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Best of LeBron James So Far This Season

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Check out the best highlights from LeBron James of the 2018-19 NBA Season so far!
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27-Noy, 2018



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Łoņē Ğałaxy
Łoņē Ğałaxy 8 soat oldin
1:35 Yoink
Kristmaz808 22 soat oldin
we need some more defensive plays come on
코코몽 2 kun oldin
Lebron James 연봉은 돈에 도덕성을 가진 금액이 아닐까요? 👖
#AKİF # 3 kun oldin
INCReD 10 4 kun oldin
Lebron James is a great player
Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan 7 kun oldin
enit aryt
enit aryt 7 kun oldin
more exciting than kobe
dan arellano
dan arellano 8 kun oldin
leonard vs lebron....l bet..1.000000 dollar
dan arellano
dan arellano 8 kun oldin
l go leonard
dan arellano
dan arellano 8 kun oldin
fvk u all lebron is a selfish guy....
Laurie Caspoli
Laurie Caspoli 8 kun oldin
douche. best front runner of all time. clown. a ped'd scottie pippen. can't take this fool serious.
KIM P CHANNEL 9 kun oldin
Lakers gonna go to playoffs if they had a many all star players
Matthew McCrary
Matthew McCrary 9 kun oldin
Then now you look at what people say about him and forget all the good shit he was doing before the injury
Ballers In The Making
Look at this kid drop buckets
bob smith
bob smith 10 kun oldin
3:38 Did this man just slap that dudes ass yo
Roblox 12 kun oldin
Abenezer Abdisa
Abenezer Abdisa 13 kun oldin
with out lebron james NBA [s boring
YaBoy MeGaldon
YaBoy MeGaldon 13 kun oldin
Lebron is the bomb
Panos GP
Panos GP 14 kun oldin
LE G. O. A. T
Djordje Jovanovic
Djordje Jovanovic 15 kun oldin
MJ is the greatest
The Bronzeing Sisters
J khcvhnnjin. 8
Matheus Escobar
Matheus Escobar 18 kun oldin
sarthak singh
sarthak singh 22 kun oldin
Aomini ;-)
Hasan Atasay
Hasan Atasay 23 kun oldin
Adrhodes442 23 kun oldin
how many of these games they lose tho 🤔🤔🤔
Kae Larua
Kae Larua 23 kun oldin
That is may idol
Kae Larua
Kae Larua 23 kun oldin
That is so beautiful
linkw88vn w88
linkw88vn w88 24 kun oldin
ban da biet gi ve dai ly linkw88vn bao gio chua
Miranda B
Miranda B 24 kun oldin
What a beaaassstt this guy is !!! 💯💯💯💯🙌🙌
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper 26 kun oldin
How quickly they forgot james impact & dominance, only because of his groin injury
Mythbuster 2 kun oldin
J.B Cooper exactly
Percifulhd 26 kun oldin
Lebron makes every other player look stupid
MrThinkTwice 28 kun oldin
My hand hurts every time he dunks....
Kevin Kinchen
Kevin Kinchen 29 kun oldin
Lebron is so great we had to create a new position to describe him- power point guard(point guard in a power forwards body).
Bryan Hines
Bryan Hines 29 kun oldin
It's crazy how fast he still is at his age.
Peyton Lee
Peyton Lee Oy oldin
I’ve saw Lebrons child hood story and It makes me feel inspired he’s such a good guy why does he get so much hate
Peyton Lee
Peyton Lee Oy oldin
LeBron makes NBA lit
Tommy PSG
Tommy PSG Oy oldin
C'est quoi ça ?
Carlieto' Way
Carlieto' Way Oy oldin
Alican Ergül
Alican Ergül Oy oldin
good offball movement by ball xD
Jaquez Hopson
Jaquez Hopson Oy oldin
It’s been an honor growing up watching Lebron
still can not carry the whole team
monick Porcadilla
A goat idol I love u bron!
Vicky Ndibwami
It glorious
Dayne Niel Gabriel CF
Queen Ace
Queen Ace Oy oldin
You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die. :))
ben delmundo
ben delmundo Oy oldin
0:35 Illuminati confirm
K B Oy oldin
No matter what city he plays in he always gets the crowd going crazy
EMTEE Oy oldin
3:18 No look Alley-oop pass from beyond the arc...bruuh 🙈🏀
Alex Free fire
Like yes Lebron the King...
larissah time
larissah time Oy oldin
He 34 and still ballin like a boss /Team LeBron for All Star by the way I'ma boy this just happens cuz my sister has a UZvid channel
Flying V
Flying V Oy oldin
Still got it.
John Perez
John Perez Oy oldin
You know you're the best player in the world when you're bringing opposing fans to their feet.
A Bientot
A Bientot Oy oldin
Hoony K.
Hoony K. Oy oldin
I don’t know how much any of these I would consider is being too real
Bonnet Dorcent
can ya'll send lebron over to Miami hospital for my cousin brianan cause she might die and want to give her a suprise so please
Certified Finest
Bonnet Dorcent he’s hot
Certified Finest
Bonnet Dorcent can my friend have sex with her before she dies?
Bonnet Dorcent
go 2-13-19
Bonnet Dorcent
from lawrence
Monty Mananafagus
They're letting Lebron score. Not one of them jump when lebron jumps. If this were the 90s and Young Shaq was baseline, Lebron would be on the floor when he tries that.
