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benny blanco & Calvin Harris - I Found You (Official Music Video)

benny blanco
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“I Found You” out now: smarturl.it/IFoundYouBB
Directed by: Jake Schreier

Video featuring: benny blanco, Tory Lanez, Francis and the Lights, Lil’ Dicky, benny's Mom, Halsey, and Cashmere Cat.

Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Line Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Christopher Soos
Color: Michael Rossiter, The Mill NY

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#bennyblanco #CalvinHarris #IFoundYou




2-Noy, 2018



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benny blanco
benny blanco 5 oy oldin
i made some of my friends dance with me so i looked like less of a loser. love you guys!!!
Theo Kikilas
Theo Kikilas Kun oldin
Greetingss from Greeece!! Greek islands will play it longgg summer!!!
Couldream 6 kun oldin
Benny Blanco you are the best, the truth. ; D
Lee Clark
Lee Clark 14 kun oldin
Class song
Lachanda Wilson
Lachanda Wilson 16 kun oldin
This is a great feel good song. Love it.
Lachanda Wilson
Lachanda Wilson 16 kun oldin
NoTjUsT hUmAn
NoTjUsT hUmAn 12 soat oldin
Imma be honest I came here for lil dicky and I was not disappointed.
MildManNerd 13 soat oldin
1:46 We love the Earth & you Benny
mrnobody butyou
mrnobody butyou 18 soat oldin
lil dicky = calvin harris
Gen Hurtado
Gen Hurtado Kun oldin
This was so cute Benny
Everton Andrade
Everton Andrade Kun oldin
19/04/2019 BRASIL !!! 👏
Theo Kikilas
Theo Kikilas Kun oldin
20/04/2019 GREECE!!!!
Yuyu Other Namem
Yuyu Other Namem 2 kun oldin
That butt contact at the end😂😂😂😂😂😛😛
Jeffrey L
Jeffrey L 2 kun oldin
Can we just talk about cuTe the mom’s baggy pants are? It’s adorable especially dancing lol
David VLOG
David VLOG 2 kun oldin
Je t'ai trouvé !
Co co TV
Co co TV 2 kun oldin
Best song❤❤
Carwyn Davies
Carwyn Davies 2 kun oldin
is it just me or did anyone else think that bennys mother was Jess Glynne :)
Emanuel Mohtaji
Emanuel Mohtaji 2 kun oldin
Great song!
SanNo Trunks
SanNo Trunks 2 kun oldin
if i teach u how to rave dance u be num 1. email me
Christian Nunez
Christian Nunez 2 kun oldin
0% drugs 0% nudity 0% cussing 0% luxury This music video is a masterpiece
Deborah Kim
Deborah Kim 3 kun oldin
Just as much as I expected from Adam.
Deborah Kim
Deborah Kim 3 kun oldin
This song is awesome. This music video is even more awesome. hehe.
James Schnitzer
James Schnitzer 4 kun oldin
House music at it's best , I found you ...))
Jorge paredes
Jorge paredes 4 kun oldin
great song !! saludos from Peru ;)
Lucy Hammond
Lucy Hammond 6 kun oldin
Cameron Singh
Cameron Singh 7 kun oldin
this is a good song
Nirmal Inamdar
Nirmal Inamdar 7 kun oldin
The vibe of this song and video... got me feelin good
Nirmal Inamdar
Nirmal Inamdar 7 kun oldin
The vibe of this song and video... got me feelin good
Aradhana Kumar
Aradhana Kumar 7 kun oldin
9yearoldkid 3 kun oldin
tryin to grab asszz ;)
Kiriakos Papageorgiou
Υπέροχο τραγούδι!!! Το Αγαπώ ❤️❣️🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶
Odalys Guamán
Odalys Guamán 8 kun oldin
Como me fascina esta canción
Ashley Atkinson
Ashley Atkinson 8 kun oldin
I could have watched him and his mom the whole time
Assman Santos
Assman Santos 9 kun oldin
1:40 that's Lil Dicky if your wondering
Mariana Herrera
Mariana Herrera 10 kun oldin
Benny is the fucken best👌🏽😌
Lizandra Moreira
Lizandra Moreira 10 kun oldin
Mariana Briceño
Mariana Briceño 11 kun oldin
Loving this
Tomas Dokins
Tomas Dokins 11 kun oldin
Simple but very nice! Really like that video (and the music too as well)! positive vibes :)))
Cris Castro
Cris Castro 13 kun oldin
Benny tiene cara de Benny
Maria Isabel Romano
Maria Isabel Romano 13 kun oldin
that song is awesome wow amazing
Charles Harley Ford Walker
i made some of my friends dance with me so i looked like less of a loser. love you guys!!!
CHRISANDERSON 111 13 kun oldin
Is that sal
Like Ly
Like Ly 14 kun oldin
Who here heard this in a clothes mall? No? Only me? Okay.
Infusion Collective
Infusion Collective 14 kun oldin
Mitchell Falzon
Mitchell Falzon 14 kun oldin
made me so happy
Rupam Mandal
Rupam Mandal 15 kun oldin
Cute 😁
Churros Burritos
Churros Burritos 15 kun oldin
Halsey is so super cute !!
Jon Mcintire
Jon Mcintire 16 kun oldin
They found Benny blanco , the song is good😁😝
Jon Mcintire
Jon Mcintire 16 kun oldin
Nice video , Calvin Harris rocks😎😀😉
_favlines_ Music
_favlines_ Music 18 kun oldin
1:48 .. 😍😍soo cute
Smack Tok
Smack Tok 18 kun oldin
Fuck benny
vanessa medina
vanessa medina 18 kun oldin
