Billie Eilish - sHE's brOKen

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Another story
Of girl meets boy
And gets destroyed
Another promise
Broken in two
The lucky view
Of fiction
Fade away, fade away
Teach me how to fade away
Another story
Of girl meets boy
He's okay
She's broken
He's the ocean waves
She's choking
Fade away, fade away
Teach me how to fade away
Another story
Of girl meets boy
So picture perfect
It can't be real
And all you feel
is numb
You see them talking
But hear no sound
To hit the ground and
He's okay
She's broken
He's the ocean wave
She's choking
(Don't need it, d-don't need it)...
Don't want it, don't need it, don't want it
Don't want it, don't need it, don't want it
Don't want it, don't need it, don't want it




11-Apr, 2017

Billie EilishsHE's brOKen



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ChillMusic 2.0
ChillMusic 2.0 5 oy oldin
Watch the lyric video here: uzvid.com/video/video-wKgMAm1009s.html
Deadlygamer Girl
Deadlygamer Girl 2 kun oldin
How do you make a song
Rxse 2 kun oldin
Im Trash, Like my Username Suggests
I remembered listening to this back in 2017 as a nightcore song and I fell in love with the song without knowing the artist, now its 2019 and I'm a fan of Billie Eilish and is in love with her songs... Damn
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 4 kun oldin
Why can't I find this on Spotify?
UnicornCookie123 4 kun oldin
sHE’S brOKen because sHE beLIEveD
ExperienceClass 5 kun oldin
her voice is very different in this one
Asya Dalin
Asya Dalin 6 kun oldin
Her voice is just so different omg
Phoebe Williams
Phoebe Williams 6 kun oldin
Are the vocals altered because it really does not sound like billie
Kendra lol
Kendra lol 6 kun oldin
this doesn’t sound like billie at all still like it tho.
Al Felice
Al Felice 7 kun oldin
The Stevie Nicks of the 21st Century - But All you... Unique !
iGasolyne 7 kun oldin
dont eat it d-d-dont eat it dont eat it d-d-dont need it
Annalise 7 kun oldin
How am I only just finding out about this song now
exosion creepers
exosion creepers 8 kun oldin
why I LoVe thiS sOng in 2 0 1 9
justbeingmaya 9 kun oldin
This does not sound like her at all
Budgies are Cute
Budgies are Cute 9 kun oldin
Girl: do you even want to be with me forever? Boy: no Girl: do you even like me? Boy:no Girl: would you cry if I walked away? She heard enough and was hurt...she walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grabbed her arm Boy: your not pretty...your beautiful Boy: I don’t want to be with you forever...I need to be with you forever Boy: I don’t like you...I love you Boy: I wouldn’t cry if you walked away...I would die if you walked away Boy whispers: plz stay with me Girl: I will tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you *something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm tomorrow it could be anywhere get ready for the shock of your life *if you don’t post this to five other videos...you will have bad luck in relationships for the next ten years
J Flare
J Flare 9 kun oldin
Omg she sounds different because I think she wrote this song when she was 12 or 13
caitlinhannah 2810
caitlinhannah 2810 10 kun oldin
Her voice is so different, I like it in this song and in other songs tho
Chenoa Hryniowiecki
Chenoa Hryniowiecki 12 kun oldin
just heard this song and its amazing gonna go find a one hour loop of it
Izzie Plays Roblox
Izzie Plays Roblox 13 kun oldin
Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes 16 kun oldin
Mano melhor música. Eae 6 tão bem? Brasil aqui 💛😂
killyxtr 17 kun oldin
Us in elementary school talking about heart break as if we knew how the world of dating and love works
Leyla LBBH
Leyla LBBH 18 kun oldin
Valeria González Cervera
WHY ISNT THIS ON SPOTIFY LIKE EJRIFEWJRGEHRJSDAHGFRENDSXK (edit: i liked my comment cause no one will)
tiki_ruru 1
tiki_ruru 1 19 kun oldin
she is such an inspiration. ugh me jelly
lock heart
lock heart 20 kun oldin
Her voiceeeeeee
Rakitico Pele
Rakitico Pele 20 kun oldin
ella no es Billie es un cover
Elo Brdy
Elo Brdy 20 kun oldin
I'm confused, at moments i don't know were you hear Billie but after i hear her voice i'm like oh my goddd Is this song made before she was known ?
imitation is the greatest form of flattery
the title is quite clever
Theora_likes_things *
Some parts sound like her but most of it doesn’t. I think this is one of her earlier songs and maybe she just didn’t know the way she wanted to sing yet. She’s said something like that in an interview before.
Noel LOVES FOOD 21 kun oldin
daym she can sing
Natashaxoxo A
Natashaxoxo A 23 kun oldin
She’s so talented 😭 If this gets 100 likes I will tell my ex bf I love him cuz I do :/
Ayla Parimore
Ayla Parimore 23 kun oldin
I started listening to this song after a really bad break up and other stuff and it really helped me through then I woke up this morning with it stuck in my head and I'm reminding why I love it so much
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 24 kun oldin
OMG c sounds like an angel and she's pretty like one too.(😇🧝)❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Aeva Nixt
Aeva Nixt 24 kun oldin
sHE 's brOKen All I get out of this is lit music and... HE OK I am sorry............
Ivana Espinoza
Ivana Espinoza 24 kun oldin
I love Billie eilish😄😄
Maddison harlow
Maddison harlow 25 kun oldin
i literally thought this was NOT her.. wow
Yuna Hina
Yuna Hina 25 kun oldin
Love it...
Rhiannon Purdy
Rhiannon Purdy 26 kun oldin
I never knew this was her.....
Taylor Mackenzie
Taylor Mackenzie 27 kun oldin
Why isn’t this on iTunes 😞
Elizabeth Henry
Elizabeth Henry 28 kun oldin
she kinda souns like miley cyrus
Heidi Kaistinen
Heidi Kaistinen 29 kun oldin
She’s amazing 😍🌟
vein Oy oldin
best song imo
Rida khan
Rida khan Oy oldin
Some point don't believe it's actually Billie... *IT'S HER!* He only reason is that she was 13 when she made this song, so beautiful! 😍💖
i still love u
LUCID!LEN Oy oldin
this sounds nothing like billie now woww
Elizabeth Henry
she's so pretty and talented! why wouldn't she want to be herself?
Stephanie Singleton
She's my star seed
Why didn't she release this!?!???!?!?!?!?! Blessing my ears
Bonni Conejo
Bonni Conejo Oy oldin
she . sounds so different than she does now