Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

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Food in video games has seen a renaissance in the past few years, with vittles playing a pivotal role in your mere survival as a character. Rockstar games inches ever-closer to real life in video game form with Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can buy, hunt, cook, steal, and eat your nutritional requirements every day. You never seem to need to go to the bathroom though...
Special thanks to Justin Bailey, a wilderness expert without whom this episode would not have been possible! Go check out his Instagram:
Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: open.spotify.com/user/easybakeandy/playlist/04Gp926I7HFqBLVDI2eRJI
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6-Noy, 2018

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TheGooglySmoog 2 soat oldin
Pizza Ball with Eric Andre
Shivam mane
Shivam mane 2 soat oldin
since you got the bear meat, how about bear meat katsu from shokugeki no soma
Coleleeyon Cole
Coleleeyon Cole 3 soat oldin
Could you try cooking something off of this cannel called Grandpa Kitchen
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder 3 soat oldin
i hate stews
Bruce Dutton
Bruce Dutton 3 soat oldin
This is dope
Tokimeki 4 soat oldin
This looked real yummy! Awesome job!
Clayton C
Clayton C 5 soat oldin
You should do more outdoor cooking!
PuffyBudgerigar 5 soat oldin
wow, I can tell a lot of time an effort had gone into this video... great vid Babish!
Alexandra Defreitas
Alexandra Defreitas 5 soat oldin
Who knew Babish + Cowboy outfit = Coyote Peterson
Thegaming munchkin
Thegaming munchkin 7 soat oldin
That's a pretty damn good Arthur Morgan accent!
Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez 7 soat oldin
Not a bad Arthur impression
ŜŁυsħί 7 soat oldin
I like how he wiggles his fork thingy when puts food in his mouth
Gabriel Dermawan
Gabriel Dermawan 8 soat oldin
Oliver Thorne
Oliver Thorne 8 soat oldin
Dude! Make monicas moistmaker turkey sandwich from friends!
Saibow 8 soat oldin
What knife are you using in this? Asking for a friend.
flim flam
flim flam 9 soat oldin
Make the death sandwich from regular show and wear a mullet and jean shorts when you eat it.
Defaulty 9 soat oldin
its khabib in the starting
Cici Blumenthal
Cici Blumenthal 9 soat oldin
Marmalade from Paddington
Shane. 神
Shane. 神 9 soat oldin
He didn’t swallow it whole then continue to fastball the bowl at the ground
Wayne Hong
Wayne Hong 10 soat oldin
Babish do a crossover episode with yeehaw cowboy Kent Rollins.
fellow biodegradable homosapien
Make the fortnite burger They also call it the battle royale with cheese in france
Paul Hazel
Paul Hazel 11 soat oldin
What I only noticed and now really appreciate is how he’s not like all those fake cooking shows where they have everything rationed our and already premade. Seriously you’re awesome Babish
Zac Lassiter
Zac Lassiter 11 soat oldin
I am too high for this
HandfulofStrange 11 soat oldin
Zac Lassiter tell me about it 😅
IAmDark 12 soat oldin
I thought it was beer stew lmao
T_Nation 12 soat oldin
What happened to the Lovers' Delight Sundae from 30 Rock episode, I can't find it.
ChasteByChoice 12 soat oldin
You should make a "pake"(pie/cake combo) from Drop Dead Diva.
JamesATM 12 soat oldin
I don’t think I could eat bear meat because of the Trichinosis, I know if it’s cooked properly it wouldn’t contain parasites but I would still be sceptical lol
Dakota wortham
Dakota wortham 12 soat oldin
You should make reptar bars.
Kyson Simons
Kyson Simons 13 soat oldin
It's to bad that Arthur died because of Micah turning Dutch bad 😂😂
Jorge Trevino
Jorge Trevino 13 soat oldin
You should try making some of the food from this anime called restaurant to another world. There is so much good looking food on that show
Lil Kitsune Mischief
Lil Kitsune Mischief 13 soat oldin
Where did you get bear meat?
K chample
K chample 13 soat oldin
Can you do "Carmela's lasanga" as described aboit half way through episode in Soprano's s4 e5? The whole episode is filled with dope food.
Kandisi Anyabwile
Kandisi Anyabwile 13 soat oldin
I legit thought you got someone else to do the voice over. You are dedicated dude
Ben Bagley
Ben Bagley 13 soat oldin
This is pure genius commitment. Great video
Chealsea Anagnoson
Chealsea Anagnoson 13 soat oldin
I’d love to see the curry from episode 133 of One Piece!!
guy fox
guy fox 13 soat oldin
RecklessSpirits 13 soat oldin
Watch the anime called food wars, it may be lewd but the food looks amazing when they cook it.
Stirrcrazy N
Stirrcrazy N 14 soat oldin
This is hilarious
McGoldenblade 14 soat oldin
That stew actually looks delicious. This is the first time I've ever contemplated eating bear meat. Now that I think about it, eating bear sounds really badass.
Brother Mandalore
Brother Mandalore 14 soat oldin
>Watch the new Babish video >People in the comments go on about how much he sounds like the character from the game >Decide to check it out >Type "Arthur Morgan" into the searchbar because lazy >Get the ending of the game spoiled Every god damn time.
Nathan Kriss
Nathan Kriss 14 soat oldin
Great episode as usual. But for real man, when are you going to give the people what they want and finally tackle Reese's Thanksgiving Feast from Malcolm in the Middle. I don't know what acorn squash rings with roasted peppers and polenta are, but I want to see them. And we ALL wanna see what you can do with that Monkfish :)
PackMan UK
PackMan UK 15 soat oldin
Also keep that fat for making Molotov's later!