i love this song
Lucas Manuel Iturria
is a genius !!
Talia candy
Talia candy 20 kun oldin
Cheapest video ever.
Caleb 20 kun oldin
Is Lil dicky in this video? hahaha
uraz gg
uraz gg 20 kun oldin
Pekas Villarreal
Pekas Villarreal 20 kun oldin
This song is the bomb 💣
Pekas Villarreal
Pekas Villarreal 20 kun oldin
My crush and I gave her a note to hear this song
Jason Updike
Jason Updike 21 kun oldin
why does the guy in the tie dye shirt look like courage jd with a jerry curl lol
i ChOoOse
i ChOoOse 21 kun oldin
psuedospike 22 kun oldin
That was the cutest.
Miss Mumpitz - Psychologie, Reisen & mehr!
Anybody noticed 3:11 ? 👌😂
LIL YEEET 23 kun oldin
its like benny is avoiding the pink haired girl with pink sweatpants
Grant Fitz
Grant Fitz 23 kun oldin
Who is the female dancer that enters at 2:32?
Alex Carvajal Saboya
Nordine Rabkralfa
Nordine Rabkralfa 24 kun oldin
Une musique de malade on a envie de bouger son corps
Kontact 25 kun oldin
Rappers/singers need fresh beats? I got that fire. 🎹🎹🎹
Ratih Surya
Ratih Surya 25 kun oldin
This is the weirdest music video that I like 😂
Kaique Almeida
Kaique Almeida 26 kun oldin
Harris é foda, é completo!
BASEL SCHWEIZER 28 kun oldin
super Video
Luz Acero
Luz Acero 28 kun oldin
Love it
Olivia Baran
Olivia Baran 29 kun oldin
please reply if you know the trousers helsey is wearing
Shain Playz-ROBLOX
Shain Playz-ROBLOX 29 kun oldin
nilda's story thanks for guys for puting some our some truth out there #IFOUNDYOU
ALAOUI BL simo 29 kun oldin
is that lil dicky
KJA 29 kun oldin
For the 1% of people seeing this I hope your dreams come true my dream is to become a successful youtuber
ryan shearon
ryan shearon 27 kun oldin
And you man, my dream is to become a professional fighting game player :)
Fortnite Beginner
🎶 _Cuz I Found You_ 🎶
Damian Whindleton
(Benny's mom) Everyone watching 👀
Florian Schubert
I love the guy at the beginning.
Jenny Kim
Jenny Kim Oy oldin
that's where he gets those lovely locks from
Eire Oy oldin
I gave you a million views 👍
Aquaria Mattel Trixxie
This song is criminally underrated 😭
Daddylongneck 25 kun oldin
Thicc Boi K.
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi 25 kun oldin
+Aquaria Mattel Trixxie ok
Aquaria Mattel Trixxie
+Thicc Boi it deserves so much more
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Oy oldin
30 million views,sis.The song is catchy tho.
Prius Oy oldin
Omg literally old Harris is best Harris
Marisa Laurinho
Alban Biba
Alban Biba Oy oldin
Better save that moooooney
Looped Oy oldin
But why the gay message at the end? 3:09
mrihzaray rayanakmu
this is what music video look like with no or low budget.
Mayte Arceo
Mayte Arceo Oy oldin
bb Adam y su voz hermosa✨😁
James Schnitzer
Stand in a circle with about five people , watch someone start to dance never fails ..!
Farid Bayou
Farid Bayou Oy oldin
rosa jojo
rosa jojo Oy oldin
Mass Debater
Mass Debater Oy oldin
Not a fan of the song and befuddled as a motherfucker watching the video
Mass Debater
Mass Debater Oy oldin
Couldn't understand the gist of the east side song either his directing is a mindfuck but at least I like the other song
600firefly1 Oy oldin
Werk it
Stream Alive
Stream Alive Oy oldin
Calvin Harris is futuristic and evokes good nostalgia.
Andre67 Oy oldin
This song is so inspirational. It touched me almost as much as "thunder" by imagine dragons. In case anyone wanted the lyrics to this moving song, I wrote them here: "I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you I found you"
Romina Toledo
Romina Toledo Oy oldin
No paro de escucharlo, me sube el ánimo mágicamente todos los días, buena energía 🙌🙌💃🏽
BRUNNER Oy oldin
This track and the video are awesome, what a positive vibe... Thank you for this great song
Johannes Shangadi
That old Calvin Harris nostalgia evoking surges of dopamine in my brain. Love and Light to anyone who reads this.
Ganaa Lkhagva
Ganaa Lkhagva Oy oldin
benny looks like an lil dicky drake
Bibek Bhattarai
Look Lil Dicky is there 🙄
Nick W
Nick W Oy oldin
I wish this song was longer than 3 minutes
Maria Wassabi
Maria Wassabi Oy oldin
Nick W here is a replay for you 3:14
Street Food Alyza
sweet song
Maribel Flores
Jonas ABBOU Oy oldin
Benny's mom looks like Jess Glynne
shone micheal
shone micheal Oy oldin
Ishaq Arif
Ishaq Arif Oy oldin
Literally just watched a compilation of them before this video
10,000 Subs without any videos challenge!
Me dancing with myself for literally 3 minutes and 13 seconds straight
Jurel Oy oldin
Tru asf
Ella melissa
Ella melissa Oy oldin
I love this song... Powerful lyrics
Luis David
Luis David Oy oldin
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