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Billie Eilish - when I was older (lyrics)

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Billie Eilish - when I was older (lyrics)
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9-Yan, 2019

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Katha Waud
Katha Waud 23 daqiqa oldin
okay i mean almost every song by bil is kinda creepy but like this one... creeps me out A LOT.
Klara Indrova
Klara Indrova 2 soat oldin
oh my god its the best song ive ever heard its amazing i love it and thx for this lyrics!
Sunny 2 soat oldin
the autotune is too much but like its a good song but Billie please no autotune...!
sARAH dOOdLeS 8 soat oldin
i can psychical hear the auto tune, o-o i just no..
Gabriella14❤ 13 soat oldin
I was eating chocolate...and then I put this song on...and I forgot to chew
Tayewah 16 soat oldin
I don’t dig this. Good lyrics but wtf is this. Bil, my girl your voice is so much more beautiful raw and not auto tuned. 😭
ok. laurelle
ok. laurelle 18 soat oldin
Love how this song has so much story
Finn x grayson :o
Like I get why she uses auto tune for like her breath but she doesn’t need it for her voice. It’s just beautiful alone❤️
Cadê os BR galera!
Flámiñgó Kun oldin
Where it says memory's burn like like a forest fire it's flood not flames
tHaT fAn oF eVeRyThInG
Ok i get it but ugh the intro. I DIDN'T.HEAR.THE.DAMN.INTRO
suman mandal
suman mandal Kun oldin
This gives me *chills*
im a weeb
im a weeb Kun oldin
Amelia Quintero
Amelia Quintero Kun oldin
Yo one day you should collab with Twenty Øne Pilots👌
luna ozbek
luna ozbek Kun oldin
her voice sounds like 2000s kanye west
Alexus Hans
Alexus Hans Kun oldin
I like the song but now I have a headache
Rhiannon Taylor
Rhiannon Taylor 2 kun oldin
Fucking well good
Sherry Oskar
Sherry Oskar 2 kun oldin
So scary I love it
Tania Campos
Tania Campos 2 kun oldin
2:15 I still remember the ig post💀
Madison Haefling
Madison Haefling 2 kun oldin
Sped up to 1.25?
R3DSTRING — 2 kun oldin
Daft Punk Instant Crush feels?
Eva Kelešiová
Eva Kelešiová 2 kun oldin
this song is honestly soo freaking great. I've even done a cover!
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 2 kun oldin
cxteasfvck 2 kun oldin
1.5 x
multi fadomgirl
multi fadomgirl 2 kun oldin
Don't judge me.I love Billie so much.She is my idol and I support her.but this song's not my fav. (I don't say that I don't like it)
Maren MADI
Maren MADI 2 kun oldin
I love this song but I think there to much ato tune
void tutorials
void tutorials 2 kun oldin
Its not auto tune lmaoo
Joyce Angela
Joyce Angela 2 kun oldin
Lol this seems like a man pushed his wife off a boat and she drowned to death and now it's her ghost singing ahaha... I need my mommy.
Rachel Dawson
Rachel Dawson 2 kun oldin
I love this song it just gives me mysterious vibes but in a good way
Queenzy Melanie
Queenzy Melanie 2 kun oldin
I don’t like it , but she’s an artist and I like her vision
Ms. Potato
Ms. Potato 2 kun oldin
;w; i am so proud of my avocado.. ;-;
Rose Barrett
Rose Barrett 2 kun oldin
I think the auto tune is a bit to much but hey ho I don’t mind 😍
Skinny Potatoe
Skinny Potatoe 2 kun oldin
You have the lyrics wrong, it says "any funeral pryer to mud, in the flood" not, every funeral pryer tonight in the flames
BESSY PEARL 3 kun oldin
Idk why but the song creeps me out especially the first part
nothing special
nothing special 3 kun oldin
I like it
vinayvkn 3 kun oldin
great song but for some odd reason it gives me the literal chills... kinda hypnotic.. i am sure people who get high would love this song though
Jaden 3 kun oldin
I feel like the spirit of an ocean sprite
Mr. Whitepants
Mr. Whitepants 3 kun oldin
I get Baby vibes
jeff _
jeff _ 3 kun oldin
When I look at the word the background moves a little bit
Sweet Vanilla
Sweet Vanilla 3 kun oldin
i just realized that it wasn't an autotune but adlibs(?)
starchanging 3 kun oldin
idk why but this song reminds me of birdbox?????? wtf???
Destiny Katoa
Destiny Katoa 3 kun oldin
in the movie it says "when i was older i was a sailor but im dead" or something like that. the autotune is used because she is supposed to sound dead
Kawaii TV
Kawaii TV 3 kun oldin
I cant stop watching this. But I don't know if I like it.. Can wait for an acoustic tho!
HeyItsMe Charleigh
HeyItsMe Charleigh 3 kun oldin
Sorry Billie but I hate this
Henry Hill
Henry Hill 4 kun oldin
Damn this reminds me of my youth with Kanye west 808 & Heartbreak
Unicornsator 4 kun oldin
Ok if any of guys noticed This is everything but not a lyrics OH FREAKING K?!
Rodrigo Alvarado
Rodrigo Alvarado 4 kun oldin
Roma, Mexico City, 1971
Allie Carnicle
Allie Carnicle 4 kun oldin
best song ever!!!!!
lyrakyu 4 kun oldin
live for the lyrics but that robotic voice isn't for me sis
ιsη'т ιт lσvεlү?
billie doesn't have 1 bad song ✊
Alicia Tellez
Alicia Tellez 4 kun oldin
I vibe so deeply to this..💜