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Bill Belichick Mic'd Up vs. Packers "Do you have an extra sharpie?" | NFL Films

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New England Head Coach, Bill Belichick, mic'd up vs. the Packers in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season.
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8-Noy, 2018

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RS Aristo
RS Aristo 15 soat oldin
Bill wants to have Rodgers as his QB and Rodgers wants Bill to coach him on the high key
King Tran
King Tran 16 soat oldin
Did Bill just confirm Rodgers is the best?
THE MAYOR Kun oldin
Brady Rourke
Brady Rourke Kun oldin
What’s the song when he asks for a sharpie
alfandeddie Kun oldin
Didn’t recognize him without the cut off sweatshirt
god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP
jason garrett is a BUM
Alexia Is On Fire
Come on fellas! Lol
imacop33 Kun oldin
I love when Bill goes absolutely bananas after each TD they score! 🤣
Bill Paul
Bill Paul 2 kun oldin
Come on, fellas!! LOL
Pittsburgh Rules
Pittsburgh Rules 2 kun oldin
3:42 looks like tomlin
Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings 2 kun oldin
After watching this ....my whole opinion has changed about him. That's how you win. And this is a Steeler fan saying this.
Spiderman 2 kun oldin
Just another day at the office.
Joseph  Chick
Joseph Chick 2 kun oldin
Each handshake has 100 dollar bill being handed to them
Phil Historia
Phil Historia 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for the cameraman who just sits there and records him all day. Like watching paint dry
scott5609 2 kun oldin
Biggest cheater in the game
Peter Kay
Peter Kay 2 kun oldin
Don't be sad Scotty. Some day your team will beat the Patriots. Probably not this year though.
Micah Taylor
Micah Taylor 2 kun oldin
Simon, you got a pen?
Brian Meyer
Brian Meyer 2 kun oldin
Every game that the Patriots win is rigged!!!
steven flagg
steven flagg 2 kun oldin
As a Dolphins fan maybe Adam Gase should watch and take lessons
Gusson Ellechel
Gusson Ellechel 2 kun oldin
McCarthy gets fired and Belichick moves on from the Patriots and takes over. Maybe 3 rings for Rodgers??????
Peter Kay
Peter Kay 2 kun oldin
Nah - Rodgers would keep choking like he usually does
mateo martinez
mateo martinez 2 kun oldin
You got a extra sharpie??
Billy Bender
Billy Bender 2 kun oldin
His poor wife......”I’m pregnant Bill”...........Chirp! chirp! chirp!
hx crain
hx crain 2 kun oldin
There’s absolutely no other Coach in the NFL even close to this. Even this small snippet shows that. The true GOAT.
CN 2 kun oldin
This is a good coach right here, might even be as good as Bill up in New England.
EL6008 2 kun oldin
Ok listen. I'm a Seahawks fan. But 2 things: (1) the way bill looks at the rest of the field during a TD is great. He is watching the other players to see flaws. (2) those refs being professional and working with coaches is good for football
Troy thompson
Troy thompson 2 kun oldin
Wait did he just say a rods the best 🤔🤔hmmm lol
Ramzy Ziyadeh
Ramzy Ziyadeh 2 kun oldin
Bill is awfully friendly with the refs..
Brayden Bastian
Brayden Bastian 2 kun oldin
I wish Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers played against each other every year
motorman1017 2 kun oldin
win if u can lose if u must but always cheat
Anthony H
Anthony H 2 kun oldin
the reason tom brady isnt alex smith BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
BrettTKB 2 kun oldin
Sharpie needs to do a marketing campaign based on “do you have an extra sharpie?”
Zaphod Traveler
Zaphod Traveler 2 kun oldin
I wish Jason Garrett would talk to his players and fire them up ..what a fool my head coach is not taking note..
E Rob
E Rob 2 kun oldin
Now it's a little harder to not like him. Never thought I would say that.
WallStWarrior11 3 kun oldin
He is a lot nicer on the field than I thought he would be.
Michael Morelli
Michael Morelli 3 kun oldin
Down the sideline, touchdown Patriots...Belicheck hands in pockets Up the middle, touchdown Patriots...Belicheck hands in pockets Bomb goes off in end zone, 1000 fans killed...Belicheck hands in pockets.
