Bill Burr Blames Candy Stores For Making Everyone Sensitive

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'F Is for Family' co-creator and star Bill Burr believes there's a correlation between increased public offendedness and hyper-specific candy stores.
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17-Iyn, 2017



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prem swaroop
prem swaroop 12 soat oldin
Why is Bill burr talking to a wall?? Colbert didn't talk much in this interview.
Lori Wise
Lori Wise 14 soat oldin
Bill don't go on his show not worth it...
Lori Wise
Lori Wise 14 soat oldin
This talk show host is boring..as fuck.
PyroManiac1245 Kun oldin
Haven't watched the video since it was first uploaded, but man these commenters. I would definitely love Bill Burr's take on these people being outraged for him.
David Kun oldin
Conan > Colbert. Hes a joke.
Potere Ombra
Potere Ombra Kun oldin
As much as i like Colbert this audience is too soft...and Colbert was just not engaging like he usually does
Josh W
Josh W Kun oldin
Now I can see why Colbert is getting killed in the ratings! What happened? You killed at Comedy Central. Sorry, you just don't have that sense of humor like the old days.
Don 2 kun oldin
have never seen this host before _ didn't miss anything, he sucks!
Master Debater
Master Debater 3 kun oldin
Not surprised the interview would turn out to be a bomb before even watching the video. Colbert can only handle certain types of guests; extremely non politically correct folks like Bill would never fare well on his show
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel 3 kun oldin
Oh, Steve....great monologues, great political satire....terrible interviewer. It's like he doesn't understand that a comedian needs the host to play the straight man in the bits. He's just moving on awkwardly to the next thing on the cards like he always does.
Froli Lapume
Froli Lapume 3 kun oldin
This is painful to watch. Go watch his interview with Jim Jefferies, it's actually good.
MikeWesten01 3 kun oldin
Thanks for having me I had a good time - Bill Burr lying and not very good at it. Colbert just a dead fish really
Vijay Sahni
Vijay Sahni 4 kun oldin
colbert is a liberal puppet
Abraham Issac
Abraham Issac 4 kun oldin
Steven wtf is wrong with you? Are you an airhead?? Even people with opposite ideologies from Bill’s POV get it, but you don’t!.
Treblecyde 4 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert is such a faggot.
Marc Touss
Marc Touss 5 kun oldin
bill.. dont go on this show anymore.. colbert is the fucking worst...
Collom 6 kun oldin
6:16 what an asshole
Hiphopanonymous 6 kun oldin
I can't believe I got tricked into liking Colbert when I was in high school. I mean I was dumb, don't get me wrong, but daaaaaammmnnnn this dude SUCKS. He's talented but traded in his humor for the seal of approval from his idiot audience.
docmontecristo 7 kun oldin
I love Bill but I can't finish watching the segment. Colbert in making me feel uncomfortable. He is a sanctimonious creep........
Angelofmusic Wonder
This is where Colbert says...” it’s not you it’s me!” That would be the stone cold truth.
little james
little james 8 kun oldin
the late show with a potato stephen colbert is a fucking loser whoever watches this guy has no sense of humor
Hrithik Ravi
Hrithik Ravi 8 kun oldin
I swear Conan is the only proper host for Bill
Grigorij Saakaszwili
This Colbert guy is a disaster...
Murphy Ouk
Murphy Ouk 9 kun oldin
I love Colbert but he really be treating Bill like he ain’t shit smh
1ledluverjlp 9 kun oldin
It seems when Colbert interviews other comedians he becomes robotic.
Jose Prado
Jose Prado 10 kun oldin
Horrible host. Making everything uncomfortable, what a dickbag
Nina Stafford
Nina Stafford 10 kun oldin
I Feel Like He's Doing A Really Bad Job In This Interview. He Doesn't Seem To React The Way He Should.? He's Being Awkward
A B 11 kun oldin
Kinda felt sorry for Colbert around the father talk... it took him back to the years without his own father... people think he's being obnoxious but it's actually pain he's hiding through disregarding Bill...
MrRambee 11 kun oldin
holy fuck that was a bad interview..jesus
Mitchell Asido
Mitchell Asido 11 kun oldin
Damn stephen didnt get enough sleep or something?
daniel klimek
daniel klimek 12 kun oldin
This was painful to watch
Charlie Bourgeois
Charlie Bourgeois 12 kun oldin
Colbert is sharp and a good interviewer, but hes' not programmed for this. They don't have a good rapport. Leave Burr for Conan.
xIFlood 11 kun oldin
I thought there was hair on my screen
Noel Callahan
Noel Callahan 12 kun oldin
So why is the word Jesus Christ gets muted????? WTF
Aaron David
Aaron David 12 kun oldin
Colbert is useless as entertainment anymore since his network overlords told him his job is to bash Trump all night ever night now!
