Billie Eilish | Before They Were Famous | EPIC Biography from 0 to Now

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Billie Eilish | Before They Were Famous | EPIC from 0 to Now
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Billie Eilish is a singer/songwriter hailing from Los Angeles and a girl who deserves that epic intro. She and her brother Finneas have been creating music together since they were just little. The daughter of two performers, singing had simply been a part of her life. Since uploading her music online had simply become a form of expression she wasn't expecting much clout when dropping her Soundcloud single Ocean Eyes. The girl thought it would be a song for her small circle of friends but it has since gone on to clock in 40 million views on UZvid and 71 million Soundcloud streams at the time this recording launching the young girl to superstardom. Now touring all over the world, Billie Eilish has amassed a fanbase spanning from the U.S. of A, all the way down to New Zealand. The girl's Instagram following went from 257 thousand to over 6.3 million in the span of just a year. At a show, a fan asked if Billie could sign her inhaler for her. Billie agreed to as long as the fan signed hers in exchange. Since blowing up she has unleashed several more hits on our ears including Bellyache and Lovely as well as dropping two Extended Plays in 2017. With a sense of humour that blends perfectly with her unique style, Billie is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for a self-aware young artist with no shortage of personality. As for her singing, Billie Eilish has been praised for her abilities, even drawing some comparisons to Lorde. And she's only sixteen. Let that sink in.
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17-Noy, 2018



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Kadar Laszlo
Kadar Laszlo 10 soat oldin
who cares about the followers
TakeLifeBack 18 soat oldin
Before the fame and drugs.
Mkp Kun oldin
wth did she die or something
Catarina Costa
Catarina Costa 2 kun oldin
she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute💓💓
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily 2 kun oldin
I love her so much it hurts me. I’ve been listening to her music since her first song ever. I cried when I woke up from a dream of meeting her
Zun Fix
Zun Fix 2 kun oldin
You made me cry because of teh intro cuz what she said is so true
Isamari Castro
Isamari Castro 2 kun oldin
I love you billie u r my role model
Crystal Ortiz
Crystal Ortiz 2 kun oldin
The increasingly irritating statement...tell us how you really feel..lame af
Goci 〈3
Goci 〈3 3 kun oldin
theres starving babies and homeless people who sing well and not as fortunate to be able to have good rich parents or the ability to record in a studio. hopefully shes not depressed about a breakup :/
Goci 〈3
Goci 〈3 3 kun oldin
hopefully its not just something used to give her more attention and platform
Sammy and Gacha
Sammy and Gacha 3 kun oldin
U wanna know why she’s always sad? So, she always thinks she’s left out... not like any other teenager. But what my opinion is that... she should be happy the way she is, she’s famous, she’s talented, she’s beautiful.. her mom and dad are actors, and her brother and Billie... they were LIKE BEST FRIENDS! They made MUSIC with each other, her brother let Billie take the spotlight, and it all started in “ocean eyes.” Billie WILL have a nice life even if she’s insecure about herself. She can do anything. ANYTHING. ANYTHING! She’s so far my most favorite artist of all time. She’s not like other singers she has a beautiful voice and nice and soft voice. She inspired me. It’s weird, my friends think I sound like Billie when I sing. I’m like “um, at least shes-“ my friends started laughing at me, they said “you’ll grow up like her.” I said “NEVER!” “EVER!” ILL NOT GET THAT BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED!”
Badboy DCX
Badboy DCX 4 kun oldin
Bruh....X needed to make a song with her 😭true
OP Phenomenon
OP Phenomenon 5 kun oldin
Yo this sounds weird but I feel like I can relate to her. Am I the only one??
