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You can donate to the Adrienne Shelly Foundation here: adrienneshellyfoundation.org/donate/
Jenna Hunterson is excels in many arenas: making pies, coming up with sentence-long names for said pies, customer service, and wrangling her downright horrible husband. But mostly pies. Follow along this week as we recreate three of her superlative sweets, and support the foundation established in memory of the film's writer, director, and co-star.
First episode out the new BwB kitchen drops May 22nd!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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8-May, 2018



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Suzy salam Kitchen
Suzy salam Kitchen 10 soat oldin
19 soat oldin
Where is pewdie PIE
Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099
Did I hear Cheesecake?
Lynsae Kun oldin
Pecans not pea-cans, Babish! Great video as always though
Ima Twat
Ima Twat Kun oldin
UZvid has a Chan sad af xD gonna block u Lil shit stains now bye :*
Brett Mann
Brett Mann Kun oldin
is that an east coast thing to pronounce pecans like that?
uber aprendiz
uber aprendiz Kun oldin
parabéns pelo canal muito bom
Kelsey Wu
Kelsey Wu Kun oldin
Hmmm it didn't sound like you were thinking about being pregnant with an unwanted baby while making those 🤔🤔🤔
rab Bomja
rab Bomja Kun oldin
Ютуб мусор!!!!!!
ست البيت للطبخ
Wow good food
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 kun oldin
Alhurr Killop
Alhurr Killop 2 kun oldin
Why the most craziest shit happened the year I was born 2006
Agus sbl
Agus sbl 2 kun oldin
in my vilagge, we call this cake as "Terang Bulan"
Luna GameZ
Luna GameZ 2 kun oldin
You should make a pie called.... Pew-die-*PIE*
RainFire1313 2 kun oldin
I made the chocolate oasis pie, but because he only said “high quality chocolate” I didn’t know what kind to use. I ended up using semisweet (I have no idea why) and everyone loved it but I wish he’d said milk, dark, or whatever.
TheNiub 3 kun oldin
Who else came here expecting a pewdie(pie)
Cayenne_ Playz
Cayenne_ Playz 3 kun oldin
Pie, pie, for PewDiePie :)
Raffiey Fatani
Raffiey Fatani 3 kun oldin
You forgot Butterscotch-cinnamon Pie
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 4 kun oldin
keri russell
noob_moob noob
noob_moob noob 4 kun oldin
Demonatize me
Kars Steringa
Kars Steringa 4 kun oldin
I will do anything to never let pewdiepie to be past
Lizzie 4 kun oldin
Yes!!! I love WAITRESS!! Also, happy Pi day, all you math nerds!!
Farhana Raisa
Farhana Raisa 5 kun oldin
i don't know why i find your monotone so funny
Shaun Goin
Shaun Goin 5 kun oldin
Yeah 250 for 30-35 minutes did not work. It took more like 50, maybe it was just the pan I used because I don't own a tart pan so that was probably it
Gavin Hickson
Gavin Hickson 5 kun oldin
Chocolate crust pie sounds awesome
_cheesy cheesecake_
Jesse Dean
Jesse Dean 7 kun oldin
Can you do Mimy’s chocolate pie from The Held
Brigham Schellinger
I love Frazier and your references to it are enjoyable. Also Roz all the way.
Noob Sandwich
Noob Sandwich 12 kun oldin
Leave off the pecans. They ruin a perfectly good cheesecake... they ruin a perfectly good everything. They taste like buttered dirt.
KiyanoVEVO 14 kun oldin
I tried to make the chocolate oasis pie but I only had 24 oreos😢
funoneghf 15 kun oldin
HIMYM!!! Please
curiousgeorge64 15 kun oldin
Love the videos and the musical accompaniment. But for some reason I always think my phone goes off a bunch of times during it, there's some random buzzes during the video- here's one at 3:15.
Lieutenant Jinx
Lieutenant Jinx 15 kun oldin
Hey if anyone is interested there is actually an entire TV special on the ID channel about Adrienne Shelly. It was really interesting and I 20/10 recommend it.
BeeTrueBaker 15 kun oldin
In the musical, the quiche is called “Betrayed by my eggs” pie 😂 XD
Patrick Blake
Patrick Blake 16 kun oldin
The strawberry Oasis pie is definitely something I will make for Easter. Along with the Easter chocolate pie from Tasty like I made last year
Luke Dearey
Luke Dearey 17 kun oldin
Babish: this is gonna take a while so we can just make some pleasant conversation in the mean time. Who do you think is hotter? Roz or Daphne? Me: you mean Roz from Monster's Inc and Daphne from Scooby Doo? pfft, fucking Daphne, man. No competition.
SKYE benitez
SKYE benitez 18 kun oldin
Seriously in love with waitress, such an amazing movie. Also very underrated!
Jake Aikens
Jake Aikens 18 kun oldin
Pee cans are for truckers.
Chris8423 19 kun oldin
The answer is Daphne, hands down.
Miranda Flannigan
Miranda Flannigan 20 kun oldin
Don't know why this is the episode I watch the most. I've probably watched it 15 times, I haven't even seen waitress. I think I just love watching you make the cheesecake at the end! Delicious 😋
polocub1429 23 kun oldin
No marshmallow mermaid pie?????!???!!!!!?
Pruthu Gambhir
Pruthu Gambhir 25 kun oldin
gabriel hardjono
gabriel hardjono 26 kun oldin
Pie from masha and the bear
Dean 29 kun oldin
Can we get pies from The Help
Victor Ribeiro
Victor Ribeiro 29 kun oldin
I've made my NY Style Cheesecake with a delicious homemade guava jam for the topping. It tasted awesome ;) Thanks for your recipes and tips!!
