Better Then/Better Now Riff-Off w/ Shawn Mendes & The Filharmonic

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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When Shawn Mendes mocks James' love for 90s hits, the two decide to find out which era produced better music with a riff-off, featuring the Spice Girls, Rihanna, Sia, Kris Kross, TLC and Shawn's "Stitches" with a little help from The Filharmonic.
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29-Sen, 2016

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Sso Playz
Sso Playz 9 soat oldin
Christopher McDonnell
Christopher McDonnell 10 soat oldin
James Corden is a penis
Prisha Gupta - Huttonville PS (1530)
2019????? like if u are
Zach' s Stuff: Vlogs and Music
If you wanna hear music that's in between 80's through the 21st century listen to 24k Magic Album made in this generation but with a nostalgic twist.
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez 12 soat oldin
This was all rehearsed and fake but it’s still funny
Caitlyn Sherlin
Caitlyn Sherlin 13 soat oldin
I always thought Shawn was adorable. But he is hot af. She is amazing. I loved his music before but now I am obsessed!!!
GirlyGamerRosey 914
GirlyGamerRosey 914 15 soat oldin
Who is watching in 2019? 2020? 2021? 2022? Anything after that????? I’m in January 16, Wednesday 2019, 6:15
Linna Felix
Linna Felix 16 soat oldin
Damm shawn. Damm.
Emily Hill
Emily Hill 21 soat oldin
1:06 no it’s 2019 ACTUALLY
Sara *_*
Sara *_* 23 soat oldin
Sara *_*
Sara *_* 23 soat oldin
Sara *_*
Sara *_* 23 soat oldin
ThisisEdon Kun oldin
3:34 the fear in Shawn's face makes this video hahaha
abby jean
abby jean Kun oldin
Free replays 5:29 5:29 5:29 5:29 5:29 5:29
Kanjana Virojnvechapant
i love you voice fatty hahaha
xX SALTY LEMON Xx 2 kun oldin
0:24 you go dance james
Nina Arnold
Nina Arnold 2 kun oldin
Shawn Mendez singing Sia’s cheap thrills YES 😍😍😍
Macy Saylor
Macy Saylor 2 kun oldin
Shawn&Camila Fan
Shawn&Camila Fan 2 kun oldin
Oh my god this was epic! especially the ending!
Shawn&Camila Fan
Shawn&Camila Fan 2 kun oldin
3:42 Lmao I jumped!
Banana Burger
Banana Burger 2 kun oldin
Can someone explain how James flipped the microphone in the air and caught it perfectly?? 2:42
shrededasfuark 2 kun oldin
You could put out the sun with all the wet girls in the comment section
Sasha Mathew
Sasha Mathew 2 kun oldin
Dating Shawn is equal to winning at life tbh
박세연 2 kun oldin
This vedio is amazing
mei mei welje
mei mei welje 3 kun oldin
Andrea T
Andrea T 3 kun oldin
Alexis Iturbide
Alexis Iturbide 3 kun oldin
2019 Anyone?
urfavbookworm 3 kun oldin
He's so sexy (I hope we all know who we're talking about here :O)
Cyrille Jasmine Gonzales
This is like Pitch Perfect😍
Fairy tail Lover
Fairy tail Lover 3 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Forrest Loihle
Forrest Loihle 3 kun oldin
Both of them are awsome
Mariam Ebeid
Mariam Ebeid 3 kun oldin
Who's here from 2019??
Evelyn Raye
Evelyn Raye 3 kun oldin
This is iconic!
Srusty Dhal
Srusty Dhal 4 kun oldin
"That was a comforting one n now that's a mean one"....lmao.....he's so cute😘
Andriane Glen HYTSY kimmytaehyung
why shawn is damn attractive???😍😍💕🎻🎻
shimmy 4 kun oldin
2019 ily shawn
Natalie Rojas
Natalie Rojas 4 kun oldin
No no no it's 2019 Shawn.
pisey son
pisey son 4 kun oldin
2019 anyone???
Bianca Wookey
Bianca Wookey 4 kun oldin
Bellas who
Joyce Kofoed Clayton
gezzzz shawns kinda bad
x_mehek x
x_mehek x 4 kun oldin
IMMA have 2 go w Shawn anyways
Leila Villegas
Leila Villegas 4 kun oldin
wher the hell is the barden bellas?! 🤣
Violetta Ambrozy
Violetta Ambrozy 5 kun oldin
Shawn Mendes is The best💕❤️😘😘❤️💕💕💕🥺❤️❤️💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💍💍
anish kanduri
anish kanduri 5 kun oldin
My Favourite Song In the world Is Stiches !!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Arroway
Chris Arroway 5 kun oldin
Shawn won
Chris Arroway
Chris Arroway 5 kun oldin
Parker McQuivey
Parker McQuivey 5 kun oldin
Who do you think is better
ela chotorlishvili
ela chotorlishvili 5 kun oldin
and that is called awesome
Baekkie Ahjussi
Baekkie Ahjussi 5 kun oldin
He's trying to be a mean person but he can't is the cutest thing ever! (´∀`)♡
Evelyn Harris
Evelyn Harris 6 kun oldin
618, so cheesy
Evelyn Harris
Evelyn Harris 6 kun oldin
I keep hearing Peter Rabbit
lc zhang
lc zhang 6 kun oldin
what the song name
amelia 6 kun oldin
5:31 even james cant resist it
james mullins
james mullins 6 kun oldin
"Don't ever tough me again"
Winterfire 101
Winterfire 101 6 kun oldin
No, it’s 2019
fatosss kalkan
fatosss kalkan 6 kun oldin
nazmin begum
nazmin begum 6 kun oldin
it's actually 2019
Jeff Belanger
Jeff Belanger 6 kun oldin
Music was definitely better back then.
