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BHAD BHABIE feat. Tory Lanez "Babyface Savage" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli

Bhad Bhabie
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10-Yan, 2019



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 54 315
She good when she goes hard she needs to do it every time using her emotions help alot its fire can not lie
The Puffadder
The Puffadder 42 daqiqa oldin
No just no...no damn it just no...what happened to rap man...just no
Mika B
Mika B Soat oldin
Best Bass Rap for now💜💪
sister horvathova
Your songs are goid
BRO MiRayD 2 soat oldin
Привет из России, и please поставь лайкусик😍👍🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Rahifi Robinson
Rahifi Robinson 2 soat oldin
Tory Lanez messed up this song, it was all good until lanez started. Song should have had takeoff instead.
Dream Play
Dream Play 2 soat oldin
Нихуя малая валит
KAPAK OLSUN ! 4 soat oldin
Andrea Schumacher
Andrea Schumacher 5 soat oldin
Guess she ran out of lyrics.
Vestica Vancouver
Vestica Vancouver 5 soat oldin
Listen this on 2×
Gergana Tasheva
Gergana Tasheva 9 soat oldin
The fact that she’s an Aries explains a lot to me 😀 🐏
Rellik Redrum
Rellik Redrum 12 soat oldin
What a thot lol
Andrei Ilie
Andrei Ilie 12 soat oldin
hikaru k.
hikaru k. 12 soat oldin
Londale Carter
Londale Carter 13 soat oldin
Yo Shit gets better and better over time!!! Dis Bitch is like Brandy...only gets better with time!!
Rossy Glass
Rossy Glass 13 soat oldin
Is there an invisible keyboard in this or is he tryna kill mosquitoes wit his fingers?
Jenna Krouskoupf
Jenna Krouskoupf 13 soat oldin
My only problem is the sexualization of a child.. does no one find this weird..? *Shivers*
Brylei Hoffman
Brylei Hoffman 16 soat oldin
This is so good
Harmonys world
Harmonys world 18 soat oldin
Loganberry Ls
Loganberry Ls 18 soat oldin
I love this song I love you bhad bhabie
Kayla Gooz
Kayla Gooz 19 soat oldin
Biiiitch! This is fire!!!!
FIERCE_GD 19 soat oldin
tory part is insane
Eric Louthain
Eric Louthain 20 soat oldin
she did not write this.. i dont believe it.
The Puffadder
The Puffadder 40 daqiqa oldin
Eric Louthain why this isn’t good...are these comments real?
SHIT BOY 20 soat oldin
She well trap
Alexa Briones
Alexa Briones 21 soat oldin
Lil bitckh look good in that red lil suit
Danielle Rijerkerk
Danielle Rijerkerk 23 soat oldin
You go girl!!!!!
Rachel Lindsey
Rachel Lindsey 23 soat oldin
*BRAIN CELLS: Do you even care about me?*
Gandalf Kalashnikov
Gandalf Kalashnikov 23 soat oldin
"Comin' out hard like 88" Is that referencing 88 Rising?
LittleAD 23
LittleAD 23 23 soat oldin
Goddamn, better than Cardi
Daniel Dubia
Daniel Dubia Kun oldin
Can’t lie she actually really fuckin talented 😂,, but like Phil made her career but then again she made dr Phil in a way like it goes both ways lol
black heart and broken
SAW Art Kun oldin
This has to be her best work either way if she has a ghost or not this is sick bichhhhh!
hoodie girl
hoodie girl Kun oldin
this reminds me of the purge
M Brown
M Brown Kun oldin
OMG did not expect this mind blown 🤯 whoever managing her she need to flow like this on every song!! Leave that bubble gum rap teen drama crap alone. She straight has some real flow ! Get her a serious mentor like busta rhymes or twista to up her skills and by 18 this chick is gonna kill the music game !
Yvng_Man Kun oldin
Dr. Phil like wtf did I do lmao dead
Will Graham
Will Graham Kun oldin
Illuminati influencer.
Nena Lopez
Nena Lopez Kun oldin
XxGucciFlipFlopxX 621
This song is lowkey chatchy lol
i don’t think i would ever say this but she is on fire fr fr!!💘
Humphrey Wolf
Humphrey Wolf Kun oldin
But yet you got levitated
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones Kun oldin
Can’t sing so stop hun famous for what being a brat 😂😂
Mr. Lemon
Mr. Lemon Kun oldin
em42sam Kun oldin
This girl used to be cringy, now, idk
Marie Wyatt
Marie Wyatt Kun oldin
why does tory sound like kendrick lamar when he started rapping 🤔!!!!!
GucciGang 24
GucciGang 24 Kun oldin
Were the same age but she rocks more than me
Lor Rowe
Lor Rowe Kun oldin
Oh she ain't joking anymore
Veronica VRM
Veronica VRM Kun oldin
Wow ur good at rapping I like u
Deja Carlton
Deja Carlton Kun oldin
cant even lie her music go hard lol
CurlyGurly Kun oldin
I can't think of a good username
I used to dislike Danielle, but the fact that she has used her internet fame and her following to make a serious career out of it instead of just becoming a dead meme or an influencer who takes mirror selfies, makes me respect her more. She knows how to go viral and get all the attention, once she has it she drops the music, gets the sponsorships, releases makeup lines, etc. She literally capitalized on people making fun of her and calling her a brat. Love her or hate her, she has the mind of an entrepeneur and she's just 15. If she keeps going on this route, next thing we know she'll be a billionaire and that's great when you consider that given her behavior on that talk show she probably had a tough life and comes from a broken home. I fucking wish I had the mindset of this bitch when I was a teen.
