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These two friends had to leave this lost dog in the middle of nowhere while they got their truck to rescue him and tried to find his family - and they had to do it all before dark!
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Special thanks to VroomVroomDana (uzvid.com/u-vroomvroomdana) and A Girl and Her Bike (uzvid.com/u-agirlandherbike) for rescuing this pup and for sharing their story with us!
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deejayxcrypt 10 soat oldin
Our old dog learned that it'll get a snack if it "manages to escape"; he'd always be a 100 meters away behind some corner, peeking... This of course isn't how we saw it, the snack was a way to get it back. Don't remember whose dumb idea that was :)
Amiyugi 12 soat oldin
Terriers are so bad for escaping. My dog escaped a few times in the first year of having him. Although he never walked far, but sat in the driveway waiting for me to get home :)
Chief of Staffy
Chief of Staffy 13 soat oldin
If that had been my dog that couple would have got £10,000 right there and then, no kidding.
O Xy
O Xy 14 soat oldin
I bet they left the dog
dream Kun oldin
I don't think the dog was abandoned. But I just don't think the owners care that much about their dog. They just put up with it I guess. Feed it, let it roam (because they are too lazy to walk it). There are a lot of owners like that unfortunately. If you actually had a strong bond with your dog, you would show much more of an emotional reaction when you are reunited with it. I understand some people do not express emotions well in public but both owners? and the nonchalant voice cannot be faked.
The Spark
The Spark Kun oldin
You don´t abandon a dog with your phone number in it´s collar, terriers are known to run off for no reason other than a certain smell which kidnaps their brain cells, could be a dead animal or any other scent.
Lauren Dewar & Max Dewar
My dogs name is max :)
Luis angel salas callejas gaming
It's true it is heart breaking 😭
Drew Hendley
Drew Hendley 2 kun oldin
We like to think the worst of the owner but it was a happy ending 😇
Aidan Chiranjiv Singh
"youre such a bad dog" mf shut up
royals1231 3 kun oldin
Holy crap there are a lot of tinfoil conspiracy hat people here. So many "what ifs"?
Zodiac•Wolf 3 kun oldin
Patrick Tomes
Patrick Tomes 4 kun oldin
that is my life at its simple form, any girl that i like i build somewhat of a connection with, i get to the closing moments then they bolt. farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075 6 kun oldin
*Such good people!*
Christian Fowler
Christian Fowler 6 kun oldin
Made me smile till my smile got soar
Lol unknown
Lol unknown 6 kun oldin
I cried
RACOON yt 6 kun oldin
good peapol help poor dog ;)
Hazal Gursoy
Hazal Gursoy 7 kun oldin
Hazel Trainer
Hazel Trainer 7 kun oldin
Koala Girl
Koala Girl 8 kun oldin
Okay, the dog wasn't abandoned. People are saying it was tied to a tree. IT WASN'T You could CLEARY see him/her (Max is a unisex name for dogs, I've met a female dog named Max) running IN FRONT of the bikers.
Glyn Parker
Glyn Parker 8 kun oldin
Awsum!! ❤❤❤
Gangster KING
Gangster KING 8 kun oldin
1:25 on all new dr phill xD
Wolfdoge 9 kun oldin
It’s max from secret life a pets
Wolfdoge Kun oldin
Posey  the Cat
Posey the Cat Kun oldin
Wolfdoge my heart stopped when you said that
Nacho 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one that crying so much
Erik Karlson
Erik Karlson 9 kun oldin
It’s vroom vroom dana
Regular Gamer
Regular Gamer 9 kun oldin
*Hey buddy come here i just want to call your parents!!* 😂
Imran 9 kun oldin
red dead redemption in real life
Hristiyan Mirchev
Hristiyan Mirchev 10 kun oldin
why are millenials such pussies honestly? They want to cry all the time in every situation....