Angel Zamudio_lil_beenz1927
Is it me or Billie eileish looks like the female version of lil xan
lil1Jojo xD
lil1Jojo xD 7 kun oldin
Well I’m 16😳aw shucks
Meh Person
Meh Person 7 kun oldin
We all love Billie
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee 7 kun oldin
She is an emo/millennial just like us hence the reason we relate to her/idolize her(we r depressed and just wanna die).
snoop dogg dank kush
She hates herself because her name isn't Ferb
Eloise Benitez
Eloise Benitez 8 kun oldin
The first minute of this video made me want to bawl my eyes out it just touched a part of my soul that nobody else can touch it was so beautiful and powerful it just made me want to cry I love Billie so much and this just made me love her even more😢😍❤
Leli Dawi
Leli Dawi 8 kun oldin
Nothing about Onision?
Alrxander Karagerge
Alrxander Karagerge 10 kun oldin
Idk I think she should not be fames for being depressed and looking like a demon I’m not saying she’s not a good singer she is it’s just weird that she 15 and not that mature yet
DanceMoms Queen
DanceMoms Queen 10 kun oldin
She never was not famous. She exploded on the internet when she was pretty much a fetus lol (I'm not hating, I love Billie)
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 10 kun oldin
Billie smiles a lot
H S 11 kun oldin
4:50 she looks like lil xan
H S 11 kun oldin
Why is there another one
Hamster 13 kun oldin
“Billie Eilish | Before They Were” *click*
Teresa Marcelin
Teresa Marcelin 13 kun oldin
I thought tht was lil xan sister
She be singing like an angel while i was filming musical.lys ?
em 14 kun oldin
billie eyelash
Myron Green II
Myron Green II 14 kun oldin
After they were famous, Hammer (MC Hammer)
Bakary Touray
Bakary Touray 14 kun oldin
That's all I flying tllak about
Bakary Touray
Bakary Touray 15 kun oldin
Cuk that sjir!
PPG-Tr3yWay 15 kun oldin
Norwalk ct I live there
Flyguy5 16 kun oldin
Like this if she is a emo industry plant
Sky Astronauts-Music
She looks *GOTHIC* if that a word
safwan awan
safwan awan 16 kun oldin
shes 6 years older than me
ASAP JuJu 17 kun oldin
Bro why you still have less than 10 mil subs
TayNewNerd Frazier
TayNewNerd Frazier 18 kun oldin
I liked the epic intro
xxpinoy gamingxx
xxpinoy gamingxx 18 kun oldin
Hey not gonna lie I would be with her
Shezus Nice
Shezus Nice 18 kun oldin
Roberto Solis
Roberto Solis 18 kun oldin
I love her
JutNLjzmommy 18 kun oldin
I love her so much I wish I could meet her ♥
tishe abdul
tishe abdul 19 kun oldin
one of her songs is on fifa 19
Janthonyd Tv
Janthonyd Tv 19 kun oldin
It’s pronounced kuh-Leed. Lol
NerdNazareth *
NerdNazareth * 23 kun oldin
i wish they did this with X, but maybe stuff has changed idk
Logan Battiste
Logan Battiste 23 kun oldin
Lorde was 16 when she came out with Royals, they remind me sooo much of each other.
Summer Grafg
Summer Grafg 25 kun oldin
She's the modern Girl version of Kurt Cobain 🙌
Itzamemario 88
Itzamemario 88 27 kun oldin
Wait wait wait..... Is it khalīd? Or khalíd? My life has been turned upside down, completely
MiKEY SANZ 27 kun oldin
this video took waaaaaay too long to get started
Kimbo Jordan
Kimbo Jordan 29 kun oldin
She always gives me chills
Aaron Anderson
That's a dude.
she's an industry plant
Amelia Van Doren
I know everyone is saying this but she is honestly so talented, writing and singing so well from such a young age. She has such a strong personality and sense of self, and has an amazing work ethic (I assume). I just shes amazing
jeanie whitted
I started crying at the beginning
widley pierre
widley pierre Oy oldin
She should star in a movie
el swag
el swag Oy oldin
Lindsey Henderson
9:10 She's is so proud of this one line. But I honestly thought that's what Finneas meant when he wrote the line "are their bodies". "Lay their bodies" does sound better, but she takes entirely too much pride in changing that one word, lol.
