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Billie Eilish Funny Moments Part 1

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17-Avg, 2017

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TheCryingGame. Yil oldin
Gacha Ash
Gacha Ash 3 kun oldin
TheCryingGame. YAY! ❤️💙💜
Anduena Ramadani
Anduena Ramadani 4 kun oldin
Can someone tell me whats her snapchat
Guadalupe Hernández
Alguien que hable español?, No bueno :v
Isabel C
Isabel C 10 kun oldin
TheCryingGame. Fr??!?
Billie's Mom
Billie's Mom 11 kun oldin
TheCryingGame. SHE DID
Dionna❤✌😍 2 soat oldin
0:00 to 0:15 god trying to pull me up
LASTKID 8 soat oldin
Блеен, мне так нравится язык Билли Элиш, прямо не могу...
the demon _CCG
the demon _CCG 9 soat oldin
1:45 why does she put everything in her mouth?lamoooooooo
Danika Eads
Danika Eads 14 soat oldin
4:35 is that a demon¿?
Yee ha sWaG
Yee ha sWaG 18 soat oldin
Billie is a big mood!!
Naomi Fisher
Naomi Fisher 18 soat oldin
Being a celebrity doesnt change who she is i like it
Adaya McCoy
Adaya McCoy 23 soat oldin
Billy left the chat
Caffeinated Lizard
The ultimate r u lesbian test impossible xd
Navi Chauhan
Navi Chauhan Kun oldin
1:42 so that was disturbing
May Anne De Guzman
She like a child >_
Drago sharp
Drago sharp Kun oldin
Omfg is it bad i look at billie and i see my sister...litteraly if they met they would be bffs😂😭
Emma Haswell
Emma Haswell Kun oldin
Beautiful Independent Loyal Leader Idol Entertaining
Yuliana Ramos Diaz
Ay dios que preciosa eres mi amorr ☹️☹️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Paige Gabrielle
Paige Gabrielle Kun oldin
Billie eilish, the queen of weird ass faces
Allison 2 kun oldin
01:20 song?
Tbh_ .Foreva
Tbh_ .Foreva 2 kun oldin
Chase Paul
Chase Paul 2 kun oldin
Billie Eilish 2.0 😂. 3:54
BTS X TWICE 2 kun oldin
0:16 me when my mom wakes me up for school
Cierrah Williams
Cierrah Williams 2 kun oldin
shes so mood xD
Yadira Burgos
Yadira Burgos 2 kun oldin
This girl are crazy...but I lovet!!!!
potato potato
potato potato 2 kun oldin
Happy Billie makes me cry ❤️❤️❤️
Pizza Gurl
Pizza Gurl 2 kun oldin
4:11 I can relate....that to mah self when i hear Billie's song!
Andrea Rodríguez
Andrea Rodríguez 3 kun oldin
Billie Ellish es una Diosa
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She make me wander why was I born so ugly 😂💔
S/ N
S/ N 3 kun oldin
hahahahah lol😂
Kratøs Brawl Stars
2019??I Love Billie💜
N O V A E D I T S 4 kun oldin
1:58 *”I’m signing some mf beans!”*
Chocolate Costa
Chocolate Costa 4 kun oldin
Ela tem síndrome de Tourette seus idiotas
Matehus Bahdja
Matehus Bahdja 4 kun oldin
Lindaaaaaaa😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Eu te amoo💖💖😔🙁
HelloWorld Msp
HelloWorld Msp 5 kun oldin
2:16 *Points middle finger* sIKE
alexandra puzanova
alexandra puzanova 5 kun oldin
song?? 2:15
Melany Hernandez
Melany Hernandez 5 kun oldin
Kari bsp i msp
Kari bsp i msp 6 kun oldin
so funny
XxMintyPastelzxX 00
What's the song at 3:06 i NEED to listen to it :,(
Najat Bendanoune
Najat Bendanoune 6 kun oldin
Dulce L i l
Dulce L i l 6 kun oldin
1:08 song?
Kyla Hearts
Kyla Hearts 6 kun oldin
Oh my god I’m looking everywhere to find the video when Billie was like “sir Bobbie” 😭
*aesthetic clouds*
*aesthetic clouds* 7 kun oldin
I love her nose so much lmfao
Tom Lehrer
Tom Lehrer 7 kun oldin
bazen onyedi sayısı seni üzer
Master Jão
Master Jão 7 kun oldin
Song Please 2:34
sam diazTM
sam diazTM 7 kun oldin
Malak -ملاك
Malak -ملاك 7 kun oldin
عربي 😭
CaptnJason 8 kun oldin
She is so silly in a beautiful way♥️
Child Of God
Child Of God 8 kun oldin
"Booty pics just look like u farting on ya phone"😂😂
Ana Beatriz Cangussu
Song plss 00:01?? Sou br aqui mds
xxx Frizoux xxx
xxx Frizoux xxx 8 kun oldin
All alone somewer !
Soy cringe
Soy cringe 8 kun oldin
2018: 11 mill.😍
Cry hearts
Cry hearts 8 kun oldin
Bye bye depression. This girl is very fuuny and beautiful!!
ihatechicken 8 kun oldin
I was listening to copycat without knowing that it was her 😍😍😍😍