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Billie Eilish - when I was older (lyrics)

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Billie Eilish - when I was older (lyrics)
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9-Yan, 2019



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Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez 8 soat oldin
Reading the title hurt my brain cell
language arts
language arts 19 soat oldin
Omg I love this song! So underrated!
Aviana Selicity
Aviana Selicity Kun oldin
Idk why I'm crying. Oh, I was thinking about my love life...
lee_ xoxo
lee_ xoxo Kun oldin
C'mon Billie u don't need auto tune :c
shelby ortega
shelby ortega Kun oldin
idk what the song means but it’s a bop. but like can someone also let me know what she means👀
Bening Amalia
Bening Amalia 2 kun oldin
I love this song , idk why
mikaela cantu
mikaela cantu 2 kun oldin
Me : playing the song My aunt : "that makes me wanna use your inhaler" 😂😂
Yngrid Guevara
Yngrid Guevara 2 kun oldin
Not my favorite but a very good song nonetheless:)💞
Casey Heart
Casey Heart 3 kun oldin
I’m listening to it in 2x and just dancing
ʍɛɦʀʐǟɖ 4 kun oldin
Bts Stan
Bts Stan 6 kun oldin
March 2019??
Charlotte Video's
Charlotte Video's 7 kun oldin
my new favorite song
Alexisloly aj
Alexisloly aj 7 kun oldin
heres a tip ya'll, put it on 1.25
Tranxiz Fortnite
Tranxiz Fortnite 8 kun oldin
This song is amazingly beautiful in x1.5
TaigaisakaYT679 9 kun oldin
why is everyone criticising billies autotune? It's really cool and gives it a creepy vibe to it. I think that's what she was going for anyway.
Kaden Rice
Kaden Rice 10 kun oldin
The sad thing is that I can relate to these lyrics lol
Kiana Stewart
Kiana Stewart 10 kun oldin
I’m playing this at the same time on my ps4 and it’s really COOL
Ji Min
Ji Min 10 kun oldin
I love the robotic sound affect on her voice! It makes is somewhat creepy, and i t reminds me of like background music to like Pans Labyrinth, or something like that
Rhiz Ei
Rhiz Ei 11 kun oldin
no one: others: stop hating on her
Mac Pac
Mac Pac 11 kun oldin
This sounds like it’s from the Transistor soundtrack
Amin Siagian
Amin Siagian 14 kun oldin
Yow, can somebody tell me whats the meaning of this song? Ive listened to it over and over, but i still dont get it..
Ukram Yusupov
Ukram Yusupov 15 kun oldin
I see so much comments about people saying she doesn’t need auto tune (I agree) yet I see no comments of people hating about it
Ava Wendt
Ava Wendt 16 kun oldin
This song is so great, it's almost hypnotizing .. guys she doesn't need auto tune it is just for the effect
JD xxx
JD xxx 19 kun oldin
Billie don't need autotune, it's a robottic effect ✨
Shyanne reed
Shyanne reed 19 kun oldin
Why we hyping on this when 6lack and Bea Miller put out a song together? Ya'll should check that out tho
JD xxx
JD xxx 20 kun oldin
This is beautiful and creepy 😂😂❤
Marc Emrich
Marc Emrich 20 kun oldin
The one good thing that came out of the film Roma if you ask me. Talk about an overrated film, but this is great.
