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27-Noy, 2018

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons 17 kun oldin
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! Who has been to a quinceañera? 🎉
Skyler McKenzie-Roberts
Lele Pons first day 😴
I'm Lost
I'm Lost 6 kun oldin
Aileen Paucar
Aileen Paucar 6 kun oldin
Lele Pons I went to my cousins quince
Chris SHAW
Chris SHAW 7 kun oldin
I have by the way I love you videos
Mac _Censored
Mac _Censored 17 kun oldin
Lele Pons since my new school is way more diverse than my last I might be able to go to my first quinceañera🎊🎉
Brittney Mudie
Brittney Mudie Soat oldin
Lele pon!I love💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤
Luisa Rodriguez
Luisa Rodriguez 2 soat oldin
I have
Avakin Lêslly
Avakin Lêslly 3 soat oldin
Lele I been to my closeses cousin's Quinciañera
Vocallytalented 3 soat oldin
Can u plan my quinceanera! It's only 2 months away and I'm so excited! Except.. I have to wear my mums dress tho when she was 15.. XD
allen Lovelace
allen Lovelace 4 soat oldin
Miriam Herrera
Miriam Herrera 6 soat oldin
i have to my cousins🙂
Bianca Caroline
Bianca Caroline 6 soat oldin
My sister had a Quinceanera . and I'm Latina.
Nery Velazquez
Nery Velazquez 8 soat oldin
We have that all the time
Ava's Amazing Vlogs
Ava's Amazing Vlogs 8 soat oldin
Baran Baran
Baran Baran 9 soat oldin
Hi lele 🙂
Nyoka Hallam
Nyoka Hallam 9 soat oldin
So # gorgeous
Nyoka Hallam
Nyoka Hallam 9 soat oldin
You’re so so stunning
Nyoka Hallam
Nyoka Hallam 9 soat oldin
Mia Wasabi
Mia Wasabi 10 soat oldin
Great promo!
Patrick Vlogs
Patrick Vlogs 13 soat oldin
How can she talk to google in iphone x
World Adventures Subscribe
They are not a real woman at 13. Not even now a days until 35 today’s 13 yr old is 35 Our society is so screwed
World Adventures Subscribe
Yeah give away your daughter at the age of 13 yrs old so by the time the guy hits 30 they divorce. Lol yeah lol 😂
Fidan topal
Fidan topal 15 soat oldin
Wow you have so much sub
special K
special K 15 soat oldin
When you said "hey Google" my Google assistant turned on 😂😂😂😂
Jevster 16 soat oldin
Googled sponsored this? Tf
Abubakar Lali
Abubakar Lali 23 soat oldin
Google assistant on iphone
Lazar Kun oldin
i still stan Alexa
Jordan san X lalaki chan
I have google it helps me with homework me and google is the best friends yas
Cristian Ojeda
Cristian Ojeda Kun oldin
Lele my cusins jessica her friend was on that video
Isabela Blanco
Isabela Blanco Kun oldin
Me they are fun😍😜💕
Kwoi In Hell
Kwoi In Hell Kun oldin
Google Assistant is charging leel pawns of harassment
Kwoi In Hell
Kwoi In Hell Kun oldin
Alexa has kermited sewercide
Kwoi In Hell
Kwoi In Hell Kun oldin
Mariana González López
This video was so funny
Dya Mace sandoval
I am having mine in 3 years
Stalin xd lopez
Stalin xd lopez Kun oldin
Haha latina people .. I like when i go to las qinceañeras!!
The cool Jake
The cool Jake Kun oldin
Do you have mrchy
girly artist
girly artist Kun oldin
what is a quinceanera
Atharva Indulkar
Lele are u kidding Google assistant on iPhone X on iOS?
Lame brain
Costas Kyriakides
Ema Mut
Ema Mut Kun oldin
Lele, even the microorganisms from other planets know you're a latina. Stop it.
Dysem Kho
Dysem Kho Kun oldin
Iphone and not using siri😂
Lilli Perez
Lilli Perez 2 kun oldin
Will you plan my quince 😂😂😂
Itz Inzaine
Itz Inzaine 2 kun oldin
How bout Dax
alberto Buchanan
alberto Buchanan 2 kun oldin
Hi lele
Zach Inman
Zach Inman 2 kun oldin
Legit the only positive comment I see here is from Hannah Stocking.
