Bill Burr Blames Candy Stores For Making Everyone Sensitive

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'F Is for Family' co-creator and star Bill Burr believes there's a correlation between increased public offendedness and hyper-specific candy stores.
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17-Iyn, 2017

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trippplefive 6 soat oldin
Colbert's audience is all Hillary supporters now. What were people expecting? Colbert was great on comedy central. He is just a shell now.
Frank Rovers
Frank Rovers 20 soat oldin
Didn't finish this, love Bill Burr but this was to painful to watch.
Brian Q
Brian Q Kun oldin
Its not Colbert´s fault. Burr is already out of touch. He can´t hold a conversation without trying to humiliate women somehow. It was funny at first but now its a bit sad.
Wall Chicken
Wall Chicken Kun oldin
All I see is conan sheep in the comments, thinking this interview is gonna be a disaster...then I watch it and wow...you guys are delusional as fuck. You just make this shit up as you go?
Derek Singkofer
Derek Singkofer Kun oldin
I had to cut this video short & go watch Bill Burr on Conan, wow what a difference. Team Coco!
Adam Grizzly
Adam Grizzly Kun oldin
The sooner Bill Burr realizes he's not a liberal, the sooner he will be happy. The liberal crowd does not enjoy him or appreciate him.
David Lee
David Lee Kun oldin
Watch Bill Burr on Conan, then on Colbert. One finds him hilarious, and one doesn't. Guess which arrogant host doesn't? Yes, Colbert.
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 2 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert is dulling Bills shine. I want Conan or someone that’s down to earth with a sense of humor to vibe with bills brand of genius.
Daniel Cropp
Daniel Cropp 2 kun oldin
That was gloriously awkward. Both men know they're not really selling the same thing, but there is some overlap. Kind of.
Adam Curtis
Adam Curtis 3 kun oldin
Weak as piss silent crowd. Yet everyone is thinking the same.
TheSAJ419 3 kun oldin
Colbert's crowd full of liberal cucks.
Pumpkin Face
Pumpkin Face 3 kun oldin
Jesus christ cant even get Colberts overly PC ass to even crack a smile!!
Sheesh 316
Sheesh 316 4 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert on The Corbett Report was funny as fuck , Stephen Colbert as Stephen Colbert kind of sucks! Stephen is a sharp guy but could do nothing with Bill Burr and that's on him. If a host can not play of a off a guest especially one of the top comedians than what the fuck!
TheKb117 4 kun oldin
Colbert was good on The Colbert Report, maybe he should have stayed there. Ruined The Late Show, imho. Is there a way to make Letterman immortal to host again? hahahah
Connor Phebus
Connor Phebus 4 kun oldin
Its like all Colbert can do is Trump jokes.
Jody Ilgenfritz
Jody Ilgenfritz 5 kun oldin
Wow.... lame interviewing skills. Burr is the man!!
Erich Mutchler
Erich Mutchler 5 kun oldin
Colbert is an idiot. I hope Bill never goes back on that shoe.
Robert RamJam
Robert RamJam 5 kun oldin
Colbert attitude turned piss poor towards the end. How come?
Felix Cbtbt
Felix Cbtbt 5 kun oldin
Colbert wasted bill burrs talent
smooth collision
smooth collision 6 kun oldin
Colbert used to be more in your face to Guests in his old show.There were so many times he would get that would sort of push buttons like Burr still does...but maybe he's gotten tired of being that way all the time, Is beeing more like himself.... calm and chill...... Although.. I do feel bad for Burr, because everyone does get "I deserve the beating!" lol. He still wants people to fly off the handle or laugh, lol. Is what is normal for him. I love his Show.... is great.
Frepa Gioerne
Frepa Gioerne 6 kun oldin
Yea...we see this year again: Burr is a COMEDIAN. Colbert, on the other hand is...a LIBERAL LAWYER. Enough said.
w w
w w 6 kun oldin
Boo colbert. His job is to make his guest look good. He failed.
