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Billie Eilish - party favor (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing party favor. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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Azarie Morris
Azarie Morris 5 soat oldin
Tini GAPP 7 soat oldin
I keep thinking this gives me such a pity party vibe
i am solo 7
i am solo 7 17 soat oldin
Billie has helped me through my depression. Oml
Angelina Johnson
Angelina Johnson 18 soat oldin
Oops I forgot to subscribe, this frickin angel hell of a person Love ya Billie ❤️❤️❤️
Meraiah Addie
Meraiah Addie 23 soat oldin
Can you get this comment to 1k ?😂 I’m not forcing you to like this so ya
Anonymous Pug
Anonymous Pug Kun oldin
Larissa Costa
Larissa Costa Kun oldin
Juan Estrella
Juan Estrella Kun oldin
I wanna get a message from Billie, like if you do to
itz febe
itz febe Kun oldin
This had to be my voicemail
Amanda Kállai
Amanda Kállai Kun oldin
AWWW 2019???
LuuᄆᄆMy Tienᄆ
Such an aesthetic song! *to me*
A A Kun oldin
I think I broke the re-watch button
AmBeR GnozaWDW
AmBeR GnozaWDW Kun oldin
this song reminds me of happy things!😁😘
Adrielle Machado
Adrielle Machado 2 kun oldin
Só vim por causa do vídeo dos gatinhos 🌝🌸🐾
Day full Of dream
Day full Of dream 2 kun oldin
through the intire song was like omg those boots are killer i neeeed them in my life
Adichu Pikachu
Adichu Pikachu 2 kun oldin
dude its my birthday today and i am listening to this on loops waiting for that happy birthday D':
Anna Licastro
Anna Licastro 2 kun oldin
This song is so amazing and it makes me so relaxed and calm and I just love it
ヅJasmine 2 kun oldin
Chickens Mean good
Chickens Mean good 2 kun oldin
*plays wrong note* Billie: wait, let me try again *Plays from beginning and repeats 200 times*
Strummer Kash
Strummer Kash 2 kun oldin
This is my favorite song right now! My dad loves her 😂
Yø Fam Yeet Skeet ARMY Clique
She just stole everyone's minecraft boyfriends
Isha Gupta
Isha Gupta 3 kun oldin
*No one's going to read a book backwards anyways*
Ñýąň_ ķpøp
Ñýąň_ ķpøp 3 kun oldin
f y o u d o n t s t o p i l l c a l l y o u r d a d
rheasmulti 3 kun oldin
*i h a t e t o d o t h i s t o y o u o n y o u r b i r t h d a y*
Tree Bee
Tree Bee 3 kun oldin
So Gorgeous, thank you Billie.
Elizabeth Quezada
Elizabeth Quezada 3 kun oldin
totally forgot ab this song tbh. but i love it 🥵
Nomi Vlieri
Nomi Vlieri 4 kun oldin
This is the birthday song I turn when my b-day cake comes out of the kitchen
Shannon _ 12357
Shannon _ 12357 4 kun oldin
I never thought someone could use ‘Blah blah blah’ so beautifullyyy
Gaba Gaba
Gaba Gaba 4 kun oldin
Boże uwielbiam ją ❤️
Sammy Gonzales
Sammy Gonzales 4 kun oldin
This has hints of Melanie Martinez no? Or am i tripping?
Moch Fiqri Adriansyah
my kind of birthday
yos vindra
yos vindra 5 kun oldin
I have to download every single of songs she made
albieplayz 5 kun oldin
One of my favorite songs, Also quite emotional. Billie, you are my fav singer so keep up the good work!
cooldude 12345qwe
cooldude 12345qwe 5 kun oldin
play the song back words
camlpbdt_ camlpbdt_
*cries in korean*alexa...play despacito.
Jair Folleco
Jair Folleco 6 kun oldin
i loveher
Lord Awesome
Lord Awesome 6 kun oldin
me when my friend hasn't talked to me in 1week:
Abigail Howe
Abigail Howe 6 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue I'll like my comment Like no one else will do
Eaagaming &otherthings
W Wh Who Who a Who am Who am I Who am I kidding I'm too lazy.
Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom 7 kun oldin
Nonsense billie not dog poop
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer 7 kun oldin
B Bi Bil Bill Billi Billie Billie E Billie Ei Billie Eil Billie Eill Billie Eilli Billie Eillis Billie Eillish Billie Eillis Billie Eilli Billie Eill Billie Eil Billie Ei Billie E Billie Billi Bill Bil Bi B
kianashea 7 kun oldin
Love this song so muchhhh. I made a cover of it, check it out if you want xx have a nice day :)
Chickens Mean good
Chickens Mean good 7 kun oldin
Why does she sound so innocent but the lyrics tho...
