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Best 50 Three Pointers: 2018 NBA Season

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Check out the best 50 three pointers from clutch shots to long distance shots from the 2018 NBA Season!
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31-Avg, 2018



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Mason Sackmann
Mason Sackmann 6 soat oldin
hishgee aldar
hishgee aldar 11 soat oldin
Bheng Tariman
Bheng Tariman Kun oldin
I've rip in ankle at 0:40
Trenton_30 Kun oldin
I look up best three pointers and all I mostly see is curry
Robert Scherer
Robert Scherer 2 kun oldin
9:43 is favorite one
Jaiden Thomas
Jaiden Thomas 4 kun oldin
2:43 James had 2 game winners in that playoff round
Jaiden Thomas
Jaiden Thomas 4 kun oldin
0:38 Those ankles got broke
Matthew Garza
Matthew Garza 4 kun oldin
I haven’t watched it yet I predicted curry has almost 30 of those 😂😂
Smooth Stackz
Smooth Stackz 5 kun oldin
Curry most definitely should be in here more than once
Youtube Supremity
Youtube Supremity 6 kun oldin
we were all expecting to see curry in majoroty of the vide
Hard Working American
Harden travels every time...but we ain't saying nuthin'
ITz Star
ITz Star 9 kun oldin
Best 50 three pointers Just makes a video about Stephen curry
CollinIzBallin YT
CollinIzBallin YT 9 kun oldin
I feel like the half court shots are only against the thunder 😂
- Youngbreezy_95
- Youngbreezy_95 9 kun oldin
@2:10 “An unbelievable WiN” 😂😂😂
Jamira Jones
Jamira Jones 10 kun oldin
Lillard vs Curry
Jacky Boy363
Jacky Boy363 10 kun oldin
West Johnson is the worst and most dumb player in the NBA.
Yakup Cantürk
Yakup Cantürk 11 kun oldin
4:09 4 steps...
Jolene Szendre
Jolene Szendre 11 kun oldin
Desmond Bullard
Desmond Bullard 12 kun oldin
0:03 ear rape
Antwonbomb DBZ
Antwonbomb DBZ 12 kun oldin
James harden= No. 1
Boy Dagger
Boy Dagger 13 kun oldin
3:09 that green guy going up just miss that historic shot
3men2 the show
3men2 the show 14 kun oldin
End dwyane wade 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
orewapain 16 kun oldin
Ryza Cenon
Ryza Cenon 16 kun oldin
Ang galing talaga ng mga NBA players! Pati halfcourt, kaya nila lalo na si Stephen Curry!
Brian Harvey Garcia
Brian Harvey Garcia 17 kun oldin
2:02 when puberty hits
EganKyle30 18 kun oldin
That terry 3 on bledsoe is underrated
Ibrahim Shabiby
Ibrahim Shabiby 18 kun oldin
All Timberwolves' 3's were banked, illuminati y'all
Rania Qunipe
Rania Qunipe 21 kun oldin
Midorema shintaro
Umair's Awesome World
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
i can shoot far 3 points but in free throw I KEPT ON MISSING IT OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME
KyliE MArie
KyliE MArie 23 kun oldin
*Adams ankles has left the chat *
יובל מרום
יובל מרום 23 kun oldin
9:16 that scream background voice bruhhh😂
Supernøva 5
Supernøva 5 24 kun oldin
1:20 he pushed him, what?
Dante McGary
Dante McGary 24 kun oldin
Guarantee #1 is someone on the Warriors
Travis Colt V. Cruz
Travis Colt V. Cruz 26 kun oldin
3 by Oladip Ooooohhhhhhhhh
Reject Parndiox
Reject Parndiox 26 kun oldin
If you wanna score a deep 3 play against okc
Connie Conradie
Connie Conradie 28 kun oldin
Curry feat. some other players...
Bennett Schlappi
Bennett Schlappi 28 kun oldin
4:06 travel????
Hinzel 77
Hinzel 77 29 kun oldin
isaiah thomas is ja rule.
bobby neal
bobby neal Oy oldin
james harden dont do him like that
Cole Weber
Cole Weber Oy oldin
At 2:10 how about the voice crack
Guy Lux
Guy Lux Oy oldin
Where is Kemba???
XXx Dogs xXX
XXx Dogs xXX Oy oldin
2:06 voice crack btw
NightDraws Oy oldin
armed cal
armed cal Oy oldin
Why are half of these curry shots
PBM Oy oldin
7:01 Harden fouled
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim Oy oldin
Harden is dirty af one of the reasons I hate him
Santa Soriano
Santa Soriano Oy oldin
Where is kryie Irvings shot over steph curry in the nba finals
Giorgia Agnelli
Marco Lomeli
Marco Lomeli Oy oldin
The Darius Miller one was crazy
Young gOD
Young gOD Oy oldin
NBA players acting like they're throwing up blood signs, after making a 3. Now they're throwing up Naybor Hood Crip, after seeing Nipsey Hussle throwing up Naybor Hood at the Lakers game. Just play fuggin basketball and stop trying to imitate something your not
Carter brown
Carter brown Oy oldin
bborders135 Oy oldin
How is Middleton’s game tying shot at 49? That’s a deadly shot right there deserves to be top 25
Gabriel González
In 7:02 why is it not hardens puso a foul?