blake martin
blake martin 20 kun oldin
really hoping she makes more dark stuff like this
LydiaE Harty
LydiaE Harty 21 kun oldin
It's better at 1.25x
Vellyns Fireball
Vellyns Fireball 21 kun oldin
02:20 In my butt In my butt
Lego Friends
Lego Friends 21 kun oldin
Aaa this is one of my favorite singles of billie💙
Annie Renner
Annie Renner 21 kun oldin
This song is so creepy 🤤🤤
Ash Chan
Ash Chan 21 kun oldin
One time I said to my mom *When I was older* I wanted to be a *party favor* I'm 21 now at a party with *My boy* unfortunately *When the party's over* I had a *bellyache* And I had to call my friend Melanie she picked me up and called me a *Crybaby* for crying about my ex then i said *you should see me in a crown* After having a good laugh we stop at a gas station and met *alphabet boy* and *Ms potato Head* and Hasley after we filled the car with *gasoline* we all got in the car Hasley in the back was painting and spilled *colors* on me she said *sorry* and we drop Ms potato Head and Hasley off then alphabet boy kept bragging to Melanie that he was smarter than her and she said *you think your smarter than me with all your bad poetry?* And dropped him off home we went to a *pity party* and I saw my *copy cat* I was angry she even faked my *ocean eyes* I brought her out back aguring with her and I said *YOU WERE SHADY ENOUGH NOW YOUR JUST A SHADOW* she screamed back *YOUR SUCH AN UGLY CRIER* I was inraged I a yelled *IDONTWANNABEYOUANYMORE* grabbed a shovel and hit her on the head with it I quickly had to *bury a friend* and had my *fingers crossed* that no one would know but three people did so I took them *hostage* and shoved *Soap* in their mouths and buried them *six feet under* and hitched a ride home the gurl kept talking about how *she's broken* I was *bored* listening to her I got home and had some *milk and cookies*
Josie Fllrn
Josie Fllrn 22 kun oldin
this reminds me of la la land city of stars
Caroline Sommer
Caroline Sommer 22 kun oldin
I understand that some people like the autotune and others don't, but it's just an opinion y'all. y'all don't have to be mean about it. Some people like it bc it sounds creepy and stuff and others think it sounds too robotic, but either way it still has the same lyrics and meaning. If someone wants a non-autotune version of it then make a cover or find a cover. IT ISN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL, k?
Sama Shiraj Makeup
Sama Shiraj Makeup 22 kun oldin
"When I was older, I was a sailor" I think she's talking about her past life!
Kristen Carroll
Kristen Carroll 20 kun oldin
Sama Shiraj Makeup that’s what I think too :)
Hidttduitd Ocyitfyiffyo
Any one siren vibes????
iffa alam
iffa alam 23 kun oldin
she has the most beautiful pitch ive ever heard in my entire life ever!!!!!!! NO ONE BEATS HER!!!!!!!!! her voice can literally go to any pitch she wants it to be she is truely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa Nugget
Alyssa Nugget 24 kun oldin
Pretty little liars whoo???
Winged programme Hero626
This is great am enjoying this song alot
diamondlover xxx
diamondlover xxx 25 kun oldin
“You’d really like it in the limelight”why don’t we limelights😁that’s what came to my mind
Adriana Vink
Adriana Vink 26 kun oldin
Bille may have used autotune, i truly don't know, but the voice effect that created the song's "creepy" mood or makes it sound like she is "drowning" is most likely a vocoder, not autotune, which is used by many artists who are looking for a robotic type of sound. Additionally, even the best singers use autotune and it is not a sign of someone's skill level or someone's perfect or imperfect pitch. She may not need autotune or even use it, but either way it doesn't matter and we can all agree that Billie is an amazing singer and songwriter and I personally am so excited to hear her new album :)
Sherry 27 kun oldin
This song drowns my heart crazy
AnimalLover!123 27 kun oldin
I hear dogs barking in the background..... just me? Ok then
i love musical theatre
this reminds me so much of Hide and Seek! (the original ‘mm whatcha sayyyyy’ song.) i love this style. it’s nostalgic to me
kita beawr
kita beawr 28 kun oldin
"I was wroOooNg"
Elena Soriano
Elena Soriano 28 kun oldin
This reminds me of the ghosts of the people who died on the Titanic and their spirits roaming the ocean
LolA !?
LolA !? 28 kun oldin
When I hear this I feel like a old Victorian ghost boy named Benjamin
Victoria Sargent
Victoria Sargent 29 kun oldin
I miss the don't smile at me vibes her new songs are too dark
Maheen Shahid
Maheen Shahid 29 kun oldin
Hey! It sounds like Vocaloid 4!
Katelyn Causey
I'm getting Percabeth vibes!
3 1 / 0 3
3 1 / 0 3 Oy oldin
Love the effect of the auto tune
Macey Donaldson
...I swear I hear a dog in this...
Abigail Hutchinson
This is so cool yet it sound so creepy
Thot Police
Thot Police Oy oldin
Her voice is so perfect, Billie put so much effort into this, I don’t know why people don’t like the effect because it’s not there to aid her voice it’s there to build a storyline, thank you Billie for this beautiful song, you deserve so much more recognition.
