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Billie Eilish, Vince Staples - &burn (Audio)

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Listen to &burn. ft. Vince Staples
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Music video by Billie Eilish, Vince Staples performing &burn. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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15-Dek, 2017



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Alyapixy L
Alyapixy L Kun oldin
March 2019 anyone??? Tbh this song is so fire imma be listening to it all year round.
Weirdo Dalya
Weirdo Dalya Kun oldin
This song was used for a Garnier commercial 😂❤️
akrobeau Kun oldin
That ladder looks like the App Store logo
Jorgiano Lopes Soares
Cool song 😍❤
jorja wootson
jorja wootson 3 kun oldin
If you have earphones take the right one out and listen to 0:20 then take the left one out put the right one on in listen to 0:20 again......
Avocado Army
Avocado Army 3 kun oldin
AppleYum Yum
AppleYum Yum 3 kun oldin
Is this just a remix of watch? Sorry I'm a new born avacado
HeyyyitsssHeaven 7 soat oldin
yea :)
Confused ?¿
Confused ?¿ 3 kun oldin
How did I only hear this now?
Last Lim
Last Lim 3 kun oldin
I really like the bop of this.
Nevaeh Ferguson
Nevaeh Ferguson 3 kun oldin
I love this oh wait I love everything that has Billie associated with it!❤️🥰
Em Grant
Em Grant 4 kun oldin
Watch and burn?!
Shook Weaves
Shook Weaves 4 kun oldin
&burn and watch sound alike.
Justin Burke
Justin Burke 4 kun oldin
If we were meant to be we would've been by now
Shedanone 4 kun oldin
my favorite part is 0:00 to 3:00
Layla Gacha
Layla Gacha 6 kun oldin
ĐƏāđły 6 kun oldin
deusa? ou Deusa PODEROSÍSSIMA COMO um samurai?
Andrea F
Andrea F 6 kun oldin
You guys, both WATCH and &BURN are total fire.🔥 &Burn sounds more angry and in the thrall of it all emotionally (the staccato beat she makes, with both her clipped voice and the track, sounds harsh almost. Like being in the midst of having your heart broken). Where as Watch sounds like a heart that has moved on a bit and is looking back. Its prettier, more emotionally honest, less angry and kind of peaceful sounding - like she’s coming to terms with it all. (The pace is slowed down, certain words are emphasized and the harshness of the sound seems rather softened). Guys remember this is just my opinion SO DON’T SLAY ME FOR IT, that’s what the comment section is forrrrrr.... but I think both songs are equally good. They each depict different stages of things in my mind, both necessary to an honest depiction of these feels. Billie is brilliant. Every word she sings strokes the fire within me, and shes never gonna come and husk it out... because she doesn’t know me. 😭 Personally I think she wrote &Burn first. This is a total guess though. To me, Watch sounds like the finished version. I’m so glad she released both though. &Burn is one of my favorite songs of all time. Every time I hear it I’m shook. Well scratch that; miss Eilish has me eternally shook. We are so lucky she was born, honestly think she is exactly what our music industry needed. She actually has substance in every possible way. 🤯 Don’t even get me started. 😍 #SoThisIsLove Now to the replay button...! Imma break it sooner or later ya feel me. Can’t get enough of this 💩 #ForeverOnReplay
Marian okdeh
Marian okdeh 6 kun oldin
this is a masterpiece
_juni chan_ 564
_juni chan_ 564 6 kun oldin
Dejmann 7 kun oldin
xd 'd
Lena 7 kun oldin
Surely the years pass and this comment is forgotten, but for those who see it in the future, will know that billie will have evolved a lot and will be known worldwide, i know bc i love her so much❤️
Nani Lillard
Nani Lillard 7 kun oldin
Is this like a remix of watch
xXGachaWWE WolfieXx
Isn't this watch? Im confuseddd
Kate Nguyen
Kate Nguyen 8 kun oldin
Its so satisfying listening to this with earbuds
Samantha Schipper
Samantha Schipper 9 kun oldin
i mean i love billie but dAmn vince i never heard of you before but my house is on FIRE
Yaren Gacha
Yaren Gacha 9 kun oldin
Isn't her voise like Melanie Martinez
Sassy Tv
Sassy Tv 9 kun oldin
*The day I stop listening to Billie Eilish will be the day I die*
anna christyna
anna christyna 9 kun oldin
Cadê os brasileiros 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Nosipho Ndabula
Nosipho Ndabula 10 kun oldin
SHE ONLY 17!!!???
