Billie Eilish - Fingers Crossed

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Picture by CC Weske:
[Verse 1]
In the end, when they're all gone
When the world is silent and the days are long
Just you and I, we'll be alive
We made it on our own
'Cause everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody wants to think they won't
'Cause everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody seems to think they won't, they won't, they won't, they won't
[Verse 2]
Baby, I'm still alive but my heart is beating slow
Baby, tell me I gotta know
Are you okay? You seem too far gone
Infected, standing there all alone
'Cause everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody wants to think they won't
And everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody seems to think they won't, they won't, they won't, they won't
The best of me, the best of me is you
The best of me, the best of me was you
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Ladum, badum, mmmm




22-Apr, 2017



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ChillMusic 2.0
ChillMusic 2.0 7 oy oldin
Watch the lyric video here: uzvid.com/video/video-fJSLi59VXcE.html
ChaoticPyrrhus04 2 soat oldin
She gives me these Twenty-One pilots vibes that I can't quite explain.
ChaoticPyrrhus04 2 soat oldin
She gives me these Twenty-One pilots vibes.
Petition to make Billie release this song as a single
Annaliis Noomen
Annaliis Noomen 9 soat oldin
fun fact im crying to this song because her voice is angelic
Cute But Psycho But Cute
So underrated! Why? Becouse now s**t is popular... sorry :(
andypandy 106
andypandy 106 Kun oldin
Jow Kun oldin
Why is this song not on spotify goddammit
i noticed one side of her face (if you cover the other side) looks happy, the other side sad
Gabby Williams
Gabby Williams Kun oldin
teens these days: tik tok and being disrespectful Billie as a teen: making art and being absolute perfection
Kawaii Cow
Kawaii Cow Kun oldin
She doesn't look 12 in this, she just looks beautiful
Andrea Tejeda Orozco
it sounds really crazy when billie said that she wrote this song when she was 12 and she do it about the walking dead
goopley Kun oldin
Billie is so pretty in that picture~
Diego Mertiser
Diego Mertiser 2 kun oldin
She's so pretty
Sayori lel
Sayori lel 2 kun oldin
yo I actually found her through this song! I was one of the ogs ig
Soju소주 2 kun oldin
What An Angelic Face
audrey fish
audrey fish 3 kun oldin
Lowkey need this on Apple Music more than anything
9: 37
9: 37 4 kun oldin
her music is art to my ears. If perfection was a sound she is what it would sound like
Aniya's Corner
Aniya's Corner 4 kun oldin
Billie kinda looked like Tate.. please dont tell me im trippin
Gacha Nacho
Gacha Nacho 4 kun oldin
Dang, I haven't realized how many songs she has.
Russell Flatt
Russell Flatt 5 kun oldin
Idk how but Billie has the siren song. I absolutely love her voice she is my fav artist and she is my idol. Thank you for your music Billie Eilish.
emi 20137
emi 20137 5 kun oldin
3:09 7w7
shit Bull
shit Bull 5 kun oldin
In the end
Laroiidz Art
Laroiidz Art 5 kun oldin
She needs to officially release as a single asap it’s amazing and I want it in my iTunes library rIGHT NOW
Aruni Jeevananthan
Aruni Jeevananthan 6 kun oldin
the beginning sounds the tiniest bit like The Lion King but really slowlt. Anyone agree??? 0:43
Michael Valenzuela
Michael Valenzuela 6 kun oldin
Damn . In speed 0.75 is really depressing
Sasha Jones
Sasha Jones 7 kun oldin
She sounds so young 😭
aliiine 35
aliiine 35 7 kun oldin
can we just take a look at the dislikes hahaha
Izzy Romero
Izzy Romero 7 kun oldin
how have i not heard this until now??????
