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benny blanco & Calvin Harris - I Found You (Official Music Video)

benny blanco
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“I Found You” out now: smarturl.it/IFoundYouBB
Directed by: Jake Schreier

Video featuring: benny blanco, Tory Lanez, Francis and the Lights, Lil’ Dicky, benny's Mom, Halsey, and Cashmere Cat.

Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Line Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Christopher Soos
Color: Michael Rossiter, The Mill NY

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#bennyblanco #CalvinHarris #IFoundYou




2-Noy, 2018

benny blancobennyblancocalvin harriscalvini found youfound youhalseytorytory lanezfrancisfrancis and the lightsfrancis & the lightslil dickydickydancingedm



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benny blanco
benny blanco 2 oy oldin
i made some of my friends dance with me so i looked like less of a loser. love you guys!!!
600firefly1 14 soat oldin
Is Calvin over Taylor yet?
Azra Azeem
Azra Azeem Kun oldin
Hi oMgGgGgGgGgGgGgGgG ur actually real !!!!! ILYSM ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you for being my fav singer and idol xxxxxxx 😃 😊 😀 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ur my fav person EVERRRR !!! and ur so inspirational xxxxxxx
andrew pickering
andrew pickering 2 kun oldin
❤️ this video and song , big up brudda 🤚
Ugur Tas
Ugur Tas 4 kun oldin
amazinggg one word amazingg
Simion Cosmin
Simion Cosmin 5 kun oldin
benny blanco change my life this song. Thank you
Harisman Batatta
Harisman Batatta 43 daqiqa oldin
Nanda Wigati
Nanda Wigati 3 soat oldin
His ass is bigger than mine 😂
pat dyson
pat dyson 4 soat oldin
RAW like the old days . Calvin Harris BRING IT BACK !!!
nobody311 5 soat oldin
I love Calvin Harris...a lot. His music makes me happy :)
funny gamer
funny gamer 9 soat oldin
i can't say what im feeling cause i find this song
Ильгиз Галиев
MRD zone
MRD zone 10 soat oldin
I found you......
Ziomeczek KOX
Ziomeczek KOX 10 soat oldin
MRD zone
MRD zone 10 soat oldin
2:36 Best dance, she fell The vibes
Kristy Hawes
Kristy Hawes 12 soat oldin
Love the dancing by all in this clip
Bali Life
Bali Life 12 soat oldin
My current fave go to tune...
Kristy Hawes
Kristy Hawes 12 soat oldin
Didn't they do thinking about you together
Kristy Hawes
Kristy Hawes 13 soat oldin
Love the film clip, not the typical sexy girls
The Copiador
The Copiador 18 soat oldin
awesome benny and lil dick, separate in born
Scorpion 95
Scorpion 95 20 soat oldin
Кто-тут от Тони Карка?
EZ Минус
EZ Минус 20 soat oldin
Много спама от тебя мэн
Krishna Priya Manoj
I was so happy to see Halsey jump in!😍🔥
Andrea J.
Andrea J. Kun oldin
I missed that voice in a song 💓💓💓
Max :]
Max :] Kun oldin
3:10 anyone noice that guy squeeze that other guys butt
Steff SK
Steff SK Kun oldin
MisterQuizzz Kun oldin
is it supposed to be hilarious? cuz it makes me laugh each time i watch it!
Abby Lit
Abby Lit Kun oldin
That made me smileeee (:
Ivone Mariano
Ivone Mariano Kun oldin
With Miguel’s voice it was much better...
Chidera _2005
Chidera _2005 Kun oldin
I was here JANUARY 19 2019 just in case Benny blows up and I miss it 😅😭
Kike sanchez
Kike sanchez Kun oldin
I love this song!!! C.H. C.H. C.H. C.H.!!!
Ryan Slow.
Ryan Slow. Kun oldin
Paulina Juchnik
Paulina Juchnik Kun oldin
this video music is AMAZING
S. G.M.
S. G.M. Kun oldin
Catchy... I can't stop 😍
