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California teen singer Billie Eilish first found music as an 8-year-old in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. This year, she released her debut EP 'dont smile at me,' which features the song “COPYCAT.” The track has been streamed an impressive 2.7 million times on Spotify, and also has over 346,000 Soundcloud plays. Produced by her older brother Finneas O'Connell, “COPYCAT” shows Eilish as a young girl who is tired of other people stealing her style.
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20-Sen, 2017



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eve_ xox
eve_ xox 2 soat oldin
zoey lilly????
- ギャングToxic
- ギャングToxic 2 soat oldin
Billie really doesn’t need autotune. She’s a real natural 💫
s h i n e._.b r i g h t l y
*I think i know whos the copycat ZOEY LILLY ;-;*
Brianna Unicorn
Brianna Unicorn 4 soat oldin
Ex: Please come back, I still love you! Billie: I love you too..! Ex: Really..? Billie: *_NO_* 3:57 *_yesyesyesyes_* ik she doesn’t have an ex or boyfriend I just randomly made this Cringey and weirdd comment
Jess Lipinsky
Jess Lipinsky 5 soat oldin
Can Billie be my mom?
Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda
You wouldn’t believe this is the same girl that wrote and talked about depression in Idontwannabeyou
FI SH 8 soat oldin
how can she wear anything and make it look good I mean I look like a trash wearing shorts and t shirts
E E T Z J O S H 9 soat oldin
sienna le
sienna le 11 soat oldin
Billie Eilish doesn’t use autotune. Autotune uses Billie.
Izzz.willow 15 soat oldin
Watch everybody go and try and watch psych bc billie said it was bomb
veronica rangel
veronica rangel 15 soat oldin
Posers oh sorry fake fans of Billie -omg i have the same thing of Billie i don`t like myself hahaha i am soooooo like Billie Real Billie fans -excuse me What the thing that Billie have? Posers have left the chat
PsychoDuo 15 soat oldin
Kj L
Kj L 15 soat oldin
*Lily Zoey has left the chat*
IOOIOIIOIOIIOOI o 16 soat oldin
Best genius shit
Abruchi la normal :3
Abruchi la normal :3 17 soat oldin
The Stiyle oficial Billie is súper cool i like she sooo mucho ❤❤😍
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun 17 soat oldin
I love Psych!!🍍
TheGamingWolf 19 soat oldin
This is the same thing I experienced...
IllAmigo 19 soat oldin
I'm convinced Ed Oxenbould and Billie Eilish are the same person
Алиса Воронина
Это,наверное, единственный или же один из редчайших комментариев. Потому что он на русском. Меня никто не поймет из кучи английских комментариев. Но я просто хочу сказать,что я угораю со слова cocky! 🤣Русские поймут,потому что по русски это каки,а каки-это какашки! 🤣 Глупо,но всё же. 🤷 (Русские! Отзовитесь! Если вы здесь,то залайкайте этот коммент,чтобы америкосы думали,что тут что-то умное! 🤣)
Reese Potato.Chipz
Reese Potato.Chipz 20 soat oldin
Omg Billie is perfectttttt
Sesly Williams
Sesly Williams 20 soat oldin
Billie Eilish is a certified G
Leon Mayne
Leon Mayne 21 soat oldin
Geordie La Forge has entered the chat.
Saffire _Playz
Saffire _Playz 21 soat oldin
Hey u should Collab with Alec Benjamin! (it's a good idea Billie)
TheLivingLemon! 23 soat oldin
On point, yes! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
The Hub
The Hub 23 soat oldin
pause at 0:16 at the right time
Hannah 1571
Hannah 1571 Kun oldin
okay i’m straight and all but billie eilish could get it 🚫 🧢
Hannah 1571
Hannah 1571 Kun oldin
are we gonna ignore the fact that she’s fucking 15 in this!!😍😍
Mari Kat
Mari Kat Kun oldin
*loren has left the chat*
Castle Miner
Castle Miner Kun oldin
Plus I would be you because you don’t care about what people say about you.i love your voice!