Ian Maguire
Ian Maguire 3 kun oldin
gotta admit, i like the guy a bit more after watching this. and i'm a silly little giants fan!
Scott Ineman
Scott Ineman 3 kun oldin
And the Browns let this guy go, the beginning of the end for us in Cleveland.
Will Hopson
Will Hopson 3 kun oldin
I hate New England but I love bilichick! He cracks me up
Majeed Awawdeh
Majeed Awawdeh 3 kun oldin
Tom Brady’s lying ass😂😂😂 that pass was to Julian Edelman it was just overthrown
Peter Kay
Peter Kay 2 kun oldin
You dumb son
Veggie Burgah
Veggie Burgah 3 kun oldin
Belichick vs Popovich in a staring contest. Who would win? Hmmmm.
SuburbanProperty 3 kun oldin
"That was to josh." I almost don't believe him lol
Garrett Capman
Garrett Capman 3 kun oldin
Rodgers to Pats? Lol
kangaroo Court
kangaroo Court 3 kun oldin
Why did you guys insert " That's Hard " @ 3:45 , come on guys stop with the fake stuff please.
P- Star7
P- Star7 4 kun oldin
He loves the smell of a fresh Sharpie
BNSIC Digidelivery
BNSIC Digidelivery 4 kun oldin
1:59 When the headset comes off...
John Dezes
John Dezes 4 kun oldin
MattyYouthGoon 4 kun oldin
Referee: "Ok, well, we'll work with you..." Triggers all "Deflate-gaters"
Max Olsen
Max Olsen 4 kun oldin
You can see why the Patriots seem to get all the calls, Bill is on the refs tail the entire game, pressuring them to question themselves. Bill knows what he is doing and he does it very well.
Armstrong Jr
Armstrong Jr 4 kun oldin
He is still a jack ass.
Swagdawg333 Suh
Swagdawg333 Suh 4 kun oldin
joe smith
joe smith 5 kun oldin
thats right bill buddy buddy with refs thanks too them and the booth u where in super bowl vs eagles
Alejandro Rodriguez
He said the same thing when they lost the bowl
S M 5 kun oldin
I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers going to be a patriot Quarterback someday
Joseph Hyde
Joseph Hyde 5 kun oldin
I like this as a football fan. It shows just what goes on during the game. Bill got too excited during those touchdowns. Needs to chill a bit
Jack Messmore
Jack Messmore 5 kun oldin
Out of all the quotes, “Do you have an extra sharpie?” is what the NFL choose to name this video...
macdonaldsadler 5 kun oldin
anyone notice the lack of celebration when tom brady threw for td's? also a slight dig when he threw to two recievers! tension me thinks.
Super NinjaX1
Super NinjaX1 5 kun oldin
I mean seriously where are all the memes for Bill. This man is Gold.
Holy shit, it's a talking muffin
The Dude is in his zone. His element. What a legend!
TheAireaidLord 5 kun oldin
lmao the Timber song going on while Belichick flips out over the timeout thing I was in tears
Gabby Griggs
Gabby Griggs 5 kun oldin
Bill just looks like he got high blood pressure
LordofDublin4 5 kun oldin
N.Y. GIANTS fan since Allie Sherman. Without a doubt Belichick is the best ever. And when he was the Defensive Coordinator for the GIANTS he was brilliant. And the tandem of Parcells and Belichick was the best ever too !
Jay 5 kun oldin
You're the best. No, you're the best. No, you're!!!
Kenny G Choonit
Kenny G Choonit 6 kun oldin
Bill Belichick been coaching for 20 years and he still on it like the first year he's coaching
J J 6 kun oldin
What was the Sharpie for?
Brian Brandfas
Brian Brandfas 6 kun oldin
Man I hate to give the man credit but what I take away from this is that he loves to teach. The head coach of my team can't seem to figure out how the headset works and so I'm not very confident in his ability to teach anyone anything.
Arctic Conquest
Arctic Conquest 6 kun oldin
Is this their real voice?