Lissiebeth 10 kun oldin
My little Cocoa is a handsome chihuahua with a white heart on his chest. And that boy is a little trip, I tell you! So, I first met Cocoa in my uncle's trailer. My uncle was diagnosed with an illness that made him tired and less energetic. Cocoa was a little rascal, running all over the place, you get the deal. Anyways, my uncle couldn't give him the walks he needed, so he gave him to us. He and my older dog Bubba got along great. Bubba was almost twice the size of Cocoa, but he knew not to be too rough. Also, I just wanna add... I think Cocoa's gay? idk tho So, here's the part where Max reminded me of Cocoa. The first day I got him, I dropped the leash, cause my hands are shaky as heck. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT LITTLE MOFO DID?! He started making me chase him around in circles! I don't think he knew the leash was off, or maybe he just knew he didn't wanna get hit, since it was pretty dark; we had just gotten back from visiting my nana's grave. And this happened MANY~ more times. Literally, once a week, the little Speedy Gonzales would escape through the front or back doors, and we'd chase him for like, half an hour. Eventually, my mom just gave up, but I got attached to my little turd. I also have Anxiety, so sometimes I would cry when he would go missing. He also has a doggo friend he goes to visit that lives up the street from our house. Our neighborhood is a doggo neighborhood, haha. Cocoa almost made me sick, too! My cousin and I were at the park, venting (cause that's what girls do) about our dumb and crazy parents, when Cocoa started goin like, "SIS! LET ME OFF DE LEASH!" AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT LITTLE MOFO DID NEXT?! Okay, so I accidentally put his leash on the collar tag holder thingy, and he was able to bend that thing and yeet himself into the field. Some setting description: There's a park next to our house, close enough to walk there. Behind that park, the "important" part in this story, is a little field. That little field is next to a group of about maybe 5 houses, spread down the side. On the other side of the field is a road. Cocoa ran into the field next to the park, with my cousin and I. We're both gamers that sit on our computers all day... We're unfit. Anyways, we chased him for like, half an our. I didn't stop walking until THE LITTLE RAT CROSSED A FREAKIN CREEK! That creek had like, tons of rocks and shtuff in it. I tried to run across it, then grazed my hands on the rocks. Pretty miserable failure, am I right? Anyways, I was able to corner Cocoa and catch him. After that, I put his leash back on, and we sat on this... bench that was like, 5 inches from the ground. (My cousin and I are both long-legged, so it was uncomfortable.) Anyways, we struggled back into our house to sit down miserably on our couch. I couldn't eat anything after that, probably because I hadn't eaten the entire day and I felt like I was gonna throw up. I'm getting queasy just writing this... or maybe that's just my period, idk. Either way, the whole family still loves Cocoa... BUT BOI CAN HE BE A PAIN IN THE TOOSHIE! Thanks for reading, if you did. Also, ignore my profile pic... this is the profile I use to make gacha videos on.. 😳 Oki bai, have a nice day, and remember to cuddle your doggos... if they like cuddles. Kitties too. If they like cuddles. Cat purring is as adorable as flat-snouted puppos snoring. :3
truMalma 10 kun oldin
Just a trick, if you're trying to get a dog to come to you instead of running away (take your big helmet off first) but instead of running after the dog, try dropping down dead, the dog will most likely run up to you instead of running away. Obviously don't do this if you think there is a chance of the dog going for a bite, but you know what I mean.
Layput 11 kun oldin
Man: "Come here..." Dog: "No, no, no" Man: "Come here..." Dog: "No."
youre an idiot
Dolce Vida
Dolce Vida 2 kun oldin
Layput 😂😂 Girl: come here puppy, I just want to save. You. Dog: ok nice lady, I thirsty dimme wawa 🐶 😂😂😂
Natey boy
Natey boy 11 kun oldin
That's vroom vroom Dana
Bryan Grimoldby
Bryan Grimoldby 11 kun oldin
Nephilim Grigori
Nephilim Grigori 12 kun oldin
1:50 These people are so kind, awesome and hilarious 😃
Nephilim Grigori
Nephilim Grigori 12 kun oldin
0:18 - 0:22 😂😂😂😂Just literally me
CC California
CC California 12 kun oldin
Thank you for saving that dogs life and contacting the owner! God bless you!👍😉
Vxzpe 13 kun oldin
Awww poor thing😩😔❤️💕
CELL SpellZ 13 kun oldin
hey thats vroom vroom dana
key 13 kun oldin
you all said the lady didn’t seem to be happy they gave the dog back but her voice sounds kind of happy and relieved wtf are yall on
s u n f l o w e r
s u n f l o w e r 14 kun oldin
KSP4Kids 15 kun oldin
What does that woman mean, there is no such thing as a bad dog
Arash S
Arash S 16 kun oldin
Well done ❤️❤️❤️
Yo_itz Kayla
Yo_itz Kayla 16 kun oldin
my dogs name is max..
