BERNIE SANDERS RESPONSE: Senator Speaks Following President Trump, Democrats (FNN)

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Tonya Long
Tonya Long 2 kun oldin
no bills only indictments lmao c u in gitmo lair yourself its not about the wall u have been served
Tonya Long
Tonya Long 2 kun oldin
aleast were alive not the kids u pedos gave killed
Tonya Long
Tonya Long 2 kun oldin
nope obumma did we will suffer to help arrest u pedos
Joy Porcella
Joy Porcella 2 kun oldin
Lots of cult followers with this uneducated tv reality star russian laundering money so callex republican that this gop hides behind. This fear mongering so called paitriot is going to keep lying to the american ppl. And you so called republicans are going to call sanders a communist when your a damned russian agent. Oh Putin loves him pulling out of the un. Its a cult following he has. So called god fearing conservatives are a bunch of lying fools. They are afraid their narsistic bigot gets his wall. Your so called president is a 🇷🇺 russian ex KGB putin stooge. It will be the enx of America. Becase of frightened foolish ppl who are gullible and frightened.
Dynamic Tamang
Dynamic Tamang 4 kun oldin
Thank you bernie u share my feelings. I’m also immigrant I been here over 20 years and I work hard. I did a lot things for this country .
Michael Stahel
Michael Stahel 6 kun oldin
Lmao .. now that's funny
Thomas MacKelly
Thomas MacKelly 6 kun oldin
Bernie 2020. The true Populist 👍🏽
jennell82 6 kun oldin
Sanders is part of the problem! Maybe he should be in prison with the rest of the crooks, Obama's, Clinton's, Bush's,and many, many more! President Trump is already the BEST President we've had in so, very long. Our country and our citizens deserve more politicians like President Trump! God bless him and his family and God Bless America!!!
Bongo Bongo Bongo
Bongo Bongo Bongo 7 kun oldin
Here's some facts for all you brain-dead trump fanboys. - Blaming the democrats for not cooperating demonstrates your lack of understanding in how politics work or what cooperation and compromise is defined as - Most Americans do not want a wall, approval ratings are 41% for Trump and 38% for the border wall respectively, 47% of americans also blame Trump for the shutdown - Illegal immigration is a relatively inconsequential problem compared to ex. climate change - Something as rudimentary as a wall would be innefficient in stopping drug-flow - Socialism is an umbrella term reffering to a large spectrum of economial ideologies that advocate that it's the collective - and government's job to resolve economical and political issues. America has public services and wellfare which fall under socialism. Socialism isn't an ideology in and off itself, so equating social democracy and Bernie by extension with Venezuela for sharing an umbrella title is goddamn retarded
Crypt On
Crypt On 7 kun oldin
Created=manufactured. They are really pushing the North American Union. Traitors.
dennis bryan
dennis bryan 8 kun oldin
Then make a deal on the wall and Bernie doesn't give a crap about anyone unless he can use it in his socialist agenda
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 8 kun oldin
Bernie would have been a very weak POTUS. Hillary ran him over and he didnt do anything.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 8 kun oldin
Your Whole Opposition is the cost of the wall. You have already lost.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 8 kun oldin
This is Trumps Way of saying, Your Fired. We Elected Trump. That was the Platform that our Government is subposed to be pushing. Start doing it. Or stay at home.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 8 kun oldin
The Military Industrial Complex stole 21 Trillion from us. They cant find one clown to come up with 5 Billion to secure Trumps will for a wall that could help. But it wont hinder. I am glad Trump was elected as I believe if someone like Bernie wouldnt have been able to move the flagsticks.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 8 kun oldin
Keep that Shutdown going until People start doing what our Elected President tell them. Build the damn wall already. The Next President can tear it down. The Military Embezzels more then the cost of the Wall on Toilet Paper. Give us a Break already. Your wasting time Bernie....
Old Bernie .....This old fool proves again he is living somewhere in the Twilight Zone.
