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Billie Eilish - come out and play (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing come out and play (Audio). © 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records




21-Noy, 2018




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Fudge Mudge
Fudge Mudge 2 soat oldin
" You don't have to keep it quiet " Why am I crying..
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla 3 soat oldin
*I covered this song, I'd love for you to give it a listen and tell me what you think :)* 💕
S last-name
S last-name 5 soat oldin
Can we replace the definition of anxiety with this song?
Ashley George
Ashley George 6 soat oldin
Oh Billie! 😍
Priscilla p
Priscilla p 6 soat oldin
Just the next MelaniMartinez in a couple of years like her the hype will be over
Amanda Amanda
Amanda Amanda 8 soat oldin
Algum BR aiii???
pαtαtєs. 12 soat oldin
Türkler nerde ayol c:
BAMBSSS BANGS 20 soat oldin
You gotta keep em seperated
RinFireheart WolfAlpha
This song is soo seattle WAS SHE IN SEATTLE WHEN WRITING THIS SONG... the theorys
Angel Plays
Angel Plays Kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-R8z4rr4UPoA.html go And hate that video , she's hating on our queen aka Billie >:c
Tess JEAN Kun oldin
I love a music
Sharon Hollander
My favourite song of all time.👌❤
#teamshookbang !!
idk if it’s just me but when i put this song on my doggo falls asleep and it’s so cute 💗
Sonia Kelpler
Sonia Kelpler Kun oldin
i just uploaded a tutorial on how to play this song on a ukulele if anyone wants to learn it
EN BE Kun oldin
Bare Necessities
Billie probably has the most relaxing & angelic voice ever!
Chloe LIN
Chloe LIN Kun oldin
This is a perfect Christmas song
Magpie Fairy
Magpie Fairy Kun oldin
This reminds me of someone encouraging their friend to come out. Aww, it’s so sweetttt 💜💜
Ava Mir34
Ava Mir34 2 kun oldin
This song means to me cause when I was in 9th grade I was hella shy until I'm in 11th grade I came out of my shell. I know it makes me nervous but I promise it's worth it ⭐✨
bellota subs
bellota subs 2 kun oldin
Hola, hice una traducción al español de esta canción. Si gustas, puedes verla aquí: uzvid.com/video/video-wHpEvPsD1xI.html . Gracias, ten un lindo día ó noche ❤.
Dark Skies
Dark Skies 2 kun oldin
this was beutyfull
manal alkeebali
manal alkeebali 2 kun oldin
billie pleas make a music in dubai
Haunted Attractions 360
Vibey tbh
Alissa Chavez
Alissa Chavez 2 kun oldin
Billie is way too talented for me like I don’t deserve to hear her beautiful voice
Brittney Hernandez
Brittney Hernandez 2 kun oldin
I don't know what this song means to Billie but for me it feels like it was meant for me cause while I was in love with a man I fell in love with a girl and it was amazing and thru everything I knew I had to be true to myself I am bi sexual and I'm proud I love who I love it doesn't matter man or woman please no hate I've dealt with enough already
3p2U5A 2 kun oldin
Thank you Billie!
Editing Twisted
Editing Twisted 2 kun oldin
I picture this song In like a show or movie. Something like *love Simon* mixed with *Atypical* .
Marc Fdz
Marc Fdz 2 kun oldin
The best song ever,
legendados BR
legendados BR 2 kun oldin
Soft song💝
cicely troger
cicely troger 3 kun oldin
The 2.3k dislikes are from all the people who loved this song so much they turned their phone over and liked to again.
Megan Hansel
Megan Hansel 3 kun oldin
Currently sitting alone on the floor of my closet admiring how beautiful this is
yuan leong tan
yuan leong tan 3 kun oldin
i think i already fall in love with this voice and music
eun gyo.s
eun gyo.s 3 kun oldin
I love you Billie♡♡♡
Sara-Ann kopke
Sara-Ann kopke 3 kun oldin
I love this song so freaking much
hi hi
hi hi 3 kun oldin
This sounds like it'll be in life is strange or it should
Maria Ines Pinho dos Santos
Hưng Tống Phú
Hưng Tống Phú 3 kun oldin
Good morning with Billie's songs is really the mood breaking man.. still do it anyway..
Maddie Frymyer
Maddie Frymyer 3 kun oldin
Who else is listening to Billie instead of studying?📚✏ 😎 🏫 I covered this song and it would really mean the world to me if you could check it out!
Shawna Boverhuis
Shawna Boverhuis 4 kun oldin
What is this about... it makes me feel so many things I cant' tell...
Juan Rodrigues
Juan Rodrigues 4 kun oldin
Critical Role Brought Me here
ArEy Popoy
ArEy Popoy 4 kun oldin
This song can make me cry
MrRandomSomething 4 kun oldin
The woman I love sent me this song lastnight. I listen to it now after she cheated on me.
Hi, I'm Sky
Hi, I'm Sky 4 kun oldin
Sounds like a cold winter day with a fire blazing and a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket and hands with an open book.
Angela Ledbetter
Angela Ledbetter 4 kun oldin
She is such an old soul. Inspiring and delicious to listen to. She lifts my spirits so!! 💕 stick with this gorgeous girl!!!
Angel Squishies Fun
*you don’t have to keep it quiet t-t-t*
GG Almeida
GG Almeida 4 kun oldin
Tamara Lynn
Tamara Lynn 4 kun oldin
Literal goosebumps 💜💜💜
looky khan
looky khan 4 kun oldin
I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but I really do think this girl is somewhat overrated.. this is the only song I can barely listen to from her.. do me a favour and go listen to tove lol and thank me later
Amy Heaps
Amy Heaps 5 kun oldin
Paper town vibes
CarsanAnimations 5 kun oldin
A message for the people who disliked... Your phone, tablet,pc is upside down