Charles Comstock
Charles Comstock 6 kun oldin
we are products of our culture so Burr is a product of the place and time he grew up in. It will be fascinating to watch comedy change as the younger generations bring the perceptions and manners they have been raised with to the stage. I think funny will always find a way but ‘edgy’ and uncomfortably blunt observational comedy that offers some ulterior motivations behind our actions may diminish. Bill has a way of calling us out with our bullshit and some folks get upset at getting outed for not being the angels they want us to believe they are. We’re all monkeys and Burr says it, he doesn’t endorse it, he just says it.
arthur taylor
arthur taylor 6 kun oldin
Bill should do a standup routine on this pickle smoocher.
icookyorice1 7 kun oldin
Colbert is a leftist media shill
spychecker 7 kun oldin
this was painful to watch
Zaroff's Trophy Room
Glad i can read so many experts on comedy and the dynamics of 7 minute tv plugs here.
Game-Freak67 8 kun oldin
Colbert is more politically motivated than he is comedy motivated. His show (and the other late-night clones) have become partisan echo-chambers. It's preachy, repetitive, and devoid of entertainment. And no, I don't like Trump nor am I a Republican.
Jack Belden
Jack Belden 8 kun oldin
Fuck Stephen Colbert, Conan is the only one that can run with burr
Sadik Hammad
Sadik Hammad 8 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert effing boring to watch. Bill is talking and Stephen doesn't acknowledge anything. Just changes the subject.
Blazebonnie Maizey
Blazebonnie Maizey 9 kun oldin
Bill your a legand steve your a wanker.
CTMB Emotionless
CTMB Emotionless 9 kun oldin
I was laughing at everything Bill said but Colbert killed my mood every time, I’m so glad I scrolled to the comments to make sure I wasn’t the only one getting that vibe 😂
Will Riehl
Will Riehl 10 kun oldin
“We should probably show the clip” ew
MrRatherino 10 kun oldin
wiped the floor w/Colbert..whom I have never watched before...no surprise/
300 blAKout
300 blAKout 10 kun oldin
Colbert should either retire or go back to acting like a fake conservative like he did on the colbert report, him being himself just shows how unlikable he is
Bear Jew
Bear Jew 10 kun oldin
Colberts a bitch I serious know nobody who isn't a freedom hating liberal
Lee Duran
Lee Duran 10 kun oldin
Unbelievable how uptight and intolerant the crowd and Colbert were. Burr has opinions deal with it PC sheep.
Dink Martini
Dink Martini 10 kun oldin
Jesus, Colbert, don't tone it down any, you'll cease to exist. If you ever need a break, just slip a freshly painted plank onto your chair and hit the beach. Who will notice?
Frank E
Frank E 12 kun oldin
Colbert is such a douche...why does he have show?
John Huguley
John Huguley 12 kun oldin
Ya that crowd and host were soft.
mc nasty
mc nasty 12 kun oldin
You can tell Colbert disagrees with his political views and doesn’t like him for it
anonymous 12 kun oldin
we all liked you better when you were pretending to be bill o reilly, stephen. no one's buyin your bullshit nowadays.
Electronic91 12 kun oldin
God does that host suck...
Jesse wells
Jesse wells 12 kun oldin
Love seeing how Colbert is not even acknowledging the stuff he's saying completely dismissing it.
Ahmed Etman
Ahmed Etman 13 kun oldin
Bill is too good for Steven and his crowd
Justin Pharand
Justin Pharand 13 kun oldin
Here's a tip: Anyone that claims to be a late night comedian is not one. Colbert just like all of them is WAY TOO POLITICAL and is rude and a terrible interviewer.
Tormanoid 13 kun oldin
First time I see Bill feeling a little uneasy. Normally he handles these situations well (like in his appearances in Conan), but it looks like he's feeling a little off here.
Bigga Winna Crapsa
Bigga Winna Crapsa 14 kun oldin
Anyone who doesn't know that Colbert is a political shill for some rich conglomerate's agenda >
barfyspitz 15 kun oldin
Man you honestly can tell Colbert was sabotaging Burr's interview. Almost like someone who's trying to ruin down the mood of a birthday party because he doesn't like the birthday boy.
Roughman 16 kun oldin
Colbert is a perfect tool
Cornbread IsBetterThanPizza
This was a great interview, I loved it.