Thunderbuddy Boom
Thunderbuddy Boom 15 soat oldin
Every video should be like this
Marsalisbury 15 soat oldin
That shit looked amazing.
pragmax 15 soat oldin
I for one would like to see more Camping with Babish.
Jasper Lam
Jasper Lam 15 soat oldin
You should do the monster Hunter platter from monster Hunter world!
Xereth 15 soat oldin
Could you do the Rhactachino from DS9?
Purity Chalice
Purity Chalice 15 soat oldin
Just when I thought you couldn't get more fuckable...
Samantha Martin
Samantha Martin 15 soat oldin
Please do Queenie’s strudel from fantastic beasts next!!!
Dumberest and Dumbester
Can you make us a peanut butter and crack sandwich from the Chappelle show
EatSomeSoap 16 soat oldin
Playing rdr2 while watching this
Manolo Tusca
Manolo Tusca 16 soat oldin
No good ol boy you not cooking for a queen but a soy boy so make the meat i mean your meat really greaseeeee
siku fox
siku fox 16 soat oldin
You should have partnered with Townsend and son for this, he does actual historical cooking
Luke Groshko
Luke Groshko 16 soat oldin
You should watch "A Hundred Foot Journey" its a great movie, there are some great recipes in it that you could make.
Do the stuff in transformers 2 at the meat store
i 8
i 8 17 soat oldin
you look like MCREE
Sinner Savedbygrace
Sinner Savedbygrace 18 soat oldin
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CoRtExM 18 soat oldin
Do the cake from portal
IDTFK 18 soat oldin
This stew looks amazing, but also impractical. Where do you even find bear meat?
R.L. H.
R.L. H. 19 soat oldin
Automatic like and favorite for using real bear meat! 🤙🏾
deliberatefiction 19 soat oldin
Oh Andrew, thank you for this. All your videos make me so, so happy. Keep on keeping on ❤️ I feel stuff every time I watch one of your videos now
Like vino
Like vino 19 soat oldin
I find bear meat to be a little grizzly...... I'll be here all week
matrixboy ty
matrixboy ty 19 soat oldin
He has got me to sub to his channel
Sunny M
Sunny M 19 soat oldin
Why do I keep watching this
anthony vildosola
anthony vildosola 19 soat oldin
PC gameplay??
IccyTheOne 19 soat oldin
Hajime no Ippo did it first
Kraznaya 19 soat oldin
Hey, could you do literally anything from the fallout series?
G Ortiz
G Ortiz 19 soat oldin
PETA is mad asffffff.
Broken Ruler
Broken Ruler 19 soat oldin
Please try to make the together breakfast (or any of the other foods) from Steven Universe!
Stormeliuz Veitsle
Stormeliuz Veitsle 20 soat oldin
That looks good🤤
rah 20 soat oldin
If y'all want more videos similar to this, with very old recipes made the same way they did, watch Townsends. Fantastic channel, gotta plug
Drayasha1 20 soat oldin
So... what happened with the carrots? They were not introduced to the party but they were there at the end.
Javier Aranda
Javier Aranda 19 soat oldin
You didnt see him peel them?
meedoification 21 soat oldin
I swear he sounds like Vince mcmahon
Elijah Morales
Elijah Morales 21 soat oldin
My new favorite one
riner9 21 soat oldin
aw yaaa deglaze that fkin pan
Isaac Scriber
Isaac Scriber 21 soat oldin
That's a good ass Arthur impression ngl
Dream Coloured Sky
Dream Coloured Sky 21 soat oldin
Imagine the smell of cooking bear meat attracts all the bear from the forest.
Darcy Rice-O'Connor
Darcy Rice-O'Connor 21 soat oldin
Legitimately couldn’t watch because of the accent 😔
Eugenia Lassaque
Eugenia Lassaque 22 soat oldin
Didn't we promise to not cook outside again?
That Canuck
That Canuck 22 soat oldin
I made this with moose, grouse and think chunk bacon (I dont hunt bear) and it turned out really well. the bacon was a good substitute for the bear's fat
八十六AE86STHETIC 22 soat oldin
Is your guest coming back to make Far Cry 5 “Oysters”?
Skankhunt42 23 soat oldin
Craig Dawson
Craig Dawson 23 soat oldin
"Ain't a stew without celereh."
Negasilver 23 soat oldin
Where were the mangoes?
Mr. Catz
Mr. Catz 23 soat oldin
The knife is a Mossy Oak 14 inch Bowie knife
Charles Rhodes
Charles Rhodes 23 soat oldin
Babish do spaghetti tacos
Macho Flippin Madness
I don't like em putting chemicals in the water
pablo l
pablo l Kun oldin
Damn that stew would hit his tongue with flavor harder than his tuberculosis.
123cameroooon Kun oldin
Foods from izombie :)
MrAnon00 Kun oldin
Ohh-ho-ho, Very tasty. And that's... actually not a bad impression of Arthur.
Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw Kun oldin
Farmed venison? The horror.
Benjamin Sawmiller
He should make John Coffey’s last meal from green mile, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, okra, and cornbread
Tell Confessabear Your Sins
OkAY SpEAk latEr
Moe A
Moe A Kun oldin
sgould odff ktoss
TheAntiTrope Kun oldin
For some reason I read the title in the thumbnail as "Bear Jew" and thought this was about Inglorious Basterds.
AbraRf Kun oldin
How does bear taste? Seems weird to eat bear 🐻
Vraj Patel
Vraj Patel Kun oldin
Fuck you You look like my dogs shit
Tparkerrr Fortnite
Too bad the game wasn’t anything special. I dunno not very captivating, constantly going back to the camp for quests, story didn’t do much for me I’m a little disappointed in this considering how long they had to make it.
Emp Ty
Emp Ty Kun oldin
Should've kept the accent the whole time.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Kun oldin
Wonder how far he is in game