Signé Glispy
Signé Glispy Oy oldin
Alexi Navarro
Alexi Navarro Oy oldin
Watching 2019. I know the future🧐
Hiro's Arts
Hiro's Arts Oy oldin
If she’d die, who would replace her? When people see her dead, they’ll cry while singing her songs
SXL Oy oldin
Meh! We all gonna die don’t GAF bout her act cuz thats all it is, AN ACT
the demon _CCG
0:06 here she said i just wanna make you eat a d*ck XD
extra epic intro
Yung Scar
Yung Scar Oy oldin
You need to make an epic before they were famous for xxxtentacion
SawdeeX Oy oldin
Make a Video about Uzi again. Before they went (Crazy)
Cole Dneaster
Cole Dneaster Oy oldin
10:52 KALLID???
Giovanni Akse
Giovanni Akse Oy oldin
She has a beautiful personality just like X had. She is such a beautiful person❤️❤️
Big Boy
Big Boy Oy oldin
What if I don't wanna let that sink inside my home?
Toby Nickel
Toby Nickel Oy oldin
why tf he act so uncomfortable.
Finn Jensen
Finn Jensen Oy oldin
4:48 looking like lil xan
alex Bob
alex Bob Oy oldin
What the fook is that intro
6EKYUME Oy oldin
love these EPIC before they were famouse!
Joss Garrison
Joss Garrison Oy oldin
It's a talentless dragman.
Deazley69 Oy oldin
She's Gunna be the next Kurt Cobain
Mu Kitty
Mu Kitty Oy oldin
I’ve jus became obsessed wit this girl yesterday .. wish i would’ve been found out about her 😩
G Speezy
G Speezy Oy oldin
Abraham Lincoln
Wendy Calderon
Can you do Finn Wolfhard before they were famous
Carlos Palomino
She said she wrote fingers crossed at 11, not 5
Lil Paco
Lil Paco Oy oldin
Do polo g
I love Billie
Kin Smooth
Kin Smooth Oy oldin
I love billie
Chance Oconnell
My last name is O’Connell🤔
Anisa Iseni
Anisa Iseni Oy oldin
Omg i was crying wen i saw that video i ❤️her so so so so so so much i am really crying😭😭❤️❤️😍😍
MyBullzHurtFrumFawkinUrMum #sorrynotsorry
6ix9ine would try to hit but she too old
TooManyTaco 2000
TooManyTaco 2000 2 oy oldin
When I heard him mention 21 Savage I immediately said out loud, ISSA KNIFE
LAML TV 2 oy oldin
0:47 ohh my. . . I love this girl. 🤣
Nazier Robinson
Nazier Robinson 2 oy oldin
He said 6
Sohan Saunds
Sohan Saunds 2 oy oldin
Gees!!! Billy I love to smile.....I'm always smiling people wonder if my mouth hurts 😆😆😆😆😆
unknown subscriber
Looking like lil xan in the face
laura c
laura c 2 oy oldin
that’s my baby 😪 i just want her to be happy
stainfxce 2 oy oldin
Billie has done so many things in just 17 years of being alive. I'm 18 and still trying to figure things out
Kris Gimberlin
Kris Gimberlin 2 oy oldin
Her song "you should see me in a crown" is featured in FIFA 19 Soundtrack
Carolina Gonzalez
She’s so depressed :( ay hermosa your so young you need some counseling
hairlesspotato 2 oy oldin
4:50 kinda sounds like dwight
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre 2 oy oldin
She's 16 I'm 16 haha
The Niggles
The Niggles 2 oy oldin
Jennifer Ventura
Jennifer Ventura 2 oy oldin
I love her she really inspired me a lot
Dobrefan fangirl
Dobrefan fangirl 2 oy oldin
I will never forget about Billie Eilish when I die. Billie Eilish and Xxxtentacion will always be in my heart 💔❤🤫
Isabelle T
Isabelle T 2 oy oldin
Doraliz Lorenzo
Doraliz Lorenzo 2 oy oldin
Do Ayleks
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