Billie Eilish: The True Story Of The Youngest Breakout Artist

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The Story Of Billie Eilish And Her Life Before Fame.
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The girl is a star and everyone caught notice the moment she posted “Ocean Eyes” created by her and her brother, Finneas, online...it raked in millions of listens and the rest was history. From signing to Interscope Records to becoming a fashion icon in her own right, there’s nothing stopping Billie. But what was she like before all this fame and praise? From aspirations of being a dancer, to artistic parents, and even being homeschooled, there’s more to Billie than meets the eye. Tune in to become a true ride-or-die fan of the young star Billie Eilish. Billie has now collaborated with some of the biggest names in the game, and she is open about her influences, such as Lana Del Rey...but beyond that Billie has a whole different side of her you won’t see while she’s performing. From songwriting to talking straight, this girl is so cool she may give you a “Bellyache”...see what we did there? TheTalko is going to take you to a time before Billie was Billie and how she rose to stardom and fame at such a young age: this is the Story of Billie and her life before fame.
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23-Dek, 2018

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JasonIsBoredMovies 3 soat oldin
*Youngest breakout artist* not really my brother had an acne breakout a little earlier than her
Natalie Brady
Natalie Brady 4 soat oldin
If it's only physical it's not tourettes, it's a tic disorder. Tourettes criteria includes a vocal tic
Taylor taps ASMR
Taylor taps ASMR 16 soat oldin
Yeah but yall don’t realize how mf sad and depressed she is go watch her now and then 2017-2018
Avocado Pirate
Avocado Pirate 11 soat oldin
Sure but not as depressing as your comment, mf.
Dario D'aversa
Dario D'aversa 18 soat oldin
She's amazing
Ella_Potato _12
Ella_Potato _12 18 soat oldin
Is it bad that I only know her because of gacha music videos??... *Plz don’t kill meh 😑*
jamie N
jamie N 21 soat oldin
So she came from success and money so now she’s successful and has money ok
Avocado Pirate
Avocado Pirate 11 soat oldin
I see you don't have any talents.
it's gameing bro music and vlogsss
Meanwhile I can sing good but I do UZvid videos I don't have a girlfriend
Lærke Jensen
Lærke Jensen Kun oldin
She makes me believe myself.
kenzie jordan
kenzie jordan Kun oldin
billie should not be the face of tourette’s. when she admitted to keeping it a secret, she didn’t want people to think of her when they heard tourettes. making her the face of it is exactly what she DIDNT want to happen. good job, you really respected her wishes.
Peachy Moon
Peachy Moon Kun oldin
What's up with all of that ads?
Golden Roses
Golden Roses Kun oldin
Ugh her birthday is 1 day after me. Mine is December 17. 😔
GarageStudio Kun oldin
*"Youngest Breakout Artist"* so are we just gonna pretend that *Michael Jackson* never existed...
dayud B
dayud B Kun oldin
Billie can be anything but she cannot beat me at being A LOSER
Winter Animation
Bro November 18th is my birthday...
JoJo Siwa Sucks
JoJo Siwa Sucks Kun oldin
I don’t like her at all tbh
Lucy the gymnast
Billie is like meh idol OMG OMG OMG i was in chior when i was 9 and am starting to write a song but idk yet tho
Kailey Hall
Kailey Hall Kun oldin
billie eilish pirate baird o’connell so eilish isn’t her last name lol or...
Art house
Art house Kun oldin
no it is not
nf fan
nf fan Kun oldin
Nf and Billie should collab
lol cookie betty
I think she’s depressed now
No1 Some1
No1 Some1 Kun oldin
I love her ... She reminds me a female version of Lil Xan :)
Sydney Flowers
Sydney Flowers 2 kun oldin
My baby my baby my baby
Saoirse Cox
Saoirse Cox 2 kun oldin
JuanWild 2 kun oldin
You really know how to make me cry when you give me those ocean eyes
Anime Obsessed Girl
When she said that Billie had a thing for horror and Annabelle jumped out of nowhere it scared me 😂
Lara Delic
Lara Delic 2 kun oldin
she was my little secret.....but now the biggest.
Bane Ventii
Bane Ventii 2 kun oldin
me and billie eilish have the same bday lol
Panda Putie
Panda Putie 2 kun oldin
amazing quotes from billie in this vid! :)
Mary Jumawid
Mary Jumawid 2 kun oldin
I knew Billie's songs even before I knew her and now I really love her
Julia Libardo 2
Julia Libardo 2 2 kun oldin
I like her lips when she made a serious look
Agustin Arruti
Agustin Arruti 2 kun oldin
wrong ,she grew up in a family of musicians,making music since she was born all the time
Bella Guerrero
Bella Guerrero 3 kun oldin
She kinda quirky doe
Ryujin The Third
Ryujin The Third 3 kun oldin
So unique its not unique😂
Ruby Najera
Ruby Najera 3 kun oldin
All those horror movies she loves I've seen all of them
Sydney Cavender
Sydney Cavender 3 kun oldin
"litterally nothing matters, we're all gonna die"
Sydney Cavender
Sydney Cavender 3 kun oldin
i can play "ocean eyes" on the Ukulele!
TenSkyr 3 kun oldin
One thing she has and I don't is money, anyone can become successful with just enough inspiration and hard work. It's the things and requirements that one needs to show that they are talented. She grew up with money, me not so much.
Avocado Pirate
Avocado Pirate 11 soat oldin
She grew her talents and you did not.
Amandine Fabian
Amandine Fabian 4 kun oldin
When I only read ”Billie Eilish” and ”Breakout” I was thinking of Acne And I was like: ”HAH nope Must be the biggest joke ever” Girl she has the most clear and flawless skin I’ve ever seen
Marla’s Animations
She’s english Irish? 😱 me too 😁😂 but I was born in Amsterdam. I just want to be the Dutch version of Billie now.
Jennifarrgh PSN
Jennifarrgh PSN 4 kun oldin
Like Brittany Spears *insert picture of her sister*
Spiffy Sparrow
Spiffy Sparrow 4 kun oldin
Such a lovely voice
Josie Wosie
Josie Wosie 5 kun oldin
Well, I'm still doing nothing with my life.
Andrea unicorn
Andrea unicorn 5 kun oldin
Best 15 minutes in mah life XD I LIVE A SAD LIFE IM 12 AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I EVEN LIVE '-' HALP ME
shivangi dubey
shivangi dubey 5 kun oldin
OMG Billie and I share the same birthday
Big Kotas Gaming
Big Kotas Gaming 5 kun oldin
My birthday is on the 19th so we 1 day apart on our birthdays
SubscribeToPewdiepie 101
''TheTalko''. nah all I hear is ''TheTaco''
Sky lar
Sky lar 5 kun oldin
On her insta, Billie currently has 11.3 million fans
Luna_wolf Moon_chaser
I did not know she had tourette's syndrome i feel bad but i chant her on anyway. I dont smile either i think it is a waste of time and it hurts. I am a dark person myself and i prefer dark than light. Thats what comforts me. Im a mini Billie. My friends cant tell if im sad , happy or mad. Im bullied and im careless but idc how others think of me cause they can believe what they want to. I liked my own comment to comfort myself
Oh,hey it’s Me
Oh,hey it’s Me 6 kun oldin
She’s the *queen of HELL*🔥🤤🤤
Yumiko 6 kun oldin
Billie with 16: such a great cute person who can sing and dance so perfect Me now with 16: have a boring life, can nothing .. xD
Kawaii TV
Kawaii TV 6 kun oldin