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Furious Trailer
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00:00 Brightburn
00:23 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
04:48 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios)
07:14 Captain Marvel
09:32 Secret Life Of Pets 2
10:49 X-Men Dark Phoenix
11:50 Men In Black 4
14:25 Us
16:54 Greta
19:16 Triple Frontier
21:13 The Kid Who Would Be King
23:36 Alita Battle Angel
25:54 Glass
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28-Dek, 2018

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Furious Trailer
Furious Trailer 19 kun oldin
Which movies you are most excited for ? 00:00 Brightburn 00:23 Godzilla King Of The Monsters 04:48 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios) 07:14 Captain Marvel 09:32 Secret Life Of Pets 2 10:49 X-Men Dark Phoenix 11:50 Men In Black 4 14:25 Us 16:54 Greta 19:16 Triple Frontier 21:13 The Kid Who Would Be King 23:36 Alita Battle Angel 25:54 Glass
fruit sack 1063 1063
Godzilla king of monstars
JoshYboi YT
JoshYboi YT 17 soat oldin
Avengers or Godzilla.
aya sovah
aya sovah Kun oldin
John FUCKING wick
Wonder Z
Wonder Z 3 kun oldin
Us, Alita Battle Angel, Glass, Avengers 4 EndGame these are my top movies! Can't wait them to come out and watch using boxxy software app
Ryan Downs
Ryan Downs 3 kun oldin
Glass,brightburn,avengers,glass,alira and maybe Us
dev smi
dev smi 2 soat oldin
whats up wit deez long ass trailers
NPC 7 4 soat oldin
Godzilla King Of The Monsters
SAB 0600
SAB 0600 8 soat oldin
love this two actor combind again... hahahaha they were funny n lovely
minidarkfox 9 soat oldin
Im excited for the secret life of pets. The first one was good.
Brad B
Brad B 10 soat oldin
Outstanding special effects but most seem pretty slim on story
WWJD123 12 soat oldin
I can tell these are millennial fantasy movies because nearly all of them have some female warrior figure leading and beating up the bad guys. And the last time that actually happened was when? Answer: never.
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies 12 soat oldin
Is her name Martha !!!
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies 12 soat oldin
Is this the superman origin story lol
Mark Gauvreau
Mark Gauvreau 12 soat oldin
Mostly illuminati garbage...aint worth shit!!!
Nanette Fresher
Nanette Fresher 13 soat oldin
André Gideback
André Gideback 14 soat oldin
I'm very interested about Godzilla can't wait!
Steven Notto
Steven Notto 17 soat oldin
Was that the evil Superman movie?
en ar movies
en ar movies 18 soat oldin
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KOMODO GREY 18 soat oldin
Man Himself
Man Himself 19 soat oldin
This ain't Hollywood....Plz bring it back
ZI GAMING 19 soat oldin
Is End Game last Avenger movie? Or is there any Avengers returns?
David Peterson
David Peterson 20 soat oldin
what about "The Mule?"
ANGEL SOPPY Soat oldin
oi mean Clint Eastwood shit that's why it isn't there
David Peterson
David Peterson 20 soat oldin
A sad state of hollywood. %90 doom and gloom with a %10 chance of a happy ending.
Osman Melendez
Osman Melendez 21 soat oldin
Millie Bobby Brown is basically Eleven again but with Godzilla around...
kabutar lal
kabutar lal Kun oldin
The Kid who would be King- Best out of whole lot..totally different story..
Diver 77
Diver 77 Kun oldin
The fact thst that james gumn is still making movies is disturbing. He is a pedo.
Jeancarlos Tirado
That first movie roars the end scared the fuck out of me lol
Kai Fire
Kai Fire Kun oldin
Nobody cares for the Broly movie? This is wack
Xurkon Kun oldin
Dark Phoenix is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, they will almost certainly screw it up, but I'll still probably enjoy it.
Larry J
Larry J Kun oldin
More films for adolescent video game nerds. I've outgrown this stuff. Godzilla again? It's like trotting out the Transformers again - couldn't look more boring.
Yehezkiel Rich
Yehezkiel Rich Kun oldin
The Avengers Endgame it has to be I mean the Marvel it has to be Marvel Stud10s there are number ten on that Like this MARVEL | STUD1️⃣0️⃣S then boom turn into dust
Rayquon Elliott
Rayquon Elliott Kun oldin
triple frontier has an interesting cast
Jesus Velazquez
Jesus Velazquez Kun oldin
Jesus Velazquez
Jesus Velazquez Kun oldin
meckleboy Kun oldin
I think it’s a what if “ comic. WhAt if Superman went evil and wrong. I actually am interested. They clearly aren’t using names but story is incredibly similar. Ma and pa Kent thwarting or possibly dying from the boy they adopted from a crashed vessel from Krypton
Kyle Springs
Kyle Springs Kun oldin
Yoanderson Becerra
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Amelia Crowder
Amelia Crowder Kun oldin
Almost all of the movies today are trying to be more socially and politically correct than actually make good movies.
