Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jessica Biel and Jimmy Fallon try to guess Justin Timberlake's responses to a series of random questions in a competition to see who really knows him best.
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Best Friends Challenge with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel




2-Noy, 2018



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Fikrlar 6 227
RehGo 10 soat oldin
wtf!! i guessed pineapple aswell....
U. K.
U. K. Kun oldin
Fake kanacke
Slang Sisters
Slang Sisters Kun oldin
When everyone guessed pineapples. I realize how popular Kevin Hart really is 😂😂😂😂
Mystical Potterhead
I only clicked this of Justin Timberlake's amazing handwriting... Found out that was a lie!!
Kaitlyn Hecker
Kaitlyn Hecker 2 kun oldin
Why isn’t Justin talking?
Victoria 3 kun oldin
Happy couple! Jessica was so cute in the 7 Heaven show.
S Art
S Art 4 kun oldin
When I see a guy with giant arms walking around with zero intelligence and I think hey dude just fill up your head with some knowledge.
bant491 2 kun oldin
S Art shut up
Zoie B
Zoie B 4 kun oldin
omg I was at The Man of The Woods concert where the women’s shirt said “my safeword is Justin Timberlake” hahaha
Adelina Hernandez
Adelina Hernandez 4 kun oldin
I love Justin his one of my favorite artist his my age his so funny and cute and hillarious 🤗😘😍
hentaigasm.com 4 kun oldin
Almost as fake as Jimmy laughing
therese fassie
therese fassie 2 kun oldin
xFrøsTx x
xFrøsTx x 5 kun oldin
Jimmy’s acting at 3:30 is just...😐 And 5:20 too...
M R 5 kun oldin
Jimmy laughing acting is the worst. Criiiiiinge
Ewa Mar
Ewa Mar 5 kun oldin
Why is he silent??? 😂😂😂😂
Annabelle Serra
Annabelle Serra 5 kun oldin
Nc acting
KellyAnn McGregor
KellyAnn McGregor 5 kun oldin
I Hate McDonald's!! Worst food in the world and soooooooo bad for you.
Mayur Patel
Mayur Patel 5 kun oldin
Why does jimmy always over react
Imogen XD
Imogen XD 6 kun oldin
Why can’t Timberlake talk?
I love you
I love you 6 kun oldin
So Beautiful so hot
Denise Michelle
Denise Michelle 7 kun oldin
They are one of my fav celeb couples. Jessica is so cool. I can't even handle her. 💕
Nora Haugen
Nora Haugen 7 kun oldin
Why does he not speak???
CJ Caputo
CJ Caputo 7 kun oldin
her son should be batmo beil
C h a n t e l M o n t o
So fake
therese fassie
therese fassie 2 kun oldin
Especially fallon
Mrs. PCY 61
Mrs. PCY 61 7 kun oldin
atleast I guessed the 29 part of 4297
Rele Cyrus
Rele Cyrus 7 kun oldin
When will James Fallon stop his fake smile
bitch bitch
bitch bitch 7 kun oldin
Woah I also guess 4297
concerned citizen
concerned citizen 8 kun oldin
Xandra S
Xandra S 8 kun oldin
The older JT gets the more he looks like that golem dude that runs around “My precioussss”
Xandra S
Xandra S 8 kun oldin
I dont think i have seen a single GENUINE moment on this show. All the host does is laugh like an idiot (also see: IQ less than 20) and conducts scripted schmoozing. So cringy. Who buys this crap?
X ToRtiK
X ToRtiK 8 kun oldin
Poor world still thinking that was real.
Sporky Spork
Sporky Spork 8 kun oldin
Swathi Bhat
Swathi Bhat 8 kun oldin
4297.... How the hell did Jimmy get that! Like seriously ! Unbelievable
Raechel Massoumi
Raechel Massoumi 7 kun oldin
Swathi Bhat it is scripted
Swathi Bhat
Swathi Bhat 8 kun oldin
Justin Timberlake is so adorable ,,just precious 😍😘 I'm crying 😭😭
mike seely
mike seely 8 kun oldin
three blind mice
2D AIRSOFT 8 kun oldin
I thought pineapple in my head
Brownie Troop 2662
Brownie Troop 2662 8 kun oldin
2:53 The way they look at each other😫😍
Hi There
Hi There 9 kun oldin
*oH wHat a cOinCidEnce tHaT I gUesS tHe eXacT aNswER aS jUsTin*
MA FERNANDA 9 kun oldin
2:54 what a cute moment the way Justin see Jessica omg so cute 🥰🥰🥺💕
Adanna Belgrave
Adanna Belgrave 9 kun oldin
Jessica Biel won 🏆🏆
Sankalp Tripathy
Sankalp Tripathy 10 kun oldin
This is so fake! Jimmy's fake acting makes it worse
Sankalp Tripathy
Sankalp Tripathy 10 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought Justin's favorite rapper was Trick-Trick?
Sankalp Tripathy
Sankalp Tripathy 10 kun oldin
This is the only way Jimmy can say he has friends
Jigga Grave
Jigga Grave 11 kun oldin
She may be a horrible actress, but Jessica Biel is the baddest white girl in Hollywood from head to toe
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake 11 kun oldin
It's painfully obvious this is scripted, but Justin's face throughout the whole thing saved it 🤣
woot3979 11 kun oldin
Jessica = Husband Justin = Wife
Nathaniel Wtf
Nathaniel Wtf 11 kun oldin
Fake jimmy strikes again
ChaJaewon 11 kun oldin
Jessica's arms!!! So sexy :)
Broke People's Guide
Why can't he talk though? Lmao
Rosa Molenaar
Rosa Molenaar 12 kun oldin
Why does Justin don’t talk?
