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Today I'm sharing my absolute BEST makeup finds of 2018 and doing a full face tutorial so you can see exactly how they apply and wear. Don't forget to check out my drugstore favorites of 2018! uzvid.com/video/video-97e3mKlKL8U.html

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Hi I'm Rachel, thank you so much for watching my videos! This channel is dedicated to testing new makeup, sharing my beauty favorites, both drugstore and high-end, & finding out what makeup's worth the hype and what's not. If you love hauls (plus updates on the products 2 weeks later!), tutorials, first impressions, and everything beauty-related, I hope you'll subscribe so you don't miss NEW VIDEOS every THURSDAY and SUNDAY!
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Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil bit.ly/2CN7a5f
Benefit Cosmetics 24HR Brow Setter bit.ly/2Tx4n63
NARS Tinted Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base bit.ly/2Tp19RN
Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette bit.ly/2TpaNnr
Urban Decay Born to Run Palette bit.ly/2TlIzKq
Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette bit.ly/2Tqlk1W
Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow, Aura, Foil bit.ly/2TsYOWe
MAC Eyeshadow Singles, Shiny Pretty Things Holiday Collection bit.ly/2CPGgK7
Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss, Unicorn amzn.to/2CONFcH
tarte Clay Pot Liner bit.ly/2CN7yRf
Sigma Water Line E17 Brushbit.ly/2CN7CAt
Fenty Beauty Flyliner bit.ly/2SXfULq
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara bit.ly/2Tt2VS1
Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils The Curler Volume Effect Mascara bit.ly/2CJHSFc
Velour Effortless Lashes bit.ly/2CNKlP6
Clarins SOS Primer, 02 Peach bit.ly/2TuVaet
Farsali Skin Tune Blur Primer bit.ly/2SXKZPd
Dior Forever Undercover 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation bit.ly/2Cpc9Ji
Clarins SOS Primer, 02 Peach bit.ly/2TuVaet
Farsali Skin Tune Blur Primer bit.ly/2SXKZPd
Dior Forever Undercover 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation bit.ly/2Cpc9Ji
Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation bit.ly/2COoln6
Cover FX Power Play Concealer bit.ly/2TlJn1U
Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer bit.ly/2COeeyC
Stansout Beauty Sponge amzn.to/2VsoZ0V
Lancome Cushion Highlighter Chroma bit.ly/2CMwQin
Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder bit.ly/2CNbdPd
Elizabeth Arden High Performance Blurring Loose Powder amzn.to/2R3Z4OB
Laura Geller Filter Finish Setting Powder, Universal bit.ly/2TpGTiT
BareMinerals Gen Nude Blush bit.ly/2Trjuxw
Guerlain Terracotta Tan Enhancing Bronzer
Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter bit.ly/2COOkLd
OFRA Highlighter, Star Island
Cover FX Dewy Finish Setting Spray bit.ly/2Tpc1Pz
BareMinerals Lip Gloss, Sugar, Totally bit.ly/2COOtOL
MAC Lip Glass, Tinsel Seeker bit.ly/2CN8dSJ
Buxom Va Va Plump, Paradise Found amzn.to/2s8GeqL
MAC Versicolor Varnish Cream Lip Stain, Crushing It bit.ly/2CMMmuX
The products I list are usually - though not always - affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage of the sale from the vendor if you make a purchase :)

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3-Yan, 2019



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Karen Kusse
Karen Kusse 16 kun oldin
Shame Mac named their lip colour after a type of tinea. Wonder who approved that one
Breanna Ellis
Breanna Ellis Oy oldin
Tryyyyyy the new elf concealer pleaseeeeeee
Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Oy oldin
You are my absolute favorite! I watch your videos all the time!! Thanks for being you!
mandij22 Oy oldin
What a beautiful look on you! It's stunning!
Lucky Mama
Lucky Mama Oy oldin
BTW, the Inglot pot eyeliners are amazing in the waterline and they have every color under the rainbow 🌈
Andrea Mialkowski
How do you do just a really natural eye for everyday? I have tried blending and blending on the outside edge of my eye and I look awful. I like to keep everything more in the middle of my eye.
By The Glass
By The Glass Oy oldin
wedding ring? no..ok!
lauren skubish
I found the Elizabeth Arden powder at Tj maxx for 6.99 so I bought if per your recommendation. Originally 35 bucks. Now ain't that somethin. I'm so excited to try it.