LUSTROUS M0N 7 kun oldin
I love the picture
Érika 9 kun oldin
She looks like a Targaryen, bro
lisajasmint 10 kun oldin
i always listened to a song: copycat now a year later i find out that my fav song writer is billie ♥ lmaoo
Wolf 10 kun oldin
*we can hide from the new fans here*
Kylie R
Kylie R 11 kun oldin
This is one sick song about the walking dead lmao
Retr0 something
Retr0 something 12 kun oldin
This should've played when Rick died
Amber's An Artist
Amber's An Artist 12 kun oldin
God shes improved 😍😍😍
Skye Jimenez
Skye Jimenez 12 kun oldin
you can really tell how much her voice has matured
Zakiya Mamba
Zakiya Mamba 12 kun oldin
Follow me please
jiashaina 12 kun oldin
IVXY wHy? 12 kun oldin
0:35 om gosh that part gave me chils on how good it was and how smooth it was!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111
stupid kids
stupid kids 13 kun oldin
Cause everybody makes potatos~~
Chris Croley
Chris Croley 13 kun oldin
Her talent-singing My talent-...nothing
Sayori 13 kun oldin
My favorite song by her✨
It's Eliza Duh
It's Eliza Duh 14 kun oldin
I dont know why but this song always makes me cry. Im sure its because of twdg. Everytime i hear this song it just reminds me of Clem and Lee and Kenny. How Clem grew up.... I just listen to the words and start to get emotional. The get a lot of flashbaks of the game.
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson 14 kun oldin
One of Billies most underrated songs 🗣
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 14 kun oldin
I don’t give af if this was written by a 12 year old or a 60 year old, this is a sick song. Great lyrics, great structure, melody, production. Everything.
Hardik Khade
Hardik Khade 14 kun oldin
Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connel is best.
Sami Cobb
Sami Cobb 15 kun oldin
just now heard this song in 2019 omfg I've missed out!!!
Kj L
Kj L 15 kun oldin
She made this when she was 12!! wth i’m 11 and i still sing baby shark parody’s
jod125 15 kun oldin
Why isn't this on spotifiy?! 😥
Alexie Poulin
Alexie Poulin 16 kun oldin
So good
Elinor Will be famous
Katie Brown
Katie Brown 17 kun oldin
I’m 13 and the biggest thing I’ve done is outsmarted the 2 smartest people in my class last year ONE time 😭
megha singh
megha singh 18 kun oldin
Her face is perfect
Natalie Poe
Natalie Poe 18 kun oldin
This so beautiful
ILikeBananasXD 19 kun oldin
She looks so beautiful
Данна Приходько
Билли ❤️
xxDePrEsSeDxxJuLiAnAxx 666
Sub to Pewd ;)
Ali0The0King 19 kun oldin
Should be the ending song of hopefully Portal 3
Vanessa Heimuli
Vanessa Heimuli 20 kun oldin
I was just watching vamp diaries, and this song so went with the episode I was watching lmao
Lil Paw
Lil Paw 21 kun oldin
kocham too 💜
Pietra Nunes Dorati
Pietra Nunes Dorati 21 kun oldin
Muito bom melodia para os meus ouvidos...
Nick B
Nick B 21 kun oldin
her eyes are gorgeous
Nick B
Nick B 17 kun oldin
theres just one problem shes overrated now, since everyone listens to her she's not as unique as before. But she's still the best
Minnie Ann
Minnie Ann 20 kun oldin
Beautiful ocean eyes
FabiAnanas 22 kun oldin
This is so great wtf is happening
Billie i love u Babee
Fun fact: Billie wrote this when she was 12 and it's about The Walking Dead 🙌
all tea, all shade, all pink lemonade
12- fingers crossed 13- ocean eyes 14- idk 15- finished album 16- concerts and shows 17-new album (soon) and concerts
Danielle Gomez
Danielle Gomez 23 kun oldin
Billie Eilish is so freaking gorgeous I am over here like ಠ_ಠ HOW YA DOIN?
ashley xavier
ashley xavier 24 kun oldin
Hmm only 1 mill views tf Ohh the other 8 mill is from me 💓💓💓💓💓💓
KVOZ 24 kun oldin
Fuck you Kim! ...Fake!