dimey Kun oldin
Poor video....
Tudor Miller
Tudor Miller Kun oldin
TK Factory
TK Factory Kun oldin
This video had sooooo much more potential.........
nelson loko
nelson loko Kun oldin
Vim pela( energia 97.7 fm )📻
nelson loko
nelson loko 2 kun oldin
Tem algum brasileiro ouvindo a música? 🔊🔊😃
enmanuel pineda
enmanuel pineda 2 kun oldin
Yes finally not mainstream calvin harris,love this.
Mr. eccentricities
Mr. eccentricities 2 kun oldin
WORST SONG EVER it's literally just threw words😃
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 kun oldin
I wish this song would stop popping up in auto play it's really annoying
cristian romero pavon
In Honduras I love.
Randall Mulkins
Randall Mulkins 2 kun oldin
Halsey at the end gets me everytime
nate888 Tran
nate888 Tran 2 kun oldin
Benny blanco from the bronx ?
huhu 2 kun oldin
holy fuck those are the sickest moves ive ever seen xD
Amber Theama
Amber Theama 2 kun oldin
was that lil dicky???
GoldHayes 2 kun oldin
Yes disable comments on your extremely one sided viewpoint of the immigration process. We Americans would gladly have accepted them into our country, if they’d come through the LEGAL way. We aren’t racist for wanting people to be documented coming into our country. None of you would open your doors and say “Anyone who wants, come in, take my bed, take my food, take my job, take my money”.its not about race it’s about law and order and security. There’s tragic stories every day in the US, why not make a music video about that? Because it isn’t social media relevant enough.
Juan Jose Cuellar
Juan Jose Cuellar 2 kun oldin
David Armstrong
David Armstrong 2 kun oldin
I wanna hang with Benny Blanco
TweaQAU 3 kun oldin
Why is Bob Ross dancing on a Calvin Harris music video? LOL
Metal Ost
Metal Ost 3 kun oldin
Simple, Nice, Perfect.
Armaria Peace
Armaria Peace 3 kun oldin
why isn’t he wearing shoes
DJ DE andersson
DJ DE andersson 3 kun oldin
A S 3 kun oldin
Calvin Harris is the best!
Xavier Bennett
Xavier Bennett 3 kun oldin
Raz! 3 kun oldin
Thank you all for Sharing Nildas Story......
scarr ackerman
scarr ackerman 3 kun oldin
Thanks for showing the reality of my country, maybe some people will understand a bit more about inmigrants. Peace and love for everybody!
elfernandusko12 3 kun oldin
lil dicky :')
patsam17 3 kun oldin
lol just noticed thats lil dicky my maaan
Ron Jones
Ron Jones 4 kun oldin
Great tune!
MASK face
MASK face 4 kun oldin
🔥 excellent.
Real original beat😝😝😝, why so many cookie cutters in this world??
belieberdiaries 4 kun oldin
That was so sweet
rodrigo frança
rodrigo frança 4 kun oldin
A song has never touched me so much.
vinicius manzini
vinicius manzini 5 kun oldin
I would like to know from the producer of this clip the idea, I liked it much more did not understand the context. big hug!
Kenneth Nyambe.
Kenneth Nyambe. 5 kun oldin
Nilda's story brought me here☺
Brad Pott
Brad Pott 5 kun oldin
Who deleted my fg comments? Pr x
Kunga Chokden
Kunga Chokden 5 kun oldin
Clavin Harris music is so cool
Hema Balamurugan
Hema Balamurugan 5 kun oldin
Love how you sing the lyrics
Andreas vB
Andreas vB 6 kun oldin
Lil Dicky!
Bien Ly
Bien Ly 6 kun oldin
did anybody see that butt grab from cashmere cat?😏😏😏
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa 6 kun oldin
Que batida maravilhosa!!!
Deziree aguilar
Deziree aguilar 6 kun oldin