Heather Gerhardt
Have you tried the Esqido waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner? I just tested it out and it is amazing!
jaysglam02 Oy oldin
But where are your earrings from?!?!? Omggg I LOVE them 😍😍😍
Autumn Goranflo
Autumn Goranflo 2 oy oldin
I have a product suggestion for you to test out! I think you would be perfect to review it because you are always so fair and honest with your reviews! It is the AsaVea 4 D fiber lash mascara it clams to be waterproof and is an Amazon choice product! Thanks Rach!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
des g
des g 2 oy oldin
Please try the " golden rose liquid matte lipstick"
Tamara Sparks
Tamara Sparks 2 oy oldin
Born to Run layers so well! Best palette of 2018 for me...and I bought a stupid amount of them.
Johanna Z
Johanna Z 2 oy oldin
For me it was the peach perfect comfort matte foundation as well!
Margaret 2 oy oldin
If anyone would like to help me reach my goal and support American Cancer Society you can donate by clicking the link below. Thank you. facebook.com/donate/2294977050720719/?fundraiser_source=external_url
Nanci Celenko
Nanci Celenko 2 oy oldin
Where are those gorgeous earrings from?
Ste fani
Ste fani 2 oy oldin
A quoin (pronounced like “coin” or “kwoyn”) is the cornerstone or wedge of a wall; a sharp exterior angle. That shade name makes no real sense.
Can some of tell me what brush she is using for her foundation?
Sammy Kolowrat
Sammy Kolowrat 2 oy oldin
what is that nail color you're wearing it's so pretty!!!
christin friel
christin friel 2 oy oldin
@rachhloves who makes those earrings?!? I love love them!
Georgi Hoffman
Georgi Hoffman 2 oy oldin
I really love that everyone is so positive here. The rest of the beauty community is so harsh and mean. Your channel is so calm.
AxlLovesHobbits 2 oy oldin
cannot get over the eye look. SO. PRETTY.
Mel Fryer
Mel Fryer 2 oy oldin
I’m obsessed with the Bare Minerals glosses they’re so moisturising.
butercupeh 2 oy oldin
Recently found your channel. Really enjoying. You are knowledgeable fun yet genuine. Ty
Allassea1980 2 oy oldin
Rachel thanks for the tip on the Clarins primer! I was in the market for a new primer when my Hourglass ran out and I love it! It's really amazing, so thanks for the tip!
Leeann Giles
Leeann Giles 2 oy oldin
Been feeling really depressed lately.
Amanda Perry
Amanda Perry 2 oy oldin
Wow you look amazing!
Danielle Dunn
Danielle Dunn 2 oy oldin
What powder brush is she using for foundation
Melody Searcy
Melody Searcy 2 oy oldin
I live your earrings! Where are they from?
Madison Roehler
Madison Roehler 2 oy oldin
Used a Christmas gift card and got my Sultry palette in the mail about a week ago. I don’t usually splurge on makeup. I’m always afraid of a product not working for me, and I CANNOT stop using these eyeshadows. They are so good!
Natasha Deen
Natasha Deen 2 oy oldin
Rachel you are GORGEOUS without makeup! I hope this year brings you much love, health, and happiness!
Crystal Bazan
Crystal Bazan 2 oy oldin
You like Justin Bieber’s gf very pretty
QueenAuna 2 oy oldin
I love these earrings!
Kristen M
Kristen M 2 oy oldin
Way to go, Rachel...making me buy products on my "yes this is gorgeous, but you do not need another ______" list. This look is too pretty not to want to recreate! 🤗😘
Izabel Reis
Izabel Reis 2 oy oldin
i just posted a new video and would love if anyone would check it out!
Ros with 1 s
Ros with 1 s 2 oy oldin
Steph B
Steph B 2 oy oldin
If you're watching this in Aus, that guerlain bronzer is 50% off at sephora (in stores at least, not sure about online) 👍
Jessica Foss
Jessica Foss 2 oy oldin
The makeup in this video is stunning!! I live for it. 😍
Xioma 2 oy oldin
Hello! One of my favorite urban decay cherry palette, Huda foundation, hush cream colour base as highlight 🥰, makeup revolution concealer and brick highlighter trio palette etc
Nycole C
Nycole C 2 oy oldin
Noooooooo is the Clarins SOS primer not available at Sephora Canada?? 😫🇨🇦
Mariahs36 2 oy oldin
Love you but dont consider Mac and Sephora high end.
RandyandCyndi Baker
The face Palettes I got . The Becca Be A Light and Hourglass Vol. 4 palettes . Its upped my finishing game. The Morphe times Jaclyn Hill Fav, ABH Prism and BH Zodiac palettes. Has really made my collection . I loved the Fort De France and Amrezy highlighters omg yes. The Bare Pro and Nar's Radiance foundations. It's been Quite the year I could go on and on.
