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Best of LeBron James So Far This Season

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Check out the best highlights from LeBron James of the 2018-19 NBA Season so far!
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27-Noy, 2018

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Radim Chobanov
Radim Chobanov 43 daqiqa oldin
amazing king!!!
Mohammed Louahid
Mohammed Louahid 5 soat oldin
Izuku Kun oldin
If I didn't know LeBron I would have a boring life and I wouldn't have play basketball since I was a kid👶 LeBron always inspires me to aim to the top and be the greatest..... LeBron you will be always in my heart 💓. There's no one that can replace you to me😄😄😄😄
soid drone slayer
soid drone slayer 2 kun oldin
LBJ is 15 seasons into the NBA he got a good full 5 seasons left before he retires within that time if he preferably brings two, or atleast one championship to the LA Lakers then I would have to crown him a Fav 5 Lakers legend alongside Jerry, Kareem, Magic, and Kobe.
luigii_ djovk.
luigii_ djovk. 3 kun oldin
Lethanos 🐐🐐🐐
Hassmax Hitman
Hassmax Hitman 3 kun oldin
LeBron Jordan Kobe Curry Magic Johnson Durant
Richard 4 kun oldin
Put a small uniform on the damn hairline to secure it into place.
good qood
good qood 4 kun oldin
Kydarius Brown
Kydarius Brown 5 kun oldin
Lebron Bronny James Hurry up the Lakers needs you bro
Kai Jackson
Kai Jackson 5 kun oldin
Eat a dick Lakers winning the ship LeBron is the best athlete 😎
Jefferson Idul03
Jefferson Idul03 5 kun oldin
SuperRip7 5 kun oldin
Lebron needs to give Lakers everything. 01-17-19.
Dawn Christine Galera
LeGoat 🐐🐐🐐
vincent tagonayon
vincent tagonayon 6 kun oldin
Wow everybody avoids LBJ whenever he dunks. But bro Nice vid im a realy big fan of Lebron
eddiezamora1986 6 kun oldin
I miss lebron already..the staple center is so quite now.. The Goat we need you back..amazing how good he makes everyone else. Best player ever rings dont matter when you clearly see how good he is how good he makes everyone else.
twisted virus xx
twisted virus xx 6 kun oldin
That no looker to hart was fucking dirty
David Léspar
David Léspar 6 kun oldin
Agressive game , i preffer the elegant game of Jordan
LeBron James
LeBron James 7 kun oldin
I am king
aries reyes
aries reyes 7 kun oldin
Good Dish.. To his Team Mate.. Lakers is Nothing For SURE with Out Lebron...
오건우 7 kun oldin
Guys lebron is the best player right now but i dont think he is better than jordan. Only new NBA fans says that, they never watched jordan play. Jordan is literally just permanent number 1, and we have to argue for who is the number 2. I say its lebron but cmon dont compare bron with jordan
John Pitre
John Pitre 7 kun oldin
He’s the only on in the team that deserves to wear the Purple&Gold! The rest of the number 2 picks are Bums!!!
OodleMyNoodle 7 kun oldin
Damn, it's not even halfway through the season and his highlights are absolutely insane. This man is something else!
Ty James
Ty James 7 kun oldin
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 8 kun oldin
Greatness 👑👑
El Perro [1912]
El Perro [1912] 9 kun oldin
Joga muito 🏀⛹️‍♂️
Yuhang Liu
Yuhang Liu 9 kun oldin
2016 april
Angel Morales
Angel Morales 10 kun oldin
“So far”... Reasons why he’s the GOAT 🐐
Il y a marqué wish sur son maillot
Cheryl Glick
Cheryl Glick 10 kun oldin
Lebron is the GOAT!!!!
Lil Cuzz
Lil Cuzz 10 kun oldin
Ig cuzz thought he wes bout to dunk on LBJ . Nicca go home fa det shit. 🤣🤣🤣🤫
8 c
8 c 10 kun oldin
The King leading the rookies
miray mesetepe
miray mesetepe 10 kun oldin
GabiN64 10 kun oldin
I wonder how many more years until his dunking ability declines. he will probably still be above average in that regard.
Zech Merquise
Zech Merquise 11 kun oldin
But can he beat the warriors when it counts?
samuel tambunan
samuel tambunan 10 kun oldin
He already did. He got nothing more to prove 😂 you must be new to nba
Miched Caton
Miched Caton 11 kun oldin
So much love you bring to LA , thank you sweetheart. I love you 💕❤️❤️❤️
Mark Cho
Mark Cho 12 kun oldin
please come back soon! We need Lebron!
John Jr
John Jr 12 kun oldin
Lebron is not even better than oladipo
samuel tambunan
samuel tambunan 10 kun oldin
Craziest comment i've seen all week
chong ryan
chong ryan 12 kun oldin
Best player 2019 the king👑
therealtunkmaster 13 kun oldin
The warriors won, but LBJ was the best player in those finals period. 2017 NBA Finals kd = 35.2 pts /8.2 rebs /5.4 asts / kd scoring +1.6 LBJ = 33.6 pts /12.0 rebs /10.0 asts / LBJ reb +3.8 / asts + 4.6 2018 NBA Finals kd = 28.8 pts /10.8 rebs /7.5 asts kd rebs + 2.3 LBJ = 34.0 pts /8.5 rebs /10.0 asts LBJ scoring + 5.2 / + 2.5
Bruno Della Giustina da Silva
A monster
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Williams Franke
Williams Franke 13 kun oldin
Not a big fan of bron but his highlights is the best and exciting ever. Every play is huge.
raymart callwing
raymart callwing 14 kun oldin
Kobe moves.
Transektion Kompleted
Those passes are just immortal mentality
Can Güner
Can Güner 15 kun oldin
“I’m the best player in the world” ~LeBron James
chichi bugtong
chichi bugtong 15 kun oldin
I'm gonna miss LeBron when his retired cas his my favorite player
Paul 15 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is and always will be the best player on the court. The original 23 never to be compared or replaced.
flawless39 15 kun oldin
Crazy thing is this is just his highlights this year. Dudes career highlights, when he retires is going to be insane!
Ashton Johnson
Ashton Johnson 16 kun oldin
21-18. There record is 21-18. I’m a fan of the lakers, but there trash.
Saad S
Saad S 16 kun oldin
This is prime lebron, I think this version of lebron would make his 2009 self shit his pants