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Billie Eilish
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28-Mar, 2018

Billie Eilishdont smile at mewatchwatch your car burn with the fire that you started in mewatch your car burnocean eyesmy boyCOPYCATwhere are the avocadosavocados



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Hiitsabidah 2 soat oldin
some nice arms you got there
Ann __
Ann __ 3 soat oldin
Talented, pretty, hot 😍
princess 20 soat oldin
2:39 when she sings “me”.. perfection ❤️
Adrià Gonzalez
Adrià Gonzalez 23 soat oldin
anah bia
anah bia Kun oldin
Amo esses dois haaaaa
Epicღ Diamondღ
Epicღ Diamondღ 2 kun oldin
She doesn’t need aUtuTuNe... Although on the other hand, *Points at myself*
Ameilia Merhair
Ameilia Merhair 2 kun oldin
I never saw her arms 😶
itsnotshabz x
itsnotshabz x 2 kun oldin
Billie gives me heart ache
itsnotshabz x
itsnotshabz x 2 kun oldin
You siblings are life ❤️
Figgy Newton
Figgy Newton 2 kun oldin
Billie Eilish is my mom.
Kailey Hall
Kailey Hall 2 kun oldin
2019?? also what a tank top !😱
norah 2 kun oldin
I wanna replay 2:04 *forever*
Anna Boscaro
Anna Boscaro 3 kun oldin
You saved my life
vedden 3 kun oldin
ya casate luego conmigo ah
Gragra Gra
Gragra Gra 3 kun oldin
2:04 is one of the many reasons I watch this video over and over again and again
Grace x
Grace x 4 kun oldin
my wig i can't find my wig!
Sarah Michelle
Sarah Michelle 4 kun oldin
*Excuse me have you seen my wig?*
Aaliyah Woods
Aaliyah Woods 4 kun oldin
I think my wig has been snatched.....
Pilar Pasquini
Pilar Pasquini 4 kun oldin
The Billie eilish vos is perfect
Efe Apt
Efe Apt 5 kun oldin
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 5 kun oldin
Alright darling!
Brianna 5 kun oldin
she still has young billie's face here
luve 6 kun oldin
2:04 *OH MY GODDD*
yui sakumaki
yui sakumaki 6 kun oldin
this is what you call heaven!!!!❤️
정아 6 kun oldin
빌리아일리시 나는한국인❤❤❤ 2019년에보는사람??
anna benne
anna benne 7 kun oldin
Bro she’s wearing a crop top!!! Not to mention you can see her arms for the first time!😂
Anya Mutova
Anya Mutova 7 kun oldin
Who else thinks that Billie is a badass heavenly singing mixture of Juno (Ellen Page) and Scarlett Johansson? Just a perfection everyone was waiting for🤩
Ebtessam Raja
Ebtessam Raja 8 kun oldin
SoL_ Westx
SoL_ Westx 9 kun oldin
Burn,brake, keep six feet down. U are my puppet master-SoL SoLWestx
X X 9 kun oldin
She looks so different without her bubble jackets. My gay heart explode every time I'm listening to this song like all the others ❤ love billie 🖤
David Joshua
David Joshua 9 kun oldin
Billie Eilish is the definition of P E R F E C T I O N ✨
Morgan Abigail
Morgan Abigail 9 kun oldin
Billie and her brother they are so talented and there voices match together so well
Yoann Le Clerc
Yoann Le Clerc 9 kun oldin
2:03 omg :o
Isabella Heyworth
Isabella Heyworth 9 kun oldin
2:03. Wow! Amazing
Monalisa 21
Monalisa 21 9 kun oldin
I love when an artist put so much emotion when singing their own songs! Reason why I love Billie!!!
aline kk
aline kk 10 kun oldin
Is that her brother?
Apple Cake
Apple Cake 3 kun oldin
aline kk yup
A. Lien
A. Lien 10 kun oldin
She is so beautiful 😍😭😭💓
Angelina Weiß
Angelina Weiß 11 kun oldin
Laxmikant Hosahalli
Laxmikant Hosahalli 11 kun oldin
2:40 the way she say "me" 😍
Bruna Goncalves
Bruna Goncalves 11 kun oldin
Que amooorrr 😍😍😍
Musa Akira Eslami
Musa Akira Eslami 11 kun oldin
why is she so fucking pretty
Ruby 18
Ruby 18 12 kun oldin
My official favourite you tube video 😍
Maria Quintero
Maria Quintero 12 kun oldin
I love watch❤
Marianah Rules
Marianah Rules 12 kun oldin
Anyone else obsessed with her
kass. couille
kass. couille 12 kun oldin
Rap 90s
Rap 90s 12 kun oldin
Beatifull ! ❤🤘🏻🇨🇴
Zoe Marshall
Zoe Marshall 12 kun oldin
i just dont get how 222 people can dislike this video... it is beautifully crafted and their voices are AMAZING!!!!!
ihascookie forever
ihascookie forever 12 kun oldin
2:25 even that little dance move was lit
Egirl Feminists
Egirl Feminists 13 kun oldin
i love the way she says burn
RayFN 13 kun oldin
Name a better duo