Simtastic 2 oy oldin
Hey Rachel! This has nothing to do with the video but I just wanted to tell you that I watched your morning and night skincare routine videos a while ago. I think they were a couple years ago that you made them. I just have to say nothing ever worked on my skin and I would get tons of breakouts and just never could find anything that worked. Anyway I tried some of the things you suggested in those videos and in about a week i noticed a huge difference in my skin! Thank you so much for sharing your routines as it really helped me out a lot! My skin looks 10 times better! Love you keep doing what you're doing!! ❤
AyyoShyGurlTv 2 oy oldin
Where’s your hoodie from?? LOVE!! 💕✨😍
Danielle Maynard
Danielle Maynard 2 oy oldin
You just really brighten my day. So glad I'm part of your fam!!
Claudia Torres
Claudia Torres 2 oy oldin
The Born to Run palette and the Gomgerbread were my favorite!
Kara Englisbee
Kara Englisbee 2 oy oldin
Someone tell me why she doesn’t get more views on her videos. Rachel is such an amazing person and I love watching her so much! ❤️
Jessica Malach
Jessica Malach 2 oy oldin
The positivity in the comments section is so wonderful! How do you keep away the trolls? I genuinely would post on UZvid but I am terrified of all the bullies.
Tiana Sherback
Tiana Sherback 2 oy oldin
Try out artistry
B K 2 oy oldin
Rach this makeup look 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Billie VM
Billie VM 2 oy oldin
Favorite look of all time on you. 👏🏼 FREAKING GORGEOUS.
Laura Jewison
Laura Jewison 2 oy oldin
Love me some Rach 😘😘
Sierra Taylor
Sierra Taylor 2 oy oldin
Born to Run palette all day any and every day!
Teresa Bachmeier
Teresa Bachmeier 2 oy oldin
LOVE that foundation on you!
Solveig Westermoen
My favourite high end palette has been Smashbox Vlada Petal Metal. So beautiful! And you ended up absolutely gorgeous (as usual...) We have a saying in Norway; that everything suits the lovely one! (And you are lovely, in case there was any questions)
Danielle Nesmith
Danielle Nesmith 2 oy oldin
Yesss the Guerlain bronzer! I fell in love with the scent, I bought this bronzer and saved it specifically for my wedding day. Everything about it is perfect colour, texture, scent, packaging (oh the packaging)
soulasylum311 2 oy oldin
You should do a 2018 best skin care
Erin Jorgensen
Erin Jorgensen 2 oy oldin
Please review the miranda sings/ colleen lipsticks. I need an honest opinion
Jerry P.
Jerry P. 2 oy oldin
Check this guys!! uzvid.com/video/video-Lph3w8KhoFU.html
Celina Antony
Celina Antony 2 oy oldin
You need to try the jouer concealer. It is the best concealer that I've ever tried
Alexandra Sala
Alexandra Sala 2 oy oldin
What’s the nail polish on your nails? So pretty
PennyKay 2 oy oldin
I love when a RachhLoves video pops up in my feed. She started my make-up obsession and I'm not mad at it. The products I was using in 2018 pretty consistently are the Amrezy Highlighters (ride or die) and Benefit Happy foundation. I get a lot of products in my Ipsy and Boxycharm, but those two just don't leave my rotation.
Amanda Mendoza
Amanda Mendoza 2 oy oldin
I just love you! ❤️
nmezzadonna 2 oy oldin
I can't stop staring at your earrings! they're gorgeous I WANT
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 2 oy oldin
I see that the Elizabeth Arden powder comes in different shades. Did you use the translucent?
Supriya K
Supriya K 2 oy oldin
Awwww, I love her sfm
Shirley Kennedy
Shirley Kennedy 2 oy oldin
I need those earrings where did you get them?
Jenna Ross
Jenna Ross 2 oy oldin
Love, love, love the eye look!!
D Conway
D Conway 2 oy oldin
HI love your channels and that you re Canadian!! Represent. Can you do a brand review of nude by nature? I m starting to get into clean make up and looking at ingredients, cruelty free etc but I don’t want to invest in products that don’t work. Thanks!!
Katie Goodrick
Katie Goodrick 2 oy oldin
Yes🙌🏻 loving the ABH sultry palette 💕
Fashionable B
Fashionable B 2 oy oldin
Great video as always! Love your recommendations and plan to try a few out. The Tarte Maneater Vol 2 palette was my absolute favorite makeup product from 2018!