Oualid Trabelsi
Oualid Trabelsi 16 kun oldin
Colbert is just to faggy for Bill
TommyBhoy 67
TommyBhoy 67 17 kun oldin
Bill would absolutely kill on uk tv he is a uk hosts dream
the Omega Concern
the Omega Concern 17 kun oldin
Colbert was so elitist in this.
Crazy Dill
Crazy Dill 17 kun oldin
If all Liberals acted like Bill Burr i would love them
Stephen Oni
Stephen Oni 18 kun oldin
cringe worthy, Colbert is a mess up guy!
ricky seabra
ricky seabra 18 kun oldin
Colbert equally sucked with Bill Maher.
rkidlat 18 kun oldin
Where comedians go to die. Why did you even bother to invite him?
D2theZ DeeZee
D2theZ DeeZee 18 kun oldin
I feel embarrassed listening to the audience. I’m offended that everyone’s fucking offended and the host is stand offish cause he’s afraid of losing sponsors if he laughs. Why can’t everyone just lighten the fuck up.
Martin Coccolo
Martin Coccolo 19 kun oldin
Wow, I was watching a series of hilarious segments with Bill Burr and Conan when this video came up. Man, talk about a change of pace. Colbert sucks and so does his crowd. Funny how they keep proving Bill right. I don't know why the fuck they invite him in the first place. Everybody is so fucking butthurt over nothing.
Shannon Arthur
Shannon Arthur 19 kun oldin
Bill burr is my favorite, but ill never watch this show the host comes across rude and better than, or completely disinterested in his guest.
John C
John C 20 kun oldin
There was the same tension when Ricky Gervais was a guest.
Sushant Saklani
Sushant Saklani 20 kun oldin
First time I am seeing so many dislikes on a Bill Burr video! (i am yet to watch it though)
Ryan Petit
Ryan Petit 21 kun oldin
Conan definitely likes him better lol.
Rarenova 21 kun oldin
Colbert Show is horrible and what's with the makeup? Did he hire a retired funeral director to plaster on that face?
Gussy Gatlin
Gussy Gatlin 22 kun oldin
I LOVE... LOVE.... LOOOOVE THE ACCENT AND ATTITUDE OF BILL..!!😍😍😘😘❤❤ Lucky Nia..... 😊😉😉 lol
QSC Caddy
QSC Caddy 22 kun oldin
The worst interviewer I’ve ever seen. What a lame ass audience.
Austin West
Austin West 22 kun oldin
Colbert is a terrible interviewer.
Dylan R. Harrington
Dylan R. Harrington 22 kun oldin
Whenever someone asks why I like Conan the most, I point them to this cringe from Colbert and then show them videos of Conan having a hell of a time with Burr.
James K
James K 22 kun oldin
Colbert and Kimmel are pieces of shit, but I love how Bill navigates through them. He’s a classic...
Fidd Rugh
Fidd Rugh 23 kun oldin
Colbert's ears are majorly weird
Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney 23 kun oldin
Fuck colbert. Used to like him...he changed
Malicious Clouds
Malicious Clouds 23 kun oldin
Little Steven Colbert is a garbage human being. He should be thankful Bill even agreed to come on this piece of shit show.
João Ferreira
João Ferreira 23 kun oldin
I realized a few years ago: me and Stephen Colbert arent 100% in tune.
Da913 24 kun oldin
I'm a liberal and voted for Bernie in the primaries and Clinton (hesitantly) in the election. I love Bill Burr and know he is just joking. Stephen Colbert and his trash audience are the reason why we are looked down upon. Stop being so sensitive. Take things as a joke. Stephen Colbert was rarely funny with his satire and him as a talk show host is so much worse. Conan is definitely better.
Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferreira 24 kun oldin
Well...this was painfull to watch
I_360_No_scoped_JFK 24 kun oldin
This video reminds me of how shitty left siding talk shows are XD
Aandunno 25 kun oldin
Colbert ...a good personality, not a good host. Not in the host essential function of the word. Too biased
Lindsey Carland
Lindsey Carland 26 kun oldin
What a shit, lack luster interview from Colbert! Bill Burr is Fuckin' hilarious!