Damn i woah i had a group of friends just like everyone of those people such awesome people. ❤❤❤😁 keep up the awesome work everyone brings smiles to my face everyday love the music and work you ask pour out 💚💚😏❤😇
Blue Rose
Blue Rose 6 kun oldin
I found you
Sashabox 360
Sashabox 360 6 kun oldin
0:46 I'm in love with that bit. ❤❤❤
Darkpax Gaming
Darkpax Gaming 6 kun oldin
Not bad but not a world hit
ALL CHINNA 6 kun oldin
Тридцать миллионов просмотров....😉😉😉
Brad Pott
Brad Pott 6 kun oldin
The song repeats too much. They don't make 'em like they used to. All the good melodies were used up by McCartney's lot by 1980.
Brad Pott
Brad Pott 6 kun oldin
He dances ok. He just keeps stopping.
geordiehighroller 6 kun oldin
just heard this for first time gorgeous tune
Ugur Tas
Ugur Tas 6 kun oldin
We are so much miss old Calvin Harris THANK YOU .This song is so good.
ÖMÜR Ö. 6 kun oldin
3:11 ;-)
엠창 6 kun oldin
Lil dicky !!!♡♡♡
Miguel G
Miguel G 7 kun oldin
He looks like Nacho Libre!
Oskar Soriano
Oskar Soriano 7 kun oldin
🕺🕺🕺🕺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Calvin Harris
Zavvier Jaxxan
Zavvier Jaxxan 7 kun oldin
Is that lil dicky?
Jase B
Jase B 7 kun oldin
Calvin is back to his original best from the 06/07 era. I've just discovered benny but I love this guy!!
diamond 7 kun oldin
nilda story made me cryyyyy
Timothy Sharpen
Timothy Sharpen 7 kun oldin
Great track love this 😀
Bradyboy 7 kun oldin
Best part 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 0:10 0:11 0:12 0:13 0:14 0:15 0:16 0:17 0:18 0:19 0:20 0:21 0:22 0:23 0:24 0:25 0:26 0:27 0:28 0:29 0:30 0:31 0:32 0:33 0:34 0:35 0:36 0:37 0:38 0:39 0:40 0:41 0:42 0:43 0:44 0:45 0:46 0:47 0:48 0:49 0:50 0:51 0:52 0:53 0:54 0:55 0:56 0:57 0:59 1:00 1:01 1:02 1:03 1:04 1:05 1:06 1:07 1:08 1:09 1:10 1:11 1:12 1:13 1:14 1:15 1:16 1:17 1:18 1:19 1:20 1:21 1:22 1:23 1:24 1:25 1:26 1:27 1:28 1:29 1:30 1:31 1:32 1:33 1:34 1:35 1:36 1:37 1:38 1:39 1:40 1:41 1:42 1:43 1:44 1:45 1:46 1:47 1:48 1:49 1:50 1:51 1:52 1:53 1:54 1:55 1:56 1:57 1:58 1:59 2:00 2:01 2:02 2:03 2:04 2:05 2:06 2:07 2:08 2:09 2:10 2:11 2:12 2:13 2:14 2:15 2:16 2:17 2:18 2:19 2:20 2:21 2:22 2:23 2:24 2:25 2:26 2:27 2:28 2:29 2:30 2:31 2:32 2:33 1:34 2:35 2:36 2:37 2:38 2:39 2:41 2:42 2:43 2:44 2:45 2:46 2:47 2:48 2:49 2:50 2:51 2:52 2:53 2:54 2:55 2:56 2:57 2:58 2:59 3:00 3:01 3:02 3:03 3:04 3:05 3:06 3:07 3:08 3:09 3:10 3:11 3:12 plz help me get 100 likes it mean a lot this took I while
José Nuno Raposo
José Nuno Raposo 7 kun oldin
I love this soooonng!!!
Bilyal Mestanov
Bilyal Mestanov 7 kun oldin
Nice Cashmere Cat cameo!
Nienke Kruizinga
Nienke Kruizinga 7 kun oldin
someone 2019?;)
DevilThe202 7 kun oldin
Benny looks like a chilled guy, love this kind of music video
Kim Jong-Nuke
Kim Jong-Nuke 7 kun oldin
Benny for president.
Coco 7 kun oldin
Benny dancing with his mama how sweet love it 😘
Khiana Hamilton
Khiana Hamilton 8 kun oldin
All I expected was to see imagery to a good ass song. I literally cried... No one should have to go through this
yerson Lopez
yerson Lopez 8 kun oldin
Está cancion está inspirada en la hondureña... Triste realidad
Jeremy Lampert
Jeremy Lampert 8 kun oldin
man his mom is in great shape and a good looking older lady! i dig it
Keith Gitogo
Keith Gitogo 8 kun oldin
The Calvin Harris we all knew is back with a BANG!
Vitor Coelho
Vitor Coelho 8 kun oldin
Paula Marques
Paula Marques 8 kun oldin
The song is really amazing,but the video could be best tho ;p
Azerty ytreza
Azerty ytreza 8 kun oldin
3:10 wtf !!!!!!!!