Best NBA Mic'd Up Moments Compilation 2018

Black Mamba 2
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Ft. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Joel Embiid And More




22-Dek, 2018

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Nick Bliss
Nick Bliss 3 kun oldin
u used wrong your in thumbnail
Michele Bogdan Craciun
Lebron is a Commander!
Bigbandz cam901
Bigbandz cam901 9 kun oldin
Sad to say parsons is gone
John Veleta
John Veleta 9 kun oldin
Lmfao Jimmy sucks
Dunce Face
Dunce Face 9 kun oldin
Title of the video is supposed to say *you’re.
Kenny Robinson
Kenny Robinson 9 kun oldin
Dur-can’t is pussy....getting carried and talking shit now
Sweaty Ballsack
Sweaty Ballsack 9 kun oldin
Fucking clickbait ass mothafucka. Die
HeiloMidnight 9 kun oldin
Tebby 9 kun oldin
3:09 i love how Parsons screams trying to get that offensive foul xD
Drew Voorhees
Drew Voorhees 10 kun oldin
Lance Stephenson sound like an AAU dad
malik jones
malik jones 10 kun oldin
KD at the end was funny ashit
leigh tanay
leigh tanay 10 kun oldin
butler the feeling star
jhunkenneth señora
jhunkenneth señora 10 kun oldin
I love LB for loving his teammates
H Mac 2004
H Mac 2004 10 kun oldin
I think James Harden is hiding his mic in his beard. 😂
Mc Donalds
Mc Donalds 11 kun oldin
"Every time you fall stay down your brother gonna pick you up" Real Goat with sportmanship You gonna miss this guy when he's gone in the nba.. SO MUCH RESPECT to Lebron..
jeff saurus
jeff saurus 11 kun oldin
Casper Mist
Casper Mist 11 kun oldin
Miles Paredes
Miles Paredes 11 kun oldin
"stay down, any time y'all fall stay down your brothers come pick you up"
Mike5 11 kun oldin
It's good to see a guy the Refs age calling the offense.-LeBron James
Reformed1 11 kun oldin
Parsons was already gettin the cold-shoulder from the coach. Coach already knew this dude was gonna get cut
alford brown
alford brown 11 kun oldin
Born ready funny
The Clip 'Zone
The Clip 'Zone 12 kun oldin
Are these real?
Silas Kyle
Silas Kyle 12 kun oldin
Lebron a real teammate
outcast Carry
outcast Carry 12 kun oldin
I like lebron just sayimg to kuzma.
Eazy GoldenZ
Eazy GoldenZ 12 kun oldin
Why people don’t like kd
Brendan Boaz
Brendan Boaz 12 kun oldin
Eazy GoldenZ what did he even say
Michael Meurer
Michael Meurer 13 kun oldin
He make that I’m leaving (makes it) I got to go
Martey Madness
Martey Madness 13 kun oldin
1:20 the voice he made was scary jeez
Zach Price
Zach Price 13 kun oldin
Alex R
Alex R 13 kun oldin
Embiid's voice is like chalk on a blackboard.
A.J. Aparicio
A.J. Aparicio 13 kun oldin
Lebron is really the greatest of all time. He’s such a good leader.
MIA KHALIFA 13 kun oldin
1:02 hahahah aqua man screaming hahahaaha
YungNando 14 kun oldin
Parsons look like a cool ass dude
YungNando 14 kun oldin
Gotta love La Bron
Hash-Slinging Slasher
i didnt understand a single thing john wall said in this video
Ason Jiang
Ason Jiang 14 kun oldin
Any time yall fall stay down lol
Stephen Curry 4 3
Stephen Curry 4 3 14 kun oldin
No lie Lebron gonna be a good ass head coach without a doubt
Straw Berry
Straw Berry 14 kun oldin
lance stephenson looks like the one in deez nuts video 2:15
Dre Howard
Dre Howard 15 kun oldin
Bein on a team with lance would be the best 🤣
Aldrix Ligasan
Aldrix Ligasan 15 kun oldin
I DIED WHEN LEBRON SAID "STAY DOWN YOUR BROTHER GOT U WHEN U FALL" like man he on some full on positive shit xD
The Mercilless
The Mercilless 15 kun oldin
someone needs to mic'd up kawhi and make a video containing only him being mic'd up
Oscar Saturnino
Oscar Saturnino 15 kun oldin
Alexander Castillon
Alexander Castillon 15 kun oldin
"watch the fucking game and stfu"- KD😂
Kristian 15 kun oldin
Lmao stephenson sounds like donkey in the movie SHREK
Jessie Randy Baker
Jessie Randy Baker 15 kun oldin
1:00 Hey! Hey! AHHH
Kedow 16 kun oldin
That coach does not like Chandler....
