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Sequences shortened and simulated. Google Assistant Routines are created by the user and do not immediately exist as presented in this video. Working internet and wifi required.
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27-Noy, 2018

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons 2 oy oldin
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! Who has been to a quinceañera? 🎉
juan carlos dagma
juan carlos dagma 7 kun oldin
tybee Wilson
tybee Wilson 9 kun oldin
ibrahim khaedin
ibrahim khaedin 11 kun oldin
Lele Pons I can M
Salem Abraham
Salem Abraham 23 kun oldin
I love you Lele❤️ And i have been to a quincenera, i am toing to have it next year can you plan it?❤️👑🙏🏽🥳
Lily Honigman
Lily Honigman Oy oldin
I love u Lele u are so nice and funny and I love ur vids u are so pretty and I hope u are having such a great life
Eca Soat oldin
I play this video near to my google home and a lot of things happen 😂😂😂😂😂
This triggers my Google
Daniela Herrera Salmoran
In 3 years i'm going yo be a quinceañera but i don't want a birthay of xv , i want to travel 😊😊
Joan Chavez
Joan Chavez Kun oldin
Hoor Mob
Hoor Mob Kun oldin
Who watched this video with a straight face 😑 I didn’t even close my eyes they are so dry now lol 😂
Jocelyn Huerta
Jocelyn Huerta Kun oldin
Not being rude but.................................... You have an I phone and google is not on I phone so you should have Sir
Lesli Ramirez
Lesli Ramirez 2 kun oldin
Jayla Kawaii unicorn
Google is amazing 🤯🤯😄
Elizabeth Sangsang
Elizabeth Sangsang 3 kun oldin
Lele i Love you
Fortnite Queen XD xoxo
# hey Google I used her to save my mums birthday
Hilason Mosengo
Hilason Mosengo 4 kun oldin
Hi. Lele
Hilason Mosengo
Hilason Mosengo 4 kun oldin
Ivonne Garcia
Ivonne Garcia 4 kun oldin
My sis is going to have one on March 2
Paige Brooks
Paige Brooks 5 kun oldin
LOL when you said hey google my google on my phone respond
Elvira Hernandez
Elvira Hernandez 5 kun oldin
Google is awesome
Raica Loves Ballet
Raica Loves Ballet 6 kun oldin
So is it bad that while I’m watching this some random lady is in my room
Ricardo and ana Martinez
You amo qinseñeras
Lyrics4 You
Lyrics4 You 6 kun oldin
I have seen your videos since I was 9
Lyrics4 You
Lyrics4 You 6 kun oldin
Love you
Genesis Gutierrez
Genesis Gutierrez 6 kun oldin
Syera Watson
Syera Watson 6 kun oldin
Love you Lele so much
Lebonsina Albert
Lebonsina Albert 6 kun oldin
Can you plan my quinceañera lele ??
Super slime Factory
c t
c t 7 kun oldin
You are funny and good 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Ana Figueroa
Ana Figueroa 7 kun oldin
My quince is in march
Yaretzy Ramirez
Yaretzy Ramirez 8 kun oldin
Clarissa Bratawidjaja
Hi is pretty
Mindy_ Moo
Mindy_ Moo 8 kun oldin
Every time lele said hey google my google would speak to me and give me the answer it’s scared the shit outa me
Michelle Maher
Michelle Maher 8 kun oldin
Yensy  Gutierrez
Yensy Gutierrez 8 kun oldin
Can you PLEASE plan my qiunceanera
B Marron
B Marron 8 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Lizbet Lopez
Lizbet Lopez 8 kun oldin
Hope my quince isn’t like this 💀
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen 9 kun oldin
Spoiled much
Aykut Dogan
Aykut Dogan 9 kun oldin
I love the dress were did you get it?
Thea XD
Thea XD 10 kun oldin
Did she say google take a picture with an iphone?
Just Joana
Just Joana 10 kun oldin
0:00-0:02 - first time ever seeing her so serious.
Happy Happy
Happy Happy 11 kun oldin
Siri is MAD!!
Toffie Milk
Toffie Milk 12 kun oldin
Lmaooo I love Google assistant, it is like your best friend,sometimes your mom,sometimes your psychologist and all the time is funny af
Ava-mai Davies
Ava-mai Davies 12 kun oldin
Your so helpful I wish I had a friend as helpful as u
Zion Gore
Zion Gore 14 kun oldin
love the gogole😍😍😍😍😍😍
Yohana Garcia
Yohana Garcia 14 kun oldin
Lele my quinceañera is is in 5 years be my planer plzz btw you glow girl 😉😉😃
Anita J
Anita J 14 kun oldin
No one: Lele: IM HISPANIC
Unstoppable Trio
Unstoppable Trio 15 kun oldin
Cupcakes Forever
Cupcakes Forever 15 kun oldin
Omg did I’d beauty right here family love is beautiful
Amiaya Acosta
Amiaya Acosta 15 kun oldin
I need ur help with mine lol
ellie howe
ellie howe 16 kun oldin
i need go get myself one of thesex
ellie howe
ellie howe 16 kun oldin
me i have wathced it it was ggooddddxxxxx
Mary C.S
Mary C.S 16 kun oldin
i have a google hi lele
Goran Matosic
Goran Matosic 16 kun oldin
She has iphone but she has google assistant
Mia Strong
Mia Strong 16 kun oldin
Yo tengo un compleaños en September 10
Lilly Love
Lilly Love 16 kun oldin
So good
niravbhatt21 16 kun oldin
That was amazing
Taeminpts 17 kun oldin
Taeminpts 17 kun oldin
my 16th dress 🤩 stolen
ALMIGHTY KUNG 17 kun oldin
Google is bad they track you
MerryMe 10 kun oldin
Aren't you using it?
