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These two friends had to leave this lost dog in the middle of nowhere while they got their truck to rescue him and tried to find his family - and they had to do it all before dark!
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Special thanks to VroomVroomDana (uzvid.com/u-vroomvroomdana) and A Girl and Her Bike (uzvid.com/u-agirlandherbike) for rescuing this pup and for sharing their story with us!
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6-Avg, 2017

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Iqbal Zxx12
Iqbal Zxx12 Kun oldin
Just drop the motorcross like bicycle Ahhh childhood 😂😂
Redzz Royal
Redzz Royal Kun oldin
Who else heard that
Idex Flame
Idex Flame 2 kun oldin
Vroomvroomdana right there 😂
M0sthated._ Erica
M0sthated._ Erica 2 kun oldin
If the dog was abandoned he wouldn’t have a collar with their number on it .
Jude Ordonez
Jude Ordonez 2 kun oldin
Why does he sound like elmo right at the start??
Thess Måne
Thess Måne 2 kun oldin
did they not want to know were you find him ?
Anime Boi
Anime Boi 3 kun oldin
“I’m JuSt tRyInG tO HeLp yOu”
Lyla Howe
Lyla Howe 3 kun oldin
**screaming and running after dog with huge loud bikes** i feel so bad for this puppy! hes SO scared!! :000
Brenna O'Daniel-Munger
If someone abandons a dog, they don’t leave a collar with their information on it. Assholes. A dog was rescued by good people, be happy.
Maxxy The Computer Guy
Me **My name is max** Also me: Hello! What do you want?
True North Strong & Free
really ..... why did they tie him up and leave him there... by himself... easy picking for a predator... one of them should have stayed with the dog as the other went for a truck
robin dewling
robin dewling 6 kun oldin
What kind of butt head lets his dog get there
milk and cookiesTM
milk and cookiesTM 6 kun oldin
*Plotwist:he was abandoned*
sara 19
sara 19 7 kun oldin
Damn...these two are angels. Why cant people like them exist!!
Hector Rojas
Hector Rojas 7 kun oldin
The puppies looks like my dog.
Alfonso Sanchez
Alfonso Sanchez 10 kun oldin
I know him he's vroovroom Dana
Nicola Zagdanska
Nicola Zagdanska 12 kun oldin
Lady: this is the only bottle I have Man: don’t matter at least we saved the dog Restored faith in humanity
Brimmy Burner
Brimmy Burner 12 kun oldin
that girls rather selfish am annoying
DA42PIC 14 kun oldin
"Hi - I found your dog - however if for any reason it's not working out I'm happy to keep him.... " - That's how you make sure he's going to be ok. One way or the other.
Lea-Rose 16 kun oldin
Carol 17 kun oldin
They left him tied up, for what... 45 minutes (they said). Just long enough to be attacked and killed by coyotes. Never leave an animal tied up "in the middle of nowhere" because coyotes are found all across the U.S., even in cities. That little sweetie wouldn't have stood a chance - just leave him be and look for him later, or better still, put him in a bag and take him with you. You're bikies aren't you? or not???
Yume Chan
Yume Chan 19 kun oldin
Sounds like the dog was saying no
Christopher Angeles
Christopher Angeles 21 kun oldin
You guys are so nice and sweet
A. B. Land
A. B. Land 23 kun oldin
The bikers and the dog are precious
Xander Jackson
Xander Jackson 24 kun oldin
Why do they sound like popular mmo and man? Yt
TANIJAH MORGAN 26 kun oldin
TANIJAH MORGAN Hey...........Plz go to my channel these lost pups are very lost and we are trying to find them a home or there back home and this has been going on for the past two days,PLZ HELP THESE POOR DOGS
Chin Cess
Chin Cess 26 kun oldin
Plss continue to help those animals missing and back their family plss their have feelings too
KeRtHe PeReZ
KeRtHe PeReZ 28 kun oldin
His voice ahh so cute puppy!!😂😂
daniel shaw
daniel shaw Oy oldin
What's funny is that he really looks like max from the secret life of pets...
Ameya Kothandaraman
Wow see that takes heart to not cave and keep the dog but to return him. I would probably just stolen the dog and kept him myself ❤️❤️❤️
mary antoinette musni
Vc d. Caan,6o
That's Vroom Vroom Dana
Danetta Coleman
whom ever it was left him on purpose , the kids were probably around when the mom or the male voice on the phone heard the voicemail about finding the dog , hence the kids being very excited and the lady whoever she may be said “all the way out there huh”
sarah gayford
sarah gayford Oy oldin
chenny chen chenny
Deafaulty Boi
Deafaulty Boi Oy oldin
When she said I TOLD YA I’D COME BACK And he cried I also cried
Gachalife 26
Gachalife 26 Oy oldin
This made my day
Hyperboriane Oy oldin
0:01 Thank you Mickey Mouse for saving this dog
flamezez fire.
All dislike are from the cat 🐱
tetsuo Oy oldin
hmm idk the family didn’t seem to excited to see him, maybe they left him out there 🤨
ღAzmalie Stylxღ
I'm assuming that their dog runs away often, so it's most likely annoying. Honestly can relate, I used to have a terrier that ran away all of the time and got lost 😂😂 Some point when people returned her, they were shocked at our reactions because we weren't jumping for joy
guiccigangcloutz 2 oy oldin
bruh it’s 2 am and they really tryna make me cry watching this
Mason King
Mason King 2 oy oldin
Vroom vroom dana
Hayden Rohloff
Hayden Rohloff 2 oy oldin
James Whitehead
James Whitehead 2 oy oldin
They fucking abandoned the poor dog now they didn't have no choice but to accept otherwise they get in trouble! Fucking wanker!! They were not happy and they probably will leave max again somewhere!!!!
I Identify as a Dragon
James Whitehead How did you get all of that?
Jovana Zupan
Jovana Zupan 2 oy oldin
You don't have to blur their face their a famous moto UZvidr VroomVroomDana
pistolen87 2 oy oldin
El puppo del musto!
TWC Saltyy
TWC Saltyy 2 oy oldin
You earned a sub😭 it was so heartbreaking but also cute
The Meme cat
The Meme cat 2 oy oldin
That looks like my dog but my dog died BECAUSE SHE JUST RAN ON THE ROAD and died ;(
Deadrazray 211
Deadrazray 211 2 oy oldin
That's why u put your number at dogs tags