Braelyn Patton
Braelyn Patton 17 kun oldin
I tapped this vid because on the thumbnail max looked just like my dog but I didn’t know that it be so joyful thank you so much for saving that dogs life you don’t know how grateful I am for people like you to help animals and there owners 🙂⭐️🐕🐩
Nisrin Murad
Nisrin Murad 18 kun oldin
This warm my heart up ❤️
Elizabeth Shuyler Hamilton
Can you guys please check on Max? His owner wasn’t exited at all and she knew exactly where he was! 🙄 Sounds like dumped to me, and if so she will dump him further. ☹️
It's not a Phase , Mom!
She sounded relieved to me.
TheWhiteFox9 Cruz
TheWhiteFox9 Cruz 18 kun oldin
Dislikes!? Call the FBI
OMG my dogs name is ax WHAT A COICIDENCE
I think I said the last word wrong 😅
Dre's vlogs
Dre's vlogs 19 kun oldin
Thank you for the people that rescued him!!💞
Dre's vlogs
Dre's vlogs 19 kun oldin
This is my dog. He lives with my grandma. And he excaped. Soo yeah
Harry Fox
Harry Fox 17 kun oldin
Dre's vlogs lie
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 21 kun oldin
we dont deserve dogs
OTAKUGIRL55 21 kun oldin
donotlookonthischannel yee
They aren't that loud. Them chasing them scared it.
EXCALIBUR YT 21 kun oldin
That guy is vroomvroom dana
Eve Grace
Eve Grace 21 kun oldin
If my dog went missing for even a day, I would be crying my eyes out. So the fact that when these people spent nearly their full day getting her dog back when she couldn’t be bothered to even look all she said was *oh you’re a bad dog, thanks for finding him* I was triggered, I would have hugged those people so tightly.
It's not a Phase , Mom!
Our neighbor's dog got out almost every week, you kind of just get use to it over time
Lisa Otto
Lisa Otto 22 kun oldin
Lol his name is max and he look like max for secret life of pets
stefan vercammen
stefan vercammen 23 kun oldin
i thought they would give them money -__-
ZER0 SKI11 25 kun oldin
Yo that’s vroom vroom dana
Elim Kwok
Elim Kwok 25 kun oldin
*WhY aRe YoU rUnNiNg?!?*
Jonah Dale
Jonah Dale 26 kun oldin
Keep loving pets
StanleyDatGamer 26 kun oldin
I believe that was that dog that was going him I believe he new his way
kirbyeternalove 2006
Awwwwwww... is that a rough/broken coat jack russel? I also have one ^^
lolbob999999 Plus 1
lolbob999999 Plus 1 27 kun oldin
Everyone gangster till they start crying.
W I L D W E S T 27 kun oldin
Bikers are good but in this video i heard some voice cracks 😂
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 28 kun oldin
Geordi Kinnane
Geordi Kinnane 28 kun oldin
When he met his owner his tail looked like it had a seizure
Catly Madness
Catly Madness 28 kun oldin
Secret life of pets max :ap
Jose Guerrero
Jose Guerrero 29 kun oldin
Much cute,very aww
Fortnite Mobile Moments
Wait why did the mom said he's such a bad dog wow rude
It's not a Phase , Mom!