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Kun oldin
I love your music so much it’s the best
Kendra Adams
Kendra Adams Kun oldin
Okay she rap better then cardi b damn I’m sleeping on her
Almighty Lexi
Almighty Lexi Kun oldin
This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
zWavyy Live
zWavyy Live Kun oldin
Tory lanzes verse goes hard
Tristen Neisler
Tristen Neisler Kun oldin
This is her hardest song
Dick Pic
Dick Pic 2 kun oldin
I like Danielle, but for her trolling... 😈
Candela G
Candela G 2 kun oldin
Stacy Bridgeford
Stacy Bridgeford 2 kun oldin
She's dope. Underrated because of that stupid show lol.
Lovise 2 kun oldin
Omg so nice😈❤️
Itz_Keke YT
Itz_Keke YT 2 kun oldin
yall cant lie this the best song of Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie okuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr period
Savannah Hunt
Savannah Hunt 2 kun oldin
She copied Cardi B 10 TIMES!! So she does not deserve anything
rapprz lego reviews toys and rap russell
so hard and one of her hardest yet.
relaxwithme 2 kun oldin
Shit slaps!!
Saturnboiii 2 kun oldin
Zaib 2 kun oldin
When you couldn’t get Kendrick so you had to setlle with Tory Lanez
TW1TCHB3ST 2 kun oldin
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 2 kun oldin
Well I guess this just became my pre-gym pump up song!! God Damn
Nemi ssj
Nemi ssj 2 kun oldin
El inicio de la canción parece la purga😂
Joeys support channel Mantin support channel
Ok i really love this song this is more hot and rocking and her moves is rocking on love it rock on I think youtube can put this song to go onto be in UZvid music that's is the way it is about supporting this girl all she likes and loves to bring all of the support around as well she is kind see like me being supporters that brings support around so yes I think this girl just like me but in a girl way rock on girl rock on
Tara Steele
Tara Steele 2 kun oldin
I hate to admit it, but I actually like all the music she's been coming out with
stella jade
stella jade 2 kun oldin
her first song i cant sing
Doge 2 kun oldin
Christ what happened to music
Doge 2 kun oldin
Christ what have you people created
293940cabster 2 kun oldin
The director is a pedophile. Actually, since theres reallg no appropriate outrage, Im gonna take a leap and guess that America has a pedo problem.
Fang PingFung
Fang PingFung 2 kun oldin
She actually getting a lot better.. work it.
Metro Cust
Metro Cust 2 kun oldin
She is the smartest i kno..her and twista
Lillian Makin
Lillian Makin 2 kun oldin
OMG I love it
dina m
dina m 2 kun oldin
Azraa Osman
Azraa Osman 2 kun oldin
Damn her voice lowkey satisfying 😂
Fionnuala Thompson
Fionnuala Thompson 2 kun oldin
Goes to show you that some of these disrespectful kids just need direction, something they can be passionate about and then they succeed. I actually underestimated her after her Dr Phil stint. But let us remember, kids are often formed by their surroundings and if her surroundings were a mess, well then she became a mess. At least it looked like it. She got her act together. And it sure something. Not a big fan of the other 2,3 songs I have heard, but this is badass. I am 40, do you even say that these days? Badass??? Hehehehehehe
heyy leni
heyy leni 3 kun oldin
This is hard, just wow
Walter Robinson
Walter Robinson 3 kun oldin
Corteriyon Gray
Corteriyon Gray 3 kun oldin
malu’s music career is quaking
Alex Sorrenti
Alex Sorrenti 3 kun oldin
omfg my jaw dropped
Candice McConnell
Candice McConnell 3 kun oldin
I got this song on my playlist. First time ever playing it in the car. This song goes hard.
Malika Rozmetova
Malika Rozmetova 3 kun oldin
Well I do not really care bout her character I just love her music 😶
Brittany Rolland
Brittany Rolland 3 kun oldin
from 13 to 15 damn this girl is killing it!
Jaser Ostin
Jaser Ostin 3 kun oldin
Little bish
Nabil Dwika
Nabil Dwika 3 kun oldin
Lil baby blueface 21savage
Arrested Lycian Development
KENNY J 3 kun oldin
Sophia Vogel
Sophia Vogel 3 kun oldin
Mihlali Mkosana
Mihlali Mkosana 3 kun oldin
This has got to be the G.O.A.T song I have ever heard from her Damn this has got to be a Super Villain movie Anthem (Besides from Catch me outside tho)
diego valdez
diego valdez 3 kun oldin
Demaciado UZvid :)
Izabella Enriquez
Izabella Enriquez 3 kun oldin
This is like her best song 🤘 IT'S SO LITTTTTTTT 🔥
Amber Collins
Amber Collins 3 kun oldin
don't care what anyone says, this song is gas!! she's on the come up
chelsea godan
chelsea godan 3 kun oldin
yeah this is my kind of music
Draw With Leejan
Draw With Leejan 3 kun oldin
She really got a bootleg Kendrick Lamar 1:38
secret4u2hear 3 kun oldin
Ridin the beat like a snail! Whaat LOVE IT!
Tristen Neisler
Tristen Neisler 3 kun oldin
Omg I’m a big fan like what I like the mask glow baby glow
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