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Furious Trailer
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00:00 Brightburn
00:23 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
04:48 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios)
07:14 Captain Marvel
09:32 Secret Life Of Pets 2
10:49 X-Men Dark Phoenix
11:50 Men In Black 4
14:25 Us
16:54 Greta
19:16 Triple Frontier
21:13 The Kid Who Would Be King
23:36 Alita Battle Angel
25:54 Glass
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28-Dek, 2018



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Furious Trailer
Furious Trailer 2 oy oldin
Which movies you are most excited for ? 00:00 Brightburn 00:23 Godzilla King Of The Monsters 04:48 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios) 07:14 Captain Marvel 09:32 Secret Life Of Pets 2 10:49 X-Men Dark Phoenix 11:50 Men In Black 4 14:25 Us 16:54 Greta 19:16 Triple Frontier 21:13 The Kid Who Would Be King 23:36 Alita Battle Angel 25:54 Glass
damian bla
damian bla 7 kun oldin
Furious Trailer shrek 5
tatonick gamer
tatonick gamer 10 kun oldin
97% avengers endgame 2 procent other 1% none
Renāts Ponnis
Renāts Ponnis 12 kun oldin
Enought of these superhero american comic shittty movies ....... have somebody watched real deep minded movie like reading a book ?
Dynamic Jamison
Dynamic Jamison 14 kun oldin
Gael Medina mendez
Gael Medina mendez 21 kun oldin
Godzilla king of the monsters and avengers 4
Kwame Mcdonald
Kwame Mcdonald 12 soat oldin
its good to see the twnis in a movie finally.
DUC 12 soat oldin
MIB without Tommy or Will? But who will Watch this atrocity?
Jane Ashley Pacino
what they've done to Jean Gray
Top Movies
Top Movies 3 kun oldin
AmroTheLegend 3 kun oldin
The only good trailer here is Avengers EndGame
Becker289 2 kun oldin
+Aidan Waters Agreed
Aidan Waters
Aidan Waters 3 kun oldin
dark phoenix and Godzilla look great as well
Esperanza Barcelo
Esperanza Barcelo 5 kun oldin
M.i.b without will smith? Mmh... no thanks.
you looked
you looked 5 kun oldin
What should I watch in the cinemas Like= Captain Marvel Reply= Alita battle angel (i will actually watch)
Geo Metric Yoshi
Geo Metric Yoshi 3 kun oldin
Geo Metric Yoshi
Geo Metric Yoshi 3 kun oldin
+Steryon91 ikr it's like overrated and she's over powered
Steryon91 5 kun oldin
Alita.. why the fuck would anyone watch Captain Marvel
Computer Scientist
Computer Scientist 6 kun oldin
yawn ...same old shit, same ass sound effects as always. Who the fuck makes these stupid ass trailers
Martin Dimitrov
Martin Dimitrov 6 kun oldin
What kind of devil movies are this, this is destroying the young population brains.... disaster :(
Qiňg Błìnq
Qiňg Błìnq 6 kun oldin
*My wallet is ready*
Omar Espinosa
Omar Espinosa 7 kun oldin
wow, with out WILL, men in black is done.!! fkn sad.
Kaya Metin
Kaya Metin 7 kun oldin
bit.ly/Filminates please check my website, 𝑰 𝒘𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒆 𝒂𝒃𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒎𝒐𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒔.
Eric Cardenas
Eric Cardenas 7 kun oldin
One question why isn’t Spider-Man far from home on this list
The One and Only Hero
That jumpscare from the first movie sent me back to 1st grade
Sean G
Sean G 7 kun oldin
Firstly, I don't like scary movies. Secondly, I was wondering why the Game of Thrones is delayed. Cos the actors are here.
Anime weeb :3
Anime weeb :3 8 kun oldin
I just learned that scrolls are the good guys and kree is bad peeps
Jean marie montigny
GOZILLA and M.I.B ??..
Becker289 2 kun oldin
Godzilla looks great.
Elena Gisa
Elena Gisa 8 kun oldin
Another year of bullshit movies
I Am The Villain
I Am The Villain 9 kun oldin
That MIB trailer looked pretty decent. Liam Neesan is just the icing on the cake
Adanma Kanu
Adanma Kanu 9 kun oldin
Taking blood or dna samlpe s
Alyanz Tari9
Alyanz Tari9 9 kun oldin
Best high resolution movies 2019 uzvid.com/video/video-pMUK9IRQ-NE.html
Crazy Spawn
Crazy Spawn 10 kun oldin
Endgame is the most hype trailer
Semi-Charmed Life
Semi-Charmed Life 10 kun oldin
Can you stop making superhero movies, its getting out of control...
J Cavazos
J Cavazos 8 kun oldin
Semi-Charmed Life. It's oversaturated with superhero movies.