Star Art
Star Art 6 kun oldin
LekkerNubbie 7 kun oldin
6:32 little weird moment 0_0
V L Sai Prasad
V L Sai Prasad 7 kun oldin
As good as you may be, you're no match for BSB. People still play their music 2 decades later!
Sagel Deosarran
Sagel Deosarran 7 kun oldin
When they started holding hands I was laughing hysterically 😂😂😂😂😂
sara_az._ 7 kun oldin
SHAWN😭😭❤❤😍😍🔥🔥🔝🔝💗💗💋💍💍HE'S MY HUSBAND💋💍💍
kimmy wortziger
kimmy wortziger 7 kun oldin
Who makes the subtitles to these videos...they're so off, lmao
ManyGaming 7 kun oldin
I agree with James that music was back then was better and I'm 10...
Zoha Zubair
Zoha Zubair 7 kun oldin
Starlight 334
Starlight 334 8 kun oldin
UGH HES SO HOT I love his awkward lil chuckles nnnaaaawwwww
Aubrey Marie
Aubrey Marie 8 kun oldin
There is a kid in my class that looks just like Shawn. 0-0
Miss Grace
Miss Grace 8 kun oldin
The bromance at the end of this video is real
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth 8 kun oldin
Shawn should’ve been in pitch perfect 3
cristina khatiwada
cristina khatiwada 8 kun oldin
*best Canadian singers* -justinbeiber- *Shawn mendes and Celine Dion*
anastazja818 8 kun oldin
hahaha I love James!
margarida lei rato
margarida lei rato 8 kun oldin
Soumyadeep Maity Entertainment
James is best in the world
Jared Smit
Jared Smit 9 kun oldin
Haneesa 9 kun oldin
Shawn was making James smile Awwwww
Lucia Craig
Lucia Craig 9 kun oldin
Which is the second song james sang? Sorry i can't recognize it
GurrenLagann12871 9 kun oldin
I'm sorry to be the guy but it looked kinda gay
Luiz Felipe Amaral
Luiz Felipe Amaral 9 kun oldin
a slight out of tune..
John Windmuller
John Windmuller 9 kun oldin
james charles comment where u at
LookOutForNargles 9 kun oldin
I have no idea what's happening, but I'm very okay with it.
TMLFAN 10 kun oldin
Is is just me or are Shawn and Jane actually low key a good duo
TMLFAN 10 kun oldin
彭俊翹CyrusPang 10 kun oldin
it's 2019
Ayaw Palak
Ayaw Palak 10 kun oldin
He is so cute hahaha
Moon Nightcore
Moon Nightcore 10 kun oldin
You know Shawn is more like cool *singing* and James is more on the hype side like he had a sugar rush 😂
Krizza Lobaton
Krizza Lobaton 10 kun oldin
My Shawn! Looking sooo good! 😍😍😍
zainab alawad
zainab alawad 10 kun oldin
even when shawn trying to act mean he is so cuteeee
Mykia Trissel
Mykia Trissel 10 kun oldin
2019?? Anybody
Aqsa Lodhi
Aqsa Lodhi 10 kun oldin
His voice is so angelic and soothing I love it snsnnsnshshshshshshbd
Kalia Hoosier
Kalia Hoosier 10 kun oldin
Shawn wins
Shalleni Atheesan
Shalleni Atheesan 10 kun oldin
I can finally say this, 2019 anyone
Becky King
Becky King 10 kun oldin
Abigail Speck
Abigail Speck 11 kun oldin
Shawn is so irresistible
callalily1990 11 kun oldin
2019 🙋🏻‍♀️ love you Shawn!
callalily1990 11 kun oldin
keep on watching Shawn’s videos here in yt. I love you 😭
Hugo Marin
Hugo Marin 11 kun oldin
Like if you’re ALIVE
Hugo Marin
Hugo Marin 11 kun oldin
When Shawn says 2016 I DIED It’s 2019 know SHAWNY HONEY
Nhật Minh Hoàng
Nhật Minh Hoàng 11 kun oldin
could anybody tell me all songs in that video
Christian Mahalik
Christian Mahalik 11 kun oldin
I was under the impression that this would be shawn mendes vs post malone songs
You are Awesome
You are Awesome 11 kun oldin
2019 anyone??!??
Jojo 123
Jojo 123 11 kun oldin
Edvard Jasari
Edvard Jasari 11 kun oldin
7:48 amazing vocal run from Shawn Mendes
Flinch w/ BTS
Yil oldin