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benny blanco & Calvin Harris - I Found You (Official Music Video)

benny blanco
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“I Found You” out now: smarturl.it/IFoundYouBB
Directed by: Jake Schreier

Video featuring: benny blanco, Tory Lanez, Francis and the Lights, Lil’ Dicky, benny's Mom, Halsey, and Cashmere Cat.

Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Line Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Christopher Soos
Color: Michael Rossiter, The Mill NY

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#bennyblanco #CalvinHarris #IFoundYou




2-Noy, 2018

benny blancobennyblancocalvin harriscalvini found youfound youhalseytorytory lanezfrancisfrancis and the lightsfrancis & the lightslil dickydickydancingedm



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benny blanco
benny blanco 10 kun oldin
i made some of my friends dance with me so i looked like less of a loser. love you guys!!!
Sismerica Aika
Sismerica Aika 4 soat oldin
story of my life XD well done dude.
Chronos127 8 soat oldin
John Leguizamo called and wants his name back... theres only 1 "Benny Blanco.. from the Bronx"
Mert Pişkin
Mert Pişkin 16 soat oldin
what's the name of that dancer girl?
dan666sme 23 soat oldin
the main thing is you moves...doesn't matter how you move...once you let it free and flowing...that's it...
jamrockprincess Kun oldin
LOL you are too adorable! This video gave me warm fuzzies! :D
Veronica Hryshkevich
Halsey in this video xd
Solange De Sousa
Solange De Sousa 5 soat oldin
I LIKE CROWN200 6 soat oldin
Halsay very cute(≧∇≦)
Alex chambers
Alex chambers 7 soat oldin
this is shit !!!
Miguel Rynarzewski
Miguel Rynarzewski 7 soat oldin
SIN SKULL Music 10 soat oldin
i found you~
chedda cat
chedda cat 12 soat oldin
Benny looks like Lil Dickys son! or small brother! lmfao
Alek Villa
Alek Villa 13 soat oldin
That's so Calvin Harris
Doritos ROBLOX
Doritos ROBLOX 13 soat oldin
this time.. *calvin harris* sings
Murat BİLGİLİ 15 soat oldin
Özgür Turhan?
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts 15 soat oldin
You can download the video at: payskip.me/We9IMtm
Mert Pişkin
Mert Pişkin 16 soat oldin
who's the redhead pixie dancer?
Elliott Wilson
Elliott Wilson 18 soat oldin
What episode of Impractical Jokers is this?
Soy Abby
Soy Abby 19 soat oldin
The voice of calvin harris, is sooo sexy
Royal Royal
Royal Royal 19 soat oldin
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber 19 soat oldin
Calvin Harris! ❤🙏
Dead Dreams
Dead Dreams 3 soat oldin
Fucking stoopid
Sismerica Aika
Sismerica Aika 4 soat oldin
nah it's legit this is really him. Hey JB! wassup?
I LIKE CROWN200 6 soat oldin
Hu Awei
Hu Awei 8 soat oldin
Wtf? 20like? ha
Luis de Marcos
Luis de Marcos 8 soat oldin
+Juan Manuel Santiago No he's not
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone 19 soat oldin
Its My Birthday ♥
Ángel Salavdor Martinez
Chingen a su mabre putos comerciales
Renhao Zheng
Renhao Zheng 21 soat oldin
Does Benny Blanco just not wear any shoes
Alireza Alikhani
Alireza Alikhani 22 soat oldin
یاد شهرام شب پره افتادم
Melody Cypher
Melody Cypher 23 soat oldin
I'm gonna need a list of the other artists in order of appearance
Lil F U M X
Lil F U M X Kun oldin
Why this song sounds like electricity from dua lipa?
Heather Martin
Heather Martin Kun oldin
This video is so much fun
J Kun oldin
Benny Blanco is next dancing queen 👑
G. Romero
G. Romero Kun oldin
yes you did!
Kay_kay_ Kool
Kay_kay_ Kool Kun oldin
I loved that he had Halsey in this!
Koji Boyz
Koji Boyz Kun oldin
I love the fact that you and dave look alike
Vvbb Vvbb
Vvbb Vvbb Kun oldin
Who is that guy 1:08
Green ,
Green , 14 soat oldin
Looks like Francis and the Lights
Benny is weird. He's always got no shoes on lol
lxvi84 Kun oldin
This video is so sweet. Glad to see that from big commercial artists.
Gazza Williams
Gazza Williams Kun oldin
I don't keep up to date with the charts, I'm a 90s rock guy, but I do keep up with Calvin Harris and today I've only just realised that this guy and little dicky aren't the same thing
Andy Pulalo
Andy Pulalo Kun oldin
Where's Calvin ?....
Теодора Чоканова
Awesome video
Shamster1984 Kun oldin
Calvin Harris is a clever producer, sticks to formula for success and his productions are not trying too hard
kicking bum
kicking bum Kun oldin
In every clip they put gays or trannie ....fuck media and their bs gay propaganda !!
بتوين Between
OMG Calvin Harris you are the best
Andy Pulalo
Andy Pulalo Kun oldin
i loved you benny , its ridiculous lol
ponyoω Kun oldin
