Billie Eilish ''Wish You Were Gay'' (Lyrics)

Andrei Menegaly
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Billie sings new music "Wish You Were Gay"
Baby, I don't feel so good
Six words you never understood
I'll never let you go
Five words you'll never say
I laugh alone like nothing's wrong
Four days has never felt so long
If three's a crowd and two is us
One slipped away
I just wanna make you feel okay
But all you do is look the other way
I can't tell you how much i wish
I didn't wanna stay
I just kinda of wish you were gay
Is there a reason we're not through
Is there a twelve step just for you
Our conversations are in blue
Eleven haze
Ten fingers pulling on my hair
Nine times you never made it fair
I ate alone at seven, six minutes away
How am I supposed to make you feel okay
When all you do is walk the other way
I can't tell you how much i wish
I didn't wanna stay
I just kinda of wish you were gay
To spare my pride
To give you lack of interest and explanation
I'm not your type
Maybe I'm not your preferred gender orientation
I'm so selfish
But you make me feel helpless
And I can't stand another day
I can't stand another day
I just wanna make you feel okay
But all you do is look the other way
I can't tell you how much i wish
I didn't wanna stay
I just kinda wish you were gay
I just kinda wish you were gay



15-Okt, 2017



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Andrei Menegaly
Andrei Menegaly 3 oy oldin
Avocados, subscribe my new channel of 1 hour of Billie's music: bit.ly/2PzHf4t
he can only hold her
Abegaile because her instagram is called “wherearetheavocados.”
Johannes Life
Johannes Life 21 kun oldin
Ok lol 🎃🔥❤️
Abegaile 21 kun oldin
why billie fan's called avocados??
Lyss _
Lyss _ Oy oldin
Andrei Menegaly
Andrei Menegaly 2 oy oldin
The love for Billie is the same. :)
Lil Bo Bob
Lil Bo Bob 4 soat oldin
This one is so much better, I think she should’ve sticked to the calm vibe
melanny Kun oldin
u make me sad and i hope u know
Sorë Lxsr
Sorë Lxsr Kun oldin
Heres what I think the song means: Billie was in am abusive relationship with someone, and she wishes they where gay so they didnt have to be together, because Billie was afraid he would get her back by abusing her more
Satan Kun oldin
i just 'kinda of' oof
ana neto
ana neto 2 kun oldin
Quem acha a voz dela parecida com a da Melanie martinez
Ulrike 3 kun oldin
Jade Townsend
Jade Townsend 3 kun oldin
Wow, me too
Cade Luv
Cade Luv 4 kun oldin
The studio version could never and that's the fucking tea.
ohana means family nigga
the fact the guy actually turned out to be gay makes this song a bit worse
MAYA DA PAPAYA 4 kun oldin
I prefer this version than the newer one
MOLKA ْ 4 kun oldin
Dude the lyrics are wrong
Emmaa 4 kun oldin
+MOLKA ْ oh yes sorry then :D
MOLKA ْ 4 kun oldin
No for example he wrote “I laugh alone “ while it’s “I laugh along”
Emmaa 4 kun oldin
no, she changed the lyrics on the new version
__ ItzWolfy
__ ItzWolfy 5 kun oldin
Anybody else wondering why the hell this video was released on Oct 15,2017????????
- s a r a h b -
- s a r a h b - 5 kun oldin
i forgot they made a studio version and i was like wth why are the videos so recent i just wanna listen to the song like damn
Emmaa 4 kun oldin
same lmao
Maria Golke
Maria Golke 5 kun oldin
“Maybe I’m not your type, maybe I’m not your preferred gender orientation “ I relate to that on so many levels😭
typical nancyy
typical nancyy 5 kun oldin
was this from her insta live!