Castle Miner
Castle Miner Kun oldin
Me: Some people copy you because your super cool and a good arti- Billie: yes
Catalina Veron
Catalina Veron Kun oldin
I love Billie ❤️ and i made a cover of copycat if anyone is interested 🤗
MomoxCatz Kun oldin
She doesn’t even need auto tune I’m-
Abigail Redding
Abigail Redding Kun oldin
psych was a good show for real!
Harveen Sidhu
Harveen Sidhu Kun oldin
Me and my friend went to a school dance and we told the person to put on Billie eilish songs
JD xxx
JD xxx Kun oldin
So Loren Gray Please die, Billie is lots better than you you're just a big bitch who is copying Billie (:
Loser Boy
Loser Boy Kun oldin
03:58 this is for T-SERIES
Pia Petersen
Pia Petersen Kun oldin
Damn, I always thought she said sike and not psych😱
human person
human person Kun oldin
Pia Petersen same thing
Da Humanturtle
Da Humanturtle Kun oldin
*zoey lily left the chat*
espe Kun oldin
the fuck is a resting bitch face
espe Kun oldin
+human person did u just assume my gender
human person
human person Kun oldin
Ah, a male has entered our midst
Ellie Kun oldin
*Zoey Lilly has left the chat*
Elise McGowan
Elise McGowan Kun oldin
Loren gray and zoey lily have left the chat Lol
Tatocat Kun oldin
wait I literally love the show psych, its weird to say that on a song about someone being a copycat but fr thats show was sick as hell, being a fake psychic would be fun asf
Haylee McNemar
Haylee McNemar Kun oldin
where did the avocados go
Brooklyn Smart
Brooklyn Smart Kun oldin
its crazy how amazing she is 💕
Kayla ay
Kayla ay Kun oldin
I wanna know the cat that copied!!!
Ava Everything
Ava Everything Kun oldin
Billie: I don’t even like myself Me: FIRST OF ALL…
spill the tea
spill the tea Kun oldin
Shes one of the singers who's voices sound the same without auto tune am i right??
Fortnite Is better
"I'm your clone." *Puts gun to head* Oh really
AbyssalxBitch Kun oldin
i dont see any talent in this girl
laurex for lifee
She look Soo pretty and happy
ella rose
ella rose 2 kun oldin
no one gunna talk about how this video is 4:20 minutes
mekup life
mekup life 2 kun oldin
Is it for Loren Gray ?🙂
just someone
just someone 2 kun oldin
Do another one of these with Billie when the new album drops!!
Anime Addict
Anime Addict 2 kun oldin
*Billie Eilish has joined the conversation* *Autotune has left the conversation*
Leony lileo
Leony lileo 2 kun oldin
Zoey or loren???😌😌
Theriandra Malan
Theriandra Malan 2 kun oldin
This woman loves to sing...
Is she from the matrix?
Kiara Fysh
Kiara Fysh 2 kun oldin
Evan Guzman
Evan Guzman 2 kun oldin
Basically people just do exactly what I do” then she Millie rocks...HAHAHAHA Don’t get me wrong love this chick, just thought that was funny lol
Kayla Prasojo
Kayla Prasojo 2 kun oldin
*Loren gray has left the chat* :)
Estee Yankelevitch
Estee Yankelevitch 2 kun oldin
Genius, make a bury a friend version please please please
jillian kenyon
jillian kenyon 2 kun oldin
sHe DoEsNt EvEn KnOw WhAt AuToTuNe iS😭
Reese Messinger
Reese Messinger 2 kun oldin
*gacha people come in*
Scamper Pampers
Scamper Pampers 2 kun oldin
Billie: There’s this girl that keeps doing everything I do Me: *cough cough* Loren *cough cough*
zoey eliason
zoey eliason 2 kun oldin
i don't understand how one person can be so talented. she is beyond amazing.
