Billie Eilish: The True Story Of The Youngest Breakout Artist

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The Story Of Billie Eilish And Her Life Before Fame.
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The girl is a star and everyone caught notice the moment she posted “Ocean Eyes” created by her and her brother, Finneas, online...it raked in millions of listens and the rest was history. From signing to Interscope Records to becoming a fashion icon in her own right, there’s nothing stopping Billie. But what was she like before all this fame and praise? From aspirations of being a dancer, to artistic parents, and even being homeschooled, there’s more to Billie than meets the eye. Tune in to become a true ride-or-die fan of the young star Billie Eilish. Billie has now collaborated with some of the biggest names in the game, and she is open about her influences, such as Lana Del Rey...but beyond that Billie has a whole different side of her you won’t see while she’s performing. From songwriting to talking straight, this girl is so cool she may give you a “Bellyache”...see what we did there? TheTalko is going to take you to a time before Billie was Billie and how she rose to stardom and fame at such a young age: this is the Story of Billie and her life before fame.
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23-Dek, 2018



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RicardO JoeL
RicardO JoeL Kun oldin
Billie, Jesucristo te ama y también murió por ti. Espero que tengas un encuentro con él pronto.
Itsme Kun oldin
i feel like she got such a bad attitude tho
Lina Kun oldin
I like her brother and her bonding working together 💛
i still don't know why is she so depressed pleasee tell me
•Rose• cici
•Rose• cici Kun oldin
Her birthday is 3 day days after my birthday Tass and my birthday is also in December
I'm Futuristic
I'm Futuristic Kun oldin
Your voice is like a Disney character... it feels me irritate but I love it... So DAMN love it
Piotr Klimowicz
Piotr Klimowicz 2 kun oldin
0.11 Spiderman sign
Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson 2 kun oldin
Wasn't MJ the youngest breakout artist?
Maria Angeluz Vera Cruz
She so fucking crazy but Has a soft heart like her voice
AJ designs
AJ designs 2 kun oldin
geez inspired by Lorde much!? clone
Local U2ber
Local U2ber 3 kun oldin
One word Satanism 💁
Little Alii
Little Alii 4 kun oldin
VAIBHAVI SINGH 4 kun oldin
If you're a fan of our *awesome* content... Way to be modest people. 😶
Vinothvino Iglesias
SpoopEmoKid 101
SpoopEmoKid 101 5 kun oldin
The babadook? That's sucks. I thought it was something else
Celestial Disco
Celestial Disco 6 kun oldin
She’s not the youngest
Anvy 6 kun oldin
Wow I didn't realize how young she was! 😱
Selene 7 kun oldin
this video could be so much shorter
Danii Saahir
Danii Saahir 7 kun oldin
Sevenily Snape
Sevenily Snape 7 kun oldin
She sang Ocean Eyes when she was 13. When I was 13 all I know is how it feels to chew 5 gums
Josh K
Josh K 7 kun oldin
Funny how nepotism works
Richie Conti
Richie Conti 7 kun oldin
I am 47 yrs old and found the story to be very interesting. Why will she succeed? True to herself!!!.. honest with herself-honest with the world. All I can say is keep on keeping on young lady and may God bless you and your family on your journey!
muId Dot
muId Dot 8 kun oldin
can someone link the video she posted for her teacher, thanks in advance
Itz_yasii_ xoxo
Itz_yasii_ xoxo 9 kun oldin
Billie is such an Inspiration to young people. I Respect a Queen.
aesthetic 9 kun oldin
The only thing that I have in common With Billie is ... Her look. And A Little bit of her personality And i dont smile when im doing normal stuff i Just look normal And when Something funny happend I have the smile and laugh as Billie MY IDOL Thanks For reading ...~!
Sofie Rose
Sofie Rose 9 kun oldin
Purple PotatoChips
Purple PotatoChips 9 kun oldin
Please be happy Billie!
Wowtiktok Musers
Wowtiktok Musers 9 kun oldin
Talent left the chat 👹✋
Carlos  Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
I just learned who she is thanks to the hot ones hope she don't end in the 27 club
Nia 9 kun oldin
Okay. I love Billie, but she's not the youngest breakout artist. This title is dumb.
Notawhore 9 kun oldin
I always love to watch videos about younger talented people and how successful they become. It makes me so happy to see them having the right opportunities and have their talents nurtured although I low key get jealous. I was found being good at drawing when I was 6, wrote songs since I was 13, but without a good family background and any encouragement, my inspiration just died off
Notawhore 6 kun oldin
+Nia Aww you are so sweet. Even though I don't think I have time for that now, thank you!