It's called baby talk. She doesn't mean it. My mom called our dog a idiot all the time but she said it in a sweet voice XD She loved our dog
Dre's vlogs
Dre's vlogs 19 kun oldin
Thats not the mommmm
Madelina_chan YT
In my culture.. its really sad theres homeless dogs on the streets and my dad owned this barn over there and we found a dog who was tied up in there. My sister went over the fence and gave him water he gained our trust a bit we untied him and we prays that he escaped. I hope he escaped :D
Hrabě Pičula
This dog looks like mine dog :D
pancho torres
pancho torres Oy oldin
Theres a special place in heaven for these guys
w d y m?
w d y m? Oy oldin
:'( God bless this beautiful baby angel and all the animals too in the whole entire world 🐶❤🙏💪👌
Jev Oy oldin
I would have kept the dog lol
It's not a Phase , Mom!
+Jev For you, not the dog
Jev 8 kun oldin
+It's not a Phase , Mom! Yeah but like, its worth it.
It's not a Phase , Mom!
That's literally stealing XD
Synth Oy oldin
God B;ess
F. Teixeira
F. Teixeira Oy oldin
There was this time i was trying to catch a dog that was what appeared to running away from his owner...because the owner was vigilant when i caught the dog he was "you can keep it" i was like: wtf??? i think the guy was legitimaly trying to scare the dog away. these kind of people exist.
Jz Mr Vls
Jz Mr Vls Oy oldin
Whats the breed of the dog? Cause i had a dog that was given to us just like that and we dont know its breed
Michelle Pearson
I have whached this vid
Michelle Pearson
I am subscribed to vroom vroom dana
Priixes Oy oldin
Middle of nowhere strikes my heart 💔
Your Android Connor
Oof the amount of idiots saying the woman abandoned her dog is overwhelming...
yarn crafter
yarn crafter Oy oldin
yeah way out there with the idiot owners its just going to happen again ussless
yarn crafter
yarn crafter Oy oldin
The owners don't deserve the dog don't give him back to idiot owners that let this happen in the first place
It's not a Phase , Mom!
Some dogs just run away a lot, it doesn't mean the owners are bad people.
You sound like the type of person to leave the gate open
Jukebox67 Oy oldin
If anyone’s wondering what breed that is it is a jack russel terrier
James Ryan
James Ryan Oy oldin
Poor puppy
Funny dumb Kids
See good people are in this world
Jesse Dragneel
Yooo vroom vroom dana
Chezzy. B
Chezzy. B Oy oldin
The puppy was running cuz u had a loud motorcycle screaming come here puppy 😂😂🤣😂 at least the dog is ok
Dre's vlogs
Dre's vlogs 19 kun oldin
He lives on a farm! And this is my grandmas dog!
LuidGXY9_YT Oy oldin
What if he abuses the dog ;(
Lew Scagnetti
Lew Scagnetti Oy oldin
Great Guy ! The Owner should have given you a pile of cash for that good deed !! Bad Dog & Thanks ?? Kinda Weird !
Ca5ual YT
Ca5ual YT Oy oldin
Alex SAGAR Oy oldin
Vroom vroom Dana
0:00 Biker:Come here Dog:NO NO NO Biker:Come here Dog:Bye
Lily Natvig
Lily Natvig Oy oldin
"I juUST WAnNA helPp yOuUuU"
also idiot
Mia Jemima
Mia Jemima 6 kun oldin
That guy should be a meme lmao
Emily Ann
Emily Ann Oy oldin
Kudos to these people!
Anime_slayer Oy oldin
Plot twist: he was abandoned and bout to be again
Sasha Machula
Sasha Machula Oy oldin
What if...... she left him there on purpose. Maybe she was to dumb to take off the collar before abandoning him. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't trust nobody.
InternetLapras :3
rico alinsod
rico alinsod Oy oldin
It is so sad because the mom of the the is no reaction
that_retro_ vibe
That dog was abandoned for sure
Jan jansen
Jan jansen Oy oldin
Thats the first thing i was thinking. Especially when i saw the mild reaction of the owner.
dude i think that was Vroom vroom dana
Annabeth Jackson
Almost gained his trust
Goodbye Drogo...I SHAVED!
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