Justin Bell
Justin Bell Kun oldin
50% of ALL living creatures...... means it served no purpose....same amount of people with same amount of limited resources......
Zafar Satyavan
Zafar Satyavan Kun oldin
Best? I am watching NONE of these adolescent fantasies..!!
Chandika Maduwantha
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Dragon Breth
Dragon Breth Kun oldin
What utter shite! Where has the creative talent gone in the movie industry? The MARVEL movies are just moronic & aimed at 6- year olds. As for Men In Black - who wants to bet that its producers are antifa-loving, trump-hating, Flag-burning, politically correct LBGTIQ anti-male, anti-American, whilst sexually harassing their own staff, typical Hollywood scum??!!
Team Tiger
Team Tiger 2 kun oldin
Dont worry guys in avengers the ones who becomes dust is just trap in the soul stone
White Crow
White Crow 2 kun oldin
All these SJW, feminism revenge movies, cancer!
Cole Hunter
Cole Hunter 2 kun oldin
Brightburn - looks awful Godzilla King Of The Monsters - could be fun popcorn movie Avengers 4 EndGame - getting quite worn out on superheros, but after Infinity War, of course I'm excited Captain Marvel - pass Secret Life Of Pets 2 - kids movie X-Men Dark Phoenix - NO MORE XMEN! Men In Black 4 - NO MORE MIB! Us - want to say pass, but, ehh, I can see potential . It reminds me of that other black person horror, which had its moments Greta - pass Triple Frontier - hard pass The Kid Who Would Be King- kids movie Alita Battle Angel - modern CGI still too cartoony to pull this off Glass - I had no clue Split was part of the Unbreakable universe until this trailer. That was a neat revelation! Of course I'll see this
woody sherwood
woody sherwood 2 kun oldin
Hollywierds never ending conveyer belt of mediocre hacks plummets to new lows this season...and we all thought it could'nt possibly descend any lower than the "big bang theory"! With scripts apparently penned by baboons on L.S.D....coupled with god awful acting and plots as thin as Dollar Store toilet tissue...NEXT!!
ANGEL SOPPY Soat oldin
who are you il tell you your nothing may it stay like that your opinions mean dipshit
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 2 kun oldin
omg a movie with both bruce fug willis and sam fug Jackson.....like:::wow
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 2 kun oldin
why is sam Jackson in soooo many movies???? ugh
AtomicBoi 76
AtomicBoi 76 2 kun oldin
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nice list😎I am interested in most of it🤔🤗
Maeleigh 2 kun oldin
jesus christ just give xmen back to marvel so we can have decent xmen movies
LJ KNOXX 2 kun oldin
All these movies Fina be trash except “us”
vairagya108 2 kun oldin
Okay. I'm confused. Is this a horror movie or a superhero movie?
OH Mai
OH Mai 2 kun oldin
US!!!!! whoa...
tender man
tender man 2 kun oldin
nothing interesting , very sad a lot of money spent for nothing
Duphe 2 kun oldin
Remember the hot chick from Mechcommander 1 Intro? I think I found her: 7:57
John Carson
John Carson 2 kun oldin
You just cannot have enough Samuel L. Jackson. He has one acting style: ABM (Angry Black Man).
romingram 2 kun oldin
25:54 is this sequel of Split Movie
MrVidification 2 kun oldin
Yes. The trilogy consists of Unbreakable (2000), Split (2016), and Glass (2019).
romingram 2 kun oldin
12:28 who miss will smith very much in MIB Hit like
Arthur Clements
Arthur Clements 3 kun oldin
Marvel fatigue
ik 3 kun oldin
Fucking americans no imagination...
Tririni Murdiati
Tririni Murdiati 3 kun oldin
what is this crap. it started like man of steel.
Alien Alien
Alien Alien 3 kun oldin
If you aren't seeing all this for what it is, I feel sorry for you.
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
ok stupid
Dante I.
Dante I. 3 kun oldin
How the hell dare they to title that MIB movie "Men" in black? There's a chick now in the team... I can't wait for the feminists to start crying wolf and all that bullshit they love.
dirkbogarde44 3 kun oldin
God help us if that's the best...what a load of rubbish.