Gunner DJ
Gunner DJ 8 kun oldin
Bernie A true Socialist. I wonder if he Vacations in Venezuela.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
This man is our next president, mark my words.
ronald snyder
ronald snyder 8 kun oldin
Let's see how long we can live without the government fat. Maybe we can live just fine the way it is.
Gage Chier
Gage Chier 9 kun oldin
Did Bernie just fear monger more than trump lol?.
Gage Chier
Gage Chier 8 kun oldin
woke comrade lol woke comrade you just dis me punk?. Woke one?
woke comrade
woke comrade 9 kun oldin
Oh look, another closet conservative pretending to be a centrist. Things might be good for you in mommy's house, but the stats prove it's not for the vast majority of people.
Linda Gore
Linda Gore 9 kun oldin
Who cares what this old Democrat loser says or thinks ? He's one of the corrupt.
Misty 9 kun oldin
Citizenship is necessary. If you would cross anyone elses border they would shoot you on the spot. Also there's a thing called disease control. As a nation we have to consider diseases. Our American freedom came with a price. Our veterans alive and dead prove that. Learn American language,study our constitution and become a citizen, thats your price.
life1 system
life1 system 9 kun oldin
😒 bo ho mo....
firebearfl 9 kun oldin
Yes Bernie it is a Trump created crisis, but you know if you would not have run in 2016 Trump would be yesterdays news. Sorry Bernie, but you are a major reason why we have a Republican President. Trump and you are both ego driven. The American people are not ready for a Democratic Socialist in The Oval Office. Please keep in mind that a Centrist Democrat will have a better chance of winning in 2020. The nation can not afford a two term Trump presidency.
Meari P
Meari P 9 kun oldin
Protest Protest against Trump...people power March to the white house✊✊👊
tyrannosaurus in f14!
Sanders hits it out of the park. The mainstream media will continue to black him out unless its stories like staffers being accussed of sexua harassment...of whcih sanders knew nothing of nor covered up.
Neil Pharr
Neil Pharr 9 kun oldin
google PROUT - progressive socialism to the max - moral
Matthew Freeman
Matthew Freeman 9 kun oldin
Today on: Geriatrics react
Carol Baesler
Carol Baesler 9 kun oldin
We are not listening to you. Every one who works in the federal government knows of these shut downs. This has happened many other times before President Trump was ever President
FREE IRAN! V 9 kun oldin
Go Trump!✌️✌️✌️ frm Iran💙
Paul 10 kun oldin
I cringe whenever Democrats say there is no national emergency with our southern border. I cringe when Democrats act like drugs and illegal immigrants coming over into our country harming and killing our citizens is not an issue. I cringe when Democrats act like the government shutdown and federal workers not being paid their lavish salaries is a bigger problem than illegal immigration. I cringe whenever Democrats call a wall immoral, because you know what's really immoral? Allowing and encouraging people to travel thousands of miles on a dangerous journey to come to our country illegally, a trip in which many of the migrants will die, become ill, or be trafficked; that is immoral. Time to wake up, liberals. Sanders acts like the real issue is federal employees not being paid, but Americans being killed by drugs and illegal immigrants isn't a problem whatsoever.
GITMO Holliday
GITMO Holliday 10 kun oldin
Many of these 800.000 employees agree with the President and are patriots instead of radicalized socialists, they also want a secure border and sure as hell don't trust a ( loud mouth ) guy who was cheated by the Democrats and nevertheless is kissing their feet.
The Ungoliant
The Ungoliant 10 kun oldin
Fed employees should find new jobs. We dont need their services anymore.
F We
F We 10 kun oldin
Ive read online from government websites federal employees are eligible for unemployment and get back pay when the government reopens. Yes it sucks but Americans need to make sacrifices to secure our border.
Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis 10 kun oldin
When someone actually call it what Trump did... lie. Lie and fear monger. Excellent job Senator Sanders!
mdtilstra 10 kun oldin
If Trump supporters so desperately want a border Wall, why don't they fund it? Let's see if all 61 million of his votes simply donate $1,000 per person.That would be a good start on this Wall (once all the wall designers get through drawing impenetrable wall designs). AND you can have your name in the cement as a donor!! That way all of your children's children could take a stroll along the wall to see your name on it. So put your money where your mouth is...go on...make a donation and send the check to tRUMP. Or don't you trust what he might do with the money? He still owes a lot of debt.
Whitfield Sealy
Whitfield Sealy 10 kun oldin
I'm Bernie and I'm here to tell you that President Trump keeps his promises can u believe it !!
cynthia caldwell
cynthia caldwell 10 kun oldin
the cheese has fell off his cracker
the pathlesspath
the pathlesspath 10 kun oldin
Get a clue!! The people want the border wall! I thought you were for the people? Look at how successful the border wall gofundme page is!! This is the people's own personal money!! Do the right thing!! Fund the wall!! The wall cost is better than the costs of illegal immigration!!
Jody Boggs
Jody Boggs 10 kun oldin
Build my wall Bernie toons.
BlackJacketCorps 84
BlackJacketCorps 84 10 kun oldin
Im ready for the winter. Aganst the democrats!
Kerry Lallande
Kerry Lallande 10 kun oldin
And 1000s say the shutdown is needed. It sounds like we need smaller government. We need the wall no matter who pays for it.
james honeycutt
james honeycutt 10 kun oldin
This idiot needs to hang with all the other democrats! Democrats shouldn't get one damed red cent from American taxpayers anymore!
Maribel & Altie Jenkins
So then the government needs to do their job and work with Trump. Instead they use it as leverage to make Trump look bad.
Charls Greber
Charls Greber 10 kun oldin
You shut up your know your wrong you & all of democrats are acting like some 2 year's old baby's who are not agreeing to build this wall who even you think that it should be build but now that trump says we should do it than you come along & say no you are the baby's & not honest peaple & you are the liers & stop this act & grow up allready STOP THIS SHUTDOWN & LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT DON'T FIGHT & SAY YOU WORRY FOR THE COUNTRY
CRIP ZOE 10 kun oldin
We work for free Trump no what he doing we decepticons push it protect the nation for free until trump say so
Germoney2000 10 kun oldin
When I read some of these comments here.... have to ask myself: "What is Happening to America?"
Germoney2000 10 kun oldin
Some "SANITY" at last!
Germoney2000 10 kun oldin
THANK YOU BERNIE! (for speaking up) ..... and calling a lie a lie!
ReL0ad3r 10 kun oldin
Sanders called people who come to this country “illegally” via mexico are “law biding” citizens?
Patrick65879 10 kun oldin
If it's so awful that people aren't getting salaries because of the government shutdown, the Democrats should just give the 0.11% of the budget that Trump is asking for to fund the wall. It's pathetic that the Democrats just whine about the shutdown without confronting the actual problem of illegal immigration. Take troops out of the middle east like Trump wants and save many more billions than the puny amount required for the wall - it costs 45 billion a year to keep troops in Afghanistan alone.
John Davis
John Davis 10 kun oldin
More fake news propaganda that uses fake news and race baiting instead of facts. The reality is Bernie was against illegal immigration, now he is for it.
Afi James
Afi James 10 kun oldin
what a hypocrite bern and the dems are.
Maria Trunzo
Maria Trunzo 10 kun oldin
Justin Pike
Justin Pike 10 kun oldin
Trust in Jesus he will provide!!! Stop listening to these demons/Demoncrats
ReL0ad3r 10 kun oldin
Sanders looks like that old school crossing guard who yells at kids!