Abbie X
Abbie X 6 kun oldin
Wish she released this version
aleesia 7 kun oldin
my heart hurts omfg
UNfoundLINK 7 kun oldin
Anjelica lopez
Anjelica lopez 7 kun oldin
who else likes this one more than the new one? just me ok😔
JORIAL John Richard Allan
Needs more cow bell.
Lil Bean
Lil Bean 8 kun oldin
I still think this is better than the new version of it.
Mei 8 kun oldin
This version is so much better in my opinion 💙
minmorphasis 8 kun oldin
I prefer this version to the new one. I don't like all the sudden bass they put in the new version. It feels unusual to me after having heard this so much y'know?
Emmaa 4 kun oldin
yeah same
Michael Barrymore
Michael Barrymore 9 kun oldin
This is shit.
FBI 9 kun oldin
*Baby i don't feel so good* DUSTS
Mizore Warren
Mizore Warren 10 kun oldin
i hate the new one so i’m hiding here
Hacker Hacker
Hacker Hacker 10 kun oldin
I would also like my crush to be gay 💔
rawr 10 kun oldin
love for billie eilish; comment for poppy; PLEASE GET THIS COMMENT TO 5K LIKES AND SHOW BILLIE SOME LOVE
rawr 8 kun oldin
+Libby Weaver read the comment again and choose I LOVE BILLIE EILISH
rawr 8 kun oldin
+Libby Weaver awesome thx
Libby Weaver
Libby Weaver 9 kun oldin
rawr she did it on a live on Instagram like a year ago
i have a tiny peepee
as a bisexual person, this works both ways aaahh
setoshi kunn
setoshi kunn 10 kun oldin
Crap. Fvck. Shit. *_This song made me cry so much. I never cry ever lol. It's been 4 years since i've cried so much. But this song just reminded me and applies to me so much. My sexual orientation is Pansexual. So gender doesn't matter about who will be the person i fall for or love. But there's a girl I've been sooo into for sooo long. She knows I'm in love with her... But honestly i don't think she will ever give me a chance.. Haha lol. I just laugh off my feelings anyways._*
Savage 1228
Savage 1228 11 kun oldin
😍😍😍love this song
Sam Gafford
Sam Gafford 11 kun oldin
Right in the feels, man
Eat _yo_beanz
Eat _yo_beanz 11 kun oldin
There is literally no need to auto tune her voice it’s so beautiful my ears are dreaming💓💓🥰🥰
a. a.
a. a. 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one who prefers this version lol. The official one sounds good but I just like this more for some reason, raw emotion maybe?
Julia van Eck
Julia van Eck 11 kun oldin
The other one is a studio version
Julia van Eck
Julia van Eck 11 kun oldin
This is actually the original one the other one is just a remake
NightWolf Animates
NightWolf Animates 11 kun oldin
My friends always ask why I think they would make a good couple. (Both being males, and I assume neither being gay, sadly,) and it just hurts me so much not telling them the truth, because they are the two people in my life who have whatever is left of my trust. I say I wish they were gay for each other because I _like_ one of them.. but I can't tell him, because I know he doesn't like me, so I wish he was gay, even though he constantly denies it.
Trang Lam
Trang Lam 11 kun oldin
learning this song on guitar right now Am D7 G Em for fellow guitarists/ukulele players
I’m Kpop Trash
I’m Kpop Trash 11 kun oldin
This hit hard
Toxicc Official
Toxicc Official 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one crying??
Krystal 12 kun oldin
She sounds so much like Melanie Martinez towards the end it scares me
cdzl 12 kun oldin
“eleven **heys”
daryl patton
daryl patton 12 kun oldin
I hate that the studio version got so much more attention then this they are all treating it like its a new song ( lyrically I mean I understand it's a new version with the background at all) its just really upsetting because you can feel so much more emotion out of this don't get me wrong I love how much she has got recognized recently it just personally upsets me when so little people even know that this song isn't "new" I do like love the version that just came out i just wish this one got at least equal attention... Idk maybe unpopular opinion.