CZECH MATE 6 kun oldin
I HATE THE CHEATRIOTS(But ALWAYS respect them). Bellychic's style reminds me of Chuck Knoll's.
bluedollars 6 kun oldin
Notice how he only coaches D stuff...leave the rest to TB12 😂
Tubian 6 kun oldin
Even belicheck knows Rodgers is the goat...and why the refs flirting with him🧐
Ken Steely
Ken Steely 6 kun oldin
3:58 no you are no... you are NO , TOM BRADY IS
kanji santos
kanji santos 6 kun oldin
Bill Belichick has the same coaching emotions as Doc Rivers
Life Goeson
Life Goeson 6 kun oldin
God damn he is in those Referees head bad. They won't even look him in his eyes.
Life Goeson
Life Goeson 6 kun oldin
Every time he said what down it is and how many yards, it sounds like he's questioning it like he wasn't even paying attention.
Life Goeson
Life Goeson 6 kun oldin
"So it's 3rd and 1 now?"
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 6 kun oldin
Best mic'd up troll ever
Jared Hawkins
Jared Hawkins 6 kun oldin
“We’ll work together”
Bill Phan
Bill Phan 6 kun oldin
Please turn this into a bad lip reading.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 6 kun oldin
I've never heard Belichick's voice before... not what I expected.
LUISTARWIND 6 kun oldin
Truly an American Patriot !! wow amazing stuff watching this guy !!! bill is truly a natural born leader . everyone should watch, listen and learn how to become a true leader not only on the pitch but in every facet of life ....I learned a few things in just 4minutes..
Klarke Trezise
Klarke Trezise 6 kun oldin
Aaron is trying to get Bill to bring him in after Tom. I wouldn't complain!
davi c
davi c 7 kun oldin
Yo what’s the name of the song at 3:30
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez 7 kun oldin
Yo Bill was spicy
Casey Minshew
Casey Minshew 7 kun oldin
How Bill talks to the Refs is how y’all college kids need to give it to your professors when they get out of line.
Tommy Ribs
Tommy Ribs 7 kun oldin
Just a flat out awesome coach. Can't believe the Giants ever let him out of the building.
Matt Stanicky
Matt Stanicky 7 kun oldin
Easy coach, dont get too excited about those TDs. Seriously though, that man has some vulcan-esqe control.....except for when opposing offenses don't get set apparently haha
Hey it’s Alex
Hey it’s Alex 7 kun oldin
1. Sub 2. Like 3.Comment done 4. I’ll do the same!😁
Jarvis Moore
Jarvis Moore 7 kun oldin
He been around Tom so long they sound Alike
DJ JDB 7 kun oldin
The camera angle clearly shows that Tom floated the ball to JG. Jules would have to be 7' tall to have caught that! lol. Maybe Coach Belichick didn't see from his position on the sideline.
rivera2030 7 kun oldin
Bill going around commending his players and asking them to make adjustments is clearly cheating. He should be fined and forfeit the win.
no one celebrates a patriots touchdown better than Bill.man that guy shows a lot of emotion
Rich Evans
Rich Evans 7 kun oldin
Imagine the feeling those Defensive Linemen got when BELICHICK is praising you!
Philemon 7 kun oldin
4 minutes go by like 14 seconds watching coach Belichick. Whats with that?
ChiTown HB
ChiTown HB 7 kun oldin
Bill's reactions to all the TDs and exciting plays are hilarious. He must be bored at this point....
Joe ConnectALL
Joe ConnectALL 7 kun oldin
I guess they edited out all of Bill's touchdown celebrations... you know- the one's where he High5s the cheerleaders and does the moonwalk.
Frankie Perez
Frankie Perez 7 kun oldin
Man I'm a die hard 49ers fan but I love this guy and Tom brady
K Mula
K Mula 7 kun oldin
Rodgers - "You're the best". Belichick - "No you are". RESPECT 💯
K Mula
K Mula 7 kun oldin
He simplifies the game so well, BB's truly the 🐐
vegnoekss 7 kun oldin
If you muted the TD announcements, by Bill's reaction you wouldn't know they even scored.
Donald D
Donald D 7 kun oldin
“You’re the best”... Mike McCarthy is watching this video and crying 😭
Đức Bùi
Đức Bùi 7 kun oldin
I thought Bill was close to having a heart attack whenever the Patriots, scored TDs, sack Roger's, recovered the fumble. This guy is so out of control!
sleepy zzz
sleepy zzz 7 kun oldin
I don't get it.🤔