Mariel Montalvo
Mariel Montalvo 2 oy oldin
Hi Rachel! I am a first time subscriber and I have literally have been binge watching all of your videos! You are amazing and I really enjoy your reviews!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia 2 oy oldin
Sylvia says that using blurring/pore filling primers makes you pores bigger over time. Do you find that to be true?
Katie Otoya
Katie Otoya 2 oy oldin
That polish is GORGEOUS!
Katie Otoya
Katie Otoya 2 oy oldin
rebecca glover
rebecca glover 2 oy oldin
Where are your earring from? I love them!
Alyssa Nayokpuk
Alyssa Nayokpuk 2 oy oldin
What brush did you use for your bronzer?! 😍
ChikitaPassion 2 oy oldin
You have cool products. I love your videos. 😍💕 Happy New Year to you and your family! 😍💕 Greeting from Finland 🇫🇮
Kristi 2 oy oldin
You are soooo freaking beautiful😍😍 I swear makeup just doesn’t look the same on me!
Chrissy Moore
Chrissy Moore 2 oy oldin
Loved this Rachel! I would love to see you review and create some looks with the James Charles Morphe Release Your Inner Artist Palette!
Karoliina 2 oy oldin
I don’t usually use high end products, but that Clarins primer is so good that I’ll be buying second one after I’m done with my first one! I’ve tried so many primers and this is the first one that has worked for me really well.
Jodie Wall
Jodie Wall 2 oy oldin
My two favourite highlighters aswell 😍😍
Jamie 2 oy oldin
I want that sweater!!
Melissa Choy
Melissa Choy 2 oy oldin
love the earrings! where are they from?
Ameri Clark
Ameri Clark 2 oy oldin
The glitch scared me so bad I thought my phone got a virus or something.
hailee hunter
hailee hunter 2 oy oldin
You should do a video of you doing your makeup using your least favorite products of 2018!
sophia 2 oy oldin
rachel you are very inspiring❤️! i really love your videos- can you please review bodyography cosmetics?
Eli Hill
Eli Hill 2 oy oldin
WHAT the heck is going on at 0:15
Taylor  Campbell
Taylor Campbell 2 oy oldin
Your earrings are soooo cute!!!!
Katie J.
Katie J. 2 oy oldin
Fav high ends this year: Milk Kush mascara, Tatcha Dewy Mist, Ouai Hair Oil, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and Hydrating Mineral Veil, Becca First Light Priming Filter, CoverFx Setting Powder, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light, RMS Loving Luminizer, Ciaté Dewy Stix in Glow, Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray, Lumene Instant Glow UV Primer, and Gucci's Bloom line of fragrances. Moral of the story: 2018 took all my money.
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson 2 oy oldin
You look AMAZING. I had to stop and check the prices and my tab is getting up there but I want this look. Thanks!👸
Tiffany Sanderson
For people who have the shiseido eyelash curler, do y'all have a problem with the curler taking off part of your eyeliner when you curl your lashes? Any tips? I love how it curls all of my lashes, but I don't lile that I have to touch up my eyeliner afterwards. Any tips to prevemt this would help!
Maria 2 oy oldin
Can’t get better in any year than our Rachel 😘😍😘 You look absolutely radiant Rach! Those products are amazing but it helps that you have such a flawless canvas to start with, love ya, mwah 💋💋💋 💕💜🌹💜💕 xxxx
Brandee Engel
Brandee Engel 2 oy oldin
I think this is my favorite eye look you have ever worn, gorgeous!!!!!
May Eatonne
May Eatonne 2 oy oldin
Born to run shadow palette😍😍
hannah watson
hannah watson 2 oy oldin
back to the basic backdrop! i love all the stuff you put back there but i just loved the white before😂 love your videos tho, we are the like same!👯‍♀️
Katrina O'Daniel
Katrina O'Daniel 2 oy oldin
What a great video!!! My credit card is going to take a hit. 😂
Ashley J. Woods
Ashley J. Woods 2 oy oldin
Love your positivity. I'm sick so I'm chilling on the couch watching makeup videos with a hot water bottle. Thank god for Rachhloves on sick days.
Eleni Leon
Eleni Leon 2 oy oldin
heyy💕 if you have time i’d appreciate it if you check out my ig @_elenisi_ i just started posting my makeup and i’d appreciate some support💗
Jennifer Gaines
Jennifer Gaines 2 oy oldin
I was literally dipping into "Fresh" when she started talking about the Sultry palette. :)
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