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Billie Eilish - Documentary | Up Next

Billie Eilish
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This documentary was filmed in collaboration with Apple Music as part of Billie Eilish's "Up Next" campaign in October 2017.




7-May, 2018



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Natalie's McCray
Natalie's McCray 19 daqiqa oldin
Wasn't 30 seconds in the video yet but already hit the like button
rejecter 45 daqiqa oldin
marry me
Uniquely Adyson
Uniquely Adyson Soat oldin
i have depression and anxiety but we don’t have enough money to get help. billie helps all the time with her music. i really wanna die but there is a slight chance i wont because of billie. i need help though. i love everyone except me so much and i wanna die. love you billie keep fighting. 💋
Emma Skorstengaard
Emma Skorstengaard 2 soat oldin
I want to give you the biggest hug I can give
이수민 5 soat oldin
She is amazing... Billy Eilish is the same age as me and the same sex, but she is very different from me. That doesn't make me jealous. Because her beliefs and her music tell us why she is loved. As a Korean fan, I will cheer for her forever as I grow old with Billie Eilish. I love you Bilie~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please excuse me for wrong grammar or language.😂
kelsey & freya’s vlogs
anyone here from when she released her song wish you were gay.... well 4:01 is a part from it and this is recorded in may 2018
Lillian Wallin
Lillian Wallin 6 soat oldin
CIelo Melendez
CIelo Melendez 6 soat oldin
I feel ur pain so much Billie and I admire u so much... I've been bullied since I was 9 or 10 and I haven't lived with my dad since I was 10 and I've been heartbroken a lot and used a lot so yea I wanna give u a hug right now so much
ines_ 1210
ines_ 1210 8 soat oldin
Halima Sadi
Halima Sadi 11 soat oldin
I wish i could have parents like that
Sara Leah
Sara Leah 12 soat oldin
Her music makes me feel like I’m not even in this universe when I’m listening to it ✨ it’s so calming
Julia Barboza
Julia Barboza 13 soat oldin
Billies Music is my life😢
The Tea News
The Tea News 14 soat oldin
Who thought this was a song lol
Samuel Hernandes
Samuel Hernandes 18 soat oldin
Who else cried when Billie almost did it?
Jason C
Jason C 20 soat oldin
Seeing how hurt she was when she could not dance anymore. Onions. She’s so amazing at such a young age and so is her brother.
Eva Peeps
Eva Peeps 21 soat oldin
When can I hug her?
HazelNut Teddybear
HazelNut Teddybear 22 soat oldin
I cried when she cried
Liah Low
Liah Low 23 soat oldin
When I am really sad once again I listen to her music. It helps.♡
jaeminwife nct
jaeminwife nct Kun oldin
Her mind is so interesting tbh..
Tikokito Kun oldin
I want to give you a hug
Cali Reardon
Cali Reardon Kun oldin
she is so inspiring.
Aunyai Cansler
Aunyai Cansler Kun oldin
yes she make me cry
emina brezak
emina brezak Kun oldin
I love this.This make mi 😭
Mary Heart
Mary Heart Kun oldin
in 4:08 why is there wish you were gay so early
the eye of Wisdom.
Beats spon 😎
KarenHaw Jr
KarenHaw Jr Kun oldin
1:04 “Hi hieh” 😂
Katherine Jackson
My heart❤️
sophia xxx
sophia xxx Kun oldin
This is kinda controversial in a way... how her mom talkls abour her childhood and how she does
Nicole Raskin
Nicole Raskin Kun oldin
you saved my life
brokensouls -
brokensouls - Kun oldin
shes 17 now, to the comments saying shes 16.
Lilly Maurin
Lilly Maurin Kun oldin
This is soo beautiful ❤️😍
Billie is the only monster i want to live inside my head.
