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Billie Eilish - COPYCAT (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing COPYCAT. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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14-Iyl, 2017



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Kira _official
Kira _official 18 daqiqa oldin
CandyChannel Soat oldin
2: 30
kendy Exodus
kendy Exodus Soat oldin
This is me, I go anywhere somebody has to be like me! like if this happens to you -_-
ChrisZumaki Soat oldin
C Co Cop Copy Copyc Copyca Copycat Copyca Copyc Copy Cop Co C
Genesis Valdez
Genesis Valdez 2 soat oldin
Copycat! Tryna cop. My glamor
Elise Call me El
Elise Call me El 2 soat oldin
Send this song to your twin
yanviish 2 soat oldin
0.75x 😍
Ayesha Salman
Ayesha Salman 2 soat oldin
QUEEN 👑 Oh sorry! I wasn’t talking about Loren
aleah pagel
aleah pagel 3 soat oldin
She can pose better then me but how is she's on that latter and not falling and breaking a bone?
aleah pagel
aleah pagel 3 soat oldin
I'd break a bone in one second 😂
cielo yslas
cielo yslas 3 soat oldin
When someone comes to school whit the same shoes as you
Le Mineur_HD1
Le Mineur_HD1 3 soat oldin
Nul germin
Хлебушек 4 soat oldin
Бля…тут такая проблема… МНЕ КАЖЕТСЯ Я ТУТ ОДНА РУССКАЯ
Mikayla Gutierrez
Mikayla Gutierrez 4 soat oldin
Omg I LOVE YOU BILLIE ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Lovely Flower
Lovely Flower 4 soat oldin
Billie get off of the ladder
Jasmine Doyle
Jasmine Doyle 5 soat oldin
Imagine if Billie and XXXTentacion made a song together omg that would be sick
wonderful 5 soat oldin
Patents and friends: „Why do you listen this music every day?“ Me: „This music keeps me alive. The Music and Billie Eilish is my life!!!!“
Sky The Gacha
Sky The Gacha 5 soat oldin
When someone copies your comment and gets 1.k likes
XxXadi15258Xx :v
XxXadi15258Xx :v 5 soat oldin
Copycat :v
nyght_sky 5 soat oldin
when your friend always copied your outfits in roblox and looks in your inventory for them. cOpYcAt
Kieran Schumacher
Kieran Schumacher 6 soat oldin
Why not rap music
Kieran Schumacher
Kieran Schumacher 6 soat oldin
Rap is the best
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown 7 soat oldin
Me: **says a bad word** Mom: WHAT **pulls out the belt** Me: sorry sorry im sorry sorry Mom: ok **puts the belt down** Me: *P S Y C H*
Милена Садовникова
Кто из России? Ставим лайки
i lish
i lish 8 soat oldin
*When you find one with the same outfit of you*
Azureica 8 soat oldin
When someone wears the same clothes as you to high school...
Il vV KillzZ
Il vV KillzZ 8 soat oldin
When someone uses the same skin as you on fortnite
ayato kun
ayato kun 9 soat oldin
*when the popular girl comes to school with the same hoodie as you*
Laila Oates
Laila Oates 9 soat oldin
That beat dropped harder than my parents dropped me (and that was hard)
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 9 soat oldin
When your friend picked the same starter Pokemon as you. Anyone who picked Rowlet stop coping me!!!!
Aurelija Jonusauskiene
A singer devil 😈 like it
Gemma Gormley
Gemma Gormley 10 soat oldin
When a girl in school has the same dress as you both of you just stare at each other and air talk to each other and sing this so to each other
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko 10 soat oldin
*When you have a twin Sister/Brother XD*
Winter WolfieGaming
Winter WolfieGaming 11 soat oldin
When someone comes to school with the same GOD DAMN hair clip
Тина Бондаренко
Ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа как это прекрасно! 💯💫
AliveWolves 11 soat oldin
This song makes me want to.... Bury a friend... Okay i'll go home now
Mimoo 11 soat oldin
holy shit ive been missing out. time to go listen to every single one of her songs
Iris Mackite
Iris Mackite 11 soat oldin
Scared Cookie101
Scared Cookie101 12 soat oldin
Tigaming296 13 soat oldin
When you say the correct answer to the teacher’s question, but the teacher doesn’t hear you, but your “friend” did and takes credit for the question.
Comme Life Gacha Han
Comme Life Gacha Han 14 soat oldin
Just seeing it for the first time is oh yeah !! Your music is great !!!!^^
Nirmal Bhardwaj
Nirmal Bhardwaj 14 soat oldin
The beat dropped harder than my brother's grades....
Inara Kerketta
Inara Kerketta 14 soat oldin
i think this is my favorite song of her songs!
Uma Once
Uma Once 15 soat oldin
I so sorry now you know....
Gwendalynn Alvarado
Gwendalynn Alvarado 15 soat oldin
Melanie Martinez is my favorite artist but I kinda like Billie
Elijay Leaf
Elijay Leaf 16 soat oldin
This song makes me want to put my oven in my chicken.
Rocket 3602
Rocket 3602 17 soat oldin
This song reminds me of someone copying me
Treasure Malombo
Treasure Malombo 17 soat oldin
I always hear this song and i never knoe its you Billie but I love!
