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Billie Eilish - ‘When The Party’s Over’ | Song Stories

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Billie Eilish breaks down the creation of her 2018 song ‘When The Party’s Over’ and its eerie, inky music video.
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4-Yan, 2019



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77derya77 Soat oldin
Billie looks like the daughter of scarlett johanson & emilia clarke
Jordan Grimley
Jordan Grimley 7 soat oldin
I’ll slit your face - Billie
Fortnite No0b
Fortnite No0b 16 soat oldin
omg she went in sg?
Savannah Brooke
Savannah Brooke Kun oldin
she’s fucking dope bro
Savannah Brooke
Savannah Brooke Kun oldin
all of billie’s songs are beautiful and unique.... y’all can’t say anything that would make me change my mind lol
Marie Armstrong
Marie Armstrong 2 kun oldin
Billie is such a fan of her fans that she based a quite important music video based off her fan's artwork. God, she's amazing. Her brother is talented as hell too!
Ashton Erickson
Ashton Erickson 2 kun oldin
Billie prolly thinks we a whole pack of stalkers
Kelly Conlan
Kelly Conlan 6 kun oldin
She's so talented wtf 😍 taking art to create more art.. Ugh.. No words ♥
Harold Mccants
Harold Mccants 11 kun oldin
In bury a friend if reversed you hid secret messages Billie that smart I will try to help you
Emily Boyle
Emily Boyle 11 kun oldin
I always thought it was a video explaining addiction.. staring at your vice until you finally give in.. then it destroys you from the inside-out..
JadenMoneyMusic 11 kun oldin
Such an inspiration❤️❤️❤️❤️
Madisen Jane
Madisen Jane 11 kun oldin
Hi! I am a new singing cover music channel and I’d really appreciate it, if you would be so kind as to check me out! So far all of my videos are Billie Eilish covers.
Ana Saldaña
Ana Saldaña 12 kun oldin
Who drew THE PICTURE!??
SKIZZ 12 kun oldin
her brother is a legend
Lazy Potat0
Lazy Potat0 15 kun oldin
Not a good time to wear a white shirt...
Lina Asaad
Lina Asaad 15 kun oldin
well her brother is a genius
Ellen Synnøve Fagerli
The new Queen “B“💛💍😍
elaine wang
elaine wang 16 kun oldin
SHE MENTIONED MONTREAL WTF I LIVE THERE lmao i’m getting so excited over that
FLdancer00 16 kun oldin
This girl needs a spanking and to be sent to her room. Disgusting.
Je Ward Creator
Je Ward Creator 17 kun oldin
Billy is able to express emotion in her songs, she feels what she thinks, her thoughts go beyond emotion, that makes her song sensitive , feeling deepest emo, comes alive, becoming part of life, true felt, her mind understand how feelings effect , have impact, react and creat reality of unbearable pain, struggling through hardship and love and passion for life, the thought behind thinking about what you think . Ehhh..
emmilie harris
emmilie harris 17 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-Q80kLjmFnLI.html Please sub! Just tryna make it lol In my dreams 1 like one bit of hope
Shady Haterade
Shady Haterade 18 kun oldin
It’s so funny how she sounds almost normal here but in the sneaker shopping video she sounds like a 30 year old black man
Rosa Gomez
Rosa Gomez 18 kun oldin
The party's over Lacrimosa
Esha Banerjee
Esha Banerjee 18 kun oldin
Wow Billie could actually be a fucking director too
thelazybluefoxnia Nia
I just really wanna be friends with her, not cause she’s famous, because she’s just a nice person.
Dania 18 kun oldin
I really fucking love them
Jonathan Arevalo
Jonathan Arevalo 18 kun oldin
I would eat her pussy til her soul gone on god 🤤
Yas Xx
Yas Xx 18 kun oldin
But what does the glass represent?
Ananda R.
Ananda R. 18 kun oldin
i wish NME will add eng sub
tamica rodriguez
tamica rodriguez 19 kun oldin
Miss Maggie is the MVP though
Ashlee Howell
Ashlee Howell 20 kun oldin
Man I bet whoever drew that picture was totally touched it inspired her so much! ❤
shandekai Sealy
shandekai Sealy 21 kun oldin
U could see her eyes were burning I felt so bad for her but it so the video mazing so she has her priorities straight and that amazing
Oddgurlin/ Foxy_yuna
0:14 when you're imitating your brother
k a y l a l a l a
k a y l a l a l a 22 kun oldin
wait why didn’t I know she came here to Singapore
ImLivingAmber 22 kun oldin
The octave jump mmmm!!! It kicks my butt when I sing it. YOU DID PHENOMENAL
Billie Rey
Billie Rey 23 kun oldin
altyazı gelsin pls
bread 23 kun oldin
but uh..... explain whyu like fckin uh... explode with the fukin black shit at the end
hat 23 kun oldin
S Md
S Md 24 kun oldin
I love how she says dookie at 3:50
Pamela Khan
Pamela Khan 25 kun oldin
‘The whole video is one shot’
Anna G
Anna G 25 kun oldin
“ I sat on his bed and we played with it for a while” - Billie Eilish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
marco polo
marco polo 25 kun oldin
She's great
D Ll
D Ll 26 kun oldin
💛2.26 T: 3:23P
Inger Wanvik
Inger Wanvik 26 kun oldin
Jodie Bedore
Jodie Bedore 26 kun oldin
People say they are bisexual cuz of Billie, but I am holosexual cuz of Cristene
Monica Cortez
Monica Cortez 26 kun oldin
Still can't believe she's just 17
Random Thoughts Fenneko is god
Mike Canion
Mike Canion 27 kun oldin
The music video is hands down the best i've ever watched. Without a question. It just is.
