Best BUDGET Smartphone 2019!?

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Elephone A5 Purchase Link: goo.gl/XPJu4G
Best BUDGET Smartphone 2019!? Is the Elephone A5 smartphone the one of the top budget / cheap Chinese smartphones / phones to buy 2019? Under $200 this Helio P60 phone shows great promise when for budget price it's compared to the likes of the upcoming Pocophone F2, OnePlus 7 etc! This video is the Elephone A5 - UNBOXING & First REVIEW! The REAL TRUTH after 1 / 3 Months will come Later, after the unboxing, hype, buzz, etc! I will use this phone on and off into 2019, to decide whether this is one of the top / best budget smartphones to buy on the market! First impressions review of the battery, display etc, as well as benchmarks etc!
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3-Yan, 2019

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ASBYT 12 kun oldin
** Elephone A5 Purchase Link: goo.gl/XPJu4G ** QUESTION: What do you think of this phone?
cros temptera
cros temptera 14 soat oldin
I like it, good review
kingromarjay rillezan
Pls givd that phone
Jorkki !
Jorkki ! 8 kun oldin
*Desinged By Elephone... More like Copying Huawei*
SPEED- HUNTER 8 kun oldin
Looks promising, but is it durable?
uksuperrascal 9 kun oldin
Hi ASBT - A wile back you got hacked - i got over charged by ebay or payplay - see my video uzvid.com/video/video-O2GxaOi9qCI.html&t=5s
حليمة بولند Halima Bouland
UMIDIGI UMI Z2 PRO is better
Mathan Mzi
Mathan Mzi 10 soat oldin
honor v20 vs poco f1
cros temptera
cros temptera 14 soat oldin
great brand
patrick cadette
patrick cadette 14 soat oldin
😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻..the cheese..I would agree..
Nick Denovan
Nick Denovan 16 soat oldin
If it looks good and performs well, why wouldn't you buy it?.
Nick Denovan
Nick Denovan 16 soat oldin
The colour is fantastic.
aayush pandey
aayush pandey 16 soat oldin
Hi asbyt
Vikram DAS
Vikram DAS 23 soat oldin
How much did they paid you?
Jenni Graham
Jenni Graham Kun oldin
Looks good, like the price. 😃
Mark Pedzinski
Mark Pedzinski Kun oldin
Omfg u take long to get point, and there's commercials
Edgar Marrakech
Edgar Marrakech 2 kun oldin
this one is more like the best budghet uzvid.com/video/video-JnHGskaXcgw.html
Shafin_78 2 kun oldin
Does it work with cricket?
Gunzee 2 kun oldin
Hi can someone suggest a budget phone. £100-£150 max rrp. My uncle needs the phone for bbhkcheck the weather forecast. I think he'd appreciate a large screen, high capacity battery and high brightness. I'm thinking of a data enabled tablet also. He doesn't have wifi so a plain tablet won't do. His current phone is an old monochrome Nokia! That's used for just phone calls, he can't text yet. Please suggest something, going on his needs a cheap old phone might do. Buying used is fine, but with warranty. So for example in the uk we have CEX (Computer exchange). They offer 12 month cover.
Wapn Perfo
Wapn Perfo 2 kun oldin
I had an elephone in the past and loved it. Snappy, and no bloatware.
SIMITRIX 2 kun oldin
Nice great tech video i love it 😄 keep it up
shimmy shimmer
shimmy shimmer 2 kun oldin
Which mobile carriers are this phone most compatible with
Khimy Maranan
Khimy Maranan 3 kun oldin
wow i like that :(
Joshua Cervantes
Joshua Cervantes 3 kun oldin
Can you play fortnite
Super Old Opal
Super Old Opal 3 kun oldin
How much money is it ?
nel c
nel c 3 kun oldin
Mi Max 3
Marko Raskovic
Marko Raskovic 3 kun oldin
All this budget phones can be at thoes prices because they dont use money on development of technology they just steal it.
SavageTubeGaming 3 kun oldin
I rly can't get any phone out of my country: (they put 100-350$ tax on everything😢)
Jasen 3 kun oldin
would have been great but its not 4G that i seen
Noig Avilo
Noig Avilo 4 kun oldin
Xiaomi redmi note 7 will be the best budget phone of 2019
Andres Perez
Andres Perez 4 kun oldin
Does it works with at&t network in USA?
Tarun Parashar
Tarun Parashar 4 kun oldin
Timmer EM1 channel is best
KAI GB1 5 kun oldin
So boring
TeeSoar 5 kun oldin
6:48 Instantly gets ad.