Will Evans
Will Evans 13 kun oldin
Lol I don't get why everyone all upset about this interview. I was in the crowd, and we all (from what I could tell) loved Bill Burr, no one was offended by him lmao, and if anyone was, it was definitely a small portion of the crowd.
Ruok 8 kun oldin
Will Evans Stephen is clearly offended in some way. He’s terrible
Butt hole
Butt hole 13 kun oldin
Derek Harris
Derek Harris 13 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice Colbert cringing his teeth as he walked bill onto stage? 😂
TJ Mat
TJ Mat 15 kun oldin
For someone that makes political jokes for a living... STEPHEN IS A FAAAAAAAAG! Never realised he gets so uncomfortable.
John Luu
John Luu 16 kun oldin
tbf, all girls nowadays are dressed like John Goodman on Roseanne
SIDHARTH PUNIA 17 kun oldin
His bits were very funny on Conan. Stephen is a bad host for him.
MushroomKingDom722 17 kun oldin
12K male and female lesbians LMFAO 😂😂😂
robert rossi
robert rossi 17 kun oldin
Colbert is fake garbage
Jesse Olson
Jesse Olson 17 kun oldin
These people suck! Burr is spot on
manbolo2 18 kun oldin
yeah, like people say, this is boring, this colbert guy isnt appreciating any of bill burrs jokes, making a boring vibe, sigh
Gusti Norsatyo Malik
Colbert can't interview people well, it feels disconnected.
roywhiteo5 19 kun oldin
that was a shit crowd
semjaavria 21 kun oldin
Stephen seems like weirdly disgusted by him as a person. Why have him on your show then?
Aberknackle 21 kun oldin
7:09 minutes of Bill Burr stressing Stephen Colbert out
Ena Vuckovic
Ena Vuckovic 23 kun oldin
pussy generation, to damn sensitive
Jason Wydra
Jason Wydra 23 kun oldin
jesus, bill burr is a gigantic piece of shit...
Car Problems
Car Problems 23 kun oldin
You can tell Colbert wishes he was a real news source.
Car Problems
Car Problems 23 kun oldin
Colbert is a lesbian transgender freak
djazzygethro 23 kun oldin
I like all the people jumping on the bandwagon as if they know bill burr. Bill burr wouldn’t side with all you triggered snowflakes who think you know him. Colbert and burr are different kinds of people, Colbert was a nerd growing up who played dungeons and dragons and Bill was the opposite, he was into sports and probably beating up nerds. People reading so hard into this interview which was 7 mins. Colbert is a legend and so is Burr, and all the haters on this comment section aren’t gonna influence how they get along or treat each other. Neither one of them need your approval on how to think or interview each other.
nexicidious 24 kun oldin
Burr bombed big time in this interview. This is the wrong audience for him. His hummor only works when he's in front of a crowd full of trolls. He's the king of cucks.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 24 kun oldin
Colbert does not know what to do with Burr.
Julian2Sounds 25 kun oldin
Jesus Christ was silenced? JESUS CHRIST!
Zaappp !!!
Zaappp !!! 26 kun oldin
As liberal as Conan is, he at least knows what funny is and laughs accordingly. Colbert and his audiences are just a bunch of self-righteous douchebags.
Robots On Fire
Robots On Fire 26 kun oldin
Love Bill Burr. Come on Colbert
Ashraf Shelmani
Ashraf Shelmani 26 kun oldin
I have to say, Conan is the best host than can bring the best of Bill Burr.
HowUSpelLUM FC 27 kun oldin
i hope the dislikes are towards Colbert cos bill is brilliant
The Velo In The Vale
Colbert stinks ... what a dull cuck.
Ernani Savaris
Ernani Savaris 28 kun oldin
The only one with the balls to handle an interview with Bill Burr is Conan. This stephen guy is a pussy.
annoloki 28 kun oldin
Haha that was edited so badly, made it look proper awkward!
SJ Sherlock
SJ Sherlock 28 kun oldin
Colbert.....Such a commie.
