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BHAD BHABIE - "Trust Me" feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music VIdeo) | Danielle Bregoli

Bhad Bhabie
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💔🖤 Do u trust me ⁉️🔪 official music video for "Trust Me" feat. Ty Dolla $ign & starring Bella Thorne and Theo Von and Me👅 Bich Bhad Bhabie 💀 formerly Danielle Bregoli
Directed by Nicholaus Goossen instagram.com/nickgoossen
💔🖤StReAm ”Trust Me” ➡️Atlantic.lnk.to/trustmeID
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26-Iyl, 2018



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Bhad Bhabie
Bhad Bhabie 8 oy oldin
Imma win an Oscar for this bich! U think I should do some acting?? 💔🖤StReAm ”Trust Me”➡️ Atlantic.lnk.to/trustmeID
Jack Vera
Jack Vera 10 kun oldin
Bhad Bhabie you make osm song 🥳🥰😏😻❤️👍
david silva
david silva 21 kun oldin
Iyleese Jones
Iyleese Jones 24 kun oldin
when are you gonna have a concert here in tucson
Jerica Oakley-Rideau
your an awesome bich
Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson Oy oldin
Michael Estep
Michael Estep Soat oldin
Theah Warnock
Theah Warnock 19 soat oldin
2:18 Girl: well hello there Pedo: ahh shit
msn for life
msn for life 22 soat oldin
My fave song ever❤❤❤❤
Tamia Adjmul
Tamia Adjmul Kun oldin
Pech Somala
Pech Somala Kun oldin
Love this song
Beatriz Araujo
Beatriz Araujo Kun oldin
Love bhad bhabie Daniele bregoli
dope track
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Kun oldin
Not only does this song send a good message about child predators and about staying safe online,but it’s actually fucking lit
Bryan Rios
Bryan Rios Kun oldin
ItzCodsArmy Kun oldin
Who thinks it would have been better with NBA Youngboy😂💥
Run Onalz
Run Onalz Kun oldin
Is she Vin Diesel's daughter? They look similar tho..
McChicken Kun oldin
When the other side turns evil too AHAHAHAHA
Romina Aguiar
Romina Aguiar Kun oldin
Creo el estatafador resultó estafado
Velindy Williams
WOW GIRL!!!! LOL this music vid had me stressing FR i was getting stressed i really thought u was about to get abducted or some shit!! lol CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!! GO WIN YR MF OSCARS
Miss Dry Ice
Miss Dry Ice Kun oldin
She is beautiful, bhad bhabie..
Whats up with white girls trusting people online still, this aint 2006 myspace days lmao
Zoé Massicot
Zoé Massicot Kun oldin
2:33 i bella thorne ?
Dilara Aurora
Dilara Aurora 2 kun oldin
lil Sunflower
lil Sunflower 2 kun oldin
Danielle u are my gurl. U have such a beautiful voice. I cant wait to see what u do in the future ALlways and forever Sunflower
Newton Boss Official
King Savage
King Savage 2 kun oldin
Who else thought youngboy was gonna be in this song?🤔💯
victoria silva
victoria silva 2 kun oldin
the music vid hit different 🥵
John Ramirez
John Ramirez 2 kun oldin
So mad Theo was the perv bruhh😂😂😂😂
kitten muffins · ///
I didn't watch this because I thought it was some retarded song but then realized it has an important message
i like chairs
i like chairs 2 kun oldin
Why does she look 30 but 13 at the same time
Cool Puppet
Cool Puppet 2 kun oldin
She’s 16
Misc 2 kun oldin
Theo dabbling in them dark arts.
Fatima Cordoba
Fatima Cordoba 2 kun oldin
I know this is besides the point but does Danielle bregoli know that if the “pedo” thing at the end is backwards then it’s gunna be backwards in his forehead too😭🤔
Sofia Ress
Sofia Ress 2 kun oldin
sulixis yirina
sulixis yirina 2 kun oldin
Muy LOVE ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🖤
juan negron
juan negron 2 kun oldin
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 2 kun oldin
This a whole Dexter moment
Cool Kidz
Cool Kidz 3 kun oldin
I am loving the purple-ish lip stain on Danielle, 💗💗
Miranda Beltran Ibarra
You are me facking Jesus!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalayah henshaw
Kalayah henshaw 3 kun oldin
Hey niches this shit is fire ayyyyye😛
Larebear57 !
Larebear57 ! 3 kun oldin
I love the message Danielle is sending out to the world, saying to be safe online. 💕 One of the many reasons to love Danielle is to know she cares about many people’s safety.
Esma Omac
Esma Omac 3 kun oldin
pengg this is probs my fav song cos it's bout bitches xx
BermyKidd 3 kun oldin
Was this video Sponsored by holonis???
Eden's World
Eden's World 3 kun oldin
That's y I think she's not that bad But she's bhad!!
super sOpHiA
super sOpHiA 3 kun oldin
It belba Thorne
Lil Sad 2001
Lil Sad 2001 3 kun oldin
For this girl it's worth going from Fiat Uno Mille to the United States!!!!❤️🔥🍃
Lil Sad 2001
Lil Sad 2001 3 kun oldin
Just to remember, I'm 17 years old 😂
Jasi Jas
Jasi Jas 3 kun oldin
This video beast mode watch out you pervs
Tinara Nathania
Tinara Nathania 3 kun oldin
Her nails are longer than my lifespan💀💀
Robin Patterson
Robin Patterson 3 kun oldin
i love this bhad babie part more than anything
hey its sapphire oof
Little Sally Walker walking to Died
Mr Holistic
Mr Holistic 3 kun oldin
hes not a pedo cause you were prepubescent in this video. at least get that part right lol.