Olivia Sharpe
Olivia Sharpe 24 kun oldin
This needs to be in the walking dead and there needs to be a music video on it.
Annie’s YEET productions
On TikTok I gave u a shout out on fortnite_gamergurly Billie Eilish
bitch tf
bitch tf 25 kun oldin
I have the phatest crush on her
No name
No name 25 kun oldin
iłamuni Lemøn
iłamuni Lemøn 25 kun oldin
I cried, not even gonna lie
Emerson Star
Emerson Star 25 kun oldin
I made a pixel art of this picture and I never really listened to the song until now. I added an animation of flowers growing out of the bush and through her mouth while she closed her eyes and I think it was very fitting...
Maya awesome
Maya awesome 25 kun oldin
billie can: sing, be pretty, be famous i can: eat foods, sleep, be an antisocial lonely hated middle schooler, and oh, I can also FUCK UP MY LIFE :))))))00
Random Person
Random Person 25 kun oldin
I remember listening to this and being like I have to tell everyone abt her, even though some ppl said “she won’t make it” (only one person) ha loser look at her now
Rosie Lmao
Rosie Lmao 26 kun oldin
Lily Baltazar
Lily Baltazar 26 kun oldin
cause everybody makes it til they don'tttttttttt
Izzy the Turkey Studios
Does anyone know the key or the chords? Don't have perfect pitch lol
The duke show & the whole grain breadsticks
OMG I am just in love with her voice😍😍😍
Fortunate Olifant
Fortunate Olifant 27 kun oldin
its not on itunes :(
sanni bee
sanni bee 27 kun oldin
Am i the only one who got goose bumps listening to this song 😍😭 ?
Anday 34
Anday 34 28 kun oldin
1:35 (Verse2) 'Baby, Are you okay?' The most beautiful verse in the song, OMG 2:33 (Post-Chorus) 'The best of me is you' The most beautiful verse in the song, number 2
Life Imitates Art
Life Imitates Art 28 kun oldin
No u Lol
No u Lol 28 kun oldin
I’m only 12...this is making me want to become a literal zombie so I can have songs like this dedicated to me lol
Yuh a chill dude
Yuh a chill dude 29 kun oldin
Fun fact about me: I’m currently 12 and I’ve had 13 private auditions with people who have gotten the golden buzzer, And I’ve done a cover on this song! 🤞
Boris Osmanov
Boris Osmanov 29 kun oldin
My cousin loves bille eilish
cux throat
cux throat 29 kun oldin
ae this a real banger no spam like and share ill really preciate it 100 @cuxthroat uzvid.com/video/video-klvcHAbsAzI.html
Bruno Maia
Bruno Maia 29 kun oldin
Que vibe boa parceru alguém em 2019?
Ghost Shadow
Ghost Shadow 29 kun oldin
Disturbed Entity
Disturbed Entity 29 kun oldin
Why is this literally the best song I have ever heard? Oh, I know. It's because it's Billie Eilish.
Akua Mprah
Akua Mprah Oy oldin
Listening this song is like watching a movie where everyone is just dying.....Lol, Billie, why you doing this to me?
Magpie Fairy
Magpie Fairy Oy oldin
Her eyes are TRULY ocean eyes in that photo omg she’s so pretty agghhhh
Sadie- Harlow
Sadie- Harlow Oy oldin
Itsyagyalcharlotte Xx
Why isn’t this on Apple Music??
Silky Oy oldin
"just you and i'll be alive" wow, i would be in heaven then
Fml_stange Oy oldin
why is this not on Apple Music? D;
Bünyamin Güngör
Who’s here 2019 and thinks this one is SOOOO underrated?
riley s
riley s 9 kun oldin
Sarah Nagi
Sarah Nagi 11 kun oldin
xbillie Oy oldin
she's so adorable
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