ɠαყρ샃ɓαll -w-
I just watched an ad on this akakakamaann
HowdyYeeHaw 12 kun oldin
I love this and the new version
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker 12 kun oldin
How much I felt this....
Marina DU
Marina DU 12 kun oldin
I remember listening to this back in the day, and Ellie explained why she wrote this song
tay.is.a. -blob-
tay.is.a. -blob- 13 kun oldin
anyone here when this song is actually in her new album thing
Anna 13 kun oldin
Space Cyaaatttsss
Space Cyaaatttsss 13 kun oldin
Wait.....its going in number order right? What happened to 8???? P.S. I love Billie so much and want her to be gay only for me. I'm aware that's not what this song is about though...😭
Sister Sarah
Sister Sarah 13 kun oldin
Don't you love when a studio version comes out and you know all the lyrics, because of this video.
Puput Puput
Puput Puput 13 kun oldin
Play it at 1,5 x speed🤙🏿
Fernansdo Topzera
Fernansdo Topzera 13 kun oldin
i kinda like this version as well lol
Wyatt Braun
Wyatt Braun 13 kun oldin
i like how she releases the song and gets hate when it was out a whole year ago and no one cared
BlushingBeauty 180
BlushingBeauty 180 13 kun oldin
Am I the only person that noticed this video came out in 2017 and not 2019?...I’m confused.
annoyed '
annoyed ' 12 kun oldin
She wrote the song a long time ago, this is from a live stream
Sims forever
Sims forever 13 kun oldin
This is the studio version. No autotune just the orignal version
Chicken Donutt
Chicken Donutt 13 kun oldin
Baby, mir geht es nicht gut Sechs Wörter, die du niemals verstanden hast Ich werde dich niemals loslassen; Fünf Wörter, die du niemals sagst Ich lache mit, als wäre nichts falsch Vier Tage haben sich niemals so lang angefühlt Wenn drei eine Gruppe ist und zwei wir Einer rutschte davon Ich will nur, dass es dir gut geht Aber alles, was du tust, ist, in die andere Richtung zu sehen Ich kann nicht beschreiben, wie sehr ich mir wünsche, dass ich nicht bleiben will Ich wünsche mir nur irgendwie, du wärst schwul Anzeige WAS KOSTET EIN BADEWANNENLIFT? Jetzt kostenlos passendes Angebot für Badewannenlift erhalten! mehr erfahren » Distributed by CONATIVE Gibt es einen Grund, warum wir nicht fertig sind? Ist da ein zwölfter Schritt nur für dich? Unsere Gespräche sind blau Elf "Hey"s Zehn Finger reißen mir die Haare aus Neun mal hast du es niemals fair gemacht Ich aß allein um sieben; sechs Minuten entfernt Wie soll ich dich dazu bringen, dass es dir gut geht? Wenn alles, was du tust, ist, in die andere Richtung zu gehen Ich kann nicht beschreiben, wie sehr ich mir wünsche, dass ich nicht bleiben will Ich wünsche mir nur irgendwie du wärst schwul Um meinen Stolz zu schonen Um deinen Mangel an Interesse zu erklären Ich bin nicht dein Typ Vielleicht bin ich nicht deine bevorzugte Geschlechtsorientierung Ich bin so egoistisch Aber du lässt mich hilflos fühlen Und ich kann nicht noch einen Tag ertragen Ich kann nicht noch einen Tag ertragen Ich will nur, dass es dir gut geht Aber alles, was du tust, ist in die andere Richtung zu sehen Ich kann nicht beschreiben, wie sehr ich mir wünsche, dass ich nicht bleiben will Ich wünsche mir nur irgendwie, du wärst schwul Ich wünsche mir nur irgendwie, du wärst schwul
jasmine marler
jasmine marler 13 kun oldin
Ok. Is it.. *haze* or *heys?*
Bisexual Emø
Bisexual Emø 16 soat oldin
jasmine marler it’s heys. She texted him hey 11 times.
