BEST Pizzas in New York! New York Pizza Tour of Manhattan

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You asked for it, and now it's here: Pizza tour of Manhattan, NY!
Here are some of my FAVORITE places to get pizza in New York...and don't forget to eat before watching...you have been warned. Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: bit.ly/2IVM2ts
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Location 1 Rubirosa: www.rubirosanyc.com/
Location 2 Prince Street Pizza: princestpizzanewyork.com/
Location 3 Kesté: kestepizzeria.com/en/home/
Location 4 Joe's Pizza: www.joespizzanyc.com/
Location 5 Patrizia's: www.patrizias.com/
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5-Noy, 2017

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Teelio 23 soat oldin
Imho sweet pizzas are not worth it... all those ingredients can make better use in some other type of dessert.
Yogur Lapiz
Yogur Lapiz Kun oldin
Why so much oil on the pizzas?? 0_0 I have eaten pizza from Brazil and Spain, have to say I never saw so much oil on a pizza.
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader Kun oldin
skyfirezn 2 kun oldin
i did not see any pie all i see is lot's of pizza
Jerel Brown
Jerel Brown 3 kun oldin
I want to go to New York just to try the pizza and see everything it has to offer there I want to be a foodie and travel it's very fulfilling
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 4 kun oldin
Anyone elshe notishe he shaysh hish eshesh like Sean Connery?
Anusha Nandy
Anusha Nandy 4 kun oldin
IonicSplash365 5 kun oldin
The nostalgia for Spider-Man 2 hit me hard when he got to Joe's Pizza, instantly recognized the logo💀
The Obsolete Geek
The Obsolete Geek 6 kun oldin
A good NYC slice has those 'RONI CUPS
Emil StayHB
Emil StayHB 6 kun oldin
try swedish pizza :)
John Luna
John Luna 7 kun oldin
Hey the Prince St. Pizza looks exactly like our Detroit style pizza here in Michigan where I live. That pepperoni looked fantastic and you can tell by the quality of the dough was made with superior ingredients.
laura reid
laura reid 8 kun oldin
New Jersey the chocolate pizza just gave me a food gasm
Miracle Moonchild
Miracle Moonchild 8 kun oldin
*i* *am* *thoroughly* *jealous* 🤭😭
yummdiddy 9 kun oldin
new york pizza is completely overrated
Kammie Warner
Kammie Warner 9 kun oldin
Deep dish... visit Chicago. The only thing good about that pizza as that it’s so thin you could eat the whole thing
Mega tron
Mega tron 9 kun oldin
Trying to understand this obsession with pizza people have. I mean, i eat it but it's the last thing on my mind when i think about eating out. Thing is i live in a city which has decent pizza but it means very little to me. Individual preferences i suppose.
Nick Brewer
Nick Brewer 10 kun oldin
This dude is jizzing over the second pizza he got. "extra crispy" more like half burnt"
Peter L
Peter L 10 kun oldin
Calzone pizza looks worth every penny, a must buy for me.
J4M13 10 kun oldin
This makes my pizza Bagels,look weak
Tergel Kh
Tergel Kh 10 kun oldin
Man u talk alot
BapBop 10 kun oldin
I can feel myself gaining hella weight by watching this episode...
Kool Aid
Kool Aid 11 kun oldin
I like the part where he has pizza 😋
Pranay Venkatesh
Pranay Venkatesh 11 kun oldin
eddie sabillon
eddie sabillon 13 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about how much food guy this can put down ? He needs to enter some eating competitions. You should review hot dogs. During the Nathan's hot dog eating competition . Just saying.
Jim Patrick
Jim Patrick 13 kun oldin
Try a square Detroit pizza son
anavi ramola
anavi ramola 13 kun oldin
This is making me hungry
ROBLOX GAMEPLAY! 14 kun oldin
you want to know THE BEST PIZZA it is costco pizza
jan 24639
jan 24639 14 kun oldin
I just like how he describes his food. Lol
Ak kr
Ak kr 15 kun oldin
Why these NY pizzas owners are so Kanjus ? Why not fill with ton loads of toppings at all ? Overrated just cheese and tomato sauce pizza..