Nate Burnett
Nate Burnett 16 kun oldin
LeBron is a very good teammate. He’s gonna help the young guys in LA develop so much
Zaccheus Phillips
Zaccheus Phillips 16 kun oldin
LeBron coshing
James Barnett
James Barnett 16 kun oldin
5:14 screen coming that’s from 2k lmao
Scott Zummers
Scott Zummers 16 kun oldin
I think every team needs to play a whole game with mics. All stars they definitely need to be mic up!!
Aksnwman 16 kun oldin
BIGG GOON 16 kun oldin
Pablo Severino
Pablo Severino 16 kun oldin
Layne Barger
Layne Barger 16 kun oldin
1:43 jr Smith took it the wrong way
Uvuvwevwe Wazakalaksuaoapsulopopo Osas kruk
"y'all stay down and wait cause your brother will come pick you up"
Vince Allen Meneses
Vince Allen Meneses 16 kun oldin
Snake pissed at the end 😂
KGBASEBALL4 11 kun oldin
Vince Allen Meneses what did he say
Vince Allen Meneses
Vince Allen Meneses 16 kun oldin
Anybody missed chris bosh? 😂
Da Uploadeer
Da Uploadeer 16 kun oldin
Durrrant - shut the fuck up Texas redneck - wat the da fook
BTG BabyDrizzle
BTG BabyDrizzle 16 kun oldin
So AD fucks with AI but not lebron?
Gage Guerra
Gage Guerra 16 kun oldin
Refs called a foul at 2:34
Michael john Binuya
Michael john Binuya 16 kun oldin
Lbj has that leadership every team needs
wornoutshoes11 16 kun oldin
Lebron: Everytime u fall stay down... A brother will pick u up... Hmmmn thats ironic coz everytime he leaves a team behind... Everyone falls down and he dont give a fook. Lol smh
n elw
n elw 16 kun oldin
Cant get passed 46 sec of this fuck the 76ers. Fear the 🦌
lil cheesecake
lil cheesecake 16 kun oldin
What did he say to KD
John Van
John Van 16 kun oldin
lance could make the iPhone's user terms and conditions sound funny
Owie Dela Cruz
Owie Dela Cruz 16 kun oldin
LMAO I rolled in kd at the end 😂
Android Trickster
Android Trickster 16 kun oldin
"Coach of the year"--Lebron James😂😁
Jethro isaac C. Galvez
Android Trickster yah.What would you do if your a captain?ofcourse you will be the 2nd coach, more like helping the coach.Not like in cleaveland back then,lue was . . . af.
Gelo Casis
Gelo Casis 16 kun oldin
The only one that jarret allen can't block is AD
Sickfrog37 16 kun oldin
Everyone needs to stfu about “AD leaving NOLA”... it’s not true
DaKingYoshi 16 kun oldin
Imagine misspelling you’re in the title smh 🤦‍♂️
Elia Ent.
Elia Ent. 12 kun oldin
😂 I just seen tht
Swimchamp 04
Swimchamp 04 16 kun oldin
Lebron screaming “ ohhh “ knowing damn well he was going to be hurting after that game because of that dunk
Carter Burke
Carter Burke 16 kun oldin
LeBron is a mastermind
Kevin Green
Kevin Green 16 kun oldin
I get that the thumbnail is suppose to look like garbage but at least get the grammar right or else you just seem illiterate.
hank fuller
hank fuller 17 kun oldin
5:58 wtf is j wall saying 😂😂
Mista _Mask
Mista _Mask 17 kun oldin
I thought Joel Embiid sounded like T’Challa from Wakanda. Bc of Clive. But no Joel Embiid sounds way different.
metalboxinc 17 kun oldin
Yo Lebron, wtf man?! I’ve been down a whole week brother, pick my ass up!