Nia 9 kun oldin
Then hopefully she (and other artists) can be inspiration for you to do something with your creativity. 😊 You got this!
Caroline Swift
Caroline Swift 10 kun oldin
dude I read the title as “youngest breakfast artist” “the heck-”
Book Worm
Book Worm 10 kun oldin
1:48 colabroLAYIG
Book Worm
Book Worm 10 kun oldin
SWALHA IBRAHIMx 11 kun oldin
Where are the avocados
Darkest Wolf
Darkest Wolf 11 kun oldin
OH MY GOD , ME AND BILLIE HAVE THE SAME B-DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Midnight Mars - Roblox Gamer
I love that most teens are Rappers like the famous ones but she isn’t she has this gorgeous voice that sounds very girly but if you look at her she’s not girly at all
nermeen bastawy
nermeen bastawy 12 kun oldin
WTF....when she was 13 she wrote (ocean eyes) ....when i was 13 ....I was sitting in the sewers waiting for the ninja turtles to get out for me
among 98
among 98 12 kun oldin
I listen to her music often.
ASMars Bar
ASMars Bar 12 kun oldin
she looks like a younger Adelaide kane
Trinity Harjo
Trinity Harjo 12 kun oldin
What about Danniell Bregoli??
Alexander Van Do
Alexander Van Do 13 kun oldin
Billie Eilish 17: can sing, can dance, have millions fans, etc and me 17: still have no idea what to do after college.
Mr. November
Mr. November 13 kun oldin
6 ad breaks in a 15 min video lmao
Mogul Joe
Mogul Joe 14 kun oldin
0:03 I'm just glad that the title was clarified.
Adam Quinn
Adam Quinn 14 kun oldin
If Lil Xan was a chick.
Sean 14 kun oldin
Majestic Skittle
Majestic Skittle 14 kun oldin
Is it just me who noticed most of the flags were wrong at 2:26
Alyson Robertson
Alyson Robertson 14 kun oldin
Uhhh...hot take? Billie Eilish is this generation's Fiona Apple...
Wendy H
Wendy H 14 kun oldin
When the video mentioned American Horror Story reminded me that Melanie Martinez's song "Carousel" is in it. I really both Melanie and Billie they have some sort or creepy concept. I think they would make a good song together. I want them to colab
MAGARANG 15 kun oldin
When did Billie Eilish born?
Seksiumutcocuk -_-
Seksiumutcocuk -_- 15 kun oldin
Yo im 16 and just one year younger and I only play fortnite all day all night I don’t study or anything and SHE is a fucking millionair OMG
Kendra Coburn
Kendra Coburn 15 kun oldin
I am a fan of her so is my freind
Alexandria Trenier
Alexandria Trenier 15 kun oldin
I don’t like smiling but my parents would bug me if I didn’t
Alexandria Trenier
Alexandria Trenier 15 kun oldin
She’s only a teen?! She’s 18?!
D.O’H 15 kun oldin
She is cute as Hell but swearing like a sailor, come on.. At home talk how you like but in public and in an interview show a little maturity. It screams poor parenting.
sally theBoujee
sally theBoujee 16 kun oldin
"That's it, *Billie Eilish* is my new role model now."
tarianaamelia 16 kun oldin
12:22 is like total bs...if you had watched the vanity fair interview you had seen that she INDEED feels the pressure.. that it's worth it in the end.. but the pressure is freaking right there..
Sydney Rudisill
Sydney Rudisill 16 kun oldin
I was watching the babadook and I couldn't finish it bc I was terrified so creds to her 😂
JA914 AJ121
JA914 AJ121 16 kun oldin
Uhm, 2 more years and like other young artist, she will be dating guys one after another. Yeah, im talking about you guys, Justin and Taylor 😂😂
Huang Xian Wei
Huang Xian Wei 16 kun oldin
She's so matured even though she;s only 17
OjoMojo 16 kun oldin
Okay I'm sorry but you don't know what her whole life is...If you know what I mean...Sooo
ayaahvlogs 16 kun oldin
She's flexible 😱
• Jana •
• Jana • 16 kun oldin
I always wondered what made her so famous and "special" i mean to this day literally everyone knows her. Not saying she ain't great cause tbh idk her much & her lyrics are good but the music isn't my style tho. Still i wonder what ppl have with her, to me she ain't so different from a lot of teens nowadays. Idk anyone care to explain what the deal with her his, cause i just can't see it
• Jana •
• Jana • 9 kun oldin
+Nia I just still don't get how she is so hyped up and popular everywhere especially around famous artists. Meanwhile i do understand and agree with your point, her music is lyrically good and something else than what we get all the time nowadays. Seems a nice girl not gonna lie just not ma cup of tea
Nia 9 kun oldin
I think people just like her because she's a breather from the music we have out today (mumble rap, way too bubblegum pop songs, etc.) I like her, but I can slightly see how you wouldn't like her. I don't think her style/ music would be for everybody.