Lucien Morningstar
Lucien Morningstar 10 kun oldin
You should retire by now
ChefandGuitar InChrist
Fuddy Duddy. .....Asinine to the core
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 10 kun oldin
Sometimes the truth is hard to hear
Real Fire
Real Fire 10 kun oldin
Sal X
Sal X 10 kun oldin
Schumer and other dems wanted a wall until Trump wanted it. If anyone believes this commie, look up the video of his opinion of breadlines.
Denise DeStefanis
Denise DeStefanis 10 kun oldin
Trump is showing himself to be the biggest most hated jerk and leader of a class of prejudice hate mongers that run in fear .
sycam3472 10 kun oldin
I heard that there is a large group of people getting ready to visit Bernie Sanders offices. This should be good.
Larry McGregor
Larry McGregor 10 kun oldin
"Improve life for all of our People ".. The trouble is Bernie's people is everyone in the world ..
Larry McGregor
Larry McGregor 10 kun oldin
See and as far as Mexico paying for the wall ok.. Trump did NOT say Mexico would walk up with a check and say here is your wall money he said through trade deals and tariffs we would get the money for the wall . Democrats take every word Literally unless it is their own ..
Larry McGregor
Larry McGregor 10 kun oldin
What about the families that lost a loved one forever because of an Illegal Immigrant killing them . Maybe it was the families providers . They are out much more than a few paychecks .. STFU with your one "woman" of course Agenda Agenda Agenda !! What a bunch of lies .. There is only a partial part of the Government shut down.. Why can these asses shut the Government down but if Trump does and it is different .. When Trump is dealing with people like this that just laugh in his face and do nothing to help out with the issue what is he supposed to do . Drain the swamp !!
Jeff Strange
Jeff Strange 10 kun oldin
Hey Bernie, I got some good advice for ya, BUILD THE WALL ! All the rest will go away !
TheJking85 10 kun oldin
I didn't know Leon Trotsky was still alive!
JamWitUSD 10 kun oldin
On the night of October 1, 2017, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. Perpetrator Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel, killing 58 people and leaving 851 injured, over 400 of them by gunfire and hundreds more in the ensuing panic. The shooting occurred between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT; about an hour later Paddock was found dead in his room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His motive remains unknown. I'm more scared of this Americans like this, gun control more pressing than a border wall to stop immigrants with ladders.
Afi James
Afi James 10 kun oldin
stfu you libturd pos.
Winston Groovy
Winston Groovy 10 kun oldin
Why is this guy still around? Bernie, please get back on your meds. The American public wants the wall.
Flex Seal
Flex Seal 10 kun oldin
All the Americans murdered by illegals many with criminal records and rapes thisguy doesn’t care. What does he have to say to the victims? NOTHING just calls it imaginary
Afi James
Afi James 10 kun oldin
unbelievable this pos Bernie is.
Flex Seal
Flex Seal 10 kun oldin
Democratically are the ones dividing us and protecting illegals over American citizens
Flex Seal
Flex Seal 10 kun oldin
Sympathy for the illegal immigrants but nothing for the murdered border security, rape victims and others harmed. Blame the parents that came illegally for there child’s situation. If you not a citizen and didn’t fallow the law get out!
notabene69 10 kun oldin
Bernie is SENILE!!!!
Gilbert Zendejas
Gilbert Zendejas 10 kun oldin
another idiot that bent over for the Clintons, go away!!!
acorn sucks
acorn sucks 10 kun oldin
F bernie.
Analogy Accepted
Analogy Accepted 10 kun oldin
Whether you like him or not, that response was much better sounding than P&S. In fact, Trump sounded better than P&S (especially Pelossi), but Sanders beat them all.
dave goldfarp
dave goldfarp 10 kun oldin
bs b's b.s. and freaky things
Jeff Poisson
Jeff Poisson 10 kun oldin
Backpacking drugs across our open border is very common
Jeff Poisson
Jeff Poisson 10 kun oldin
Bernie hows the bank fraud you and your wife are facing working out for you.