Wolf of Odin
Wolf of Odin 3 kun oldin
Why was it when I saw a movie with black murderers, I wasn't scared
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
Humanity keep producing dumbs brainless generations and the filthy elites keep feeding them fantasies ,not a single movie actually talking them about their reality and the fact that they are slaves to the elites enslaving them .the slaves live like sheeples eat sleep ,fornicate and dream about imaginary beasts.
mark rainford
mark rainford 3 kun oldin
Ah well, here's to 2020.
joey flower
joey flower 3 kun oldin
greta doesn't look that bad
joey flower
joey flower 3 kun oldin
i thought the first movie was superman wtf
peter heyvaert
peter heyvaert 3 kun oldin
This is Hollywood now. Remakes with female and minority leads. Thats it, thats all they got.
elsira gomez
elsira gomez 3 kun oldin
Godzilla:king of the monsters HEY ITS LI..LIKE REAL
LuckyEssoBee 3 kun oldin
A rarity, but it was so nice to see all of the negative comments about this garbage.
TheUnknown - Roblox and More
My top opinions Godzilla king of monsters Shazam Avengers Dragon ball super broly Detective pikachu and yeah xd
Rosemarie Nancy
Rosemarie Nancy 3 kun oldin
I'm 25 and I'm excited for all this movies.. Come on guys enjoy your life heheee
J W 3 kun oldin
So...nothing to look forward to in 2019...ok got it.
HD MOVIES 3 kun oldin
Silvia Paoloni
Silvia Paoloni 3 kun oldin
Wow I can't wait december!
Randy Jones
Randy Jones 3 kun oldin
Reyna Vega
Reyna Vega 3 kun oldin
When does Shazam come out?
Joshua Aguirre
Joshua Aguirre 3 kun oldin
Why is a girl in secret life of pets is in the movie of toy story 3
nick pelentsov
nick pelentsov 4 kun oldin
really done with killer women, killing all rivals, and hollywood hasnt let up with this diversity, its keeping me out of theatres, and watching good old movies, the women pout too much, and make me wanna puke, with the diverse drama, where is good old clint eastwood....
Thina Jerika
Thina Jerika 4 kun oldin
Anada Hemsworth?
The Eponymous He
The Eponymous He 4 kun oldin
I vote Glass. Hands down.
T,I,M The Invisible Man
So, the comments are just a bunch of people bitching about a hand full of movies. A+ comments people.
EpicIzAwesome 4 kun oldin
for " 14:25 Us " Me and the other one would just stare at each other before saying "eyyyy" at the same time and than hanging out.
Frank Drebbin
Frank Drebbin 4 kun oldin
How is Brightburn not being sued by the Lawyers behind the Superman franchise?
Angie P.
Angie P. 4 kun oldin
Godzilla AGAIN!? How many flipping times are they going to remake this god damn movie!? 😤 trash 🗑
Emme Trader
Emme Trader 4 kun oldin
No wonder that kids are violent these days.. Hollywood is promoting some kinda Super Hero's or violent movies.. horrible.
I'm really starting to get over these cgi super hero movies, can we get a villain movie or something?
Pastel Dreams
Pastel Dreams 2 kun oldin
+THE CATCH & THE RELEASE Yeah. I never really was into DC so I'm not an expert
Pastel Dreams yeah but without Heath, I can't see it being as good. Won't stop me from giving a it a chance though.
Pastel Dreams
Pastel Dreams 3 kun oldin
Theres joker this year
truthisdivine 4 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-5Nx4E-CSmh4.html Real life movie is going to be the Tribulation coming immediately after the Rapture and lasting 7 years! Don't be left behind!
Jhun Hernandez
Jhun Hernandez 4 kun oldin
when did batman run out of money?
Killa 4 kun oldin
Only movie that look good was Triple Frontier.
Hjht Bguiegld
Hjht Bguiegld 4 kun oldin
Mam wrażenie,ze to wszystko jeden film...
Ant xD
Ant xD 4 kun oldin
December 2019?
elias Flashi
elias Flashi 4 kun oldin
Lal Mirch
Lal Mirch 4 kun oldin
christ, i feel cheated somehow....
tatonick gamer
tatonick gamer 4 kun oldin
These are upcoming movies that IAM exited for #1 Avengers4 Endgame #2 Spiderman Far From home #3 Captain marvel #4 Captain marvel (Shazam) #5 ???????? (??????)
bikingcat 4 kun oldin
Godzilla dark blurry cgi. pure crap!!!
Nilesh Kutana
Nilesh Kutana 4 kun oldin
Avengers end game is best
*Dóri* 4 kun oldin
why said people that there is no good film for 2019? Avengers Endgame? Captain Marvel? Maybe the Us? Glass and the Secret Life Of Pets 2 looks good too. Whatever. Avengers Endgame will be so fuckin good, thats shure, and captain marvel too, so please shut up thx
Chu Chu don
Chu Chu don 4 kun oldin