JustAMinute 18 soat oldin
0:38 took my virginity
Twisted 19 soat oldin
*when somebody wears the same earrings as you*
Snow Diamond
Snow Diamond 19 soat oldin
Omg! I love you Billie. I learned this song by watching Gacha life 😁. I know, but I love all of these songs, I used to listen to these songs, thinking Bebe Rexha sang them. But now that I’ve heard your voice, nobody can mistaken you. I love you!!
Alex Gacha
Alex Gacha 19 soat oldin
“You’ve run out of time” **Watch gleams** 2:17
Michael Musaraca
Michael Musaraca 19 soat oldin
MorphoBF 19 soat oldin
I love *FOOD*
MorphoBF 19 soat oldin
Santos Lopez
Santos Lopez 19 soat oldin
Billie: Sorry Person that was hurted: Apology accepted. Billie: Sigh*
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 19 soat oldin
_when you find out this was song by billie_ Wait. That’s illegal
SuperButterBoiZ YT
SuperButterBoiZ YT 19 soat oldin
*When someone stole your Gacha Mini Movie idea*
Teresa Game
Teresa Game 20 soat oldin
2017 2018 2019 ainda ouvindo essa musica?
Lady Pink
Lady Pink 20 soat oldin
Elise Jensen
Elise Jensen 20 soat oldin
What I say to my sister lol
Preety Gossal
Preety Gossal 21 soat oldin
Preety Gossal
Preety Gossal 21 soat oldin
Ahmed Ahmed gamer
Ahmed Ahmed gamer 21 soat oldin
I love it
Sub To Me Or Ill Eat Your Fridge Okurr?
*this makes me wanna go to my teacher and tell her to go to the principals office*
Divine Gaming
Divine Gaming 22 soat oldin
I like when she said “........SIKE.........”
I love bíłłíe éíłìšh💓
Twilight Xoxo
Twilight Xoxo 22 soat oldin
*when someone has the same vans as you*
Alexander Ramos
Alexander Ramos 23 soat oldin
when someone has the same last name as you
Playlist Guy
Playlist Guy 23 soat oldin
*i don’t know what bold is this*
Dae Lovelly
Dae Lovelly 18 soat oldin
sophigamer123 23 soat oldin
guy making vid: So how cool do you want it to sound bilie eilish: .........Yes
sophigamer123 23 soat oldin
When someone from tiktok does the same vid and gets more likes
køfii_ï 23 soat oldin
*when you meet your dopplegänger*
Ranz 23 soat oldin
*When someone steals your favorite rappers flow*
KittyGirlTube Love
KittyGirlTube Love 23 soat oldin
When someone comes with the same outfit as you
blahblah ponshon
blahblah ponshon
This girl at my school is a copy cat and when i see it i jusy sing this song and that bitch that copy's me loves to bully people and doesn't get in trouble for it and i get so mad
Marlene Correa
Marlene Correa Kun oldin
This the best song. Your the best Billie
Georges Zeaiter
Georges Zeaiter Kun oldin
*when someone has the same things as you*
pancake pig
pancake pig Kun oldin
When someone has the same socks! Lol
Carmen I Rivera
Carmen I Rivera Kun oldin
has anyone noticed that in the pic her jewlery is sparkling?/
Sky The Gacha
Sky The Gacha 23 soat oldin
No, good eye!
100% not adolf hitler
Ladder: Billie Eilish:
Haven McGee
Haven McGee Kun oldin
(At a school with uniforms) All the girls: *Wear their uniform* Me: CoPyCaT tRyNa CoP My GlAmOuR
Angely oficial
Angely oficial Kun oldin
Mark fischbach
Mark fischbach Kun oldin
this song make me wanna kill my friend
Misbah Khan
Misbah Khan Kun oldin
Luli Chiraulo
Luli Chiraulo Kun oldin
muuuuuuuuuy bueno
Little Miracles!
when someone snatches ur weave
JellyMist Kun oldin
*when someone has the same hairstyle as you* Me: COPYCAT TRYNA COP MY GLAMOR
CrySler .
CrySler . Kun oldin
Its, awesome!
poopy head
poopy head Kun oldin
So what's your pose gonna be? Billie: Yes
Roze Gaming
Roze Gaming Kun oldin
Billie kinda sounds like Melanie Martinez😂😂😂
Shinigami Kitsune
when you see someone at school wearing the same shirt as you: *"You better love me 'cause youre just a CLOOONE..."*
BLAST OFF Kun oldin
burn still 2019
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Murphy Kun oldin
This song is the definition of *Weave Snatched*
Zainab Bagalkot
Zainab Bagalkot Kun oldin
when someone breathes
× • Billie dona da porra toda • ×
Olivia Playz
Olivia Playz Kun oldin
The person who is not a copycat:SIKE copycat:So? Geez get a life I just want ur style bruh the person who is not a copycat:I JUST GOT ROASTED MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAAM *see sometimes copycats can win lolololololol*
s h i t.
s h i t. Kun oldin
when someone comes in with the same hair style:
Naomi Taylor
Naomi Taylor Kun oldin
Deanna Sutton
Deanna Sutton Kun oldin
Psych or sike?
Yelawolf - Catfish Billy 2 [Audio]
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