Angel Soaring
Angel Soaring 29 kun oldin
Can you also do the pies from the musical waitress! Some are repeated in the movie and show (like lonely Chicago pie), but there are so many more amazing pies that I would love to try!
supermilkguy Oy oldin
High quality chocolate? That always has a %...what % chocolate should we use?
Macaroni Turtle
How about the poop pie from "The Help"?
Musclerocker Oy oldin
Do I robots pies, will smith eating pies
HeyItsKELS!!! Oy oldin
My boyfriend loves cheese cake. I’m trying Jenna’s New York style as a Valentine’s Day surprise! I’ll let y’all know how it goes!
GisForGangsta Oy oldin
Aside from the fancy toppings & some of the baking instructions, the cheesecake sounds like the America's Test Kitchen recipe.
Donald jd
Donald jd Oy oldin
I want to be like you babish
Shan Mcdougall
The whole time I was watching this I was thinking about that viral video of the old couple trying to say “baked in a buttery flakey crust” lmao
Ricardo Dank.
Ricardo Dank. Oy oldin
Old horny joe??? 😂
Emmett Bouchard
This was made on my birthday
The Walking Podcast
Quilver cloud
Quilver cloud Oy oldin
I don’t know how well it will work on food, but a heat gun is very good at bringing up bubbles in epoxy to be popped. Also jiggling is good to get out the blubbles.
Dennice Quindoza
pies from pushing daisies!
Sun-Wukong Oy oldin
Don't be that guy, coffee makes things taste like coffee damn it. I've tried enough things with coffee in them, after being assured that "it doesn't taste like coffee," to know that that's always a load of crap. It certainly doesn't taste like chocolate. Not saying there are no similarities in flavor profile whatsoever, but I like dark bitter chocolate and coffee is not that similar to chocolate outside of also being black/brown. It's not even that I think you're trying to play a trick on me or anything. I'm sure it's not as noticeable if you like coffee, but man, I refuse to believe that came doesn't have a distinct hint of coffee flavor.
channel editor
when you said Roz I thought it was the one from monsters inc.
spideyfan1990 Oy oldin
Sugar, butter, flour
Lara Horhor
Lara Horhor Oy oldin
so i absolutely love you babish - especially with that intro
bidli Oy oldin
what is cream cheese q_q I cant find translation to my language what is cream cheese.. its so depressing :(((
Sastrouse Official
Can't wait until i move out of my dads house to do these things
sarah sabs
sarah sabs Oy oldin
it'd be cool to see your version of minny's chocolate pie from the help
Ashlee Loves
Ashlee Loves Oy oldin
Hey man. I know my comment don’t mean much but you are awesome!!! I fully support you!!! Peace and love
onz lo
onz lo Oy oldin
Wait a minute *HORNY JOE?*
Ether Oy oldin
idk why so many people wanna see shelly's murder scene. its gross and they should be ashamed.
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill Oy oldin
Awesome clip with Andy Griffith.
Archimedes Oy oldin
With cheese Mr. Squidward, with cheese
Miranda Kneece
I can smell these pies, and itd making me very hungry
JakeKeur Oy oldin
Great episode, garbage foundation
Gemma Weber
Gemma Weber Oy oldin
Frasier love aside, does anyone else want to marry/kidnap Babish so he cooks and bakes for you? 😂
MrSumo1977 Oy oldin
note to self stop watching this so late now i need IT
Patch 2.7.6
Patch 2.7.6 Oy oldin
Cheesecake 5:25
Jay A
Jay A Oy oldin
god. Babish your voice is something else 😍😍😍
Di Di
Di Di Oy oldin
when you enter the screen, i can hear the faint greeting of the blonde boy from america: " Hi, welcome to chili's"
Wingmaster16 Oy oldin
the plot twist man
migl3 31673
migl3 31673 Oy oldin
His voice sounds so calming at 2 am....
wild bass
wild bass Oy oldin
Would be better if it either went to both men and women or nobody. Women don't need the extra money or help so why. Love your videos tho💯
Deaddy Fazpool
Mmm, Strawberry 🤤
this video made me watch the waitress and i highly recommend! i am glad youe donating =)
Maya Davis-Goodstein
DEEP SHIT BLUEBERRY BACON If you know the musical, you know what to do😏😍🤘🏽
Bobby Hillfiger
do the egg salad from 40 yr old vigin
13th Evergreen
Daphne and four
Daniel Mashmann
I see a bubble in the cheesecake at 9:15
- TheManWithThePlan -
Did you reference Raz from Night Court?
its me
its me Oy oldin
That's a really awesome charity💛
Sydney Prescott
I tried to make the marshmallow mermaid pie....I gave up while looking for the ingredients 🙄
Sydney Prescott
This movie made me so hungry and I love this movie so much!
pho3nix pls
pho3nix pls Oy oldin
Even if he flat out insulted me I'd say thank you may i have more
LordofBays Oy oldin
Definitely Roz.
Koko Posts
Koko Posts Oy oldin
The only thing clean plate club as taught me is Babby loves sweets
The_ Hyruler
The_ Hyruler Oy oldin
Make the Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts 2
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 2 oy oldin
I dislike cheesecake lot
Ayslynn Hamilton
Ayslynn Hamilton 2 oy oldin
Fun fact the music in waitress the musical was written by Sara Bareilles. If you haven’t heard of her but Love waitress I strongly recommend. Her music got me through some real tough shit.
Lovely Sunshinee
Lovely Sunshinee 2 oy oldin
I feel like it would be awesome to be his roommate lol you always have good food even though you would literally gain weight just looking at it. But it would be worth it. So worth it.
TheStraycat74 2 oy oldin
loose the pecans, I love plain cheesecake!
Vivoxy 2 oy oldin
God damn the oasis pie
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