Jack richardson
Jack richardson 5 kun oldin
is the motorola g6 play good.
AYO! CREWSZx 5 kun oldin
Elephone px
BD TUBE 5 kun oldin
price in us doller plzzz
Crater Face
Crater Face 5 kun oldin
Wow great start with a great looking budget smart phone!!
FaliHukoma 6 kun oldin
I am an extreme gamer like running an emulator on Android, does the smartphone fit my needs ?
Taurus 03
Taurus 03 6 kun oldin
This is a beautiful phone.
Dante Janes
Dante Janes 7 kun oldin
Don’t you make fiver videos
harynjk 7 kun oldin
Once i had an elephone phone, for a week and than i sent it back to China (day 2 - the camera switching icon disappeared from the camera app, and from the 3rd party camera apps, day 3 - the mobile data could not be turned on anymore) . Also have an elephone action camera, that was also a big disappointment (not having some of the features that was promised, bad video quality).
Craigy J
Craigy J 7 kun oldin
Are the cameras real? Like do all 3 actually work?
Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader 7 kun oldin
Can you cover Sensio Air? Stand number 51526
MajorMomentMedia 7 kun oldin
Think I'm going for the Pocophone A5 armour edition ! Not sure on this one ?
Nourshad Mucktar
Nourshad Mucktar 7 kun oldin
Bro I love your video its very clear when you explained it i love it 😘 can you gave the phone as your giveaway for me please I’m your fans from the philippines
Brijesh Roy
Brijesh Roy 7 kun oldin
P20 pro clone but not even close to it
Raju Nepali
Raju Nepali 7 kun oldin
pric of phone in uae sor
Arjun gowda
Arjun gowda 7 kun oldin
Is there any international link for your merchandise
George Azzopardi
George Azzopardi 7 kun oldin
GWS mate im sick too been to london this weekend russel square awsom city man love it im keeping my pocophone now even more, heard about the update on February??
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen 7 kun oldin
I just got the poco. It's awesome!
Typical Asian
Typical Asian 7 kun oldin
Elephone or Mi?
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck 7 kun oldin
in my opinion,one plus is far away better than this
Ab Jaan
Ab Jaan 7 kun oldin
They can put many camera 📸 but don't beat it the even htc u11 or u12 ➕
Chatterbox 97
Chatterbox 97 8 kun oldin
Hows the storage?
optimistic marbell
optimistic marbell 8 kun oldin
This is the smartphone I will like to use but I wish u could send this phone to me I have develop interest in the this phone trust me pls let God touch ur heart and send this phone to me so that try it in West Africa Ghana thank you. I love u
Jkou Files
Jkou Files 8 kun oldin
I didnt notice anything too horrible about the voice. As long as I cand understand
Boxa Khan
Boxa Khan 8 kun oldin
Please cover Samsung midrange phones
AntiSpeed 8 kun oldin
very nice 10 min mark
zero chan
zero chan 8 kun oldin
Blu XL4?
Arjun gowda
Arjun gowda 8 kun oldin
New to channel, cool intro
Jigz Palillo
Jigz Palillo 8 kun oldin
MSI Trident X is sure to be at CES
D3MON HUNT3R 8 kun oldin
Can you maybe please do the umidigi one max....i cant find a unboxing anywhere
Matei Maria
Matei Maria 8 kun oldin
This is like a replica Huawei P Smart+, which is lind of a good iPhone X replica
Aryan Mohanty
Aryan Mohanty 8 kun oldin
ugly notch but ok.
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander 8 kun oldin
Only 5 minutes to FINALLY see the phone itself? Yeah, "thumb down", closing this video and not returning
ASBYT 8 kun oldin
Cool beans 👍
DYOSA MO 8 kun oldin
How much
ASBYT 8 kun oldin
Link in video description 👍
moochincrawdad 9 kun oldin
Xiaomi Mi A2, better processor, better cameras - for £159
Jason Hunt
Jason Hunt 9 kun oldin
Chortle dog bollocks, this is shite
Leon Tavash
Leon Tavash 9 kun oldin
What a waste of battery, leaving your pixel slate on in the back like that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ASBYT 9 kun oldin
Angharad 9 kun oldin
I got to 5:35, and saw the notch. Moving on...
Wayne Boyall
Wayne Boyall 9 kun oldin
And umidigi one max
Wayne Boyall
Wayne Boyall 9 kun oldin
Umidigi f1 the p60 chip has all cores running 2.0ghz, and has NFC, face unlock , 5150mah battery , review of this phone please, and the one max,
manan mehta
manan mehta 9 kun oldin
Pls do unboxing video of honor magic 2
niqizzhere 9 kun oldin
Can you hide the notch ?