It's._.miche24 S
It's._.miche24 S 8 kun oldin
i was listening to this on my birthday so she said happy birthday to me
Animation Is My Nation
Manuelito 2002
Manuelito 2002 8 kun oldin
The girl I loved was the one that first made me listen to this. I dont regret it, but I cry everytime because she didnt say good bye in the proper way. ❤💔
Viviane Ye Yi Chan
Viviane Ye Yi Chan 9 kun oldin
This doesn't sounds like a Dark-Pop-Star-Song.
Humberto Lizardo
Humberto Lizardo 9 kun oldin
i love you Eilish
Sayori 9 kun oldin
you just want what you can’t have... *m e b i t c h*
EdgeLord Sicko Bomba
Ok this is a fact. Billie Ellish is good at singing any bad word.
The Perfect Pig
The Perfect Pig 9 kun oldin
I guess the party ain’t over
Hollywood Destined
Hollywood Destined 9 kun oldin
50 likes and on everything I’ll do a cover good thing nobody ever likes my comments
yumeq 10 kun oldin
said this was on the clean list- billie: you know that’s bullsh*t, don’t ya babe? my mom: *chankla
Angelina Cuello
Angelina Cuello 10 kun oldin
imagine if it was the wrong number..........
Luna Aderley
Luna Aderley 10 kun oldin
0:07 "Хэй, иди нафиг"XD
Min Min
Min Min 10 kun oldin
Juliana Contreras
Juliana Contreras 10 kun oldin
Love this song
Jamstqr 10 kun oldin
12Mill Views. Great Song.
Random Alien
Random Alien 11 kun oldin
Oh baby Jesus …… who els is feeling the McDonald’s vibes lol
study w me
study w me 11 kun oldin
Sometimes that life sucks
Erika Estrada
Erika Estrada 11 kun oldin
My birthday isn't till the 13 of August, but since this came out I've listened to it on my birthday and it did come out 3 days before my birthday so I first heard it on my birthday😊
Pickle Chan
Pickle Chan 11 kun oldin
I made a cover ❤️❤️❤️ Check it out
Tristen Naquin
Tristen Naquin 11 kun oldin
anybody get that Nevershoutnever vibe with this one???!!!!
Dîänå Mårtîn
Dîänå Mårtîn 11 kun oldin
This is my favorite song ever and that wont change
Diana Michelle
Diana Michelle 11 kun oldin
Billie Billie Billie Billie
Emily Chavez
Emily Chavez 11 kun oldin
Bish Fish
Bish Fish 12 kun oldin
So I have this friend and she is a COPYCAT but I decided to do her a PARTY FAVOUR so I bought her a LOVELY cake and some decor but she took one look at it and said that it looked like it would give her BELLYACHE. She was so rude so I got really annoyed and told her to jump in some fire &BURN so she turned around and said that her sister was going to BURY A FRIEND and asked me if I would like to be buried. I then turned around and saw her boyfriend. She screams “Finally MY BOY is here to save me from this bully!” ~ he went to hit me but then the girls sister came out and said “I love your OCEAN EYES: I WISH YOU WERE GAY!” She shocked them so much so I managed to get away. When I got home I wanted to watch more Billie Eilish but then my neighbor told me to COME OUT AND PLAY. I said no and told her about how a physcopath wanted her sister to bury me SIX FEET UNDER but she just shrugged and told me that WHEN I WAS OLDER I wouldn’t have cared and we would have been playing by now. She grabbed my cat and said she would hold it HOSTAGE. I was hella creeped out but I just went and played for about 5 minutes until she let my cat go. When I was leaving with my cat she then told me she collected BITCHES BROKEN HEARTS and how she wished I didn’t actually come and play with her because she thought mine would be the icing on the cake. If that isn’t scary I don’t know what is. 😂😨
Dika Andre
Dika Andre 12 kun oldin
Where’s the f lyrics
Sayori lel
Sayori lel 12 kun oldin
best song from dsam
Esha Banerjee
Esha Banerjee 13 kun oldin
When the party’s over says *c a l l m e b a c k* and she also made a cover of Call Me Back and this song also says “call me back” WHO IGNORED BILLIES CALL?!?!?!!!?!🛑🚫😡
Stud D
Stud D 13 kun oldin
Speed it to 1.25x and u will be hearing Melanie ur welcome 😭I love them both so much they need to collaborate.
