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Beatrice Fisher Pizarro
Tell the Truth Whoopi! Tell it!
special ned
special ned 14 soat oldin
Good! Get off welfare and get a fucking job. Whoops sucks period
Hale Allison
Hale Allison Kun oldin
I was hoping they would make buying a house easier for hard working Americans. You see it's all about credit now . There are alot of unfair business practices . These businesses make money off low income people. Please understand . I rent and have a family and I pay way more for rent than I would if I owned the house we live in. It doesn't leave much left after all the cost of living expenses
Marshall Roland
Marshall Roland 3 kun oldin
Well people ya better demand illegals be off entitlements rather than make cuts. Our poor are being made poorer. Our government is beyond broke n operating off debt. What awaits us is a unprecedented level of inflation.
Veronica Evans
Veronica Evans 7 kun oldin
Carson is a demon
jedifrogmstr 8 kun oldin
Ben The oreo cookie Carson, is doing the biding of his govt NWO masters!!! It's the Govt VS all Americans!!!!!!!!!!!
Karin Gallagher
Karin Gallagher 10 kun oldin
Whoopie can pay their rent. It's about getting people off the couch and out to work. Clean houses, mow yards, stop being lazy is what it's all about.
Richard Benton II
Richard Benton II 11 kun oldin
I call BS. Carson came from same. These women are diluted. 90% of working able people rob us workers everyday. Ladies, do your homework. The elderly will not be affected.
This Weird Person
This Weird Person 12 kun oldin
This is how people get stuck. They can't save $1000 to start a business or get new clothes to snag a better job. Now it will be even harder yet they will still be blamed! These are elderly people. Children. Laborers working for minimum wage. Then we call them criminals if they work under the table so their children have shoes or a birthday gift. This is just another policy that takes from the poor and gives to the rich!
Ian Lindberg
Ian Lindberg 14 kun oldin
He never wanted to triple it, Whoopie is just making crap up
Sondra Allen
Sondra Allen 14 kun oldin
The rich white people got a big tax break but the little man load is increased what is him being a surgeon retired doing in a housing job is beyond me and why they let him take that position just a puppet for the white people
Elmondo C
Elmondo C 14 kun oldin
It was 20 now is 40 you need to work.you're a Democrat the real racist .He is a black man. You kkk.
Brenda C
Brenda C 14 kun oldin
Ben Carson-Uncle Tom
Pat Richardson
Pat Richardson 14 kun oldin
I'm 72 years old. My rent has been raised 3 times in the last 3 years. Do I need to go get a job or 2 to survive?
Lanier H
Lanier H 14 kun oldin
Whoopi is a screeching harpy. Most wear the latest fashions and use the latest I-phone. Jewelry and gold teeth and gold rims. Obese whales that have diabetes and high blood pressure. Multiple baby daddies. Rampant drug use. And the band played on...
Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown 14 kun oldin
Ben is trying to keep his job. He has not only drank the coffee from 45 but he is now digesting it. 45 has convinced him his own race is awful.
rage of nation
rage of nation 15 kun oldin
Way to go whoopie you go girl!!
Robert Green
Robert Green 15 kun oldin
If I heard correctly, he wants to increase the rental payment portion from 30% of their annual income to 35%. If you use the average Whoopi said of $12k, that means their out of pocket expense for rent goes from $300 a month to $350. May I ask everyone who is not receiving assistance, How much rent are you currently paying? I also heard he was going to freeze their income for 3 years to give them an opportunity to save without their rental expense being touch by inflation. So I dont feel sad for those who are taking advantage of the system. I'm not talking about children, elderly, or disabled. Dont let others interpret things for you, read and investigate things on your own.
Barbara Walker
Barbara Walker 15 kun oldin
Their bad people in the white house why can't he fix that.I don't and never trusted BEN he's not the one for this job.I hope he don't do that, this goes to show you that he's not the one for the job.
Chantay Berry
Chantay Berry 16 kun oldin
Amen. I never lived in the projects. However, I had friends and currently know people that lives in the projects. They are the best people
dead pool
dead pool 16 kun oldin
Thank God I'm not poor
Angela Howard
Angela Howard 16 kun oldin
Now I know what a uncle Tom looks like. Exactly like ben Carson.