LionGirlAliya Kun oldin
Okay why did everything happened to her happened to me But the only thing Im shy singing or even posting my songs
M K Kun oldin
when she started crying I wanted to shoot myself, omg Billie no
Neha Rustagi
Neha Rustagi Kun oldin
Its inspiring
Mari Chan
Mari Chan Kun oldin
What a beautiful light
Mohan Lakhani
Mohan Lakhani Kun oldin
I know I am super late in this vid but it is so touching and heartwarming and you get to see the beautiful Billie behind her beautiful songs
Evellyn Da Rosa
Evellyn Da Rosa Kun oldin
Liz Kaiser
Liz Kaiser Kun oldin
Billie is soooo amazing 😍😍😍
EDMTML Films 2 kun oldin
My brother and I have IT and Finance parents. Our Art was looked upon as a destructive distraction. It's honestly heartbreaking. I now have my own son. I vow not to make the same mistake. He can pursue whatever he wants. Doctor, lawyer, singer, painter, carpenter, dancer, whatever makes his heart happy.
iiUxiqxe 2 kun oldin
One day, Billie will be as rich as Kylie Jenner and give her family everyone they deserved since the day Billie was born. I can’t wait!
Susannah Dudash
Susannah Dudash 2 kun oldin
I thought Billie was writing a song called documentary. Am I the only one?!?
Maddie Clements
Maddie Clements Kun oldin
Susannah Dudash OMG SAME
Igor Gorelik
Igor Gorelik 2 kun oldin
Fun .
shaw tea
shaw tea 2 kun oldin
My 1st song of hers was bury a friend and I was like wtf is wrong with this bleep and like a curious kitty I am I listened to her tracks that were about killing people and then I realised it was more feelings and a whole bunch of shit then I watched this video and now I love her like a hundred time more than no did when I 1st heard her music
Lunga Nyezi
Lunga Nyezi 2 kun oldin
Ofcourse she can dance. what can't she do? honest question
Saroosh Ali
Saroosh Ali 2 kun oldin
She is pure like a crystal.
I I 2 kun oldin
Ok, she really should do a colab (if that’s even how you spell it) with her brother
MissMakD 2 kun oldin
lol but billie eilish is wayyyyyy better of a singer than me though and i prob wont become a famous singer so i guess its pretty different lol
ITS PEYTON 2 kun oldin
AHH SHE JUST GOT 9.M subs!!!!😫😫😫🤩🤩🤩
MissMakD 2 kun oldin
dude shes literally me but older lol the only way i can deal with my pain is music and singing which means a lot of music and singing cuz i have a lot of pain
ItsSarah Bb
ItsSarah Bb 2 kun oldin
If you search “is Billie Eilish” it will say on one of them “is Billie Eilish dead” Who asked that
Shtz & Giggles
Shtz & Giggles 2 kun oldin
This reminds me of a child of mine...bless your heart billy...I get it..so damned familiar it raises hairs, I never knew were hairs were there’s! (I was warned not to listen to this, irony got in the way, for sure it did❗️
Yan Fernandes
Yan Fernandes 2 kun oldin
Por fvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ALGUÉM LEGENDA ISSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! E SE HOUVER ESSE VIDEO LEGENDADO ME INDIQUE!!!!!!!!! ME MARQUE, SLA. SO QUERO SABER MAIS SOBRE ESSA Moça maravilhosamente anormal que me encanta!!!!!
Jesse H
Jesse H 2 kun oldin
It’s weirdly awesome to be the same age of a musician I listen too I’m still impressed by her talent and ability to form a music career
Jordan Hay
Jordan Hay 2 kun oldin
I love your music I so want to meet you💕 your amazing
sam johnson
sam johnson 2 kun oldin
waiting on the movie documentary of her and finn😭
Lillie Painter
Lillie Painter 2 kun oldin
Billie dosent need autotune. Autotune needs her
Lisa Detavernier
Lisa Detavernier 2 kun oldin
i almost cried bro i love her so much
Alechk4 2 kun oldin
Of course you wear your iWatch while you play the guitar (3:31)
Melis Livia
Melis Livia 3 kun oldin
i feel u❤️
Emily Trejo Solis
Emily Trejo Solis 3 kun oldin
Ella Haim
Ella Haim 3 kun oldin
I want a hug from her
Goci 〈3
Goci 〈3 3 kun oldin
its funny that people get amazed at 13 year olds singing, when there are ten year olds like me who sang since the second grade and not everyone gets the chance to be noticed because of the shallowness of this world
Aeva Blasick
Aeva Blasick 3 kun oldin
I wish Billie an x made a song together but it's to late😭💔💔💔
Maria Rod Westergaard 7Y
she cried... i did not except that! but it's okay. i got injured in my knee so i can't do soccer
brokensouls -
brokensouls - Kun oldin
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson 3 kun oldin
How the fuck is she 16?