Pathy Maionese
Pathy Maionese 10 kun oldin
Que voz maravilhosa mano
m.A.A.dVillain 10 kun oldin
We all been found guilty in the court of aorta
Norman Rousseau
Norman Rousseau 10 kun oldin
Isn’t this watch by Billie?
Gaby Sánchez
Gaby Sánchez 11 kun oldin
Cinthia Lucena
Cinthia Lucena 11 kun oldin
Esta canción es bellisima 7u7
N Ken
N Ken 12 kun oldin
It's my favorit song so far. Billie is the definition of goddess.
mohamad abd alkader
mohamad abd alkader 12 kun oldin
So this is the original or what?! Or the music video version is the original?
Xx Katte xX
Xx Katte xX 12 kun oldin
I love you Billie❤
Bloxy _girl
Bloxy _girl 12 kun oldin
0:35 am I’m the allow one that think she said in in right now? Or I just have a dirty mine
Vivian Nc04
Vivian Nc04 12 kun oldin
someone 2019?
Pinkinkcat Master
Pinkinkcat Master 12 kun oldin
Wait is watch and this song related?
I'm not sure but i feel like it's the mirror version of it (Same but different at the same time)
Bithiah Odame
Bithiah Odame 12 kun oldin
Lool Billie ‘fans’ think there is no difference between watch and &burn
Abigail Fahy
Abigail Fahy 13 kun oldin
Love her
Alyson Rodrigues
Alyson Rodrigues 13 kun oldin
Jacqueline B
Jacqueline B 14 kun oldin
* blows it out * Thanks
Harry Botter
Harry Botter 14 kun oldin
Harry Botter
Harry Botter 14 kun oldin
NatLikesToDraw 123
NatLikesToDraw 123 14 kun oldin
Everyone in the comment section is all like "oH &bUrN iS sOoOo MuCh BeTtEr ThAn WaTcH" but I'm here like "i LiKe tHeM aT tHe SaMe tImE"
SpaceyAF 14 kun oldin
Watch and &burn are the SAME EXACT THING! Wth what is this nonsense.
Kaelyn Marcum
Kaelyn Marcum 14 kun oldin
The blowing in your ears feels so real😂🤣😂
Сесил Войкова
Maya Sookram
Maya Sookram 15 kun oldin
When I first listened to this, it felt kinda weird that I already knew the lyrics 😂
T.T T.T 15 kun oldin
Watch my fucking heart burn, while i watch ur car burn motherfucker
Potter _Eilish
Potter _Eilish 15 kun oldin
Baiba Luka
Baiba Luka 15 kun oldin
Same lyrics as watch
ashley xavier
ashley xavier 16 kun oldin
try to listen to this headphones :)
Annie Renner
Annie Renner 17 kun oldin
A Ortiz
A Ortiz 17 kun oldin
The song woulda been better without the rap...
bluemøøn gacha
bluemøøn gacha 17 kun oldin
1:50 vice staples did a REALLY GOOD JOB! I just realized that this was posted on my big sister’s b day
NAsupergirl Vlogs
NAsupergirl Vlogs 18 kun oldin
Hey guys! Mind checking out my videos! I recently made a lyric video for wish you were gay By Billie!💕 I’m a huge fan🥑🤪 I’d appreciate it! Thx💎
Balai Ghosal
Balai Ghosal 18 kun oldin
I love you
Mia xoxo
Mia xoxo 19 kun oldin
After she says ‘My heart skips eight beats at once’ does anyone else hear ‘Would be better’? Because WOW
E s t h e t i c s
E s t h e t i c s 19 kun oldin
Idk if this is an Easter egg but watch and &burn have the same lyrics and are about a toxic relationship billie was in when she was 13 I believe, watch is the 4th song in the album, &burn is the 9th in the album, 9+4=13 Maybe its just me over analyzing but yeah
TalPlays Msp
TalPlays Msp 19 kun oldin
o.O h-h-him right now lol
Marcos Abalo
Marcos Abalo 19 kun oldin
Es un remix de watch? Porque le cambia el nombre? Y, perdón si me equivoco pero, no es una canción a parte en el EP?
Jossie Salazar
Jossie Salazar 19 kun oldin
You guys have to try this!!! Play both burn and watch at the same time and it will sound amazing!!! The both songs playing at the same time was awesome!
Roberto Quintana
Roberto Quintana 20 kun oldin
Yar Akoi
Yar Akoi 20 kun oldin
This song is really underated.