Jaeden Sports
Jaeden Sports Oy oldin
Cowfish Blobfizh
what he does best, "attacking the rim".
Tamim Aslami
Tamim Aslami Oy oldin
This guy makes me love basketball!!!
Rodrigo Espelita
Best what? Can he even make it to playoffs'?
Tonja Pope
Tonja Pope Oy oldin
MR.LEBRON JAMES you know you got it going on you got some big SHOES to fill AINT Know hALF STEPPING give them all you GOT rise to the TOP .baby. DON'T you go NOWHERE stay in L.A.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍●
kerry y
kerry y Oy oldin
Monster ag's 💪💪💪👏🤣😎💞Lebron James♥️♥️♥️♥️👍🤗
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Oy oldin
I forgot and Down 3-1 and no one in history has ever came back down 3-1 in the finals I have no choice but to say LJ is the F#£%ing G.O.A.T.
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Oy oldin
Im not trying to ride LJ jock but he is the GOAT, he took a two player team (LeBron and Kyrie), and came back to beat the an illegal team put together (warriors) AT their HOUSE game 7, are you serious game 7 away, only a GOAT could do that PERIOD sorry Jordan Give me a thumbs up if agree and if you give me a thumbs down, you must enjoy MJ marbles on your chin
Certified Finest
reyian451 what’s load management
reyian451 Oy oldin
Load management
Dion Sudiyono
Dion Sudiyono Oy oldin
The First One Was Nasty😂
Emilia Clarke’s Future Husband
All of LeBron is the BEST!!!!!
Roy Navarro
Roy Navarro Oy oldin
Practice the damn free throw bron !
Douglas Silveira Leão
Jordan was more talented, skillful, agility. Lebron more explosive, strength, power.
Mj Linggayo
Mj Linggayo Oy oldin
Idol........amasing lebron
PC Cubitos
PC Cubitos Oy oldin
Does someone else gets chiken skin when watching this?
Rjay Umadhay
Rjay Umadhay Oy oldin
I've never seen a real monster in my life playing basketball...
EJ David Guardo
Missed my man playing since '03
upetan1 Oy oldin
LeBron the KING💪💪💪👆👆🔩🔩
upetan1 Oy oldin
phillip pojas
phillip pojas Oy oldin
King 200
King 200 Oy oldin
This men 33 years old with the same energy as Zion Williamson 💪 Nigga Young Old 😅🔥
Fresh Mann
Fresh Mann Oy oldin
Dude 16 years in the game. Judging his entire body of work. LeBron James is the Goat. Just need to work on them free throws bruh.
Tafari Taylor
Tafari Taylor Oy oldin
Kobe> bron
Dynasty2201 Oy oldin
It's funny because without him, Lakers are doing awful this season. As are the Cavs. No coincidence that when he leaves, the team goes back to being just as bad if not worse than before. I'm all for adding him to try and win titles, but let's not BS here - without him, the Lakers SUCK.
robert delos reyes
That what I like
HeCTiiC Fusion
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that James Jones has played in most of the finals with Lebron
Kylier Lightfoot
Kylier Lightfoot 2 oy oldin
like if LeBron james is the goat
Clay Castleberry
Clay Castleberry 2 oy oldin
Who says “James with the stuff” I’ve been trying to figure it out because his calls are so iconic.?
Sheldon Renzo Ramos
Does he have eyes all over his body? Those passes give me goosebumps.
max Full
max Full 2 oy oldin
7:38 wasnt that travell
Clintoy Reroma
Clintoy Reroma 2 oy oldin
wow lbj
TRUNKS 2 oy oldin
feel like he been gone forever since his injury.. must be hard being stans of players that are really injury prone.. u just wanna watch em play man
Jasmine Davis
Jasmine Davis 2 oy oldin
I love ❤️ you love 💗 love 💕 love ❤️ 💗
Jasmine Davis
Jasmine Davis 2 oy oldin
I love you 💕😘❤️ so very. much do you ❤️ me to
Jasmine Davis
Jasmine Davis 2 oy oldin
Xdhianmarc Chua
Xdhianmarc Chua 2 oy oldin
So many fans of lebron on portland
Saber Money
Saber Money 2 oy oldin
lebron james!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alex zhang
alex zhang 2 oy oldin
Get well soon😢
Radim Chobanov
Radim Chobanov 2 oy oldin
amazing king!!!
Mohammed Louahid
Mohammed Louahid 2 oy oldin
Izuku 2 oy oldin
If I didn't know LeBron I would have a boring life and I wouldn't have play basketball since I was a kid👶 LeBron always inspires me to aim to the top and be the greatest..... LeBron you will be always in my heart 💓. There's no one that can replace you to me😄😄😄😄
soid drone slayer
LBJ is 15 seasons into the NBA he got a good full 5 seasons left before he retires within that time if he preferably brings two, or atleast one championship to the LA Lakers then I would have to crown him a Fav 5 Lakers legend alongside Jerry, Kareem, Magic, and Kobe.
alexandre zas
alexandre zas 2 oy oldin
Lethanos 🐐🐐🐐
Hassmax Hitman
Hassmax Hitman 2 oy oldin
LeBron Jordan Kobe Curry Magic Johnson Durant
Richard 2 oy oldin
Put a small uniform on the damn hairline to secure it into place.
good qood
good qood 2 oy oldin
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