Kimmy Here
Kimmy Here 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who ship them :
Izzy McClain
Izzy McClain Kun oldin
Kimmy Here who
theoatmilk 3 kun oldin
clāire røsē
clāire røsē 3 kun oldin
Billie is a *Queen* who couldn't like her?
hena sardar
hena sardar 3 kun oldin
Her crying was so sad i cried with her
Psych Btch
Psych Btch 4 kun oldin
I love this girl so much 😭❤️❤️
Amrita Davies
Amrita Davies 4 kun oldin
She reminds me of me so much when I was young,I used to just dance when I was depressed but I can’t dance for shit 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ so it was just a way to express myself and get me out of my mood,I don’t do it anymore because I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago,it went 6 months ago but I still have lung issues from the Radiotherapy,Just so surreal to see how far she came from being so depressed 😍👏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 So So Talented ❤️❤️❤️
Grace 4 kun oldin
2:58 she was so young
Özlem A.
Özlem A. 4 kun oldin
Her music is not that good. And I don't think she's that creative either. She probably works hard, but she has to work "smarter", I think.
Nolwazi Mhlongo
Nolwazi Mhlongo 4 kun oldin
I love Billie Eilish!
remy butler
remy butler 4 kun oldin
Wait so now she can’t dance anymore?
How to Know
How to Know 4 kun oldin
You never cease to amaze me
Hanan Abubaker
Hanan Abubaker 4 kun oldin
does this video give a sneak peek of "wish you were gay" ??
Ancilla ayu
Ancilla ayu 4 kun oldin
This should be a fox documentary movie!!!!
Aliejha Cullick
Aliejha Cullick 4 kun oldin
5:29 don’t stop dreaming babe
Giaco Kroll
Giaco Kroll 4 kun oldin
wish you were gay at 3:59
Maddie K
Maddie K 4 kun oldin
If I got a hug from Billie I would be so much happier ❤️❤️❤️
Lynn C
Lynn C 4 kun oldin
What beautiful people.
Cooking Skinny
Cooking Skinny 4 kun oldin
You have lived such a wonderful life!
Lucy 4 kun oldin
lols i wish i was talented
Lindsay Blanchard
Lindsay Blanchard 4 kun oldin
Billies songs hit me hard cause they always have a powerful meaning she has become my idol and seeking her background shows how strong she is!
Dave Bostock
Dave Bostock 4 kun oldin
Seems like a really lovely family. I hope she realises how special and helpful her music is and how much it will be helping people, it certainly helps me. I've not found any music with real feeling and emotion for a long long bloody time
Olivia Hughes
Olivia Hughes 5 kun oldin
OCEAN EYES! mah fav song, I also like wish u were Goya and bury a friend but I like ocean eyes the most it’s so positively sad but weird when I say it’s positive, I’m loosing mah mind, just don’t mind me plz?..
M&MSisters 5 kun oldin
i feel like Finneas doesn't get enough credit.
Olivia Davies
Olivia Davies 5 kun oldin
Bellyache has always been my favourite song. And probably always be, because I started liking billie eilish a long time ago.amd I remember her blowing up massively, but bellyache has always helped me. Idk why.
nicklenn n
nicklenn n 5 kun oldin
0:26 *twlight has entered the chat*
TRIBBIANI 5 kun oldin
😭♥️♥️♥️♥️ Billie Is The Best!Point.😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ziarah 5 kun oldin
Ria Singh
Ria Singh 5 kun oldin
This killed me! I love you billie
Caly Freschacon
Caly Freschacon 5 kun oldin
Wow ..
leyla grey
leyla grey 5 kun oldin
Damn i just love her so much
03. Clara White
03. Clara White 5 kun oldin
Alicia Cox
Alicia Cox 5 kun oldin
Billie ellish you're my hero and rolemodel when I'm older because I want to be a singer and I'm busy writing and singing my own songs
Claudia Lee vL
Claudia Lee vL 5 kun oldin
you are so inspiring ...
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