billie eilish - limbo (lyric video)

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• Billie Eilish -
• Produced by FINNEAS -
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9-Noy, 2017

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Mrs. McNightmare
Bm, A, G, (add on because im tone death)
Assi 13 kun oldin
Mrs. McNightmar
toasty 17 kun oldin
Mrs. McNightmare dead
hannah faith
hannah faith 2 oy oldin
em ? +Hannah - Lisa
Alexandra Avery
Alexandra Avery 4 oy oldin
+Eh-Va Zimm thanks
Hannah - Lisa
Hannah - Lisa 7 oy oldin
Artistic Loser what are the three chords when she says “seven days” at 01:17
юпитер Kun oldin
it's "i'm not trying to save us anymore" not "say words anymore"
Linn Palmgren
Linn Palmgren Kun oldin
Am, g, d, dm that's what sounds best to me
Jelly C
Jelly C Kun oldin
Her songs are beautiful and have meaning
Mrlouie9870 !!!
Mrlouie9870 !!! 4 kun oldin
billie cures depression
payshance kaye
payshance kaye 4 kun oldin
oh gosh im late really late tooooo late
detective feline
detective feline 5 kun oldin
the lyrics are a bit off but i loveee this song
Popular Loner
Popular Loner 5 kun oldin
my favourite billie song reminds me all about him :)
Grace Hannah Beauty
She’s releasing an album soon and apparently this songs gonna be on it I’m so excited ❤️❤️
Laura Nass
Laura Nass 9 kun oldin
Lena pln
Lena pln 9 kun oldin
I cried while watching this
Nilia Olsen
Nilia Olsen 9 kun oldin
Lena pln
Lena pln 9 kun oldin
This song is sooooo good
aidan sims
aidan sims 10 kun oldin
best song by billie (:
lemons 10 kun oldin
i neeeeeeeed
lolzdolla 10 kun oldin
listen at 1.5 speed yeet
Jhalisa 10 kun oldin
Okay it is a fave someone explain to me why this wasn't released..
Susan Kutner
Susan Kutner 11 kun oldin
She is simply indescribable-
piano for juliet
piano for juliet 12 kun oldin
when you never cry but this song is too hard
•pizza pop•
•pizza pop• 12 kun oldin
omg I can’t waittttt 😭
Abhaya Trivedi
Abhaya Trivedi 13 kun oldin
release this song god dammit!!!!!!
Dante The Bread
Dante The Bread 13 kun oldin
you got some lyrics wrong ma boye
journey 13 kun oldin
billie needs to release songs like these this year! she has such a good voice and her songs are so meaningful ..
Emma Merian
Emma Merian 14 kun oldin
Play at 0.75x thank me later.
billie stan
billie stan 15 kun oldin
i don't understand myself: how the fuck can i love an unreleased song that much and i also hate myself for that haha...
Cassandra Speltz
Cassandra Speltz 15 kun oldin
this better be on the album
elemargonz Ober.
elemargonz Ober. 15 kun oldin
I wished this would be in Spotify 😭😭😭😭😭🤤😍
sincerely talia
sincerely talia 15 kun oldin
I’m just praising my queen😍😍
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 16 kun oldin
Ava Ware
Ava Ware 16 kun oldin
I stg if this isn’t on the album
011717 16 kun oldin
0.75 playback speed is AMAZING
Rita *Ooraa*
Rita *Ooraa* 16 kun oldin
*just release this already, Billie*
nafisaY x
nafisaY x 17 kun oldin
hope she releases this soon:/
Halla Issa
Halla Issa 17 kun oldin
I’m crying 😫😫 I love it 😊
samantha morse
samantha morse 17 kun oldin
tO whO evEr DisLiKed i JuST waNnA tALk
Rida khan
Rida khan 17 kun oldin
I can't wait for her new album in 2019!!! 😭😍💖💞
bailey rhae
bailey rhae 17 kun oldin
i'm so excited for this to be on her new album!!
Kendall Brown
Kendall Brown 18 kun oldin
It sounds like a mixture of Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez! Just me..okay then...
Sonia Ajdini
Sonia Ajdini 18 kun oldin
In Loop
Savannah Zimmerman
Savannah Zimmerman 18 kun oldin
I can feel what she’s feeling. Literally
Alexandra Sharbono
Alexandra Sharbono 18 kun oldin
she needs to release this
Bad Wolf DW
Bad Wolf DW 18 kun oldin
*Akimbo* : with hands on the hips and elbows turned outwards (Google)
Max Allen
Max Allen 19 kun oldin
give me ur sweater hold my hand tight
Max Allen
Max Allen 19 kun oldin
well that was beautiful
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish 19 kun oldin
Roselyistt Art
Roselyistt Art 19 kun oldin
If you love me let me go .....
Magic Margo
Magic Margo 19 kun oldin
This needs to be released holy shit
Emma miner
Emma miner 20 kun oldin
shes perfect
Zrob 20 kun oldin
It's 1am, start of a new year, I'm sad and tired mentally at the same time. And I think I like feeling this way....
Μαριος Κνιαζιδης
To the people that disliked: Next time when you hear a song.. Don't play the song without volume
Savannah Cook
Savannah Cook 21 kun oldin
Play this in 1.5 speed. Absolutely amazing 🥰