Moroccan Mapper
Moroccan Mapper 10 kun oldin
13:50 this is Moroccan Guys
Hazulkar 10 kun oldin
Wtf, a Superman horror movie?
fiyorina admassu
fiyorina admassu 10 kun oldin
The only movie I'm excited for is the snowball 😘😘😘😘😘
Danna Macfarlane
Danna Macfarlane 11 kun oldin
You know king Arthur would no be English as he is a Gallic king not of the Germanic Anglo saxon infidels
wufongtan wufong
wufongtan wufong 11 kun oldin
Briton. From Cymru. Not Gallic
Phone User
Phone User 11 kun oldin
Tripple looks good and Alita was meh but the rest suck.
metal matt
metal matt 11 kun oldin
Wow a whole bunch more CGI comicbookmovie teenager shitfest even though in comic book movies they're changing them from the comics to the movies making the men females and everybody has change the skin color of a lot of characters to as long as they're not white men seems to be weird Trend everyone needs to just boycott hollyweird and don't give them you'remoney let them dry up no real storylines these movies either there for dumbass children that want to stay dumbass children into their adulthood no storylines insulting to the intelligence
Christine car world
Christine car world 11 kun oldin
Godzilla is my movie
Mathias Sallinger
Mathias Sallinger 12 kun oldin
Nothing but shit...
they all look BS movies ... expect the one with the bunny
User8571 12 kun oldin
Bizzaro World Superman? Basically a copy and paste of all other Superman movies but... Superman is bad? Wow. They really stressed brains coming up with the story for that one, huh?
2U 12 kun oldin
yea, like superman at the first glance
Terrence Milton
Terrence Milton 13 kun oldin
Wow!? They just twisted the Superman story.
sjaxemaster11 14 kun oldin
John Hearn
John Hearn 14 kun oldin
Why, am I placed in the position to Condemn Caesar. Why do they make movies that suck.
Tu Ho
Tu Ho 14 kun oldin
Us looks really good!
Adjei Larsey
Adjei Larsey 14 kun oldin
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 15 kun oldin
great, more superhero movies, how unpredictable.
Mikael Stromberg
Mikael Stromberg 15 kun oldin
Liam Neeson the best!!!!
Glamourai Studio
Glamourai Studio 15 kun oldin
US looks creepy as hell :I
Teh Bonz
Teh Bonz 15 kun oldin
Love it when Americans put shit like 'Coming Memorial Day' on trailers and the rest of the world is like, 'Uh... when?'
Shannon Luciano
Shannon Luciano 15 kun oldin
lol i know right have to fricken go google those days
Naomi Okhiria
Naomi Okhiria 15 kun oldin
add to watch
leeSouthend 16 kun oldin
I'm so looking forward to not watching Cpt Marvel. Gonna see Alita Battle Angel again that weekend.
dilan bonnie
dilan bonnie 16 kun oldin
When I drift off I'll dream of you 😔 Tony's here😖
Rob Bignell
Rob Bignell 16 kun oldin
Not too exciting if you don’t like Marvel comics or Science Fiction!
Mr Waffle
Mr Waffle 18 kun oldin
Why is everyone being so cruel about the movies if your asses haven’t even watched it yet? Tf?
jbaiibee 18 kun oldin
y’all dumb for saying none of these are good? 13 trailers. i can name 10 i’m excited to see, and might make millions in the box office.
Mark Marsh
Mark Marsh 18 kun oldin
REALLY? .... Monsters and Super Heroes are ALL WE HAVE LEFT? .... This Is THE END My Friend. .... and it AIN'T BEAUTIFUL. ..... at all.
Roddous Elliott
Roddous Elliott 19 kun oldin
Make movies like Riddick and Pitch black
jay Flickner
jay Flickner 20 kun oldin
Ok what if Superman was Evil....I know we will call it BrightBurn....Great thinking. LOL what a joke.
Wade B
Wade B 20 kun oldin
I hope none of these movies ever come out.
Sun Day
Sun Day 20 kun oldin
On the list i have watched Alita already but im waitin for Dark Phoenix
Sasha Lada
Sasha Lada 21 kun oldin
I think nebula will give her life to save tony stark from the abyss of space
amir chehih
amir chehih 22 kun oldin
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CarloBlox DevGamer
CarloBlox DevGamer 22 kun oldin
António Cascalho
António Cascalho 22 kun oldin
Private Video 18+ gTUNJ8K2V9.mcdn.design/551Y4A8hKG
R & R Animations
R & R Animations 23 kun oldin
Movies need to be original uhhh same story line different people .