Helen Boula
Helen Boula 16 kun oldin
He is a sorry son of a b**** he should be stoned to death.this man is doing this to his own people how much money is he putting in his pocket think about it people he is corrupt to the core and guess what you voted for this monster.
Nadia Naomi Brown-Wotrang
Each family should be treated differently. The government housing program need to go their job. Weed out the bad people from the system. I live in Minnesota, ten years ago a couple on section 8 tried to rent my 5 bedroom house in a upscale neighborhood. The rent was $2500 per month. Their section 8 government housing was paying $1800 a month for their rent. The husband said he would pay the difference. Tried to get me to make a fake Rental Agreement for government housing. They had 8 children. They were driving a brand new Escalade SUV. I was shocked beyond my believe.. Couldn't believe what I was seeing...
Ayixlia Merrets
Ayixlia Merrets 18 kun oldin
What we need in America is a 8$ minimum wage raise and 1$ gas prices
Mark Rahming
Mark Rahming 19 kun oldin
Boo fuckin hoo.......$150 dollar rent per month? If you cant pay that in America with all tjid opportunity ur just lazy and dint want to do better....anyone whos rent was $50 And sat around and waited this long and didnt take advantage of that opportunity was just a looser...we are not here in America to condone mediocrity.....
1goldbaby 19 kun oldin
Tell em Whoopi...
Mattika Blair
Mattika Blair 20 kun oldin
Thank You Whoopi for your Passion
MeNow ADOS 20 kun oldin
What the chuck, did he do brain surgery on himself?
Gabrielle Michelle
Gabrielle Michelle 21 kun oldin
Love you Whoopi!
Anna Hunt
Anna Hunt 21 kun oldin
This man does not care, What! I did all this man said and l end up whit noting,but I raised my 2# kid .there so called dad,send 50$ a mo for both of them,🤔noting more. this man was in army,I was vergin and 18years old, I even get my GED, .It's was hard then .My joined the army, my girl gave me hill, my kid wanted for nothing😓. I now am 66years old,my kid do not help me@ all,there is one ,😦but I am there for them.
Pearl Tippins
Pearl Tippins 21 kun oldin
I know this is old but is Ben Carson still alive.....he raise the rent and disappeared......
Introvert Mama
Introvert Mama 21 kun oldin
These Middle Aged women are just reacting out of emotion. These sort of talk shows are just for people who feel comfortable in an echo chamber.
Denasia Mixson
Denasia Mixson 22 kun oldin
Get him out of there man smh
Carla harris
Carla harris 22 kun oldin
Sickening! This entire administration needs to spend a week homeless without any money before they’re qualified to make policies. They couldn’t handle it one day!
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 23 kun oldin
Lillol F
Lillol F 23 kun oldin
Whoopi, PREACH!!!!!
Shezus Nice
Shezus Nice 23 kun oldin
Joretta Johnson
Joretta Johnson 23 kun oldin
What so special about the project? Unless, you don’t want nothing out of life . This is the worst place to live. This roach and mice infested dump. I rather pay more money for a decent place and area than to live here. Whoopi.
Carol Thomas
Carol Thomas 23 kun oldin
He been hauled up to the Senate floor for spending to much on furniture so he's probably raising rent to pay for his so called needs. Can't stand him or any of the people Trump's put on his cabinet.
Tat Bas
Tat Bas 23 kun oldin
All these people talking about rent is $50.00 and goes up to $150.00 You still have to pay utilities and any other bills you have the government is only paying a percentage that's not much. People always talking and don't do their research, do you homework people before you judge people. Yes, their are people scamming the system but provide other resources that assist people living in poverty. This is what happens when you focused on money and power.
Me We
Me We 24 kun oldin
30-35? OK Maybe YOU WOOPI-GET your numbers straight.
K Queen- J
K Queen- J 25 kun oldin
He need to go back into his field and do surgery to his brains!
CARAMELkimmie Kim
CARAMELkimmie Kim 25 kun oldin
Trust me congress will not pass this!! Carson came from the projects🏡He cannot do that cause it goes towards the person income, how can you get something from somebody that do not gave. He's gonna caused more crimes 🔫 🔪 #bet
S Murray
S Murray 25 kun oldin
Ben Carso grew up in the projects and his mother was on foodstamps. He needs to stop playing!!
tina yinyang
tina yinyang 25 kun oldin
They have to find a way to weed out the abusers/free loaders of the system. The government should develop a case worker of some sorts to get the children in Child care and the parents in some kind of school or trade so they can get a job that will support their family. There should be a progress report on moving to the next level. Elderly and disabled NEED support but the abel bodied and strong child bearing men and women that have fallen into the rut of living off the gov. Need a wake up call. Adults that have missed the mark need help to regroup and try again. If you refuse to make progress or do better than YES you should be cut off.