Tyron Linnester
Tyron Linnester 9 kun oldin
Do a honor view 20 unboxing &review.. 👏
ukripper 9 kun oldin
Sorry but best phone under £250 is honor 8x hands down..
ASBYT 9 kun oldin
Like you said mate, it's nearly 100 quid more. Different bracket 👍
sidharth Kaushal
sidharth Kaushal 9 kun oldin
Do for honor v20
Infidel Gastro
Infidel Gastro 9 kun oldin
From what I've just heard ( I don't really watch this guys videos) it sounds pretty decent so far... for the price. The camera(s)? Meh! That won't deter me if I was in the market for such a phone. I don't care about camera performance very much anyway since I ever hardly use them.
Jomman Ahmed
Jomman Ahmed 9 kun oldin
Ian Pat
Ian Pat 9 kun oldin
Probably you got sick because you jumped on that lake haha
CyA 9 kun oldin
Check this one.. UMIDIGI F1 it's going to be better then elephone a5
Aron Craig
Aron Craig 10 kun oldin
Around that price point I'd look at the umidigi f1. Same soc, smaller notch, more storage, bigger battery, nfc, etc. www.coolicool.com/mobile-phones/european-union-version-umidigi-umi-f1-4gb-ram-128gb-rom-helio-p60-mtk6771-20ghz-octa-core-63-inch-g-54874?currency=GBP
Raine Ducusin
Raine Ducusin 10 kun oldin
Get well soon love.
ART KNOWN 10 kun oldin
love your reviews but that big white box to subscribe at the beginning of each of them is super annoying covers 1/4 of my screen !
TheRailGunner 10 kun oldin
Does it not have stereo speakers?! What the heck is the other speaker grill for then?
russelbrand111 10 kun oldin
Mi A2? i bought one for my Son and it ticks more of my boxes. Android One is a dream, and its using Pie now too. cost me 154.00 GBP,
Elbow Nesdam
Elbow Nesdam 10 kun oldin
Chinkatronics need we say more -noooooooo
Jeffrey Glover
Jeffrey Glover 10 kun oldin
i will not buy any phone with a stupid notch, no matter what the price.
Gary Ruddock
Gary Ruddock 10 kun oldin
Like the video is this available in Canada
Dick Martino
Dick Martino 10 kun oldin
Thanks for the Elephone striptease. It really got me excited.....oo-er. They won't let sick people on the plane so best get well soon.
Gary Ruddock
Gary Ruddock 10 kun oldin
Love your Take on tech big Upp, super interested in the Huawei mate 20X
Wali Pathan
Wali Pathan 10 kun oldin
How much
Rocky John
Rocky John 10 kun oldin
Hi dude...try to make a short and good review..... You are talking too many things.... Its really not necessary to talk soo long....
Rocky John
Rocky John 10 kun oldin
+ASBYT cheers.. 😊
ASBYT 10 kun oldin
Rocky John my videos are not for everyone, I hope u find what you’re looking for on the platform 🙂👍
大王倆米伍 10 kun oldin
HUAWEI p20 pro?
Generation Immortal
Generation Immortal 10 kun oldin
The mediate helio p70 is out and better, so the p60 feels old now
Generation Immortal
Generation Immortal 10 kun oldin
I love how Chinese companies rip each other off, cause here the back is entirely a plastic version of the p20 pro's back
Re dd
Re dd 10 kun oldin
6:30 😍😍 damn handsome
Re dd
Re dd 10 kun oldin
that whistle tho hmmm.
zalanudin Abd Manaf
zalanudin Abd Manaf 10 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, this is the most good looking smartphone of 2018..😉
GreatATLAS *
GreatATLAS * 10 kun oldin
Still honor play
Flying High
Flying High 10 kun oldin
Where are the animations when opening apps?
Darryl of Sussex
Darryl of Sussex 10 kun oldin
“...one of the best looking backs of a phone i’ve ever seen.” See the thing is, it will slide off absolutely everything it is left on and anyway, who cares about the back of their phone? They’re still reinventing the wheel, while not solving the problem. It’s not a solution to anything, just yet another smartphone. Pointless.
gerald macugay
gerald macugay 10 kun oldin
better budget phone.but more best and better the pocophone2.poco best
tigerbalm 10 kun oldin
I wish my 6T looked like dat!