Jestine Davies
Jestine Davies 27 kun oldin
I love how all of her songs have a back story😮
Sarah Goodman
Sarah Goodman 27 kun oldin
Amazing art babe. So much admiration for you and your bro!
Kay Bee
Kay Bee 27 kun oldin
Shes so inspirational
°▪☆멜리사 ☆▪°
*Billie in the thumbnail be like..* 👁👄👁
Gemma Thompson
Gemma Thompson 28 kun oldin
its makes my eyes hurt just thinking about the ink stuff in her eyes.
Akward Isabella
Akward Isabella 28 kun oldin
Her beauty hit me on the face with an advocato
nihira shrivastav
nihira shrivastav 28 kun oldin
finneas is always there for billie, in every song, he's such a supportive brother!
Shivanshi Dash
Shivanshi Dash 29 kun oldin
this is so relatable
Samantha Klebold
Samantha Klebold 29 kun oldin
I saw this music video and a week later had my boyfriend mum dye my hair the same shade of blue Billie has 💙 ugh I cried that song is so powerful I can’t even explain it
Mrsmilli1234 29 kun oldin
Um I’m happy that she said New Zealand was the first place she sang it yaya
kalolaine shaw
kalolaine shaw 29 kun oldin
Did she go to new Zealand?
Maniza208 29 kun oldin
Alguien q hable español porfabooor expliquenme
Jess Rendani
Jess Rendani Oy oldin
We need more singers like Billie 🌟
Великолепный век
Jasmine Xiao
Jasmine Xiao Oy oldin
0:50 proof Billie Eilish doesn’t wear lipstick
Emma Oy oldin
It’s all art woah
Lil Lion
Lil Lion Oy oldin
*"And it tasted like DOOKIE."*
Jayden Saxton
Jayden Saxton Oy oldin
Billie: "The glass of like black shit, was Zintan gum mixed with charcoal water and it tasted like dookie Me: "I just would've used grape Kool-Aid"
Taylor Parker
Taylor Parker Oy oldin
anonymous buoy
She's high
Meee 67
Meee 67 Oy oldin
Wow.. speechless
Galaxy Unicorn
Omg I love billie and this was posted on my bday 😊
Allezie Oy oldin
Woo she mentioned New Zealand
Valeria Talavera
Nall Oy oldin
Fretzel Braga
Fretzel Braga Oy oldin
Kavya Oy oldin
I love her her hair here soooo much!!
culota Oy oldin
Alright. I've only known Billie for a few days, ignoring her for the longest time because I thought, you know she might just be one of those young hipstery artists that young hipster folks get into. But after accidentally listening to one of her songs (Lovely) i was blown man. Absolutely hooked. Annnd now I'm on a Billie Eilish binge. It's so refreshing to see a young artist comfortably baring herself to the industry, not giving a fuck about appearances or impressions. Her and her brother is all talent.
Ich Eben
Ich Eben Oy oldin
I love her okay, I love her
Mc deek
Mc deek Oy oldin
KoopaPlays Oy oldin
so cool hearing about the music video, never know where the ideas come from
Isabella Haran
When genius is now a train wreck so now we gotta watch these🤪
Omer Vaknin
Omer Vaknin Oy oldin
I like billie but i get the wannabe vibe from her and i cant stand that
Missy Faye
Missy Faye Oy oldin
can you imagine that fan who drew that.. how amazing would it be that a whole video was inspired by your art.. damn...
Basic Billy
Basic Billy Oy oldin
Just now seeing this WHAAA
Andrew M
Andrew M Oy oldin
All these comments are so positive 💙 i love Billie
Who else is going to her when we all fall asleep tour
Kiana Williams
Samantha June
Samantha June Oy oldin
So she’s a masochist??? 😭
Arythmix Oy oldin
Hey there I'm gay
Amalia Oy oldin
Where tf did my wig go?
Kamilium Oy oldin
at 3:58 she gags thinking about it oml that mustve been some nasty shitttt
Carolyn Claybrooks
STEVE Oy oldin
Her eyes express soooooo much pain, besides she has a good attitude, her eyes reminds me of Kurt Cobain’s eyes when he was tired of life. I hope she continues her career forever.
Toffeshop Gacha
Thank You so much billie !! That drawings took years lamo hooe to see you next time!♡♡♡ love
Mia Monae
Mia Monae Oy oldin
literally a genius i love her and her brother so much
thevolk Oy oldin
She's the next legend. Like Emenim or Queen
Redlynx Vires
Redlynx Vires Oy oldin
Who ever drew that THANKU
Adi Prast
Adi Prast Oy oldin
Adi Prast
Adi Prast Oy oldin
How bout indonesia? Did her mind to go?
eve Oy oldin
when i first heard this song i listened to it three times straight i was so captivated by the beauty of it and i still am. honestly Billie and Finneas have this beautiful gift to create something so emotionally dense and moving.
I feel for billy cuz when i was 15 i was like her. Happy but depressed at the same time and a year goes by and it just crashed me and changed me.
Lennard Biermann
dookey 😣
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