Momoko 14 kun oldin
I wish an 8d audio was made with this version.
Alexis G Hernandez
Alexis G Hernandez 14 kun oldin
I just covered this song. 💜💜 It would make me very happy if you can watch it and tell me what you think ...
Lyrically Idiotic
Lyrically Idiotic 14 kun oldin
I don't understand how people think this is homophobic. It's about liking someone but them not being interested in you so you wish they were gay so there was a reason for not liking you back instead of just not being interested. How is that in any way offensive or homophobic? As a lesbian, I will say that this *isn't* offensive or homophobic in any way, shape or form.
Maria Zarro
Maria Zarro 14 kun oldin
When I listen to the studio version I, sometimes sing the song with the old lyrics not on purpose
rawr 14 kun oldin
ain’t it *lovely* ? 🥀 EDIT; woah no likes;-;
Jádë Rïvêrã
Jádë Rïvêrã 14 kun oldin
Let’s make a thing called Billiesexual Or is that already happening
hi yeah I have anxiety
Who else isn't mad at the meaning behind this song? She wanted him to be gay so that it was a less personal rejection, and I don't really take offense to that...
Ava Rose
Ava Rose 14 kun oldin
This was too quiet
Thatonerandomperson 15 kun oldin
I lile this better than the new one :/
Riya Saini
Riya Saini 15 kun oldin
Why are people hating on Billie and calling her homophobic,this song isn't homophobic AT ALL!
rat 15 kun oldin
We can hide from the locals here
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla 15 kun oldin
*i'm so gay for this song* i made a cover of it, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen thx so much for reading, have a great day! 💛
n o i d e a
n o i d e a 15 kun oldin
i get the real meaning behind this song but sometimes i like to fantasize that billie wishes that this girl is gay.. let me dream guys
/ why ?
/ why ? 14 kun oldin
lmao same
chris rowe
chris rowe 15 kun oldin
Its 7 words actually Baby I do not feel so good
Ashly Speaks
Ashly Speaks 15 kun oldin
Uriel Chineduh
Uriel Chineduh Kun oldin
Ashly Speaks then tell me why it’s homophobic
Ashly Speaks
Ashly Speaks Kun oldin
Billie is cool there is a difference between homophobic and bashing gay people
Ashly Speaks
Ashly Speaks Kun oldin
Uriel Chineduh I know what it’s about and her saying she wishes they were gay so then it wasn’t her is just fucking rude don’t assume idk what I’m talking abt
Billie is cool
Billie is cool Kun oldin
Please tell me how this is bashing gay people?
Uriel Chineduh
Uriel Chineduh 15 kun oldin
Check your facts about what the song is about before you talk
Billie Eilishh
Billie Eilishh 15 kun oldin
Love the song! And WHERE ARE THE AVACADOS!?!
BloomingFlowerr 15 kun oldin
Lmao why is everyone wishing she was gay??? 😂 She just wishes the person she likes is gay because she wants him to no like her for a reason instead for nothing.. 😔 I'm straight so this is really weird that 90% of comments is about wishing she was gay...I mean she doesn't have to be gay...but ok..???
Zhenru Tea
Zhenru Tea 15 kun oldin
I remembered when this was our little secret until she published the studio version
Zhenru Tea
Zhenru Tea 15 kun oldin
toaster strudel me too
toaster strudel
toaster strudel 15 kun oldin
I really like both versions though so I’m happy
Claire Kimani
Claire Kimani 15 kun oldin
"eleven haze" "kinda of" 🤔
herquel 15 kun oldin
why did this get removed from my downloads when the studio version got posted
Okay so Billie is not gay but why is she writhing this song?
Billie is cool ohhhh thank you 😊
Billie is cool
Billie is cool Kun oldin
Because it's about a guy that she liked, but didn't like her back, but she wishes he was gay because thats easier to accept then him not actually liking her.