Michael Datuin
Michael Datuin 17 kun oldin
New this was click bait but I clicked anyway
Ernesto Fuentes
Ernesto Fuentes 17 kun oldin
the click bait thumbnail is fucked up its not your but you’re
jhennali gaming
jhennali gaming 17 kun oldin
Did John wall gain weight ??!
I dropped my cheese burger
jhennali gaming wall is always injured so he can’t play to lose the weight
김민수 17 kun oldin
He is gaining every season
BigSplash FTW
BigSplash FTW 17 kun oldin
Kyle Lowry seems more sad ever since Derozan left
Manny P
Manny P 17 kun oldin
And y'all wonder why we call LeBron the GOAT. Dude even has the voice and leadership of a KING
glentot cape
glentot cape 17 kun oldin
Clickbait stupidd
Ellis Battrell
Ellis Battrell 17 kun oldin
Jrue a good teammate
gaming with patrick
gaming with patrick 17 kun oldin
AD is stayin down here in nola
Matt Porto
Matt Porto 17 kun oldin
How dafaq are they getting the things they say?
Savage Dude
Savage Dude 17 kun oldin
did they put mic in their jersey? do players knew about this?
who am i
who am i 12 kun oldin
Savage Dude its a clip on mic that u can onto any jersey or shirt etc, and they ask them as well
Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League
Wall sounds like kobe
Sam M.
Sam M. 17 kun oldin
Lebron is a true leader bro. he's like a coach in himself honestly
Kwame kwame
Kwame kwame 17 kun oldin
Lebron James asked them to stay high...☘️
clorox boi
clorox boi 17 kun oldin
This gave us a better insight to the nba, that they also use teamwork and communication just like how we did back in the day playing basketball
Darion I
Darion I 17 kun oldin
I fucking love Steven Adams😂😂 1:02
Ninjamonkey Pie
Ninjamonkey Pie 17 kun oldin
Who came for the thumbnail ?
amir ghazi
amir ghazi 17 kun oldin
2:31 "Ref gave 10 free throws for that contact"
Jigg Franklin
Jigg Franklin 17 kun oldin
Mean clickbait
SMG SPUDDAWG 17 kun oldin
Scary terry
Mark Jason Lopez
Mark Jason Lopez 17 kun oldin
2019 🍺🍻🎉
Brent Banka
Brent Banka 17 kun oldin
I'm the 1st viewer from 2019!!
Ced Cuddi
Ced Cuddi 17 kun oldin
Of all ppl in the grizzlies they choose parsons to get mic’d up lmao
Mr. Brick's Lowlights
Wouldn't mic ups make the NBA so much more entertaining?
Dawson Donnelly
Dawson Donnelly 17 kun oldin
Love Lebrons leadership
John Ambriz
John Ambriz 18 kun oldin
Lebron is such a great captain
Dimes災冬 2 kun oldin
david gochioco I don’t even fucking like Lebron 😂😂😂 I’m just smart enough to see past my own hate and acknowledge how talented he is at the sport. You’re legit just saying “fuck lebron he sucks” with no grounds of anything. Stop replying to me dude.. actually stop watching basketball. You’re a idiot.
david gochioco
david gochioco 2 kun oldin
Dimes災冬 maybe your one of those bron bitchriders that are blinded by his dramatics and outside good deeds... but we’re talking about the game!! And he ain’t the GOAT that he thinks he is!!! Lechoke!!!
Dimes災冬 3 kun oldin
david gochioco still baseless. All you’re doing is making claim, you have nothing to back up your argument
david gochioco
david gochioco 3 kun oldin
Dimes災冬 baseless?? Watch all his games especially when it’s crucial or when they are down, his not capable of pressure and he needs clutch players by his side... he ain’t no GOAT!!!
Ron Prasad
Ron Prasad 4 kun oldin
That why he is King