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Best 50 Three Pointers: 2018 NBA Season

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Check out the best 50 three pointers from clutch shots to long distance shots from the 2018 NBA Season!
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31-Avg, 2018

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iran lassninja
iran lassninja Kun oldin
0:44 Steven Adams didn't deserve that
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 2 kun oldin
Some of then are like if the NBA have the 4 point line
여준형 3 kun oldin
무우열 4 kun oldin
Wow ^^^^^^^&&&***
Kamran Saadati
Kamran Saadati 4 kun oldin
Khris Middleton With A Comeback After Roziers 3pt Make. Superb
Cai Freeman
Cai Freeman 4 kun oldin
The first James harden one was clutch
Fatih Ağırkaya
Fatih Ağırkaya 5 kun oldin
where is bogdan bogdanovic's buzzer
Alex The Bassist
Alex The Bassist 6 kun oldin
2:00 I feel bad for okc fans that went to the game‼️😂
Anthony Puebla
Anthony Puebla 7 kun oldin
I’m waiting for curry to shoot a game winner and do a backflip
I have no legs but I must dance Dance
Warriors vs rockets 132 - 133 (correct me if I’m wrong) James harden 3
I have no legs but I must dance Dance
That’s a clean look from dariuth Miller
Mara Queen
Mara Queen 9 kun oldin
Neguinho's Play
Neguinho's Play 10 kun oldin
Louis Fiorina
Louis Fiorina 12 kun oldin
2:16 Timberwolves man traveled for the win
Emilie Aduan
Emilie Aduan 12 kun oldin
Curry is deep threes
gop1386 14 kun oldin
LeBron is the G.O.A.T.
Tex 15 kun oldin
Always get annoyed when commentators overreact whenever a player slips or loses his flip acting like it was an ankle breaker
Moonroof 15 kun oldin
ExScopp 15 kun oldin
Wtf no Harden double step back smh
Bernas Ca
Bernas Ca 16 kun oldin
Cp3 over Cury ???????
Swillshills •5 years ago•
Not surprised half of these are Curry’s.
ladiesman1ate7 16 kun oldin
Are we really making videos of 3pt shots?? How far the league has fallen. NBA is a joke.
Maura 17 kun oldin
Where’s Delon Wright? Raps get no respect :/
Vincent John Cariño
0:35 come on Steven Adams is a good guy why would Jamal do that
papillon melsiade
papillon melsiade 18 kun oldin
What your looking for is in 4:50
Joey Marietta
Joey Marietta 21 kun oldin
i went to that nets pelicans game where ad hit the hc 7:19
Joey Marietta
Joey Marietta 21 kun oldin
7:12 harden subtly shoves josh jackson
Kvng Chris 23
Kvng Chris 23 24 kun oldin
Paul George gotta be here somewhere
Müslüman Kul
Müslüman Kul 24 kun oldin
Crazy !
Jimmy Alfonsin
Jimmy Alfonsin 25 kun oldin
Voice Crack 2:10
glitchedLorenzo 26 kun oldin
3:58 no comment
undercover gamer
undercover gamer 27 kun oldin
9:53 I was there for that game. I was 11 and I thought that was Omar Asik. Lmao
SaucySir 27 kun oldin
I'm curry 2.0
Harmony GAMING channel Quinney
I play basketball I try to shoot like that but I never make it
Nijah Lewis
Nijah Lewis Oy oldin
Some of then probably had to go to the ankle center
Jay the cool dude
8:17 15 seconds to play... 7... here’s a three by Oladip-OH! HE HIT IT! Edit: Get it oladipo and oladip-OH
Elijah Adam
Elijah Adam Oy oldin
Lonzo did not make it 😂😂😂
Roberto Hernadez
Some of these are not even in the 2018 season
five Amelia
five Amelia Oy oldin
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Steven Adams
Steven Adams Oy oldin
0:33 :(
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro Oy oldin
I'm probably going to piss people off with this but KD is better than Lebron
Basketball Videos
Curry has half of them.
CuffTheMoney Records
Those balls are paid actors !
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills Oy oldin
Stephen is the best thee point shooter and will be always the best
Married You
Married You Oy oldin
curry is better
Arvin Senthilnathan
7:01 wut if Green would've missed that, he would've had the fakest fall and look stupid in the process😂
Chris Kin
Chris Kin Oy oldin
Where is Wall’s game 6 winner vs Celtics
Paul Park
Paul Park Oy oldin
Lmao there’s a voice crack at 2:09
Krystle Patterson