie mill 3 oy oldin
Ben Carson is one stupid smart man he lacks common sense Trump gave him this position because he was black and lived in poverty as a kid Ben needs a reality check he needs to realize things are not as they were when he was a kid. Rent use to be 100 bucks a month back in the day and people still snuggled. That's why it's time to help people purchase homes at affordable prices.
Valerie Lain
Valerie Lain 3 oy oldin
Whoopi said it beautifully. Praise God.
Doug Mac
Doug Mac 3 oy oldin
Haven't you learn yet, ben doesn't care about these people no more than Trump. Why go visit them? He doesn't care about them. Now if they were rich, Donald would give them a large tax break to buy more gas for thier yatchd. But neither of them care for these poor people of any color. They will NOT be doing home work.
Deadra 3 oy oldin
Whoopie you are really right on this one!!
Gale Underdue
Gale Underdue 3 oy oldin
His Mother was one of those tenants in housing! HE GREW UP IN THESE PROJECTS!!
Doug Lazamar
Doug Lazamar 3 oy oldin
2:02 none of their fault, right?Were they given it that way???....
Jamin crenshaw
Jamin crenshaw 3 oy oldin
A lot of white people will be affected by this. Or should I say trump supporters.
Mac Graves
Mac Graves 3 oy oldin
I believe that your father had the mindset with that comes determination to work his butt off to get out of the projects. She just confirmed what ben carson said. Thanks.
Evangelist Anthony Vega
The sad reality is that alot people abuse the system. Some of them living in these housing project.etc have Big flat screens tvs car that are of year and more food then some villages have.
Lore Bay
Lore Bay 3 oy oldin
What u expect, he gotta please his master, gotta do a good job no matter what it takes from the poor.
Jasper Dale Samaniego
I feel whoopi trying so very hard not to say bad words..
Thomas LaRue
Thomas LaRue 3 oy oldin
Socialism at work, take from poor and give to rich
Tamintris Robinson
I work in that environment they made it same like they were giving jobs to the minority it is a lie... have high employment for the black FAKE NEWS THEY ARE LIARS
Marjorie Desir
Marjorie Desir 3 oy oldin
The smugness of Ben Carson, a black educated men who came from the same projects, but wants to punish them for what, so that he can get some more furniture. You are what's wrong in this country Ben have some shame.
Marcus McNair
Marcus McNair 3 oy oldin
Ben Carson is doing what the white man tell him to do
pj's love
pj's love 3 oy oldin
Carson trumps uncle tom.. House N!!!! Smdh
jerry gentry
jerry gentry 3 oy oldin
Love it TRUMP. 2020
Michael J. Schaefer
They (HUD) just raised rent 50$ a month in May.
Felicia Coby
Felicia Coby 3 oy oldin
Ben Carson does not need to be heading the department of housing period he lacks empathy social skills just all around wrong person he is good so he cares about no one other than himself very judgmental soooo unbelievably sad
boston mass
boston mass 3 oy oldin
Whoopi you forgot the lead based paint,charcoal floor tiles which causes cancer,nasty living environments like this raised some of the best people because they've endured some much the worst conditions!!!! #fireBenCarsonNow
Jay BAII 3 oy oldin
Awwww. The politics of mah feeeewwwiinnggsssss. Politics do not care.
Briana Cason
Briana Cason 3 oy oldin
If all the blacks the Hispanic and native people live america then racism would be turned on the poor
Anthony Golson
Anthony Golson 3 oy oldin
Crying about $150 get a new job
Cristina Morris
Cristina Morris 3 oy oldin
they do t have the money and you want more CARSON.
Richard Page
Richard Page 3 oy oldin
I hate that man with a passion. I live in his hometown and he is hated here.
Diana Echevarria
Diana Echevarria 3 oy oldin
Can't afford kids... Don't have them!! Welfare should really give ppl that are on welfare some condoms!!!
AbsoluteMdot 3 oy oldin
A lot of people are abusing the system though and it's ruining it for everyone that are trying their best to get off of welfare.
Cassie Tolmachoff
OMG!!! Nope..more Homeless you IDIOT..
t Bey
t Bey 3 oy oldin
i disagree my people need to go back to the time when we went to work
edison warfield
edison warfield 3 oy oldin
Ben Carson is cruel There are disabled and senior citizens who only get 10k a year that can't afford to pay more rent this it takes a heartless person to this to a people who have no way of paying more rent money So this makes America great again no it makes America a monster
manaohar samtani
manaohar samtani 3 oy oldin
We have to be humane.
Sylvia Smith
Sylvia Smith 3 oy oldin
Uncle Ben has declared war on the poor.Maybe he will give everybody a box of rice while they live in shelters.
Michael Robles
Michael Robles 3 oy oldin
Right ON WHOOPI u GO !!💪😘👍💗
Pearl Tippins
Pearl Tippins 3 oy oldin
God please bless all the poor and needy......And please have mercy on the greedy....