Poke_Gaming2000 17 kun oldin
whats a quinceañera?
ヴィヴィ 8 kun oldin
Poke_Gaming2000 like a sweet sixteen but for Spanish people.
Poke_Gaming2000 17 kun oldin
amazing, like always.
RonnyAsmr 18 kun oldin
imagine how much she got paid from Google lol
Alexandra Petrescu
Alexandra Petrescu 18 kun oldin
When you say Hey google my google assistant pops up
xxXLilpotatofox Xxx
xxXLilpotatofox Xxx 18 kun oldin
While watching this my google turned on so it was frustrating.
Mary Bennett Anderson
I love you🤗😝😘
Peja Vincent
Peja Vincent 18 kun oldin
Love you lele
Alysia Cabrera
Alysia Cabrera 18 kun oldin
I am a latena so i have been to one
Alexis Nemec
Alexis Nemec 18 kun oldin
I have an Alexa but not a Google Dot.
Ava Fitzgerald
Ava Fitzgerald 18 kun oldin
I love this video some much I keep watching it can't help myself have a mini Google home
lilly pritchard
lilly pritchard 18 kun oldin
Sai-Chan Alcie
Sai-Chan Alcie 19 kun oldin
This reminds me of BlackPink House
Txuria AJPW
Txuria AJPW 19 kun oldin
IOS users “Hey Siri”😂
Jaytoria Scott
Jaytoria Scott 19 kun oldin
This Actually Activated my Google assistant
Valeria Di Vicenzo Villalba
That quinceañera is so spoiled
Elif Su
Elif Su 19 kun oldin
So i have Siri
Speakers Gaming
Speakers Gaming 19 kun oldin
The door looks like chocolate 🍫!!!! Lol
ヴィヴィ 8 kun oldin
Speakers Gaming I want to take a bite out of it LOl
Lakisha Moore
Lakisha Moore 19 kun oldin
venesa jashari
venesa jashari 19 kun oldin
Kailyn_grace _
Kailyn_grace _ 19 kun oldin
Every time you said hey google my google turned on and responded 😂
Christine Donoghue
Christine Donoghue 19 kun oldin
So nice lele 🤩🤩😘😘 my assistant is like yours ahe is my little helper
Cheryl Roeming
Cheryl Roeming 20 kun oldin
I loved this video so much
Keshara Banks
Keshara Banks 20 kun oldin
This was soooo good
Kenzie Selasky
Kenzie Selasky 20 kun oldin
My google just went onXD
Nene c.v
Nene c.v 20 kun oldin
Yes I have and it was really fun yours sounds way better than the one I've been too.
Christian TheAwesome
My favorite way of using google is “hey google order chipotle”
Alina Cruz
Alina Cruz 20 kun oldin
I wish you were my quicenera planner............
GachaGirl gg
GachaGirl gg 20 kun oldin
Alex Play’s
Alex Play’s 20 kun oldin
How do you get a sponsor?
Sienna Gebrael
Sienna Gebrael 21 kun oldin
Did anyone notice how she had an iphone X but the screen was a google screen?
Ha Vi
Ha Vi 21 kun oldin
Remeber google glasses?
Cassie Trujillo
Cassie Trujillo 21 kun oldin
Woah woah woah wait..... since when does she have an accent
Miss May
Miss May 21 kun oldin
I love you Lele, and I love your friends! I subscribed and liked this video 👍, FREE COOKIE FOR EVERYONE, but Lele gets 10 🍪
Mackenzee Amezola
Mackenzee Amezola 21 kun oldin
I'm Hispanic
Julieta Martinez
Julieta Martinez 21 kun oldin
2:54 she farted 😹
Joriah Battle
Joriah Battle 21 kun oldin
I loved that video
Mia Crespo
Mia Crespo 21 kun oldin
# lele pons
Mackenzie Owen
Mackenzie Owen 21 kun oldin
Damn she has google paying her to promote them!
kitty cat_lover 101
kitty cat_lover 101 21 kun oldin
*siri and Alexa have left the chat*
•JarelynPlayz •
•JarelynPlayz • 22 kun oldin
I had to be a dama for my guy friend's older sister's quinceañera
Kianna Munoz
Kianna Munoz 22 kun oldin
I have a Quinceañera when I am 15 I am Mexican
Katrina Fleming
Katrina Fleming 22 kun oldin
Sophia Dang
Sophia Dang 22 kun oldin
I spent the entire vid trying to tell my google to SHUT UP so now I have to replay the entire thing : (
Shosho Altamimi
Shosho Altamimi 22 kun oldin
But at 1:37 that's not even a google phone it's Apple.....
Luz Otero
Luz Otero 22 kun oldin
Lol when lele said hey google my google person or whatever kept on stoping the vid
Paulina Mora
Paulina Mora 22 kun oldin
Nice you helped me choose some things for mi XV in August... 😃 😂
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