Un spectateur comme les autres
-bili- -billi- -billy- *billie eilish*
Vally ADVENTURES 14 kun oldin
For some reason when I was listening to this I wanted to cry
Rainy Pretorius
Rainy Pretorius 14 kun oldin
Theory time! I think that party favour, when the party's over and bury a friend are connected, because she says in party favour she says that she's "sorry that she had to do it to him/her on his/her birthday" (wich I think sounds like her wanting to kill him/her on his/her birthday leading to bury a friend) and in when the pqrtys over she says that "I'm no good for you" leading to her feeling guilty for killing him/her. She also drinks that black stuff wich made her commit suicide. That leads us to bury a friend... In bury a friend she's in a different world (basically hell) and she haunts people who feel guilty about something... (also, she wears the same clothes in wtpo and bury a friend, wich leads me to believe that it was the same day that she was fetched and taken to hell) she gets injected with the same black stuff, therefore making her feel more guilty and mad. This is a dumb yheory but It just came up in my head :3
kendra ross
kendra ross 13 kun oldin
I am impressed... ...in a good way though!!
Nasti Boi
Nasti Boi 14 kun oldin
RIP my future airpods
Playing at Home
Playing at Home 14 kun oldin
Warum klingt das so ähnlich wie wab bab nur 1000 mal besser
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos 14 kun oldin
perfeito, perfect
GoGo Squeeze
GoGo Squeeze 14 kun oldin
[Intro] Hey, leave a message [Verse 1] Hey - call me back when ya get this Or when you've got a minute We really need to talk Wait - you know what? Maybe just forget it 'Cause by the time you get this Your number might be blocked [Chorus] "Stay" and "blah blah blah" You just want what you can't have No way I'll call the cops If you don't stop, I'll call your dad And I hate to do this to you on your birthday Happy birthday by the way... "It's not you it's me" and all that other bullshit You know that's bullshit Dontcha, babe I'm not your party favor [Verse 2] Look - now I know we coulda done it better But we can't change the weather When the weather's come and gone Books don't make sense if ya read 'em backwards You'll single out the wrong words Like you mishear all my songs [Chorus] You hear "stay" and "blah blah blah" You just want what you can't have No way I'll call the cops If you don't stop, I'll call your dad And I hate to do this to you on your birthday Happy birthday by the way "It's not you it's me" and all that other bullshit You know that's bullshit Dontcha, babe I'm not your party favor
Cecilia Melendez
Cecilia Melendez 14 kun oldin
This song was at the mall IM IN LOVEEE
Reeya kapoor
Reeya kapoor 15 kun oldin
I’ve listened to this to like seven times simultaneously trying to find the lyrics to this in the comments. Nobody really did that smh
Kai Sobstel
Kai Sobstel 15 kun oldin
I use billies music to drown the sound of my parents fighting and my older brother screaming at his PC.
saturnnfox 15 kun oldin
I really hope she actually sent the final version of this song, or sang the song to him on his birthday
Teresa Darc
Teresa Darc 15 kun oldin
i covered thissss :))
Ema Christine
Ema Christine 15 kun oldin
Why does this sound so much like Melanie Martinez 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Killer• TwT
Killer• TwT 15 kun oldin
I can't tell u why this song was stuck in my head for a whole month and I'm not complaining... Billie is my wife, got anything to say come at me Bros
Winde C.
Winde C. 15 kun oldin
U need to play uke more.
iCloudPerez 15 kun oldin
The beginning of the song scared me, idk why tho hehe
Atlanta Bharbiee
Atlanta Bharbiee 15 kun oldin
*if ''when the party's over'' had a baby*
Coraline The Coyote
Coraline The Coyote 15 kun oldin
Very true song
abbie 16 kun oldin
Such an underrated song tho
Emilia - Josefiina
Emilia - Josefiina 16 kun oldin
This is now my fewotite song thanks for making my day so amazing bechause of this song💗💗
Life Of Elle
Life Of Elle 16 kun oldin
This is such an underrated song. It is really good and it deserves more recognition
Etsy Shop
Etsy Shop 16 kun oldin
1 word beautiful
Yvette Buck
Yvette Buck 16 kun oldin
i just saw this comment from last year that i liked and it said " part of me wants billie to be my secret, part of me want her to be famous" and now shes soo famous and its sad because she seems so sad and i love her sooooo freaking muchhh.
Shay Squad
Shay Squad 16 kun oldin
Omg when the call came on it got so scared I thought some person 20× my age called I was so scared
Hannah DeLay
Hannah DeLay 16 kun oldin
happy birthday by the way
Emily Beatley
Emily Beatley 16 kun oldin
This came out on my bday lol 😂😁💗
Kaitlin van Lille
Kaitlin van Lille 17 kun oldin
What's scarier than the cops? Your dad 😂
Edith Ask
Edith Ask 17 kun oldin
(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Cactus 17 kun oldin
this is my message to myself for having a crust on someone who i probably wont ever meet.
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