DeViLso 28 kun oldin
I don’t blame Colbert I blame cbs
Miguel de la vega
Miguel de la vega 28 kun oldin
disliked NOT cause of Bill Burr, but cause of Colbert's SJW response to Burr's lesbian joke and total disinterest and maybe even annoyance of him throughout the segment. in the end it sounded like he rushed to show the clip of what Burr was plugging and end Burr's segment just to get rid of him. if the guest is not bashing right wing politicians, Colbert has no interest in them
ya colbert did a crappy, stone faced, only saying what he reads interview with one of the best comics in existence. lucky for him, bill burr is hilarious every time he does an interview. otherwise this would be unwatchable. replace steve colbert with bill burr lol
Hamza Ghumman
Hamza Ghumman 28 kun oldin
lol he looks like ron howard with a beard
TheWaynebarry 29 kun oldin
the crowd sucked balls
mr.munger 29 kun oldin
Can't decide if I should like this video because of Bill Burr being his usual awesome self, or dislike it for Steven Colbert being awful. Man...what happened to Colbert? Politics aside, he was funny back on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, now cuck is the only word I can think of to describe him.
Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson 29 kun oldin
What a self-righteous, sanctimonious fuck. Seriously, zero class. His little wave of the hand and the look of indignation on his face. And his pussy audience, faking outrage in a social war they are losing. This is why liberals are losing their minds. They can't understand that this is why main stream America is getting sick of their bull shit. Pc culture will be the death of the Democratic Party.
Sheila Daly
Sheila Daly Oy oldin
Colbert is the WORST host EVER! No personality...does he even prepare?
Sheila Daly
Sheila Daly Oy oldin
If I was dictator , those people would be eliminated. hilarious
Khan Phantom
Khan Phantom Oy oldin
Burr O’Brien 2020
Drum Ape
Drum Ape Oy oldin
Is it me, or Colbert is not funny anymore?
Jax McCleanN
Jax McCleanN Oy oldin
Only disliked because Colbert was a cunt. Bill was historical as usual.
TSU SMURF Oy oldin
You guys are overthinking this interview wayyyyyyy too much
Athul Mithran
Athul Mithran Oy oldin
Wow.... this must be Colbert's most disliked video. Billy ftw 🤣🤣
Cap'n Crunch
Cap'n Crunch Oy oldin
Just because you are offended that people are offended by you doesn't mean they are right or wrong, just like you are not wrong or right, just different.Just that people have different perspectives. It's America, diverse thought and perspectives are commonplace.
Scott Harrington
Colbert bombed on this one ... Burr prob couldn’t wait to get off that set
Connor Hennen
Connor Hennen Oy oldin
Jesus just take a joke. Not a Trump joke. A real joke
Jørn Thomas Dufey
I used to like Colbert. Now, not so much.
DTC Jimmy
DTC Jimmy Oy oldin
Jim Jefferies and Conan did great interviews with him but Colbert, yawn. It's rude to accuse someone of looking miserable/angry and to do that to your guest straight away, yeah bad host. Doesn't do his research as he had to ask bill about his show being on Netflix or not and it's all written down which gives the impression that he doesn't watch Bills stuff and isn't interested
Libelldrian Oy oldin
Libtards. :v
emberock z
emberock z Oy oldin
That fact that only conan can handle this dude and fools like colbert sound like amateurs show the level that conan is at.
kurblaNS Oy oldin
lol I don't think Bill will come back any time soon
aman yadav
aman yadav Oy oldin
like both of them but not together
Not one comment about how they censored Jesus Christ? Lol
Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan Oy oldin
I wish Bill Burr was my uncle.
LDMc Oy oldin
stephen colbert is a liberal cuck and i can safely assume his audience is too, Bill Burr is too real for them
No Mans Sky Pilot
GOD I HATE colbert but BURR is the BEST
Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis Oy oldin
Colbert is an embarrassment to late show hosts everywhere. He's walking on egg-shells at every turn and takes the fun out of the air. I guess when he's not doing terrible Trump impressions and bashing conservatives, he's out of his comfort zone.
Jeff Potter
Jeff Potter Oy oldin
This host sucks. He hung Bill out to dry. Added nothing. Fizzy nuts needs to stick to Conan
Gunner2kee Oy oldin
He looked like a ginger Pitbull when he first came out.
Belly Nurse
Belly Nurse Oy oldin
What the effing eff is wrong with Colbert on this show - he’s clearly not interested and standoffish
Oh my god Colbert is the ultimate cuck he couldn't even interview a box of tissues unless of course that box of tissues loved Hillary Clinton and trannies.
N V Oy oldin
"She's the foreman!" Eat dicks
Gary phe
Gary phe Oy oldin
I thought colbert handled that interview like a prick.bill burr is funny as hell and he deserves more respect.screw you colbert
siva s
siva s Oy oldin
This legend is simply too much for a TV interview..... you can clearly see it. Bill is snuffin all the profanity the best he can and its like he is in Abu Ghraib or somethin.... and Stephen although a great host, comic and intelligent guy somehow could not level up to the legend !
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