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Billie Eilish - LOVELY (Lyrics) ft. Khalid

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Hey ! Guys.
So, this video is about lyrics for a beautiful song called " LOVELY ", originally by Billie Eilish feat. Khalid.
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25-Noy, 2018

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Fikrlar 175
Tuaha Scott
Tuaha Scott 6 soat oldin
My mums watching TV or cooking, brothers doing homework or playing fortnight, step dad probs fixing something. Me Listening to this song Listening with headphones guys
Galaxy Cookie
Galaxy Cookie 14 soat oldin
I adore this song soooooo much!
Rox ales
Rox ales Kun oldin
2019 ❤️
Naomi Arlet Canaza Balderrama
Español?? Tío se me pone la piel de gallina siempre que la escucho 😍
Celebrity In Disguise
When she says "heart made of glass, my mind of stone" i think of the guy in spongebob born with paper skin and glass bones and it makes me even sadder 😭😭😭
Nikuuu Ni
Nikuuu Ni 2 kun oldin
Nikola 4 kun oldin
Elif Dilem
Elif Dilem 4 kun oldin
Best song★♡
layne Liry
layne Liry 5 kun oldin
hello welcome home
Sara MNT
Sara MNT 5 kun oldin
I love this song!!!!!
Paloma Mendez
Paloma Mendez 5 kun oldin
2019? Anyone
samira kartal
samira kartal 6 kun oldin
gabrielly Cristine
gabrielly Cristine 6 kun oldin
Amo muito essa música
Liva Fencker
Liva Fencker 7 kun oldin
In another lyrics it says 'skin and bone'
Sohana Rizal
Sohana Rizal 7 kun oldin
Billie eilish is so cool
coisas diversas
coisas diversas 8 kun oldin
I can not stop listening to billie songs.
A.S.M.R Awesome . Super . Mag . Roblox
Isn't it lovely All alone Heart made of glass My mind of stone Tear me pieces Skin to bone Hello, Welcome home
Ashley Orduno
Ashley Orduno 9 kun oldin
You guys are the best I love you Billie I really want to meat you☺🖤🖤🖤🖤
Seprenittii_Roblox 9 kun oldin
Same xD
Watee_Thailand channel
I like this song SOOOOOOOOO Much!:3
Marina Ordóñez
Marina Ordóñez 9 kun oldin
This song is so sad.... But I love this💜
shafiqa Makkawi
shafiqa Makkawi 9 kun oldin
The best song i heard before
Danny Danish
Danny Danish 9 kun oldin
I really want to hear Zayn sing dis kind of song
sofia kalleg
sofia kalleg 10 kun oldin
I love it so much ❤❤
Adrianna Gryner
Adrianna Gryner 10 kun oldin
Ugh..i'm sad 😟
LleenaIsMyName! Look at Mah Face!
Why is this giving me *Hunger Games* vibe? 😂
Ariel Eman
Ariel Eman 10 kun oldin
It’s walking out of town not walking out of time sorry 😐 it was Bothering me
Eunice Silva
Eunice Silva 11 kun oldin
l loved this song l met her on the app like so l saw it on UZvid and listen once more than the other
STARz Letsplay
STARz Letsplay 12 kun oldin
Your channel is great not gonna lie
Susan Kutner
Susan Kutner 12 kun oldin
Karen Herrera
Karen Herrera 12 kun oldin
January 2019? I love this song💖 I tried to sing this song but i sing HORRIBLE
Elias Chowdhury
Elias Chowdhury 13 kun oldin
Do Ro
Do Ro 13 kun oldin
This is to Amazing for words❤️❤️
lilliey Denn
lilliey Denn 13 kun oldin
iana Ilinskaya
iana Ilinskaya 13 kun oldin
Я одна русская?
Z.A. kanal
Z.A. kanal 14 kun oldin
There's a video about that on my channel.
Miih _05
Miih _05 14 kun oldin
squishy kookie
squishy kookie 14 kun oldin
Love this song 💙💙
UMA ARMY QUALQUER 14 kun oldin
UMA ARMY QUALQUER 14 kun oldin
I love this song 🖤🖤
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 15 kun oldin
Oliver & Elio brought me here 😍❤😍 thank you guys 💞👌🏻💞
Rip Prince X
Rip Prince X 15 kun oldin
I love Billie eilish 🔥♥️
BangtanGirl 05
BangtanGirl 05 16 kun oldin
Isn't it lovely?
Ashley Orduno
Ashley Orduno 17 kun oldin
Billie is my idol ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nie ma nazwy
Nie ma nazwy 17 kun oldin
This song is so beautiful! When I listen to it, I start to cry .. Wonderful !!! ♥
Brunna Risuenho
Brunna Risuenho 17 kun oldin
Sakura Uchiha
Sakura Uchiha 17 kun oldin
though i found da wae
Aeris Kim
Aeris Kim 17 kun oldin
Chanyul brings me here
Dat Adam
Dat Adam 18 kun oldin
subscribed ❤️ do you like khalid?😂
kayla zavala
kayla zavala 20 kun oldin
lol this song is just for me because I literally only have two tones of my voice and that is really deep and kinda high