Megan Shifflett
*When I was older* *I was a sailor* *on an open sea*
Sofia Hazelton
she uses autotune to make it sound like shes drowning since thats what the song is about
Røses Msp
Røses Msp Oy oldin
aesthetic is all i have to say
Chloe Bartholomew
personally, I don't like the robotic effects because I love her normal voice a lot and I feel like the effects take away from that. no hate to her at all
emma josephine
why am I just now hearing this ?
Why does this perfectly describe my past life?
aubrie lee
aubrie lee Oy oldin
I totally forgot about this song with bury a friend 😂
sophia Medley
sophia Medley Oy oldin
2:19 *"GOT A LITTLE BIT OF IT IN MY BUTT, IN MY BUTT"* lmao im dying
Shepiix Oy oldin
omg i live
Last name: Ellis
Imogen heap vibes
Angela CrazyFox
Isn't it (2:34-)"Memories burn like a forest fire Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to mud In the flood" Sorry if I'm wrong
Evol gguk
Evol gguk Oy oldin
She Sister Smashed this song
Natalie Zarate
i honestly didn’t like it at first but once i started hearing it over and over i started to like it and now i freakin’ love the song🥰.
Maddy Reyes
Maddy Reyes Oy oldin
this should be played if i ever get devoured by sirens
This song is so beautiful!! Creepy but BEAUTIFUL
*SugaKookies* ;3
Rylie Maedler
Rylie Maedler Oy oldin
*How is Billie so perfect*
Mateo Querol
Mateo Querol Oy oldin
What is the meaning behind this? I really need to know
Starry Curlzz
Starry Curlzz Oy oldin
Where the comments saying the she was using auto tune tho????? Y’all really be getting mad at anything 😂😂😂
Queenie Loves
Queenie Loves Oy oldin
Lara Simpsons
Lara Simpsons Oy oldin
Reese Is not cool
I don’t think this one is her best because of the autotune I like her voice better without autotune because it is more original. I still love her music more than anything
Nathalie Dumayac
I luv you billie^^ It reminds when I young a child I feel her
Heidi price
Heidi price Oy oldin
I think the autotune makes it sound really cool and different💕💕
4UNNY TikTok
4UNNY TikTok Oy oldin
📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Billie Eilish └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty
The Legend Øf Jax
I normally HATE autotune, but it's Billie! ffs and the lyrics are deep and shit
Caitlyn Pushey
Put the speed on 0.25 if u love creepyness
TAEKOOK Oy oldin
Am I the only one who loves this song? Its so weirdly creepy but good
Kiran Shukla
Kiran Shukla Oy oldin
who else loves this song👍👍
gianna rose
gianna rose Oy oldin
heavy rains turn any funeral pyre to mud, in the flood*****
Caitlyn Pushey
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Billie’s Eyelash
You thought this was good? Go listen to bury a friend
Sullen Girl
Sullen Girl Oy oldin
Billie’s Eyelash wiso>>>baf
lillith perry
lillith perry Oy oldin
I know you can just look at the lyrics, but it'd be nice if I could actually hear what she's saying.😂😂
questiønable minđ
She has such a beautiful voice. :)
Raven Calls
Raven Calls Oy oldin
She's really changing up her style and experimenting and I love it
Eilish Miller
Eilish Miller Oy oldin
*_in love_* ❤
Bell Williams
Bell Williams Oy oldin
This makes me feel like a ghost from hill house if y’all have ever watched that
Nicole Slighting
this bitch is bad ass...
The auto tune is strong but I love it
Lorna McNamee
Lorna McNamee Oy oldin
Garbage band ?
everybody hates lily
am i the only one that starts to fall asleep when the beat drops? like this song is so soothing😴
Ayomide-Sarahh Olaiya
This is the only song I don’t like by billie she’s sooooo amazing ah
Laroiidz Art
Laroiidz Art Oy oldin
I honestly don’t like the autotune at all I know she doesn’t and need it and it’s for the effect ig that’s just not my cup of tea
billie eilish
billie eilish Oy oldin
Love it 😍
Mikayla Plumlee
This song is so good👌 Gives me the vibes that turns suicide into homicide
Is Dark Energy Getting Stronger?
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