Kevin 16 kun oldin
not a woman. Still a teenager.
Mart David
Mart David 16 kun oldin
Ari Ghaznawi
Ari Ghaznawi 16 kun oldin
Eas and klass
Valkonnen 17 kun oldin
She's a good kid, but swears way too much. It's not a good habit.
Rahman G
Rahman G 17 kun oldin
But she looks so beautiful when she smiles...
Lopatino Bandito
Lopatino Bandito 17 kun oldin
Love love billie miya
Taco Zenpai
Taco Zenpai 17 kun oldin
Damn I can't wait until she's like 40 or something and is at the same level of like Madonna or Lady Gaga and is one of the legends
Zandra Bella
Zandra Bella 17 kun oldin
Love er one more sagittarius to the tables of fame ......
Alexandra Nieto
Alexandra Nieto 17 kun oldin
I love the Babadook
Renzo ivens
Renzo ivens 17 kun oldin
BELGIAN!?!?!? Proud of my country😊
MichelleMM4Chase 18 kun oldin
Billie Eilish is one year older than Jojo Siwa. Let that sink in.
Mario Meireles
Mario Meireles 18 kun oldin
Irish Eilish
Lemon Nation
Lemon Nation 18 kun oldin
She wrote Ocean Eyes when she was 13. When i was 13, i was having trouble with life and now im still am
Amara Berger
Amara Berger 18 kun oldin
1:48 did she just say collabordating?
Itz_ Ar
Itz_ Ar 18 kun oldin
Her world change November 18!!AYYYEE MY BIRTHDAY!!😉🌹😘
cakeguy withahat
cakeguy withahat 10 soat oldin
Itz_ Ar OMG
dave molloy
dave molloy 18 kun oldin
im cool
im cool 18 kun oldin
The wave of depression
Blurry Face
Blurry Face 18 kun oldin
Love how they said woman not girl because she’s so matured
King Kolbra
King Kolbra 19 kun oldin
Look at that cute little spawn of Satan awwwww
caryjulietate 19 kun oldin
Talented, creative and fortunate, This is perfect example of a strong will to survive facing the vanity of life. She is bound to go out in a blaze of glory or surrender to her divine purpose. She is a high value target in the spiritual war. I pray Satan doesn’t get her.
E R 19 kun oldin
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Im glad im not the only one who likes American Horror Story
Tatem Darang
Tatem Darang 20 kun oldin
Lil xan's elder sister?
Sakshi A. Khardekar
Sakshi A. Khardekar 20 kun oldin
Who likes her song bury a friend
s4il 20 kun oldin
billie definitely sold her soul to the devil and i love it
Rajeshwari.K.G K.G
Rajeshwari.K.G K.G 20 kun oldin
I turned 19 in 2019 is my inspiration
AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs
Her whole family is famous wow also billie i can sing and my put me in chorus to help my voice
AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs
I have been waiting because she makes great music
Carrara 21 kun oldin
Unpopular opinion: Billie Eilish’s style is unflattering and hideous and she looks like she’s on drugs in some pictures of her. (I still think she’s a very good singer, however).
Snowy Turner
Snowy Turner 21 kun oldin
OMG i love the song COPYCAT I had no idea she sung it ahhhhh that is one of my fav songs
Delilah Concepcion
Delilah Concepcion 22 kun oldin
If you have parents who are well known hmm chances are the kid will be too she just got lucky and was a hit !
Wait is This BTS
Wait is This BTS 22 kun oldin
I’m only 13
HanRueb 22 kun oldin
lmao I knew her when I was playing fifa.
Angrii Hippy
Angrii Hippy 22 kun oldin
She is a very stunning lucky talented young lady
Shirley Hayes
Shirley Hayes 23 kun oldin
All the time tables are so easy
Emilie's life
Emilie's life 23 kun oldin
Wait a sec...hold on. I am older than her? Omg that is kind of weird what am i doing with my live?😂 Right nothing...and she i so great💕💕💕
cakeguy withahat
cakeguy withahat 10 soat oldin
Emilie's life OMHG
Joey Lowery
Joey Lowery 23 kun oldin
Billie looks kinda funny with blond hair!!!!!!
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