Jádë Rïvêrã
Jádë Rïvêrã 15 kun oldin
spooky stella
spooky stella 15 kun oldin
Who prefers this version over the studio one?
anastasia patrascu
anastasia patrascu 3 kun oldin
me 100%
liv 15 kun oldin
the new version takes away the emotion. the beats and autotune makes it less special and gives it a happy beat, when the song isn’t supposed to be happy.
spooky stella
spooky stella 15 kun oldin
liv I agree.
Batuhan Ak
Batuhan Ak 15 kun oldin
Every girl must be lesbian than. Am I right ? :DDDD... :,(
Sammy and Gacha
Sammy and Gacha 15 kun oldin
Is this song about numbers? Jk love u Billie eilish whos an eyelash? Or avocado
Dunja Stojakovic
Dunja Stojakovic 15 kun oldin
I did an cover of this song and if you can give it a listen i would be so grateful ! (P.s the actual song is masterpiece)
why does it say "posted 1 year age"?
spooky stella
spooky stella 15 kun oldin
GlitterGachaWolfGirl because Billie did this a while back. The one she recently uploaded was a studio version.
Sarafina 16 kun oldin
I’m gay and I literally can’t figure out how anyone finds this homophobic?🤷🏻‍♀️
The mangle_ fnaffer
The mangle_ fnaffer 15 kun oldin
Omg same I'm pansexual If you really are gay congrats bro Lgbtq+ squad 🏅🌈
Paige Olberding
Paige Olberding 16 kun oldin
This version will always be superior to the studio version but we gotta give them both love
TEAsing Thot
TEAsing Thot 16 kun oldin
Why’s everyone going crazy after Billie came out with the new version? This version much better tbh (no tea, no shade)
Princess peach#1Fan
Princess peach#1Fan 16 kun oldin
Cammi D
Cammi D 16 kun oldin
I’ve literally been here for two years listening to this WHO ELSE HAS BEEN HERE SINCE THE START?
sleepywish 15 soat oldin
leyla charlotte
leyla charlotte 19 soat oldin
Macy Ann MEEE
Macy Ann
Macy Ann 9 kun oldin
@Cammi D 🖐🖐 DoN’t KnOw WhErE hAvE tHeSe LoSeRs BeEn ?? (This is a joke, please don’t get offended, lmao)
janae cruz
janae cruz 16 kun oldin
i did a cover of it😔go check it out🤧
Luv It On Youtube
Luv It On Youtube 16 kun oldin
o-o okay
pine apple
pine apple 16 kun oldin
“Eleven HAZE” lol
The mangle_ fnaffer
The mangle_ fnaffer 15 kun oldin
+Svnflower Edits Why the actual fuck are you so salty?
Svnflower Edits
Svnflower Edits 16 kun oldin
pine apple lmao this was posted a year ago before she gave the meaning and the lyrics fuck off
Groffee Boffee
Groffee Boffee 16 kun oldin
it's really quite
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson 16 kun oldin
I was eaten out to this song lol
The mangle_ fnaffer
The mangle_ fnaffer 15 kun oldin
Kinda nasty but okay tea
Simply_stressed 16 kun oldin
Sunny Lovely
Sunny Lovely 16 kun oldin
I just kinda wished my crush was gay 😔
Jakotaz YT
Jakotaz YT 16 kun oldin
Way better than the album version
TrishaMarie Plana
TrishaMarie Plana 16 kun oldin
is this olivia ruby's cover of the song? it kinda sounds like it ahaha
Uriel Chineduh
Uriel Chineduh 15 kun oldin
TrishaMarie Plana nah
Hobiery sope
Hobiery sope 16 kun oldin
bu stüdyo versiyonu bile siker öyle güzel yani
honey lemon
honey lemon 16 kun oldin
I remember the I just wanna make you feel ok from a old vid i knew this was old
Mint E
Mint E 16 kun oldin
0:03 *Mr. Stark, I don’t-*
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