Dough Boy
Dough Boy 3 oy oldin
Most women I know in my area that are in low income programs are paying 30 per mth for rent yes they can afford 90 a mth for rent they spend that much on weave and clubs
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar 3 oy oldin
He used to be a seventh day Adventist’s# sad
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar 3 oy oldin
Are used to be a seventh day Adventist l# sad
David Madison
David Madison 3 oy oldin
If you want to crack down on abuse then crack down on abuse (at the top and the bottom) but making it harder on people who are already having a hard time is just cruel.
Lynda Saint-Val
Lynda Saint-Val 3 oy oldin
Ben Carson grew up poor in Detroit with a single mother with a 3rd grade education. Throughout his childhood his mother admitted herself into mental institutions when life became overwhelming. He knows the struggles of impoverished people, but he chooses to forget where he came from.
Pat Richardson
Pat Richardson 3 oy oldin
That's exactly what Ben needs to do. I finished high school and I went to college at 50 years of age and I received BA degree. I am now a senior citizen receiving a small 500.00 dollar pension and $1200 social security check and I'm scuffling trying to make ends meet. My rent has recently gone up 25.00 and at 72 I'm thinking about finding a job.
Victor Simmons
Victor Simmons 3 oy oldin
Ben needs me too operate on his brain, And he suppose to be brain surgeon, Bull😱👎👎👎
Toi Dean
Toi Dean 3 oy oldin
TY for that guys, he's a bum!
Jack Micheals
Jack Micheals 3 oy oldin
This man is logically ,objectively NUTS
Mr. Neutral 45
Mr. Neutral 45 3 oy oldin
I have a question for anyone who would like to answer why certain people think it is the taxpayers/government responsibility to take of its poor /or lazy MF's who doesn't want to work it's my my responsibility to help you eat and clothes your kids and provide shelter for your family you created I didn't ask you to lay down and have 1 or 2 or 10 children in the first place that's is what I call a you problem why should I have to pay for public school I don't have any kids you should be able to pay for services that you use where is the benefit in paying for people who make mistakes I never broken any law why should I pay for public housing it is not what I want to spend MY HARD OWN MONEY ON YES I WORK FULLTIME BEEN DOING IT SINCE 1992. Yes I even worked while I was in HIGH SCHOOL so blaming people for your own problems it's your fault the situation you were in not if my btw my father was born in the 1920s my mother is a 1930s they never went to public housing my Father was in the army during World War II my Mother was a nurse they both end up getting married and had 5 children we grow up in a middle class neighborhood my parents where married for 46yrs my Dad pass away in 2005 and my Mom pass away in 2010 not once did they receive public assistance so yes it can he done if you want it bad enough so I wish people would stop complaining/bitching life is not all about you and you and what can get out if it learn to provide for your own family it's not any else jobs to raise your family the responsibility is yours.
The suicidal Indian
So I have to pay more because I’m poor. Wasn’t this a joke from I love money show.
Rael Sackey
Rael Sackey 3 oy oldin
I think Ben Carson hated his own mother for being poor! Remember he claimed that he attacked her with a hammer! Most of these people are trying to keep their heads above water, so their children have a chance to one day change their lives, and that of others. You are a disappointment to all hard working parents, that sacrifice for their children.
Gabriel Bizzlebop
Welfare queens mad now.
Gabriel Bizzlebop
Section 8 should be cut entirely.
Shadeedee 3
Shadeedee 3 3 oy oldin
Thank you to ALL mama who makes it work anywhere!
sebatian 3 oy oldin
Ben is a very intelligent man and right for this job. He also grew up in those places and he knows what he's talking about.
Gabriel Bizzlebop
sebatian exactly.
Antione Berry
Antione Berry 3 oy oldin
you don't rise the rent on low income people period.
Gabriel Bizzlebop
Antione Berry yes you do. Just because you are lagging behind does not mean the world should stop for them.
guacamoleJim 3 oy oldin
Whoopi you know damngood and well that Ben’s skin color is the reason trump thought he knew about HUD. girl quit playin 😂😂
Landhaus Idyll
Landhaus Idyll 3 oy oldin
The problem with such people like Ben Carson is that even if they sit down with the less privileged they won't change. Ben Carson's brain is so up there he can't grasp the reality of the poor. Didn't he just propose to buy an very expensive dining set for his office? The hypocrisy!!!
White Katakuri
White Katakuri 3 oy oldin
Ben Carson is a god, deal with it feminists.
B K 3 oy oldin
California is already dealing with a massive homelessness crisis, Ben just wants to export that to the rest of the country. But then again, if he did this, you can guarantee Trump’s approval rating plummeting. Eliminate corporate welfare. That’d pay for housing 1000 times over.
Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson 4 oy oldin
Ben is a joke he acts like he's smoking somthing
Tornexted 4 oy oldin
Thank God Ben Carson is doing this, those projects only breed crime, thug culture, and drugs. We don't need that anymore.