Camille Carre
Camille Carre 12 kun oldin
Even if Jimmy got the last one Jessica got 3 of the 4 questions so technically she one he only got 2
Sophia Simpson
Sophia Simpson 12 kun oldin
The fact that they had a closing card tells us that it’s all staged
Ayaz Hossain
Ayaz Hossain 12 kun oldin
Haters gonna say it's scripted
Leonie Jaye
Leonie Jaye 12 kun oldin
Andrea Marcelli
Andrea Marcelli 13 kun oldin
Pineapple was also Castle's safe word.
florina moro
florina moro 15 kun oldin
So much fun
esi hazar
esi hazar 15 kun oldin
What the hell is that shoes
Afsana Abdullayeva
Afsana Abdullayeva 16 kun oldin
Kevin Hart pineapple!!!
amio overlord
amio overlord 16 kun oldin
Was she his wife?
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh 19 kun oldin
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 20 kun oldin
Who wears the pants in the relationship 🤔?
WorldOfEuni 20 kun oldin
Whoa Jimmy in Js... Was that a lowkey sponsor promo? Lmao
Tara's Tarot
Tara's Tarot 21 kun oldin
Her arms are like works of art!
Anton Kiss
Anton Kiss 15 kun oldin
Akin Uluisik
Akin Uluisik 21 kun oldin
for the last one I thought of the same number
Penny Scott
Penny Scott 23 kun oldin
I just love when he snaped because his face i won't stop rewinding it
Isabella Pampulov
Isabella Pampulov 23 kun oldin
why did I guess pineapple to it's so random
Dhiman sarkar
Dhiman sarkar 24 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon is so fake! 😒
Lima Andrew
Lima Andrew 24 kun oldin
Her clothes looks so ugly and cheap
Lima Andrew
Lima Andrew 24 kun oldin
Why she can buy a better and better quality dress for her
Naomi Akerman
Naomi Akerman 24 kun oldin
Why isn't Justin talking? It's kinda weird...
That 3D Print and Watch Guy
how do you telly if Fallon is fake laughing or real laughing - cause it all looks fake....
Alma Jerez
Alma Jerez 25 kun oldin
Jessica Biel thinks she is the star. I don't like her and her face is too big.
Shaq Daddy
Shaq Daddy 25 kun oldin
Pause it on 1:51 and it shows the start of his answer
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis 26 kun oldin
What is a safe word anyway??
Claire A
Claire A 28 kun oldin
Jimmy coming out from behind the desk to show us his shoes
tryn2bnice 28 kun oldin
Justin is hilarious 🥰😂
jade brown
jade brown 28 kun oldin
Jessica’s guns are Smoking 💪🏻😍💪🏻
lucy boynton
lucy boynton 28 kun oldin
5:36, I want somebody to look at me the way Justin looks at Jimmy😍
OMGOLIVE 101 28 kun oldin
Did anyone see Jimmy’s shoes those are lit 🔥
Mlissa Bottoms
Mlissa Bottoms 26 kun oldin
nr99 29 kun oldin
Felix Unger
Felix Unger 29 kun oldin
Oh come'on! I must the only one who thinks that wasn't funny at all. Fallon must be running out of funny ideas for his show.
Laney Florio
Laney Florio Oy oldin
Why isn’t Justin talking
Ziggy Herbert
Ziggy Herbert Oy oldin
Yeah right
Richard Moe
Richard Moe Oy oldin
Jessica looks like a Greek goddess..
Annie Acharya
Annie Acharya Oy oldin
Jimmy's shoes are killing me
Aomori Teachers
Can anyone smell marker fumes from the screen?
Emily Weirdnez
Jessica's body..
Josh Jackzone
Josh Jackzone Oy oldin
I'm not that into fashion... but what Jessica is wearing looks really bad in my opinion lol
D&E Studios
D&E Studios Oy oldin
I wasn’t listening why is Justin not speaking
Abhishek  Shajith
Jimmy is dressed so formal bu he is rocking his nike air... lol
Quita Clark
Quita Clark Oy oldin
I knew the safeword too lol
Parth Gupte
Parth Gupte Oy oldin
That last question has to be rigged
S a s s O u t
S a s s O u t Oy oldin
Aw they’re so cute
Mu-eena Reid
Mu-eena Reid Oy oldin
Really that’s so rigged....
Nena Uy
Nena Uy Oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon Sey Jessica Biel come back
Nena Uy
Nena Uy Oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon Sey Jessica Biel come back
Author GCP
Author GCP Oy oldin
Fallon u sneaky lil prick, you had that all planned. Jess is cool though. Just another gal who went to Tuffts. She's very down to Earth
Cubefarmer Hkc
Gun show is in town.
J & J
J & J Oy oldin
Scripted, period. (not that this not already known lol )
Riman Chowdhury
Jimmy is wearing a suit and some Nike’s?
Snicker Doodle
The weirdest part was when jimmy walked out behind the desk wearing basketball shoes with his suit. And Jessica is definitely in the friendzone.
kirk patty
kirk patty Oy oldin
quaking capillaries
4:36 *is what we all came here for*
Surplicious Oy oldin
Four true letters to describe this video F. A. K. E.
The Cat Queen
The Cat Queen Oy oldin
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