Billie Eilish - ‘When The Party’s Over’ | Song Stories

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Billie Eilish breaks down the creation of her 2018 song ‘When The Party’s Over’ and its eerie, inky music video.
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4-Yan, 2019

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Taylor Adair
Taylor Adair Soat oldin
Now I know why this is my favorite music video.
Spicy Men
Spicy Men 2 soat oldin
3:54 Duki
fml forever
fml forever Kun oldin
What's wrong with those 43 people tho
rosa medina
rosa medina Kun oldin
you see her bro yeah that’s the love of my life
That Weird Kid
That Weird Kid Kun oldin
I have depression and Billie is my cure. I just want to give her a hug 😩
The Sweet Elise
The Sweet Elise Kun oldin
I have an audio of this for some reason.
Madisen Jane
Madisen Jane Kun oldin
Hey! I know comments like this can be really annoying, but I’m just trying to spread the word about my channel where I will be uploading covers. I just did my first one of a Billie Eilish song yesterday. (:
Dima 44
Dima 44 2 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one that liked pain like that.. everyone’s always like “I hate this sadness and stress and anxiety” but I go through all that on a daily basis and for some reason like it.
Dima 44
Dima 44 5 soat oldin
Kristina Jobe never thought of it that way 🤔
Kristina Jobe
Kristina Jobe 17 soat oldin
Dima 44 it’s a sense of comfort because it’s all we know.
Lindsey Henderson
Lindsey Henderson 2 kun oldin
She's talking about that video like it's not an extremely simple concept.
joel brown
joel brown 2 kun oldin
Killer video! Thanks for the behind the scenes! I was racking my damn brain trying to figure out how that was done. I was thinking maybe she can actually shoot charcoal water out of her tear ducts after drinking it. You know, like some people shoot milk out of theirs. Very well done.
Emily Mello
Emily Mello 2 kun oldin
“i’ll fucking slit your face”
Charisma Pruitt
Charisma Pruitt 2 kun oldin
She's cooool as hell
2718aj 3 kun oldin
"I just love pain I've always loved pain"
shana wallace
shana wallace 3 kun oldin
Shes not a kid though not in heart and soul, shes very deep and down to earth, but she is very young, and thats why I say kid is all. ♡
shana wallace
shana wallace 3 kun oldin
I found my twin 😭 Everyone keeps saying I look like her but im alot older than her lol, I think shes more beautiful, but I keep on getting mistaken for a kid. So these little boys like 15, 16, 17 keep on freaking out when I say Im 28. 😭😂😭😂 but yeah everyone says I look like her, and my god, I took a look at her to see who she was because its commonly hard to find someone who likes my style as well as looks like me feature wise, I have very odd eyes that show like windows to my soul, so I checked her out....and she is breath taking, not just outwardly, her whole soul is breath taking! I would be honored to meet her! To sit and talk to this girl would be an amazing chat. and I am honored to be told I look like her even just a bit. I see the same pain in her eyes that I see in mine when I look in the mirror. It's that darkness of the world taken in in such a spiritial yet beautiful way. The only diffrence is, I'm older, and I have been through some really trying times. I play guitar and sing, dabbled in bass guitar and drums as well, but have struggled with it due to illness. I still am shocked by her. She interests me as a person. keep up the good work.
Brittany Paas
Brittany Paas 3 kun oldin
Awww! I lovee her ❤❤ Its so cute how you can certainly tell shes still so young by the way she talks loll
Laura Is Temporary
Laura Is Temporary 4 kun oldin
how can my girlfriend be so god damn talented, ugh i love her so much
Hannah Miranda
Hannah Miranda 4 kun oldin
I love her
camcoy LIVE
camcoy LIVE 4 kun oldin
She on drugs so bad
Samantha Haines
Samantha Haines 4 kun oldin
Ima KeepItReal
Ima KeepItReal 4 kun oldin
If lil Xan was a girl
Ace Fool
Ace Fool 4 kun oldin
0:44 just close your eyes and listen 😂👌🏻
golden pickle
golden pickle 4 kun oldin
I ❤ billish
Unique 5 kun oldin
0:44 im sorry but thats so innapropiate
hicham el
hicham el 5 kun oldin
Kinda sounds like she’s talkin bout his dick in 0:42
Elonna 🐝
Elonna 🐝 5 kun oldin
mad impressed with her talent & vision, it takes a lot for a young artist, esp a young female artist, to demand such respect in this industry and have it met. so proud of what she's done so far and can't wait to see her continue to grow !
liamdclover 5 kun oldin
Billie Eilish is my DAD
Depressedteen T-T
Depressedteen T-T 5 kun oldin
Billieeeeee reeeeee😱💞💞
Lonely Pebble
Lonely Pebble 5 kun oldin
Stubs toe** New album! "Pain"
Jacquelynn DeShazo
Jacquelynn DeShazo 5 kun oldin
I do hope she's doing alright. Well, I mean, we know she's not, but I can only pray, and hope our amazing arsit, ( crediting her brother ) is doing okay....
Gregory Pryce
Gregory Pryce 6 kun oldin
I wanna be Billie’s friend
Dolan Stannn
Dolan Stannn 6 kun oldin
Here before 1 million views 💗
camille green
camille green 6 kun oldin
i love her so much im such a stan oof
Jans Ze
Jans Ze 6 kun oldin
Woo she said New Zealand 😂
Cage the peanut
Cage the peanut 6 kun oldin
Doesn’t she look like a mixture of Cara Delevingne, Carl from shameless & Scarlett Johansson?
Emily Twisp
Emily Twisp 18 soat oldin
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 6 kun oldin
Love her music but the cursing 😬
Baby Jada
Baby Jada 6 kun oldin
Omg there was this video of this guy and how he thought you guys did the black tears and he was right
Kenneth Pensyl
Kenneth Pensyl 6 kun oldin
Love it when you dialog. 🎙️💎🎙️
Itz Varnedah
Itz Varnedah 6 kun oldin
Itz Varnedah
Itz Varnedah 6 kun oldin
Yay she does her lives at new Zealand
Isabella Andrews
Isabella Andrews 7 kun oldin
this is my go to sad song
Kai James
Kai James 7 kun oldin
3:53 is my life
Shan _
Shan _ 7 kun oldin
"I never smile in pictures" *Smiles in the tumbnail* LOVE THAT
Daisy Evelyn
Daisy Evelyn 7 kun oldin
ily billie
Ms Potato head
Ms Potato head 7 kun oldin
Imagine being that pretty.....
Sofie Lin
Sofie Lin 7 kun oldin
i can't stop watching this video, it's like i keep wanting to know more about it. it's so beautiful.
Park Ma-Ho
Park Ma-Ho 7 kun oldin
Billie is a queen
dennis B
dennis B 7 kun oldin
amina eftin
amina eftin 7 kun oldin
Ugh her mind 😭
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