Ford Fan
Ford Fan Oy oldin
0:35 Aquaman Getting Crossed
IScream Oy oldin
That arch dough....
IT'Z the New generation
Lebron james is the best
Johnny Xan
Johnny Xan Oy oldin
0:34 know he used to hoop in school 😂
Kid Odell Beckham Jr
7:15 “ayy watch them hands
BS Catcher
BS Catcher Oy oldin
Jr Smith is the best nba player in history
Minh Lữ Xuân
Liked since the first: Curry
Giorgia Agnelli
Win antetokumbo
24k Owl gaming
Some ankles got taken
Raul Mayos
Raul Mayos Oy oldin
Curry is the best
Shining Shuckle
James Harden travels so much and It so annoying
0:54 Lebron : *Made a 3* The Entire ****ing cavs bench : *goes crazy*
Urtrashkid Lol
I don’t understand what was so good about it
Urtrashkid Lol
ClumsyTheAwsome exactly
Johnathon Maddox
Why would Bledsoe just give up on the play, like Terry is clutch don't matter if you just got crossed you gotta conetst that shot
Itz Spyke
Itz Spyke Oy oldin
The timberwolves sure do like those halfcourt shots
Isaiah Greene
Isaiah Greene Oy oldin
At 16 you don't have to believe me but i was watching it live and told my brother he would make it and he did lol
劉IRING Oy oldin
Memesislife 69
1:52 travel!?!?!?!?
Mr Denz
Mr Denz Oy oldin
No hate towards Lonzo but... For real?
Eden Miramon
Eden Miramon Oy oldin
Should've have been 'Top 50 Long-range Buzzer-beaters'
Brady Peterson
Brady Peterson 2 oy oldin
Wtf is with Utah’s super zoomed camera I don’t get why they do that
allis notwell
allis notwell 2 oy oldin
sub pewdiepie please😃😃😃😃😃
iran lassninja
iran lassninja 2 oy oldin
0:44 Steven Adams didn't deserve that
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 2 oy oldin
Some of then are like if the NBA have the 4 point line
여준형 2 oy oldin
무우열 2 oy oldin
Wow ^^^^^^^&&&***
Kamran Saadati
Kamran Saadati 2 oy oldin
Khris Middleton With A Comeback After Roziers 3pt Make. Superb
Cai Freeman
Cai Freeman 2 oy oldin
The first James harden one was clutch
Fatih Ağırkaya
Fatih Ağırkaya 2 oy oldin
where is bogdan bogdanovic's buzzer
Alex The Bassist
Alex The Bassist 2 oy oldin
2:00 I feel bad for okc fans that went to the game‼️😂
I have no legs but I must dance Dance
Warriors vs rockets 132 - 133 (correct me if I’m wrong) James harden 3
Dante McGary
Dante McGary Oy oldin
I have no legs but I must dance Dance it was 135-134
I have no legs but I must dance Dance
That’s a clean look from dariuth Miller
Mara Queen
Mara Queen 2 oy oldin
Neguinho's Play
Neguinho's Play 2 oy oldin
Louis Fiorina
Louis Fiorina 2 oy oldin
2:16 Timberwolves man traveled for the win
Emilie Aduan
Emilie Aduan 2 oy oldin
Curry is deep threes
gop1386 2 oy oldin
LeBron is the G.O.A.T.
Tex 2 oy oldin
Always get annoyed when commentators overreact whenever a player slips or loses his flip acting like it was an ankle breaker
Moonroof 2 oy oldin
ExScopp 2 oy oldin
Wtf no Harden double step back smh
Bernas Ca
Bernas Ca 2 oy oldin
Cp3 over Cury ???????
Swillshills •5 years ago•
Not surprised half of these are Curry’s.
ladiesman1ate7 2 oy oldin
Are we really making videos of 3pt shots?? How far the league has fallen. NBA is a joke.
Maura 2 oy oldin
Where’s Delon Wright? Raps get no respect :/
Vincent John Cariño
0:35 come on Steven Adams is a good guy why would Jamal do that
papillon melsiade
What your looking for is in 4:50
Dylan Hibicke
Dylan Hibicke Oy oldin
papillon melsiade what I’m looking for is when the last time the suns were relevant
Joey Marietta
Joey Marietta 2 oy oldin
i went to that nets pelicans game where ad hit the hc 7:19
Joey Marietta
Joey Marietta 2 oy oldin
7:12 harden subtly shoves josh jackson
Kvng Chris 23
Kvng Chris 23 2 oy oldin
Paul George gotta be here somewhere
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Mic'd up Mason - GoPro Edition
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