Billie Eilish - Fingers Crossed

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[Verse 1]
In the end, when they're all gone
When the world is silent and the days are long
Just you and I, we'll be alive
We made it on our own
'Cause everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody wants to think they won't
'Cause everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody seems to think they won't, they won't, they won't, they won't
[Verse 2]
Baby, I'm still alive but my heart is beating slow
Baby, tell me I gotta know
Are you okay? You seem too far gone
Infected, standing there all alone
'Cause everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody wants to think they won't
And everybody makes it 'till they don't
And everybody seems to think they won't, they won't, they won't, they won't
The best of me, the best of me is you
The best of me, the best of me was you
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Ladum, badum, mmmm




22-Apr, 2017

Billie EilishFingers Crossed



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ChillMusic 2.0
ChillMusic 2.0 5 oy oldin
Watch the lyric video here: uzvid.com/video/video-fJSLi59VXcE.html
Sabrina Camara
Sabrina Camara 59 daqiqa oldin
orgulho de poder acompanhar o tanto que ela cresceu
Star Light
Star Light Soat oldin
This song is way too underrated .
issabella 4 soat oldin
I got chills
Eliyah Borland
Eliyah Borland 4 soat oldin
Yeah I liked the part when she said "fingers crossed"
Luccihisstöh 4 soat oldin
sorry i thought that was khaleesi for a second.
Bengisu msp
Bengisu msp 9 soat oldin
lil cattee
lil cattee 23 soat oldin
*cause everybody makes its potato*
Ballin Balgruuf
Ballin Balgruuf Kun oldin
“We’ve all done the worst kinds of things, just to survive. But we’re not too far gone.”
Its_izzyYT Kun oldin
Your Main
Your Main Kun oldin
I love you! Billie
Jaylin c
Jaylin c 2 kun oldin
This is about the walking dead lmaoooo
Ernest Re
Ernest Re 2 kun oldin
Kocham ją
gabriel silva
gabriel silva 2 kun oldin
Namoral to apaixonado nessa música ,😍😊🎵🎶
Hazem Khalifa
Hazem Khalifa 3 kun oldin
Maya 100100
Maya 100100 3 kun oldin
Girl: do even want to be with me forever? Boy: no Girl: do you even like me? Boy: no Girl: would you cry if I walked away? Boy: no She heard enough and was hurt..... she walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grabbed her arm Boy: your not pretty.. your beautiful Boy: I don't want to be with you forever... I need to be with you forever Boy: I don't like you... I love you Boy: I wouldn't cry if you walked away.. I'd die if you walked away. Boy whispers: plz stay with me Girl: I will *tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you *something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm *Tommorow it could be anywhere *get ready for the shock of your life *if you don't post this to 5 other videos... you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years
Hann Smit
Hann Smit 3 kun oldin
She looks so peaceful in that pic.
Jocelyn Martinez
Jocelyn Martinez 3 kun oldin
Who’s listening to it 2019?😂
sxdvibes 3 kun oldin
This song is so underrated
Klaudia Miros
Klaudia Miros 4 kun oldin
left side of her face is depressed and the right side is the most happy billie you'll ever see :D / she's amazing, love her
S K 4 kun oldin
0:40 makes my titties quiver
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 4 kun oldin
yea same
Super 100
Super 100 4 kun oldin
She literally wrote this when she was five... how
Elsa 4 kun oldin
2019 anyone??
gano excel
gano excel 4 kun oldin
Ana Luísa Souza Santos
Ana Karent
Ana Karent 5 kun oldin
forever love my little billie
Just another bean
Just another bean 5 kun oldin
RazClaudeSad 5 kun oldin
And again, it seems to me that somewhere I heard it, I can't understand
ExperienceClass 5 kun oldin
wow jawline
stephanie soup
stephanie soup 5 kun oldin
Wait is this a real song cuz I cant find it anywherr else
Ali The Potato
Ali The Potato 6 kun oldin
I'm 17 and my talent is watching Netflix Billie is 17 and her talent is: Singing, being cute, beautiful, singing at a instrument and much more. The only instrument i play is my chips bag when i try to get a chips out. OOF
exosion creepers
exosion creepers 6 kun oldin
That first song is good
brook'lynn sanders
brook'lynn sanders 6 kun oldin
you can hear the youthfulness in her voice and it really shocks me how far she has come and matured since then
m 6 kun oldin
*she. was. twelve.*
Tiffanye e
Tiffanye e 7 kun oldin
This song sounds like apocalypse. I love it.
Boo 7 kun oldin
The fact that this is about the walking dead has me shook, Billie is full of twists and turns 😂
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
She was 12 when she sang this I'm 9 and my talents are... Drawing, pianist , sleeping and ....eating mole 😂
Wherearetheavacodos •
Oml the fact that we’re like around the same age makes me feel so talentless 💀 I mean listen to this wonderful women!!! I mean have you ever hear the word “blah blah blah” be sang so beautiful 😍 I feel some type of connection with her and her music hits me no other artist can! She’s amazing if you don’t like her... OPeN YOUR EYES AND EARS listen she’s going thru pain rn PLeASE JUST LOVE HER!!!! 🤧🤧😭
Abby Royall
Abby Royall 8 kun oldin
did you know that this song is about zombies and was inspired by her favorite tv the walking dead?!?
honey splash
honey splash 8 kun oldin
lmao ik this was definitely inspired by twd but i just noticed that lines in the song are directly from the show .. im so slow
Shook Dawson
Shook Dawson 8 kun oldin
This is my favorite song of her and also board
Paige S
Paige S 8 kun oldin
I know she made this when she was like 12 and it was about a zombie apocolypse but I still love it😂😂
Kiara Djoumessi
Kiara Djoumessi 8 kun oldin
Sienna Gomez
Sienna Gomez 8 kun oldin
All I did was look in her eyes for 10 seconds and I started balling 😪
Amenities guest
Amenities guest 9 kun oldin
Who else just sees her moving cause you really want this to be a video instead of a picture? Come on, I know it’s true... Guys? I know where the door is.
NickGram4 9 kun oldin
This needs to be on twd.
Ameilia Merhair
Ameilia Merhair 9 kun oldin
Can you believe that she wrote this when she was 12 !!!!!!!! 😶♥️
Ulysses Arao
Ulysses Arao 9 kun oldin
She wrote this song in inspiration to her favorite TV show 'The walking Dead.' She said the song is zombie themed.
Ellis Wickwire
Ellis Wickwire 9 kun oldin
I know this song is about walking dead but I also kinda get stranger things vibes
Muhd Aizat
Muhd Aizat 9 kun oldin
“we’ll be alive” sounds incredibly beautiful tho ✨