Could u tell me What brand's
GrizzlyAus Kun oldin
This clip makes me smile so much!
Momo B
Momo B Kun oldin
Momo B
Momo B Kun oldin
My little brother is in love with it
King Ntp
King Ntp Kun oldin
How small is this dude tho 😂😂
skaterbecke Kun oldin
Me on a night out 😂
NAY RA Kun oldin
calvin your singing 😍😍😍
[Banned User]
[Banned User] Kun oldin
what a trash song
Phillip Samuel
Phillip Samuel Kun oldin
This video is so fucking amazing- the song/track is what I needed to end the year!
konsa TV
konsa TV Kun oldin
You’ll be forever known amongst the one hit wonders group. Rip
JAX Kun oldin
Why he look so much like Lil Dicky?
Chris Foo
Chris Foo Kun oldin
That last ass grab tho
RVNNX Kun oldin
Benny is The Number One!
Zain MD
Zain MD Kun oldin
Had to be honest guys. Not a good one!! This is the first time I am hitting thumbs down on a video.
Ryan boyle
Ryan boyle Kun oldin
Is Benny blanco doing the dancing form this is america🤔
SaMa TeSa
SaMa TeSa Kun oldin
Collette Noble
Collette Noble Kun oldin
make you feel happy and chilled tune
German Macedo
German Macedo Kun oldin
Este chida
LDP Kun oldin
I will be listening to this song very frequently
BM 7
BM 7 Kun oldin
2:05 That sound... don’t know why/how but it launched nostalgic childhood vibes ;(
lunt banzi
lunt banzi 2 kun oldin
The fuck is this?
Luke Wealthall
Luke Wealthall 2 kun oldin
Oh no! Calvin, keep yourself off the vocals 😑 good tune though!
Adit Bajnath
Adit Bajnath 2 kun oldin
So....never expected this.....
Master Matt
Master Matt 2 kun oldin
Such a feel good jam!!
MJ MJ 2 kun oldin
The voice of calvin is incredible... Very happy to hear his voice after a long time.. 😀😀👌👌
Ákos Téglási
Ákos Téglási 2 kun oldin
This is a very COOL song!!!! I love it!! 🙌🙌🙌😇😇 .....but... What has he made in this song??? I only hear Richard's(Calvin's) nice vocal and original sound technic, he has already used in older songs. So i hope nobody would misunderstand this, but i didn't realise what's Benny's task.(apart from "dancing" in the video) Has he written the lyrics?
adamutuber 2 kun oldin
Boring song, boring film clip
your mum
your mum 2 kun oldin
Calvin Harris is the Scottish music king 👑
JFF 02
JFF 02 2 kun oldin
Yoshue Miranda
Yoshue Miranda 2 kun oldin
but what is this?
tayla !
tayla ! 2 kun oldin
who's singing?
Tasha What
Tasha What 2 kun oldin
Ws@ .kj
Ahmed Demo
Ahmed Demo 2 kun oldin
OLD \❤️/ \❤️/
jorj plunga
jorj plunga 2 kun oldin
what is benny blanco doing there??
Memphis Ace
Memphis Ace 2 kun oldin
sounds like old calvin harris. nice
Samuel Qaqish
Samuel Qaqish 2 kun oldin
Is that lil Dicky with the flower?
Josh Baldy
Josh Baldy 2 kun oldin
Basically the wanted I found you but only two lyrics of it lol
muhammad fadhil oktafianto
Calvin sounds suck
gary oliver
gary oliver 2 kun oldin
While the dancing level is entertaining at least, in terms of technical performance, it is a disaaster I'm afraid Benny. I don't think your friends can successfully mask how bad the choreography is and I doubt even a smoke screen would offer much help darling but, it made me laugh.
Edilia Toro
Edilia Toro 2 kun oldin
I think Benny Blanco would be such a cool person to chill with.
D-ryll 2 kun oldin
Swipe it
Rave Moments
Rave Moments 2 kun oldin
Can't get enough of this song and Alfred Beck - You're Mine ❤️🔥
Blanki Blue's Booms!
+Faris Hussain :I
Faris Hussain
Faris Hussain Kun oldin
Derek NOLA
Derek NOLA 2 kun oldin
great song man.. much respect
Ls 2 kun oldin
Lackluster imo, I blame Calvin
Brian Haydel
Brian Haydel 2 kun oldin
Moms so proud of u bro
Denisa Füllová
Denisa Füllová 2 kun oldin
even walls must dancing !! :-)
phil ipp
phil ipp 2 kun oldin
its just the perfect song
rhona1991 2 kun oldin
Love that Adam is singing again 💙
Pri_yxx 2 kun oldin
Benny found his long lost brother at 1:36
Yona sama
Yona sama 2 kun oldin
This would make such a good mashup with “Thinking about you” by Calvin
Chicoria da Sociedade
Like those 2010 Calvin Harris songs
Florian Jeske
Florian Jeske 2 kun oldin
1:47 Lil Dicky ❤
Raisa 2 kun oldin
Everything amazing except for that girl at the end
tariq khan
tariq khan 2 kun oldin
Whose man is this?
Julena x
Julena x 2 kun oldin
i’m here for halsey
VfEBK 3 kun oldin
Tbf I prefer songs with a mix of DJs and singers. Not saying this isn't good, I just prefer songs like eastside...
TheBlashMusic 2 kun oldin
VfEBK Calvin Harris is a singer though
Giovanna Bezerra
Giovanna Bezerra 3 kun oldin
benny is the best person
Josu Eguren
Josu Eguren 3 kun oldin
Nawaf B
Nawaf B 3 kun oldin
where is his shoes 🤔
Gaz Music
Gaz Music 3 kun oldin
Ashley 💛