VroodenTheGreat 16 kun oldin
Oh man, when that fresh garlic starts to fry in the oil that comes out of the pepperoni.... *DROOL*
Kristy Yang
Kristy Yang 16 kun oldin
he is the epitome of real life jackie chan foodie
Kristy Yang
Kristy Yang 16 kun oldin
new york style
Sohan Mohapatra
Sohan Mohapatra 16 kun oldin
His PTSD kicked in 6:12
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon 17 kun oldin
My life goal is to try every pizza 🍕 place in the US and Italy! I love pizza
carlo abalos
carlo abalos 18 kun oldin
Bruhhhhh. Di Fara’s is the best.
R 19 kun oldin
I know I’m late, but literally Brooklyn is the best. Maybe it’s because I live around the best pizzeria’s here.👌👌👌
Nina & The Bubbers
Nina & The Bubbers 19 kun oldin
the song in the being sound like it is saying angelina and that is my name
Arkar Heinn Htet
Arkar Heinn Htet 20 kun oldin
6:14 Best Description Ever
Strict Rooster
Strict Rooster 22 kun oldin
what is wrong with americans and eating whole pizzas... where im from you wont get a slice from anywhere you always have to get the whole pizza
Omar Valdez
Omar Valdez 23 kun oldin
Way don’t you do Mexican food 🥘 videos 🇲🇽
cece fifi77
cece fifi77 24 kun oldin
If u come to Indonesia try Pizza hut super supreme,tuna,meat lover and cheese,...and panties pizza...
FireBalls Fireworks
FireBalls Fireworks 24 kun oldin
I’m from nyc but mike ate more pizza that day *THAN I DO IN A YEAR*
Wooten 24 kun oldin
New York City, for when you live in America, but want to experience totalitarianism.
Joshua King
Joshua King 25 kun oldin
Watching this video without being able to try these pizzas is such torture that it should be considered Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthy 25 kun oldin
After watching Mikey's pizza tour of Italy and hearing him say this stuff is pretty much garbage in comparison, I can't really watch this video anymore.
du1roger 26 kun oldin
Roses are red Pizza sauce is too, I ordered a large 🍕 And none of it’s for you I’m gonna like my own comment Cause no one will, except for you
A T 26 kun oldin
I've watched this video so many times I've lost count. So good.
Joshh z
Joshh z 27 kun oldin
Australia is garbage when it comes to finding good pizza.. I'm craving a delicious pizza right now
chocolatecigar1 28 kun oldin
Advertising pizza in New York, is like advertising oxygen so you can breath.
Nik Nak
Nik Nak 29 kun oldin
Alexander James
Alexander James 29 kun oldin
Just subscribed man U got me hungry lol
Devin Tadlock
Devin Tadlock Oy oldin
Jesus Christ what is that high frequency in the beginning of the video
Agarex Agario
Agarex Agario Oy oldin
that grease tho
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu Oy oldin
John on Bleeckers?
Walter Manglona
One of the best food shows on UZvid!
mike wood
mike wood Oy oldin
Why do white people not realize it’s rude to stare?
Prod By Bias
Prod By Bias Oy oldin
Only a hater would dislike this video
Luis Pandab0mb112
Oh yea! Pizza and root beer
rohit kumar
rohit kumar Oy oldin
Stan lee's cameo at 13:48
He roasted little ceasers
CanadiAnnie Oy oldin
How you like Lombardi’s Pizzeria ?
Philly Killa
Philly Killa Oy oldin
hurt my heart that he said Batman in new York instead of SpiderMan
sedated2000 Oy oldin
All of these look delicious. Still, I don't know how your next video was not just you talking through a bathroom door.