Juliana Almeida
Juliana Almeida 3 kun oldin
É pro xxxxtentacion
Rodny Roman
Rodny Roman 3 kun oldin
Shoulda had Youngboy on this
Shaina Castro
Shaina Castro 4 kun oldin
Hey bhad bhabie. I really love youu ❤❤
Sinethemba Mbatha
Sinethemba Mbatha 4 kun oldin
I choose to appreciate.
Nolan Malloy
Nolan Malloy 4 kun oldin
Theo better get back on the pornography. He ends up pediaphilin if he doesnt. Gang Gang
Marlie Hutchinson
Marlie Hutchinson 4 kun oldin
This is good because it teaches kids To be same on online 😊
BABY MEXICO 4 kun oldin
Nba young boy was gonna be on this song but then it was ty dolla sign
Derrick Bia
Derrick Bia 4 kun oldin
I like this song!!
Mariano Br
Mariano Br 4 kun oldin
Amo essa garota 💟, alguém br?
Jaiyana Vasquez
Jaiyana Vasquez 4 kun oldin
I think bhad bhabie is a good role model
Brinn Burson
Brinn Burson 4 kun oldin
Damn Danielle used to be “cash me outside girl” and getting so much hate but I mean look at her now. She’s amazing
Steph Xqueen
Steph Xqueen 4 kun oldin
Wow!! She went from meme to QUEEN💎💍
Danielle Rijerkerk
Danielle Rijerkerk 4 kun oldin
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool 4 kun oldin
But, really. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and all the other rappers (We dem boyz!)
Lil 32
Lil 32 4 kun oldin
NBA youngboy should of been this 💯💯
Kailep Edwards
Kailep Edwards 2 kun oldin
Lil 32 he was
Luis Lemuz
Luis Lemuz 4 kun oldin
Theo von only reason im here gang gang !!!!!!! Ratking !!!!
Maurice Willis
Maurice Willis 4 kun oldin
How old is she
Almighty Q773
Almighty Q773 4 kun oldin
NBA Youngboy verse was better
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool 5 kun oldin
If there were someone after me i'd kick their ass, straight up like that And, I'd do anything to protect anyone , and i'm talking ANYONE!!!!!!! Danielle, I'd protect you with my LIFE if i had to. That's why i was asking for your help. I wanted to be tough like you.
Kathryn Woods
Kathryn Woods 5 kun oldin
X was supposed to be in this😭💔
Ben Gill
Ben Gill 5 kun oldin
Only here because of theo von
m80wolf 5 kun oldin
i deadass thought bella thorne was tekashi 69
Monica’sVS 5 kun oldin
Ummm I’m sorry but I thought she “don’t date white bois”
Veronica VRM
Veronica VRM 5 kun oldin
Can u really sing
AXEL12312 villalobos
I am going to make you love me
lolipop kill420
lolipop kill420 5 kun oldin
She's better at singing that rapping 100%
Allyssa Valdez
Allyssa Valdez 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or does that dude kinda look like her?(no offense)
John Morgan
John Morgan 5 kun oldin
Nba youngboy supposed to be on here
Nasty Badger
Nasty Badger 5 kun oldin
That some dark arts right there
Nasty Badger
Nasty Badger 5 kun oldin
Theo Von THE RAT KING!!!!!!!
thangpi niangpi
thangpi niangpi 5 kun oldin
I love this song but Vicky song is trash
Haylie Mations
Haylie Mations 5 kun oldin
Damn she dark at the end tho
Bankr0ll Cruz
Bankr0ll Cruz 5 kun oldin
Who’s here after it got leaked Youngboy was originally on the song?
1 hunnit
1 hunnit 6 kun oldin
Mayne younG bkoy was suppost to bk on this !!
M P 6 kun oldin
Who else hears the Nokia ringtone 0:03
Crazed 6 kun oldin
Yb would’ve been better.
mubbiee 6 kun oldin
hitler was a very naughty boy
ayye its sloshie
ayye its sloshie 6 kun oldin
She got 2 acrylic nails connected on eaxh finger i swear
Ina Champ
Ina Champ 6 kun oldin
I knew she would turn into a star. She has a beautiful face profile.
Nouni Milvado
Nouni Milvado 6 kun oldin
مهيم لا للعهدة الخامجة
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool 6 kun oldin
Hey, Bhad Bahbie. I need your help. Do you trust me??
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool 5 kun oldin
Just KIDDING. You good, sorry bou dat
Jenny Closky
Jenny Closky 6 kun oldin
Yoo omg her voice is awesome. She needs to collab with kehlani
Priya Ganger
Priya Ganger 6 kun oldin
3:01 is he giving birth or somethin edit- oof shit i meant 3:02
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller 6 kun oldin
This is really pretty, Id spin this! So, i want more music out of you XOXO!
Cry Chicken
Cry Chicken 6 kun oldin
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool 7 kun oldin
ou6en_unicorn 7 kun oldin
Munhtsetseg Buyndalai
the moral of this song never trust a person on the internet when meet that person trick that person with bella thorne and capture that person and put a mark of ur name on that persons face
Agung Dwi
Agung Dwi 7 kun oldin
26 March 2003
JAHVIA official
JAHVIA official 7 kun oldin
Yeah PeTROLLeroLGH was here xD
りゅーた 7 kun oldin
R I P xxxtentacion
i'am hafizh
i'am hafizh 7 kun oldin
Percayalah kepadaku
Antonette James
Antonette James 7 kun oldin
I was only here for Ty Dolla Sign but then actually fell in love with the song 🥰😍
Ariella Lala
Ariella Lala 7 kun oldin
Wtf i have the same bed sheets
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