Wes Wes
Wes Wes 25 kun oldin
Whoopi a legend
michael gray
michael gray 26 kun oldin
Any Black person who is a Republican is a lost idiot period !!
Angel of War I am
Angel of War I am 26 kun oldin
1) yes .. rise the low income rent !! 2) the democrats will be happy 😃 because there be more money 💰 for the illegal immigrants: free hospital 🏥 (obamacare) free food 🥘 stamps free govt housing free utilities gas,water,lights free child 👶 care free legal advise free business loans free educational grants free tv 📺 & cell phones 📱 free driver’s license free identity theft free pizza 🍕 & beer 🍻 free & free everything !! 3) BEST PART the USA 🇺🇸 tax payers don’t get stuck with the bill !! 4) funny thing they can’t call mr carson racist because he black !!
Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things
Get a job stop buming of sec8 and the government !
jerry V
jerry V 26 kun oldin
Girl meme wallese
Girl meme wallese 26 kun oldin
Terry Marshall
Terry Marshall 26 kun oldin
Whoopi has no talent.just a stupid
Floyd Norris
Floyd Norris 26 kun oldin
I grew out of the walt whitman in brooklyn and can tell you no body wants to be there i go back from time to time to keep understanding…Ben is a lost puppy may karma knock on his door..
Lillian Warren
Lillian Warren 26 kun oldin
Thank you.. Bless you for speaking up for the disabled, elderly and other poor folks. God knows no one else will. I became disabled by criminal medical neglect.. Justice is not something I've ever experienced.
Linda Clements
Linda Clements 27 kun oldin
You r wrong whoopie,lots r scammers don't want to work.no not all but most
Dawn Pratt
Dawn Pratt 27 kun oldin
I'm a shame to say I really liked him and that I brought both his books , he really pulled the wool over my eyes and to see how out of touch with people that you are .Silly you !!
Martha Mendoza
Martha Mendoza 27 kun oldin
Get these low life men who are not paying theret childsupport.. what about these men that in Texas the only thing they did was take away there driver licence. Wow!!! And us single woman slaving two jobs to make ends meet. What the he'll is his problem raise rent for these mom's.
Phoebe Jones
Phoebe Jones 27 kun oldin
Thx u Whoopi for speaking on behalf of the hardworking citizens in this country...
Regina Jones
Regina Jones 27 kun oldin
I'm on Section 8 and my rent went up $400 more. I work part time and only made about $18,000 this year. Finally got a fulltime position on my job yesterday. Which will make my life much better.
yo momma told me to say it
Uncle ben at it again huh.........how about the poor whites will the law appiled to them??????
😠Tell´m!!! These Ratbastrds sit in offices making decisions about "a struggle & survival" that they know nothing about! Their perception "everyone" who lives in public housing is ("a drug user and or does not work")😵This clown is an IDIOT to make careless statements such as 👺
Beverly Beverly
Beverly Beverly 27 kun oldin
Elaine Sumbler
Elaine Sumbler 27 kun oldin
Ben don't care about housing tenants what he's doing is making things worst but you reap what you sow your day is coming and every body else that's hurting people.
Recquell Darjean
Recquell Darjean 27 kun oldin
Amen Whoopie❤ God will provide❤
Bond Pyant
Bond Pyant 27 kun oldin
FACT: Ben Carson is ONLY following ORDERS from the White House. This is coming STRAIGHT from tRump. Period. -Should have seen it coming
Smileyface Smileyface
Ben Carson is a rump bought and sold a k.u.t. people like Ben Carson have been around since slavery. They will kiss masters butt. And jump to attention when masters calls them. He will never change. He's mentally ill. Being stupid is a prerequisite to being apart of this racist administration. Even the president didn't work for any of his money, his father gave him 400 million dollars to start his business. His father bailed him out of several failed casinos. He's father and rump used tax scams to give millions of dollars to his brothers and sisters. But you want poor people to become self sufficient. That's b.s. and uncle ben Carson knows it.