Momin Idrees
Momin Idrees Oy oldin
How would you rate them now after you've been to italy?
kel petch
kel petch Oy oldin
as a ny italian i have to say none of these resemble a true nyc slice in the slightest. its a shame when they say this is the best pizza in ny. definately false
Harsh Raj Always free
Oh god I didn't saw Chocolate on piZza No I did not !!
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Oy oldin
Prince street pizza isnt that good..
King Le
King Le Oy oldin
I’m sure pizza was created to go with beer root or not
Daniel Soares
Daniel Soares Oy oldin
What's the song at the start?
mardo1960 b
mardo1960 b Oy oldin
ɔǝds ıp sʍǝu ǝʞɐɟ
Boudica X
Boudica X Oy oldin
Mike describing Prince St. square pizza: "If this were a sports car, it would be a monster truck!" Mike's descriptions are too funny-like a modern day Yogi Berra. Never before heard a pizza analogized to an aggressive suitor asking for your Facebook Instagram phone # AND e-mail! Rofl
william lamar
william lamar Oy oldin
Did he really eat all that 🍕
Is the water that's why the pizza is so good I've known people from west coast that takes water from NY just to make pizza believe it or not but is true
ninja Oy oldin
square pizza was burnt. but any pizza is not pizza without hot oil
Yugo RC
Yugo RC Oy oldin
Best Pizza is in Brooklyn not Manhattan
you damn right di fara ftw
Gabriella Moore
coisasnatv Oy oldin
I've to stop watching these with an empty stomach late at night.
Random Videos HQ
Strictly Dumpling goes sexual over pizza.
uc79newtype Oy oldin
This isn't making keto easier to do. Holyfuck
I prefer a good thick crust pizza.
something maybe
We all know he didn't eat all that pizza at location 1
jordan gracy
jordan gracy Oy oldin
Batman would never steal your pizza dislike!
Houdab10 Oy oldin
Go to seniors pizza in Calgary the slices there are huge and it’s sooo goood
Briel 000
Briel 000 Oy oldin
Too much Nutella
Eric Dentry
Eric Dentry Oy oldin
I just had bariatric surgery and watching this...it's like sweet hell
Darth Szarych
Darth Szarych Oy oldin
It's because new york has traditionally had a large Italian immigrant population. I'm from New Jersey and I was sad to find that whenever i travel away from the new york area, the pizza tastes terrible. I'm spoiled by New York pizza!
Darth Szarych
Darth Szarych Oy oldin
Also I can confirm that pretty much all the food in new york is really good! Because they're culturally diverse and the resturant buisness is very competitive. You can eat whatever you want and it's all so good!
Michelle Obama's Thick cock
Folds slice* ughh
Michelle Obama's Thick cock
I hate how you sound like you're sucking a jaw breaker when you talk
Radoslav Stefanov
legend says.. he didnt finish the first pizza alone.
Rgamer10 Oy oldin
man id hate to see your cholesterol haha entertaining though
Jerry Pradhan
Jerry Pradhan Oy oldin
I wish i could eat like him...
I thought New York was known for THIN crust 5:09. And it looks burnt. Also, a calzone is a rolled up pizza.
Tomsawyerspit Oy oldin
Aldos II Woodhaven
Kole Tokar
Kole Tokar Oy oldin
In Canada these are just pepperoni cheese breads xD crazy how one food can be so different
Verenice Vazquez
I'm happy youtube kept recommending you and I finally gave in to watch you 🥰
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera Oy oldin
Colin McNamara
At 4:50 you can see that he didn’t finish the pizza lol
Ezura San
Ezura San Oy oldin
Man, how does he have that much appetite! 😮
June Knobbe
June Knobbe Oy oldin
I like my pizza on the undercooked side. I don't like any charred parts. I like to make my own. I am going to try that calzone pizza next time I make some! Looks so great.
izzy ogro
izzy ogro Oy oldin
Thats not how you eat pizza dont fold it up. Just saying
Andrew Pasillas
"even tho its only been a week i really missed you" lmao!!!!!! i felt similar to pizza before ha!