HydraLord1221 2 kun oldin
She just has a flat ass girly voice. This isnt talent. This is fucking toxic to the point where even youtube commenters can relate. Someone with a high level of talent would be Robin Williams (a genius who was ACTUALLY depressed), or Eminem, or anyone who isnt billie eilish
ew abl
ew abl 3 kun oldin
Gacha life is quakIng
Tea Spilled
Tea Spilled 3 kun oldin
*Zoey Lilly has left the chat*
Myah Rojas
Myah Rojas 3 kun oldin
I love it
Fuck names-Gacha
Fuck names-Gacha 3 kun oldin
Billies bro: So how sassy and serious would you like this to b- Billie: Yes
Hollyn 3 kun oldin
One of geniuses last good interviews
Neko Vlogs
Neko Vlogs 3 kun oldin
Oh no! Billie lovers! Every like is a tea for Bille so that voice never breaks
Wannabesquidward 58
She looks blind as hell with those glasses
raincoversweeping 3 kun oldin
Only she can pull this outfit off. And the song too, but that’s Billie you know.
Marcooni 3 kun oldin
the i be flossin kid is in the intro lol
christina ho
christina ho 3 kun oldin
Loren Gray is quaking
MC M JACKSON 3 kun oldin
Minha esposa e linda né gatona thuca 😍😍🤤🧛🏾‍♂️🛸🏦🗼🏡⛲🌃 maravilhosa e te amo
Mudo 3 kun oldin
Love 1:48
Amara Mezo
Amara Mezo 3 kun oldin
Auto tune has left the chat
Ashley19910 3 kun oldin
*_Copycat has left the chat_*
dysn dysn
dysn dysn 3 kun oldin
@ Virgos
Billie doesn’t need autotune No autotune doesn’t Billie
Loren this for you.
*basiclly people do the same shit I do and I’m like CAN YOU NOT!?*
Justice Smith
Justice Smith 3 kun oldin
This girl breaks my heart =( she is so great but she doesn't know and she says deep STUFF everyday (keep it friendly I'm 11)
Jung Aria
Jung Aria 3 kun oldin
She the best at genius and she lit
kyle 3 kun oldin
Can we just appreciate about how beautiful she is??
raeray90 3 kun oldin
Robot Fobot
Robot Fobot 3 kun oldin
There’s very few singers I respect, but she is definitely one that I respect.
Munchy the Wolf :3
Munchy the Wolf :3 4 kun oldin
Legit thought it was auto tune Billie doesn’t need auto tune *auto tune needs Billie*
Maya Elizabeth
Maya Elizabeth 4 kun oldin
Yesenia Acosta
Yesenia Acosta 4 kun oldin
Anyone notice the video's 4:20 long?
That guy Ryan
That guy Ryan 4 kun oldin
“Ion like seeing one person at a time” 😂
can i speak to your manager
Billie got those future vision glasses
Miss Frito
Miss Frito 4 kun oldin
*everyone’s so fake that they don’t even pretend they’re not fake* damn Billie spittin factsssssss
Linh Chi
Linh Chi 4 kun oldin
Cough cough zoey lily
Abby Beckley
Abby Beckley 4 kun oldin
My friend does that too when I say I like something she says I like it too then I say jk then she says yeah I don’t really like it
Sadie Occena
Sadie Occena 5 kun oldin
I thought it was cut my grandma
Josie Reeves
Josie Reeves 5 kun oldin
When she was saying how "Psych" is a good show, I was thinking "Yes, yes it is." It really is though, I love that show👌
😈Lynx Reaper😈
Things that don’t exist: Good UZvidrs in 2019. Many good Genius lyrics interviews. A bad Billie Eilish song.
Abunazim Nazim
Abunazim Nazim 5 kun oldin
Who she talking bout
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