Valleyxxlove Stars
Valleyxxlove Stars 2 kun oldin
Best vid ever
Venita Singh
Venita Singh 2 kun oldin
Omg I just got it and it is he best thing in the world
OCC JAZZ 2 kun oldin
Guys eveytime when lele says hey google my phone pause and says how can I help and it's google in my phone
cool foxy plays
cool foxy plays 2 kun oldin
Is good
Straight Zeke
Straight Zeke 2 kun oldin
lele is so pretty
Betriz Gorgonio
Betriz Gorgonio 2 kun oldin
En español por favor
Paola Sánchez Ramírez
Lele has videos en español
CQ SH*T 2 kun oldin
I thought I would never see such a horrible commercial... Sorry What I try to say was ...this is funny ha ha ha latina very funny hahaha (pinche pendeja ni en Mexico la queremos)
Derek Chua
Derek Chua 2 kun oldin
Good video
Jennifer Marquez
Jennifer Marquez 2 kun oldin
Click bait
Weird Girl
Weird Girl 2 kun oldin
I looooove google assistance services
Clyde Suelto
Clyde Suelto 2 kun oldin
Raini Rodriguez is quaking
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna 2 kun oldin
Who else thought it was the f****** Puberty Function!!?! Meh
Neave Cox
Neave Cox 2 kun oldin
lele your using an apple phone
Die heimlichen lover
Who amazing she is LATINA
gaming with wow
gaming with wow 3 kun oldin
Lele can u do me a quincenera please
Yani Chan
Yani Chan 3 kun oldin
lele can you do my sweet 16 lmao plz
Jaheida and camillas channel Diaz
im latina to btw :3
Jaheida and camillas channel Diaz
dude i want lele to be my quinceanera planner or idk what to call it dude but its in 5 years -_-
Healthy Xiong
Healthy Xiong 3 kun oldin
You did a good job
Jetzabel Montes
Jetzabel Montes 3 kun oldin
I love Hannah stocking video and lele pons videos too
yeet boi
yeet boi 3 kun oldin
im *l a t i n a*
felix Garcia
felix Garcia 3 kun oldin
Keep up the good work and stay strong in your position as a women a LaTinA WoMeN😉
bikhlarrova marakov
i'm sure it's not goole who took the pics XD
Rebeca rebeca
Rebeca rebeca 3 kun oldin
No hablo inglés pero te amo lelee!!!!
Fernan YT
Fernan YT 3 kun oldin
¿Porque no hablas Español Lele?
Kumaran Khan
Kumaran Khan 3 kun oldin
U r amazing!!!!!
Aurora Hill
Aurora Hill 3 kun oldin
Ja te volim.
Arnold Hauk
Arnold Hauk 3 kun oldin
im new to Lele Pons, but im guessing shes my favorite now. Amigos, bye!
hailey cash
hailey cash 3 kun oldin
Catherine Saldana
Catherine Saldana 3 kun oldin
Where do I hire Lele pons??
Valenny  Nahue
Valenny Nahue 4 kun oldin
I felt so bad for the dad the whole time :(
Emoji Rainbow girl
Emoji Rainbow girl 4 kun oldin
Can you my helper for mine
Darlin Daydreams
Darlin Daydreams 4 kun oldin
My mom is Hispanic and we don’t do quinceañera. Well at least not in Puerto Rico.
Kayand Paige
Kayand Paige 4 kun oldin
Do more!!love this vid!
Vernae Perkins
Vernae Perkins 4 kun oldin
I am Hispanic to
Samantha Buckner
Samantha Buckner 4 kun oldin
Samantha Buckner
Samantha Buckner 4 kun oldin
Makayli Rondon
Makayli Rondon 4 kun oldin
I love youuuu
svjetlana valek
svjetlana valek 4 kun oldin
Oreo pop tarts
Scholastica Falngin
Avakin9 Djojopawirlo
Lol i heared "googoo"
Daniela Navarro Garre
Yash Gilay
Yash Gilay 4 kun oldin
:53 saw le bra
Ansh pandey
Ansh pandey 4 kun oldin
Sophia K.
Sophia K. 4 kun oldin
Has Iphone Uses Google
Emmanuel_maqueda 4 kun oldin
:get pl
Gabriela Homitchi
Gabriela Homitchi 4 kun oldin
Google savage
Yazmin Chance
Yazmin Chance 4 kun oldin
“Hey google fix his girls attitude” *sips tea*
Bozo Cornelius
Bozo Cornelius 4 kun oldin
Love it
Ashley Urbina
Ashley Urbina 4 kun oldin
Never been more embarrassed of being a Latina🤦
Kris LaWho
Kris LaWho 5 kun oldin
Haha...I guess?
Ellie 174232 IDKNOW
4:23 did the picture change or is that just me?
Chalk on board
Chalk on board 5 kun oldin
I thought she was Latina not Hispanic
lil - GIANT
lil - GIANT 5 kun oldin
I love Google now And I love you to lele.p.
The master Snow29only
Thwack 5 kun oldin
being latin american = funny and cool
Thwack 5 kun oldin
Haha lele you're so funny xd xd xd xd xd xd lol and you definitely don't think you're super prettyy lol hahaha