Mike Mikel
Mike Mikel 26 kun oldin
Burr is waaaaaaay too good for this asshole's show.
Billy Fusco Jr.
Billy Fusco Jr. 26 kun oldin
4:16 and why did they censor "Jesus Christ"
ReddenDoom 26 kun oldin
That was terrible, Colbert didn't run with a single bit. I guess he just lives in denial about the bits he used to do then?
Diarrhea Jones
Diarrhea Jones 26 kun oldin
Why would a liberal cissy show like this have Bill Burr on lmao
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 26 kun oldin
Wrong show, Bill. That is the lion's den of snowflakes.
Dylan Gilbertson
Dylan Gilbertson 26 kun oldin
Ol billy 'bald head red pubey beard' burr.
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 26 kun oldin
Wow Stephen Colbert....... shit the bed with this one.
Sam Mact
Sam Mact 27 kun oldin
That was tough to watch. Colbert has to be all fucking careful about what he laughs at now. It's ironic that the subject matter of the video is essentially people being too sensitive.
MagnumPineapple27 27 kun oldin
Comparing this to Bill’s other interviews is cringe-inducing. Whereas Conan engages with him and has conversations (hell, even Kimmel can talk with him pretty well), Colbert has grown way too sensitive and is eagerly trying to barge through his questions and get this interview done as fast as possible. What an ass. How he got this show is beyond me.
John Johnson
John Johnson 27 kun oldin
Definitely makes me appreciate Conan more, I almost was expecting the audience to laugh whenever Colbert would awkwardly ignore what Bill just said to ask some weird question
DAngelo McBride
DAngelo McBride 27 kun oldin
Burr is the Fuckin MAN!
DAngelo McBride
DAngelo McBride 27 kun oldin
F is for Fuck Colbert what the was all the "drieness" about?
Daniel Preece
Daniel Preece 27 kun oldin
Bill clearly wasn't ready for this show. Stumbled around a lot.
John W
John W 27 kun oldin
Colbert has chosen his position and whether he's funny or not ideologically a Bill Burr maverick throwback sort of fellow does not measure up and fit into his virtue signalling agenda platform. The most positive thing about watching this is as a reminder that ultimately shallow trend following nonentities like Colbert eventually disappear into the obscurity they deserve
Nero Bruno
Nero Bruno 27 kun oldin
I see Stephen doing his best not to laugh too much, but he wants to. He clearly agrees on the childhood arguments but he plays the role of neutral interviewer. It did not spoil my fun with Bill. Not at all. Bill can handle any type of interview. (we can't have Conan Chemistry every time)
Lucas Limon
Lucas Limon 28 kun oldin
Did they just censor "Jesus Christ?" What?
RollTide1987 28 kun oldin
This was really awkward to watch. Colbert is such a stiff.
calvinstulip 28 kun oldin
If Stephen Colbert doesn't end up outed as a pedophile I'll be stunned.
Chris Cruise
Chris Cruise 28 kun oldin
L.A home to the most judgmental yet fucked up people on earth
ADez 28 kun oldin
Colbert, this was a HUGE fail on your end. Don't be such a sensitive sally. I'm a native New Yorker OF COLOR and even I am not offended by Burr. In fact, i LOVE this guy. KEEP DOIN YOU BURR!!!!
embrezar 28 kun oldin
How do people remember things in such detail? I can't remember what socks I wore yesterday, but 2:18 Bill Burr tells us about the places he lived and when he was there. My father does the same thing.. "back in Year XX, it was March... unseasonably hot, etc." How do people remember these details? All I know is "I was young once, and I'm pretty sure I knew people, did things, and went places." I wanted to update my resume somewhat recently, and I realized... I have no idea when I worked at these jobs. Haven't the foggiest how long I was there, when I started, or when I left. I just never cared about that stuff, so I never paid it any mind. Something happens... it happens, then it's over, and I move on. I'm not the "In 2011, I believe it was early May, perhaps the 11th, I made my first trip to England. And it was a doozy. Grab a drink, sit down and allow me to regale you with the story of my trip." sort of guy, I'm more of the "I went to Germany once. It was pretty cool. Lots of graffiti." sort of guy.