Malekatah Campbell
Malekatah Campbell 27 kun oldin
He's delusional! Smh
Jay Suttle
Jay Suttle 27 kun oldin
Cee Jay
Cee Jay 28 kun oldin
Trump flunkie
n house
n house 28 kun oldin
Carson he's thinking unrealistic.
Eleanor Savage
Eleanor Savage 28 kun oldin
The poor..The poor..The poor..Why is it the RICH always got their FOOT on the POOR PPL'S NECK..ijs
Monique  Johnson
Monique Johnson 28 kun oldin
YES...tell em Whoopi...well said
Woman of TheMostHighGod
Buy your own home #Facts
Becky Elgin
Becky Elgin 28 kun oldin
Effecting disabled people who can't work
John Dyson
John Dyson 28 kun oldin
Ben Carson lost his friggung mind somewhere. He was a celebrated surgeon. Maybe the person we see is a clone of Ben.Peace.
Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia 28 kun oldin
If these two black ladies, Morgan freeman, will smith and any others make it happen for themselves. Why is there so many black ppl with victim mentality always complaining about opresión, racism And lack of opportunities. We’re living in US OF AMERICA the most POWERFUL and free country of the entire world, where if you get up every day and work hard and make right decisions. You can make it happen.!
Unique Investor Concepts
Tell it Whoopie!!!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 28 kun oldin
Love dr Ben Carson !! Good for him. Hopefully it will get more people lazy asses to be more responsible. Forget what these buffoons say. They are complete morons starting with Whoopi
Randall Carson
Randall Carson 28 kun oldin
Elderly and Disabled are EXEMPT you idiots! Can these fools read?
fatt boy fatt
fatt boy fatt 28 kun oldin
Give up some of the millions y'all got..or shut the fuk up
Alyssa Moon
Alyssa Moon 28 kun oldin
I think he's doing the right think, I know people who have been on welfare all their lives with no plans of changing. Their excuse is if they change they'll lose their benefits! They need a mental shake up and they're getting it, finally.
Bing Marshall
Bing Marshall 28 kun oldin
Liar!!! He’s raising low-income housing from 30% to 35%... typical liberal lies.
Tina Hardman
Tina Hardman 28 kun oldin
Keep the poor in rags and filth Mark of Beast is coming and they gonna start with the poor and force us to take the mark to feed our kids The end is nay
Tina Hardman
Tina Hardman 28 kun oldin
Go Whoopi
rer1967 28 kun oldin
Hey whoopi, if someone in 2019 cannot pay 150 a month for rent then you are really stupid.
Renee Mechelle
Renee Mechelle 28 kun oldin
Ben Carson disappoint me.
DesMone Ketron
DesMone Ketron 29 kun oldin
BRENDA JONES 29 kun oldin
Thank U Whoopie! This so called man of secretary of housing,do he understand what he is doing? Period!
lORRAINE kNOX 29 kun oldin
Yes do your homework sir reallyh
lORRAINE kNOX 29 kun oldin
You go Whoopi thank you for your saying LISTEN BEN You HEARD THAT BEN GO STAY WITH A FAMILY GO AND SEE
A Short Time
A Short Time 29 kun oldin
Why don’t all these passionate celebrities like Whoopi contribute and help. They are millionaires so what’s a donation of half million to them? Tax right off. I just would like to see them put their money where their mouths are for a change. Maybe they already have but ppl need help...just saying.
Donna Mills
Donna Mills 29 kun oldin
Yes amen I don't live in the projects but I definitely believe you
Donna Mills
Donna Mills 29 kun oldin
Ben you keep on playing with us and we all going to be front of your door matter fact we going to shut down the White House no one will be able to move
Jerry Jordan
Jerry Jordan 29 kun oldin
This is what happens when you practice brain surgery on yourself.
Venerie Copes
Venerie Copes 29 kun oldin
Ben is a jerk..
Jean 29 kun oldin
G GG 29 kun oldin
Ben is so out of touch, he never ever should of got the job. 😒😢😒😒😒😒😒💝
SUGAR SNAPS 29 kun oldin
Kenny Jamison
Kenny Jamison 29 kun oldin
With all these targeting of the poor this country is about to become a war zone
Maxine Waters Confronts Ben Carson
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