Rockettlockett 0724
Rockettlockett 0724 20 kun oldin
Thannia Lovato
Thannia Lovato 21 kun oldin
Emilie 21 kun oldin
This song is underated
Katy Games_02
Katy Games_02 23 kun oldin
0:21 if you listen closely you can heart billie say: that's better
Sergio Cano León
Sergio Cano León 24 kun oldin
&burn dance video here: uzvid.com/video/video-CbUVtj6HM6k.html Thanks for watching :)
A Blonde Girl with a Youtube Channel
Did anyone else notice that this song is callec &burn but if you watch her music video for Watch its the same thing
mlle béré
mlle béré 25 kun oldin
it's " whatch "
natalia 25 kun oldin
lips meet teeth and tounge my heart skips eight beats at once [that's better] if we were meant to be we wouldve been by now see what you wanna see all i see is him right now h-h-him right now i'll sit and watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me but you never came back to whisk it out go ahead and watch my heart burn with the fire that you started in me but i never let you back to put it out [thanks] your love feels so fake my demands arent hard to make if i could get to sleep i wouldve slept right now [ahh] your lies will never keep i think you need to blow them out [b-b-blow them out] ill sit and watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me but you never came back to whisk it out go ahead and watch my heart burn with the fire that you started in me but i never let you back to put it out 7-4-2008 i still remember that heaven sent a present my way i wont forget your laugh packing everything when you leave you know you coming back wanna see me down on my knees but that was made for a ring i try to wait for the storm to calm down but that's stubborn baby, leading to war we droned down on each other tryna even the score we all been found guilty in the court of aorta and ill watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me but you never came back to whisk it out go ahead and watch my heart burn with the fire that you started in me but i'll never let you back to put it out watch your car, watch your car burn [i wont forget your laugh] go ahead and watch my heart, watch my heart burn [you know you coming back, you know you coming back] watch your car, watch your car burn go ahead and watch my heart watch my heart burn [tryna even the score] go ahead and watch my heart, watch my heart burn [found guilty in the court of aorta]
Sergio Cano León
Sergio Cano León 25 kun oldin
My dance video about thins song: uzvid.com/video/video-CbUVtj6HM6k.html Thanks for watching
lailah kypridis
lailah kypridis 25 kun oldin
I want the ladder
Anonymous 25 kun oldin
Ahh I think i get it &Burn is fot those who like songs like COPYCAT And Watch is for those who like her softer songs like... ocean eyes (i guess. I only heard ocean eyes like once so...)
VIOLET MULENGA 26 kun oldin
i feel so blessed that my name is in this song. And the best part is the Billie Eilish is saying it.
Books & Solitude
Books & Solitude 26 kun oldin
She is only older than me by two years.
Chiara Evelyn
Chiara Evelyn 27 kun oldin
Similiar to watch isn't it?
Mark Milar
Mark Milar 27 kun oldin
Billie eilish, vince staples - &burn 00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:00 ⇆ㅤ ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤ↻
Hedda Meg
Hedda Meg 28 kun oldin
this remix is just awesome!!
Bérénice Foull
Bérénice Foull 28 kun oldin
2019 ?
D'Saundra Sierra
D'Saundra Sierra 29 kun oldin
is this a remix of watch?
Meadow Friscopp
Meadow Friscopp 27 kun oldin
Moon edits
Moon edits 29 kun oldin
I mean I love this remix but it sounds like its rushing the song...
Conrado Galdo
Conrado Galdo 29 kun oldin
Anyone noticed how watch &burn has the same lyrics but different beats?
Meadow Friscopp
Meadow Friscopp 27 kun oldin
It’s a remix
Quote Unquote
Quote Unquote 29 kun oldin
1. go fullscreen 2. type awesome 3. look at the timebar 4. enjoy
Izabel Milzow
Izabel Milzow 29 kun oldin
&burn and watch have the same lyrics
grace s
grace s 29 kun oldin
1 Like= Burn 1 Comment= Watch
Meadow Friscopp
Meadow Friscopp 27 kun oldin
Both lol
the yellow and red are giving me the mcdonald’s aesthetics 💕😍
Lorena Lanz Duret
Why is this song the same as watch but named differently?
Marti Flor
Marti Flor Oy oldin
Emily Huerta
Emily Huerta Oy oldin
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson Oy oldin
Love this version it sounds so different!!
Emma M
Emma M Oy oldin
2:13 2:14
Emma M
Emma M Oy oldin
1:48 1:51
GanjaBurnBabe Spirit
This is actually 2019 February 21st Wow wow wow
Pancake Syrup
Pancake Syrup Oy oldin
? larrymusic ¿
tbh watch version better but I like it
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