Jeff Poisson
Jeff Poisson 10 kun oldin
Fund 70 billion if needed to build a secure wall shut the whole government down if need be
Jeff Poisson
Jeff Poisson 10 kun oldin
Shut up Bernie your another Dem with blood on your hands
dThor Riven
dThor Riven 10 kun oldin
Totally creepy 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ Those 2 creatures are the shame of fame in America😴💤nightmares
Fred Daniali
Fred Daniali 10 kun oldin
The Genie is out of the bottle and they don't know how to put it back in!
Víctor Coronel
Víctor Coronel 10 kun oldin
What!!😕😂esto🕳 esta cada vez mas de circo😂🎮🕹
World War 2 Veteran
World War 2 Veteran 10 kun oldin
Arguments not as good as those of Trump.
CrissCrossAppSauce 4 kun oldin
+Why Even Try The frightening thing is that people take that as a good attribute and do so as well. They could be extremely kind people too, but once we stoop to such low levels just to say save face, it is sad. We need to realize that this isn't just for our own perspective, but for the following generations to come that have to deal with the mess we left behind. Bernie isn't perfect , but he is willing to resolve problems instead of accusing or threatening of others' in order to do so. We need logical answers.
Why Even Try
Why Even Try 4 kun oldin
CrissCrossAppSauce there you are again speaking the truth
CrissCrossAppSauce 9 kun oldin
Really? So Trump's fear-mongering techniques are better than logical speak?
The Shade of a Shadow
The government is too big, it needs to be downsized anyway. These people who work for the government should look for other jobs anyway, the government is already too BIG, it needs to be shutdown for good.
unpaid troll
unpaid troll 10 kun oldin
Bernie's working overtime for the open borders democrats.. Glad this moron is out of politics in 4 years. He is truly a posterchild for term limits
Sean Minneapolis
Sean Minneapolis 10 kun oldin
SHUT IT DOWN... NOTHING BUT CRIMINALS IN THESE HALLS.. i would like leftist socialist mob that stabbed me in the lungs, fractured my skull, called me "white nazi" and shot my car up(St Paul Mn 06/10/17 anti sharia) to not be protected by our liberal local officials and media... there's a reason you've never heard about this story...
countdebleauchamp 10 kun oldin
No shortage of idiotic Trump fans commenting, I see.
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 10 kun oldin
I see. The rebuttal is "Liar liar pants on fire". How convincing.
John Devon
John Devon 10 kun oldin
Border security now, No Socialists. And no more bleeding heart Cultural Marxist manipulation. Not going to work Bernie. That's as clear as I can be as a citizen.
Brian 10 kun oldin
The 800,000 fed employees are NONESSENTIAL! THE FED IS MASSIVELY OVER STAFFED AS IT IS. WE DO NOT NEED OR MISS THEM AT ALL! BESIDES THEY "WILL" BE PAID! Minor set back compared to the LIFE & DEATH CRISES WE HAVE AT OUR BORDERS! The cost of illegals is over $116 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR! This is not taxpayer responsibility at all. Other countries in Asia DO NOT HAVE SOCIAL WELFARE FOR CITIZENS LET ALONE ILLEGALS. THEY ALSO SUPPORT THEIR IMMIGRATION! DEMONCRAPS are the main threat within america not Russia or China!
Tactical Tony702
Tactical Tony702 10 kun oldin
Why are the feds involved in housing or anything else ? Keep them closed
LmAokatC1 10 kun oldin
Tactical Tony702
Tactical Tony702 10 kun oldin
Commie scum
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 10 kun oldin
We need a wall idiot ! Shut up and go away !f thank God you did not become president !
Debby Black
Debby Black 10 kun oldin
I live in Arizona I want the wall
Will0928 9 kun oldin
Better start building it then.
Family us
Family us 9 kun oldin
poor you...
sesquivel729 10 kun oldin
This clown is griping about 5 billion when he wants to spend trillions on free healthcare.
sesquivel729 10 kun oldin
Most government workers should be fired and go find work in the private sector.