Billie Eilish On Fame, Working With Khalid & 'Don't Smile At Me'

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Billie Eilish shares what it feels like to be famous, how her "Lovely" collaboration with Khalid came about and the frustrations surrounding her age.
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16-Noy, 2018

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Geoff McLay
Geoff McLay 4 kun oldin
Her tics be firing up lmao
Red Salad546
Red Salad546 4 kun oldin
How can she be such an inspiration and such a normal teenager at the same time..? Th.. Bil be my friend please 🤣
Kenedy Elise
Kenedy Elise 4 kun oldin
I keep forgetting she is 17
mari lebus
mari lebus 6 kun oldin
I had depression when I was 11-12 lol
Kebdy b
Kebdy b 7 kun oldin
Bro, her eyes are unreal
BTS is so trash
BTS is so trash 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one who hears My Boy in the background?
I gOt dEm jAmS
I gOt dEm jAmS 9 kun oldin
she really out there making erryone fall for her without makeup ;(
:v Pollo frito
:v Pollo frito 10 kun oldin
I love you
Margarita Del Jardín
3:24 3:32 6:39 lol. i love her
ItzRay 15 kun oldin
she's so precious she must protected at all costs
ihascookie forever
ihascookie forever 16 kun oldin
Billie said there are so many 16 yr old 15 13 14 and idk why everyone is so bombed about me and I said because your voice is amazing than all the others
ItsMeVenice 29
ItsMeVenice 29 16 kun oldin
3:37 thats totally her tic but she played it off easily
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 16 kun oldin
k i m t a e t a e
k i m t a e t a e 17 kun oldin
6:40 i love the way she moved her eyebrow, OMG, she's perfect like the rain
Apple Cake
Apple Cake 2 kun oldin
k i m t a e t a e a tic
Ксюша Кириллова
Love lovee loveeeeeeeee I love you
Cody Clingan
Cody Clingan 20 kun oldin
I'd rele like to have seen her n xxxtentacion do a song like to see her n Halsey work together at some point too
Willie Taggart
Willie Taggart 20 kun oldin
She’s such a little over privileged wigger She think she deep
LA ONU Y F.B.I 21 kun oldin
Sindrome tourette I LOVE YOU BILLIE EILISH
Kate Barriscale
Kate Barriscale 22 kun oldin
I had a weird dream where I met billie and sang for her and she made me famous and we were best friends and then all my not famous friends got sooooo mad at me cause I 'forgot' them. So I had to make the most sad decision ever witch was to continue being famous but never talk to my best friends again and be truly depressed or go home and be with my best friends but forever regret what I gave up. this dream happens almost six months ago and I still haven't made a decision. Can u?
Avocado Pirate
Avocado Pirate 22 kun oldin
She was yawning. Dude are you asking questions or writing an essay? ET Canada needs to find better interviewers.
laylay squad
laylay squad 25 kun oldin
I seen some of her tourettes on this but anyway Billie is an amazing singer and she is very smart and I love her sm and I just love her style and her music is always just stuck in my head 😁🙃
uriely beautiful
uriely beautiful 26 kun oldin
7:16 me describing myself
Sara Rose
Sara Rose 29 kun oldin
this is the day i met her and i just realized they are filming this in the exact spot i met her around it like there’s the merch i remember. i was probably waitinf outside in the line while this was happening omg
Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands Oy oldin
What is a DM an why him Mr Billie 🎶
Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands Oy oldin
I must have forgotten what it is like being a toddler. No memory. How rude are the people to make noise. Who is him??
that quote about a toddler feeling heartbreak from a stubbed toe is a really good point
Kayla LaCoste
Kayla LaCoste Oy oldin
7:15 me at anyone who doesn't like billie eilish 😂
The Unicorns
The Unicorns Oy oldin
idc about age super much. i mean im lowkey jealous because she is better than me, but taylor swift made it so ive seen it before not THAT cool
Copy Cat
Copy Cat Oy oldin
I love her too much 😍
Josie Purvis
Josie Purvis Oy oldin
she definitely has a sound... but i coudln't describe it either. it's just billie.
void acc
void acc Oy oldin
what a remarkable human
LïL Drïppy
LïL Drïppy Oy oldin
Lil xan who
Kiyah Goodwin
Kiyah Goodwin Oy oldin
Billie had multiple tics😔I kinda feel bad but I no it's not a big deal 1:58
Kiyah Goodwin
Kiyah Goodwin Oy oldin
3:50-4:00was bad to
Zex Onyx
Zex Onyx Oy oldin
She's incredibly powerful
TruthOrDare WithPizza
I'm down for whatever she wants lmao I fucking love her! even if it's to clean her damn house,I'd do it
Dorian Wainwright
everyone makes such a big deal ab her tics but literally they’re so mf attractive to me like just another thing to drool over
Rotem Balas
Rotem Balas Oy oldin
Am I the only one who read "Don't Slime At Me"? This is how it works when you have a little sister😫
Apple Cake
Apple Cake 2 kun oldin
Rotem Balas smile* lol
Mathilde Oy oldin
6:52 beauliful angel xD
Abdulkadir Mohamed
She is beautiful and I like her songs
Maria lwom
Maria lwom Oy oldin
Billie putting heart into the answers and interviewer just sounds like he’s there to be an interviewer and not a human friend
Kevin Ison
Kevin Ison Oy oldin
Can vegans have pizza?
zoeymanae Oy oldin
I think she has a sound its called Billie Eillish and Finneas
iam Jenna
iam Jenna Oy oldin
She is my idol she made me sing and write song and yes we don’t fit in any category we are amazing my school saw me write her lyrics and said it’s not school appropriate idk how but it put me to tears she thinks like me much love for you Billie 🥰❤️
NannersLife Oy oldin
Rosie Nigri
Rosie Nigri Oy oldin
Her concert was so good jfkfjfkkdhkjfjdj
chantelle Watson
I could literally hear billie talk for ages.. she’s so beautiful and precious id love to sit with billie and have a long ass conversation with her, she helps me sleep because of her beautiful voice. Literally wouldn’t be anywhere if I didn’t know about bil. I love you. ❤️
lily taylor
lily taylor Oy oldin
They're playing my boy in the background
ησяα Oy oldin
im gonna pull an all nighter to watch all videos that have billie in them
morgan d
morgan d Oy oldin
i love her sooooo much omg shes so pure
Maia Davis
Maia Davis Oy oldin
I’m happy that she talked about her Tourette’s but I don’t understand why people put them out🤨