R & R Animations
R & R Animations 23 kun oldin
Really another year of bad superhero movies 😡
insorte diaboli
insorte diaboli 23 kun oldin
wow they all look like shit
Becker289 21 kun oldin
Daquan Harris
Daquan Harris 23 kun oldin
Ok first trailer is just a Rated R scary alien Superboy going evil moive
powerman5000ca 23 kun oldin
What's really the meaning of all these movies and remakes with woman as leads . Ghostbusters , MIB , Star Wars
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 24 kun oldin
Liam Neeson in Men in Black?Should be dubbed Men you hates Blacks lol
Tiana Trinh Mankin
Tiana Trinh Mankin 25 kun oldin
I can't wait lol
GachaMyles 25 kun oldin
Love these!
Fight Army
Fight Army 26 kun oldin
hey you must watch this epic sci.fi movie uzvid.com/video/video-y5ZKujW96Fs.html
Allan Manuel
Allan Manuel 26 kun oldin
men in black looks trash
Galaxy Potato
Galaxy Potato 26 kun oldin
Legio XXI Rapax
Legio XXI Rapax 26 kun oldin
A movie that anyone have to see, and at my advice it's a pure Kolossal, it an Italian movie "Il Primo Re" (The First King). Talk about the history of Romolo and Remo and the path leading them to the foundation of Roma. The movie is full of action and crude, as in that time was. Actor are acting in ancient Latin and the movie is subbed. Here the trailer get a look, it worth it uzvid.com/video/video-boaHGOqWjTA.html
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 27 kun oldin
2019 has 2 movies people are trying so hard to hate before they even get released Aladdin and Captain Marvel
Osbaldo Martinez
Osbaldo Martinez 27 kun oldin
We need a movie where united states goes to war with mexico.. who would not watch that ?
Jebees Edits
Jebees Edits 27 kun oldin
The fact that the GTR is my dream car, makes me wanna watch GODZILLA
Jar M
Jar M 27 kun oldin
All of the above were great except for that cringe super boi.
Joe Black
Joe Black 28 kun oldin
I thought the first one was a normal cancer movie
Temple Bright
Temple Bright 28 kun oldin
Another x men fuck yes
Amy H
Amy H 28 kun oldin
Hollywood is going down and Korean movies are better and have good and original script. Make something good Hollywood cm on.
WHO FARTED 28 kun oldin
These all look just terrible.
Anthonie Madsen
Anthonie Madsen 28 kun oldin
typical new pc world, OHH we need female heroes. wtf when have you ever called a female for captain? come on
HaYKeY 28 kun oldin
Kerry Fountas
Kerry Fountas 29 kun oldin
All these movies are going to fail in 2019. The 2010s have been a very weak decade for movies.
Kerry Fountas
Kerry Fountas 20 kun oldin
Becker289 that’s what you think, ok then.
Becker289 25 kun oldin
Not all of them, but a select few.
Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers 29 kun oldin
They don't make good films anymore. Just stupid CGI crap and Captain Marvel looks stupid.
Marko Feller
Marko Feller 29 kun oldin
2019 will be even darker year for movies than 2016...
Sue Zette
Sue Zette 29 kun oldin
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I have given up any any quality movies coming out of Hollywood. It seems that all movies center around Social Justice, #metoo and the poor minority victimized by society. What happened to movies like Goodfellas, Heat, Gladiator, Etc. Gone are the days of going to movies to get away from the reality of our Social Justice driven overly offended society. It's pathetic. ....Hollywood is pathetic...
Luftbubblan Oy oldin
Uff, so rare to come across anything i'm even remotely interested in watching. After this trailer, still no go :P One day i hope to watch a movie again haha.
falisha putri jasmine
Is that alita battle angel?
David Liggins
David Liggins Oy oldin
We are sick of all these stupid Marvel/Dc comics movies they are 💩 we are adults not idiot teens & 👶🏻 what happened to good acting, the CGI are the stars of today which is all fake...👎🏻
Adarsh Krishna
Saw Alita Battle Angel. Loved it. Its not the best. But its a solid movie.
Ali&Ken Channel
Best SciFi Movies here! Don't forget to subscribe and tap bell icon! uzvid.com/video/video-HHsJSagGNFM.html
Wallie2012 Gaming
Guys what should I go watch first? 1: far from home 2: endgame 3: detective pikachu 4: Shazam 5: captain marvel 6: secret life of pets 2 Idk what to watch first so many good movies coming soon
InsaneLiving 29 kun oldin
1980's the days
Am I the only one who thought brightburn is a trailer for superman?
KrisZone Oy oldin
The movie Us looks like a scary nightmare
Dana Ripley
Dana Ripley Oy oldin
Do not edit Liam Neeson out of the MIB movie.
Brian Ross
Brian Ross Oy oldin
Besides "US", these all look terrible and unoriginal.
Pratik Adhav
Pratik Adhav Oy oldin
Is avtaar 2 coming ?
Pratik Adhav
Pratik Adhav Oy oldin
I love MIB series only because of will smith and where is will smith now ?
WildGooseFat Oy oldin
the jumpscare at the end of the brightburn trailer got me